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Saturday, 29 March 2008


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For one thing, Biya should be congratulated for reducing these soo called face-lift opposition to what i will describe as "treacherous alarmists" and "political opportunists". As alarmists, they re always shouting and blowing the alarm, but when face with the realities of life and expected to practice what they preach, they are always nowhere to be found. In the early 90's, the opposition asked the people to distance themselves from Biya calling him a despot and a demon who killed his wife, not to go to work in operation ghosts towns, to boycott French goods, to avoid paying water and electricity bills, No independent electoral commision, no elections, etc. But these same treacherous alarmists and political opportunists were the first to rent their house to a French gambling company called PMUC at the heart of Bamenda, to go to Biya's parliament to colour his democracy, to receive red carpet treatment from thesame person they asked others to distanced themselves from, etc.

In this Camerounese politics, it is the faces and words that would change but not the actions. No one in his right senses should expect these alarmists and political opportunists to act differently from Biya. What we need is a cautious approach to drive out these alarmists who have been tricking us everytime for their own selfish gain. The problem with us is the human mind. Unless we can effectively deal with the weaknesses of our own mind, we will continue suffering in misery. It is not Biya who pulls the trigger, it is surely a tribalists and despot who does that simply because og greed, it is another despot whose NGO is always there to color his fake democracy, It is another despot who will keep supportig the SDF surely because his/her relative are in parliament, etc. Southern Cameroonians need to listen but to their restoration government and other freedom fighting movements who are there to liberate them and install democratic values on the minds of the people. Citizens of La Republique need to focus on fighting to oust their dictator from power.

mk the southerner

"It is better to die in dignity for a just cause than to live in slavery."

I didn't know Mr Fru Ndi knew about this. Tell me John who is the slave here and who is the master?. Who is enslaving who? If U are really a freedom fighter against enslavement then take your people out of La Republique.Ells U will be the one guilty of fostering slavery in this 21st century.
If there is just anything like a just cause here then we should only be talking about the Southern Cameroons cause, which we all know it is just, no matter how much some of us will pretain about.

original mukete


By Lewis Mukete

You know that the truth and reality today is that Ni John Fru Ndi don finish; he has nothing more to offer! I had stated in this very forum that what you desire most, after eating Biya`s soya, is a special status for Cameroon`s opposition leader, and that you and your disciples of exploitation like Mbah Ndam were negotiating with the CPDM government on how this would work. Today, you people are trying to compromise this gift from President Paul Biya with the constitutional amendment to make him life president.

When the CPDM government finally made it public that the presidency would table a bill before parliament on the special status of Cameroon’s opposition leader, I watched with profound sadness in my heart how SDF officials and members were matching to Ntarikon palace to extend their “congratulations” to you, chairman of the SDF. I recall with bitterness in my mind that night during which NEC and some top SDF officials had assembled inside your palace to draft proposals that President Paul Biya must take into consideration when outlining the different articles on the special status of the opposition leader. Proposals made ranged from everything to nothing, including a very long paragraph on the right and privileges to be accorded to the wivES of the leader of the opposition. You sad on the high table, nodding your head in agreement with all the endless proposals been made. At the end of that meeting, Mbah Ndam announced that the CPDM parliamentarians have no other alternatives than to accept your proposals if they want the bill on the constitutional amendment to pass through the National Assembly.

When it was time for you to speak, the sound of a needle dropping on the ground would have been heard. “Ladies and gentlemen, you all know that I have been fighting for my rights and privileges for years now and we have all left no stones unturned to make sure that the government gives a special status to the main opposition leader that I have been for years (applause in the hall)”. Then you continued, “I know deep in me that the CPDM government would use the bill they are tabling on the special status of the opposition leader to easily pass through the constitutional amendment they intend to make in favor of Paul Biya remaining in power. I deserve the special status they want to give me, it is long overdue, and I am asking all SDF parliamentarians to vote for it. That is the party line! After the vote, we can then proudly say loud and clear that suffer don finish. This will be one great achievement for our party. With the special status given me it would be possible for me to rally the population and the International community against Paul Biya during elections. That is why I thank you all for emphasizing tonight that the opposition leader be given immunity, just like the head of state himself.” You then went further to ask to for the mandate to meet President Paul Biya in order to discuss the terms of the special status of the main opposition leader. You summed up the celebrations at your Ntarikon residence by shamelessly stating that, “After all, if President Paul Biya could increase the salaries of his lazy civil servants and army, why should someone like me who have been fighting for Cameroon and Cameroonians for many years not be given what I deserve?” That is politics, Mr. Chairman!

On obtaining the green light to negotiate with President Paul Biya from your hand clappers, you were allowed to write an open invitation to President Paul Biya for a dialogue about your benefits and advantages as opposition leader. You want to take the meeting with Paul Biya to accomplish one of your last dreams: touching the hands of the president of this country. Mind you that you are the only opposition leader in the sub African region who has not been able to do so after many years of struggle. You have exhausted all means and avenues (local and international) trying only to meet face-to-face with President Paul Biya. Taking you for a harmless hungry opposition leader, Paul Biya has not yet deemed it necessary to meet and talk with you. Paul Biya is the only Head of the state in Africa who can sleep anywhere – even out of his country- with his eyes, ears, soul and mind completely closed, without the least fear that his presidency can be threatened. Paul Biya is the only president in Africa who can address the Nation in the midst of Nation strikes and publicly insult the main opposition leader.

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original mukete

You and Biya are both members of a congregation of thieves and exploiters who have conspired to destroy this country and its God-fearing people. You know fully well that if Biya leaves power you will be the first person to suffer. This explains why you are directly and indirectly doing everything to maintain him in power. You keep on barking like a dog in the day without biting, but at night you are eating on the same table with Paul Biya and his gang of thieves. Your weak administrative skills are a mere replica of Paul Biya’s destructive leadership skills. You people – Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi- are a mirror image of each other! The only difference between the two of you is that Paul has hopes to die as President of Cameroon while you, Ni John Fru Ndi, will never rule this country. You are Paul Biya’s number one student because you have been using his methods to survive.

1) When Biya’s media announced that the SDF parliamentary leader had sent in a motion of support to President Paul Biya, you threatened a court action that never came. Since the day you promised to use all means to free SDF detaineees in Yaounde, nothing more has been heard! When Paul Biya declared that you were the one who failed to honour an appointment for you people to meet in his village, you immediately threatened a court action that never came. When there were clear indications that Paul Biya would rig the last legislative elections, you promised to make diplomatic missions and International bodies to bring pressure on the CPDM government to give powers to ELECAM and to make the elections free and transparent. Nothing had happened before and after the rigged elections. When the election results were published, you left your Ntarikon Palace for the Gambia with monies you were to deposit abroad, declaring on your way that you were going to force a Commission on Human rights of African Unity to make Biya cancel the elections. Since your return, nothing has been heard. Now we hear that you are threatening court actions against some CPDM Ministers for telling lies about you in relation to recent public protests that took away lives. You keep barking without biting!

2) When Brice Nitcheu started giving you headache in the United Kingdom and throwing his support on Ben Muna, you immediately started projecting his brother in Douala, Jean Nintcheu into fame. Since when his brother entered parliament under the ticket of the SDF and then received a house post through your intervention, Brice Nitcheu has since softened his position against you. Yet you are accusing others of corruption. And your strategies are working well. In Douala, you held a press conference during which you sent out a clear message, but you had to leave immediately to take refuge in an unknown place before your message was executed by innocent Cameroonians. And as innocent Cameroonians were sacrificing everything, even their lives to fight against Paul Biya, you were busy drinking wine in a safe place, while Jean Nitcheu in Douala was in command. We are talking here about the chairman who used to be in the forefront of all popular movements. We are talking here about the chairman who used to match to the police station in Bamenda to release SDF militants who had been arrested. We are talking here about the chairman who used to walk proudly in the streets having well-armed military men with red eyes. Since the day you started eating Biya’s soya, you have become a finished commodity. Today no one doubts the fact that Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi don finish! In fact you have nothing more to offer! You are a krypto-CPDM section president. That is the truth Mr. chairman!

3) When it was not very clear if the SDF would win enough seats to form a parliamentary group, the fear of not having Mbah Ndam as SDF parliamentary group leader to negotiate between you and the CPDM forced you into proposing him for the post of vice president. With this you could at least continue to make dubious deals with the CPDM at night through him. And this your “best lawyer on earth” has continued to do the job well … Mbah Ndam has been a strong link between you and the CPDM government and especially with the CPDM parliamentary group leader – Ndongo Essomba. Thus, you have to maintain him to ensure continuity in the dubious business you have with the CPDM government. When the SDF finally got enough seats through re-runs, you appointed yet another “Joseph” from your inner regional mafia gang as parliamentary group leader. You think that Cameroonians are blind?

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original mukete

4) When Cardinal Tumi rejected Cameroonians’ call for him to be the opposition’s unique candidate, you rejoiced and even asked the man of God not to enter into “this dirty politics in Cameroon.” That time Cardinal Tumi had refused the call because of his pastoral duties and obligations. Now that Cardinal Tumi is retiring as Cardinal, you rushed into proposing him for the president of ELECAM simply because with this post he can not present himself as presidential candidate. Why are you proposing Cardinal Tumi for the president of ELECAM when the majority of Cameroonians would want him to be our unique candidate against Paul Biya? Who do you think you are deceiving Ni John Fru Ndi? This is just one of the many tactics you have been using to keep away potential candidates who can challenge Paul Biya. You did this when Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya was democratically selected to be the opposition’s unique candidate.

5) Mendoze, the former Director General of CRTV had accepted that his son should go to jail in place of Paul Biya’s son in exchange for important government posts. Today, Colonel Chi James has also accepted to remain in jail in place of Ni John Fru Ndi just to protect you in exchange for some financial rewards. All these noises about SDF detainees in prison are just political propaganda to divert peoples’ attention from the truth. It is to your advantage if Colonel Chi remains in prison. Hopefully, when you finally carry the immunity that the special status of the opposition leader intends to place on you, Colonel Chi and his Ntarikon trained Taliban fighters may be released from prison. By that time, your immunity would prevent you from taking your rightful place in prison.

6) Ni John Fru Ndi, you will always criticize the National Assembly in public, but keep on doing dubious business with top CPDM politicians at night. Mourners at the burial service of SDF parliamentarian Pa Nkelle were once more irritated by your inborn hypocrisy. After climbing on top of the corpse of Pa Nkelle, you addressed Cameroonian parliamentarians as careless noisemakers and then went ahead to ask the dead man to go and fight the real fight in heaven. What an insult to the bereaved family! After sending six innocent children during the launching of the SDF in Bamenda to go and fight the real fight in heaven; after sending Makoge, Jonh Kohtem, Sister Rose, and many others to go and fight elsewhere – far from the CPDM dinning table – you were instructing Nkelle to leave this material world to fight in heaven. Where you mourning or rejoicing over his death? I doubt why Ni John Fru Ndi, too, cannot go and fight the real fight in heaven. I wonder why Ni John Fru Ndi cannot, also, stay far away from the CPDM dinning table. No wonder you had to abandon the head quarter of the SDF – Bamenda- to go closer to the CPDM dinning table in Yaounde. No wonder, while you post other SDF militants to go and fight the real fight in “heaven”, Ni John Fru Ndi is busy doing real business with French men in Bamenda. And the total “stipend” you receive from SDF parliamentarians is more than the salaries of thirty (30) medical doctors and their secretaries.

7) Before, we stood solidly behind you because you were courageous. In the 1990s you could catch Biya’s live bullets with your mouth and then vomit them back to his Army of destruction; you could consume tons of tear-gas without complaining; you could climb on Biya’s live grenades and shout at his Army of destruction without fear; you could shout at old Takeuberg women to open their sacred old ”things” in public and they would open them– under your watchful eyes- without complaining; and you could influence young people to sacrifice their limbs as they bend down to pick up life grenades, ask them to destroy, to burn down, to roast and tear gas your rivals, and to take away life and properties. You could also organize and hold press conferences, meetings, rallies and demonstration without authorization - anywhere and anytime. In fact whenever you passed through a street, village, town, or city – even unannounced – everything and everybody adjusted, even mad people. That was when you were really “A man of the people.” That is when you were still strong, courageous and HUNGRY. That was when you were still recovering from the defeat that Simon Achidi Achu had inflicted on you during the CPDM parliamentary elections in Bamenda.

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original mukete

8) For more than fifteen (15) years that you have been pretending to fight President Paul Biya, you, the number one opposition leader, have never gone close to Biya; you have been dealing with his junior ministers, with no possibility to meet him face-to-face. You have done everything possible – in vain – just to have a discussion with Paul Biya, inviting Joseph Owona (as Education Minister on an official visit in Bamenda) for breakfast and begging him to bring you and Biya together, begging diplomatic missions, foreign dignitaries, CPDM politicians, and even asking your Secretary General to arrange a meeting between you and Biya. But since you have become a harmless opposition leader after eating Biya’s soya, Biya has ignored all calls for the two of you to meet. Since the day you started eating President Paul Biya’s soya, he is the only Head of State in Africa who actually sleeps with his eyes closed; he is the only president in the southern hemisphere who leaves the country and stays abroad for months without any fear of what might happen back home.

9) You have been driving your car around the country with no matriculation plate; meaning that you have not been paying the money that any other car holder is expected to pay. Since there are no provisions in government text giving an opposition leader such a privilege, this is fraud and you are directly stealing state money. When the taxation department released the amount of money you owe the state as taxes from your cattle business, you shamelessly told the world that you always pay your taxes before presidential elections, as if Cameroonians are expected to pay taxes only when they present themselves for elective posts. Since when you challenged the amount of money you were been asked to pay as taxes, especially on the countless number of cows you have illegally acquired since becoming chairman of the SDF, Cameroonians had been expecting you to challenge the taxation department in court. Instead, you passed through CPDM members to have the taxes wiped off. If you can be enjoying such undefined and unauthorized privileges, then Cameroonians wonder what you would do if magic occurs to make you president of this country. God forbid!

10) Today, you give your press conference and then rush to take refuge inside a house so as to look through the window to see how innocent and unarmed children sacrifice their lives in protest marches. Cameroonians were sick on hearing that the Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi had sent a letter to the Prime Minister stating that following the declarations of some ministers he found it unsafe to travel to meet the Prime Minister for discussions. We are talking here about the Ni John Fru Ndi who was marching in the streets and even gathering other opposition leaders to go and storm Unity palace. Today, Ni John Fru Ndi must obtain authorization from small district heads in other to hold rallies. Today, Ni John Fru Ndi runs into hiding when tear gas and water cannons are around, actually taking cover under everything nearby – including the skirts of buyam sellam women. When asked why you are no more to be seen when people demonstrate in the streets, you shamelessly declared that the concentration of tear gas in your blood does not permit you to inhale anymore tear gas. And you say that medical professionals abroad have discovered that the amount of tear gas in your blood and brain is more than that found in mad pigs. What ignorance! What illiteracy! So when you asked your Ntarikon trained Taliban destroyers to go and pump tear gas into the body of professor Ngwasiri, you forgot that the human body does not need too much tear gas.

Before some of your blind supporters climb on the Internet to question me for dare opening my mouth against you, their life chairman of our SDF party, I want to assure you that the Cameroonians you and president Paul Biya are tossing around like laboratory rats would get up one day and chase both of you out of the political scene. President Paul Biya wants to remain life chairman of the CPDM just as you want to remain life chairman of the SDF. Since President Paul Biya wants to remain life president of the country, he is doing everything to also make you life opposition leader. President Paul Biya is currently constructing a house in Yaounde, and you are fighting to meet Biya to also ask him to include a clause in the special status of opposition leader that states that a residence shall be built in the capital city for the opposition leader. Both you and Biya may deceive some Cameroonians some of the time but you will never deceive all Cameroonians all the time – at least not Mukete and those who have Cameroonians at heart. No wonder you are helping President Paul Biya to fight Cameroonians and Southern Cameroonians who have good reasons to feel that President Paul Biya and his gang of thieves are their number one problem.

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original mukete

As you continue to swallow saliva in anticipation of all the benefits, advantages and protections that the special status on the opposition leader would confer on you, know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. With the passing of the bill giving you, your wives and family enormous benefits becoming a certainty, many women – old timers- are now fighting to become first ladies of the opposition, so as to add to the number of first daughters and sons of the opposition. You and President Paul Biya will pay heavily for the harm you have brought and continue to bring on Cameroon and Cameroonians. You people should not take God’s silence for granted! It is just a matter of time. In fact, if you were still having the slightest drop of good faith still existing in you, then you should have since resigned from politics. After all, the SDF has resurrected you from the poor and hungry Ebibi bookshop seller to a business tycoon. You better go and look over the business you are doing with French men rather than running after youths and begging them not to destroy your mansion that French businessmen are using to take money away from the poor in Bamenda.

Mister Chairman, do not worry to respond to this simple and harmless letter, for many of your blind supporters would surely jump up like pigs with brainless heads to call me all the names we have already heard. Even before reading what I have written, some of these your confused blind supporters (names withheld for now) would labor in vain as they try to expose my poor English, grammar and writing skills, instead of thinking twice on its content. But before these your Internet prophets of doom and sellers of illusion hit their heads against their computer monitors as they struggle to hide you away from the truth I bring here, they should be warned that the liberation struggle in Cameroon is not for the weak and uncommitted. And as they go over and over again to locate the planet or orbit from which I am writing in Cameroon, they are asked not to look for the living among the dead. Whenever some of them meet me again near your Ntarikon Palace, they should not bend their heads down or change direction. This would be continuous show of cowardice in front of the harmless person I am. The only promise I can give you, sincerely, is that since you have taken a U-turn and have refused to give President Paul Biya sleepless nights, I, Mukete, will do everything to expose the real relationship between you and your friend in business – President Paul Biya. This is my humble promise!

When we were sacrificing everything to stand solidly behind you, we knew your priority was to become the president of this country. Sadly, since you started sucking the juice out of the fruits that President Paul Biya placed inside you mouth, your priority today is to reap as many benefits as leader of the opposition and to meet face-to-face with Cameroon’s number one destroyer (President Paul Biya).

I would be insulting Cameroonians and the Christian community if I send you Happy Easter. Easter is not meant for those who conspire with hegemonic regimes to exploit the common man. Nature would also frown at me if I send you hearty greetings. Be contented instead with Happy status for opposition leader. As your final dream comes true, you are called upon to repent and join people like Mboua Massock who have decided to sacrifice their lives in order to give real life to Cameroon. They are the real opposition leaders.

Do not run into hiding whenever you meet me again in important places in Yaounde.

I will be writing. For sure!

(Concerned SDF member)


thank you for returning. It is been a while.
You insinuated that the Chairman ran into hiding after meeting you? You must be suffering from your over-bloated personality.Maybe I missed the point. Are you talking about the person who braved Biya's military when they besieged Bamenda and cornered him into house arrest? Wonders shall never end.
I do not have time to address your fictitious statements, for any intelligent person would be quick to decipher that your reasoning is severely retarded.
What I would like to advise you is that never you compare the SDF to the CPDM because the difference is like day and night.
To buttress my point, I shall give just one example.
After the strike, Biya in a rare gesture assembled his flippant ministers for a ministerial council meeting. During that meeting, he issued out instructions, ordered adjustments, decreed changes to members of government, who by dint of their office where supposed to be the authors and masters of the said meeting.
On the contrary, in the SDF after the strike,after provocative insults from Biya and his flippant ministers, the Chairman called for a NEC meeting, just before that, he held a meeting with the provincial Chairmen to get detailed field reports about data on the cause,course and effects of the strike action. It is upon this data that NEC pondered and issued a resolution which was presented back to the Cameroonian people in form of a press conference in Yaounde. During the press conference, the Chairman explained why NEC found it necessary to seek an audience with Biya; not because of a handshake as you stupidly say but solely to discuss social issues affecting Cameroonians which has been SDF's role as a SOCIAL democratic party.
This should make it clear to you the fundamental difference between the 2 leaders and the structures they lead. In the CPDM power comes from above in the form of decrees,orders,instructions etc. You never hear the President consulting, meeting the people, visiting their markets, drive on their roads. But you always read and hear of decrees upon decrees. On the other hand, in the SDF, power flows from the people and to ease this flow you see the Chairman regularly visit the people, you see him touring Mboppi market, Mokolo market, Marche centrale, you see him mourn with them like at Pa Nkelle's funeral, he knows the price of a cup of rice or the retail prices of vegetable oil or cement.Ask him on how to get to Tibati without travelling on the bumpy roads of Bankim, or how to get to Sabongari from Nwa. All of these things have been achieved without having a status, so this rubbish of status means nothing to the SDF and its leader.
Secondly,for the SDF, a handshake with Biya is a non-event. For the Chairman has had handshakes and discussions with more prominent and respected personalities like the late Pope John Paul II, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, the late Yassir Arafat, the late Benazir Bhutto, Olesegun Obasanjo, Laurent Gbagbo etc just to name these few. So having a hand-shake with the 19th worst dictator in the world means nothing to the SDF. What is primordial is that the suffering Cameroonian person should and would always have through the SDF a party that is prepared to present its worries to ALL persons who matter at ALL times, be it the French, Biya or any of the persons who parade around as ministers.
In doing that, the party upholds that objectives laid down in its manifesto, irrespective of status of the opposition, of houses in Yaounde and of the amount of tear-gas inhaled by A or B.


Just a question for you.
Was this your article rejected by the post for publication or why have you decided to paste a 10 page document on a section reserved for commets?
If it was rejected, then its obvious because its fit for the dust bin and this forum is not a dust bin. On this forum, we cherish analytical write ups, facts and truth. Spare us with this nonesense.


Mr. Mukete,
When one reads your narration here, one is tempted to think that you are writing to people who are not Cameroonians probably Rwandans or some other far country. Was this narration meant for Cameroonians? I ask this question because a Sunday school child understands the events in Cameroon better than what you have narrated.
One more thing, He who refuses to wish others peace is definitely at war. If you refuse to wish Mr. Fru Ndi Happy Easter, then God alone knows what a man you are.


Rexon I thought you and your separatist movement must have realised by now that this crusade of yours is actually taking you people nowhere. I have earlier advised you people to go back home and fight on the front like real soldiers, if you people think you have a clear and just mission. I also made it abundantly clear that the reality is that your government in exile is representing nobody but themselves, because majority of south-westerners where I came are aspiring and fighting for a one strong and indivisible Cameroon.
Stop this meaningless game of yours, because it will lead our people to no where, instead, it is helping to foster their desperation,and postponing their suffering. Join the majority of Cameroonians to get this monster called Biya out of Power, and afterwards the plight of all Cameroonians will be addressed, and not just south west and north west. Cameroonians are all suffering, and this crusade of yours, is dividing them instead of uniting them to get rid of not just Biya and his gang of thieves, but the entire system.
And you Mukete, I am afraid we have reached a situation of no return. You should also be witnessing the situation in Zimbabwe as I am. Just wait for the result to be release. I bet you all the military might of Mugabe will never save him this time around. Zimbabweans have reached a stage where they will rather die than live under Mugabe, hence no matter how much support Mugabe commands with the military, its too late this time, just await and see. This is a similar situation we are facing in Cameroon. Do you and Biya think the music is over.? I am sorry no, its just began. I in person will go out and dam all the consequences, when the time comes.
A word to You overseas, "join your brothers and sisters out there in protest matches, like the proposed (forthcoming) one in Washington. Such moves will inspire those at home to keep up despite the intimidation. Organize protest matches in London, Paris, Brusells, Copenhagen, Zurich, etc. thats what Cameroonians need now, and not spraying bullets behind your desktops.

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