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Friday, 07 March 2008


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one cameroon

absolutely rubbish.

Neba Funiba

The Mfoundi elites callously and arrongantly posted their declarations on Cameroon Tribune meaning that the lion man gave the go-ahead. Well, thanks to these elites for seeing the obvious. Please, get the hell out of Southern Cameroon and make sure you cancel all Bakassi oil-sucking arrangements you have made because they shall not be honored.

SCameroonianians don't be fooled. See the story below and ask yourself when the roads from Limbe to Mamfe to Bamenda to Nkambe to Kumbo shall be tarred. How shall this AfDB loan be paid? Of course with oil money from Bakassi even though there are no roads from Cameroon to Bakassi. Visit the train Station in Kumba and you will see for yourself why this divorce is inevitable.


AfDB and Cameroon Sign US $ 76.6 Million Transport Facilitation Project Loan
African Development Bank (Tunis)
February 22, 2008

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and Cameroon signed an agreement for a loan of 48 million Units of Account (UA*), equivalent to US$ 76.57 million (FCFA 36 billion) to finance the Douala-Bangui and Douala Ndjamena road corridor, linking Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad. The agreement was signed on Friday in Tunis by the Bank Group's Vice President in charge of Infrastructure, Private Sector and Regional Integration, Mandla Gantsho, and Cameroon's Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze. The two main objectives of the loan from the African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional arm of the Bank Group, are to contribute to the growth of intra- and inter-regional trade in the Economic and Monetary Union of Central African States (CEMAC) zone as well as enhance the efficiency of the transport chain, including road infrastructure, railways and access along the Douala-Ndjamena and Douala-Bangui Corridors. "The Multinational Programme falls within NEPAD's framework that is aimed at creating commercially and economically viable corridors devoid of barriers, formalities and unnecessary road blocks that are the only principal causes of undue delays and high transaction costs along these corridors," Mr. Gantsho explained after the signing ceremony. He noted that the Bank is contributing US$ 174 million in loans and grants from its multinational window under the ADF-X for the road facilitation project estimated at US$ 410 million. The other agreements for loans and grants of UA 19 million to Chad, UA 27.8 million to the Central African Republic and UA 19 Million for CEMAC, will be signed in due course, he explained. For his part, the Minister commended the "crucial role played by the AfDB in the success of this heartwarming and important operation". "The Transport Facilitation and Transit Programme of the Douala-Bangui and Douala-Ndjamena corridor is part of a sub-regional strategic investment which will enable the Republic of Cameroun, a transit country in particular, and CEMAC member states to promote and facilitate regional integration by improving free movement of people and goods," Mr. Motaze explained. He also expressed the gratitude of his government to the European Union, the French Development Agency (ADF) and the World Bank for their contribution to the project. The project is expected to improve access to the port of Douala for Chad and CAR. It will also help reduce poverty and improve the population's living environment and conditions, especially women.

Muki StoneHall

Can somebody still dispute the fact that Cameroon is administered by idiots of the worst category?
Can somebody remind these lunatics that:
-Y'de was not the only tribe that wore the war gear against the Europeans, that other tribes and towns do have the war gear of their own ancestors hung on the wall.
-That while asking others to live their city, they should not forget to ask theirs to live other's cities.
-That apart from prostitution and corruption,y'de hasn't got anything else to offer.
I just hope other towns and tribes will pick up this call and let it resonate across the country: let Douala, Bamenda,Bafousam etc also don their war gear. In the end we will know who truly owns which town in Cameroon.


This is just a modified version of Biya's recent address to the nation. It spells without qualms, the self-centered and narrowed minded nature of some tribal elite who think themselves greatest in the face of the nation:forgetting the Mfoundi element is by nature and culture just a lazy empty vessel.
Another bell of doom sounds, this time from the capital , when the echoes of this sound must've reached the four corners of Cameroon, these elites will be licking their wounds. They forget, "everybody is somewhere and somehow a stranger to himself and his environment"(Victor Hugo)


I am short of words. For the first time in my feisty life, I am speechless.



This declaration of war and the posting you've made on this page concerning the $76.6 million ADB facility for the construction of roads linking LRC to Chad in the north and CAR in the east come to add to the recent agreements for the construction of a deep sea port in Kribi.Meanwhile, like you rightly pointed out, the Kumba-Mamfe-Bamenda-Ring Roads have variously been under feasibility studies for over 40 years!

No true blood Southern Cameroonian can pretend to have any faith in the "one Cameroon, united and indivisible" slogan.Elites from west of the Mungo who sing and dance to that illusionary Union may be rewarded by some left overs from the Masters' table but that should not blind them to their responsibilities to their descendants.


I will like to know what Simplice and The United States of Africa and the other one Cameroon make of this declaration. Cane Southern Cameroonians feel safe and secure in LR du Cameroon?
True Southern Cameroonians should join the reflection on the most appropriate exi.


This is Madness in its simplest form.Is this how you want to hide corruption, fail governance and Dictatorship?.
Its simple since you cherish Yaounde soo much at the expense of Cameroon, the please give back our Cameroon and stay with your Yaounde.
Just try and touch a Cameroonian in Yaounde and you will see where you will find your selves.None sense "Yaounde Elite"


The Minister of Information is the kingpin behind the Mfoundi memo. SOPECAM would not publish the note unless their minister called up SOPECAM's GM,herself a daughter of mfoundi, to approve it! They are self-serving. These so-called elites do not represent the aspirations of youth, include those from mfoundi.


Members of the elite of every region are supposed to be the best people the region can offer. If the people who signed this declaration are the best Mfoundi can offer, then Mfoundi is in deep trouble. By the way, is the Mfoundi elite a branch of Cameroon government? What right do they have to decide who stays and who does not stay in Yaounde or anywhere else in Cameroon? This attempt at causing national disunity is something Paul Biya should denounce with vehemence. But being the architect behind all this, and being unable to govern the whole country, he has resorted to geoverning only part of it - Yaounde. Otherwise how can one explain the ridiculous claim that if Yaounde breathes, then Cameroon is okay? For Paul Biya to show that he is not the one manipulating this so called elites, he needs to publicly denounce them. Now let's see who is the threat to national unity.


Members of the elite of every region are supposed to be the best people the region can offer. If the people who signed this declaration are the best Mfoundi can offer, then Mfoundi is in deep trouble. By the way, is the Mfoundi elite a branch of Cameroon government? What right do they have to decide who stays and who does not stay in Yaounde or anywhere else in Cameroon? This attempt at causing national disunity is something Paul Biya should denounce with vehemence. But being the architect behind all this, and being unable to govern the whole country, he has resorted to geoverning only part of it - Yaounde. Otherwise how can one explain the ridiculous claim that if Yaounde breathes, then Cameroon is okay? For Paul Biya to show that he is not the one manipulating this so called elites, he needs to publicly denounce them. Now let's see who is the threat to national unity.


M MAMA FOUDA made this statement appealing to ethnic war on Crtv and cameroon tribune.He has not yet been dismissed , no procecussion against those criminals.Because this is a crime , punished in the criminal law.The government has closed a tv station and one broadcasting station (magic fm) .At the same time crtv and cameroon tribune who broadcasted those appeal to war are still open .In the last edition of Le messager Fame Ndongo ,minister of higher education stated "...the center province ,apart from Yaounde ,who is cosmopolitan ,was calm.." that means it is because Yaoundé is cosmopolitan that there have been demonstrations of anger there .In other words people coming from "outside" brought the demontrations in yaounde.That is exactly what Mama fouda and his friends has already said.
we know that criminals are governing the country.where is the justice ?judges were very fast against the youth , arrested illegaty ,judged and sentenced for long imprisonment,whereas the criminals in government are free.
PS sorry ,my english is not fluent ,i m french speaking


"I will like to know what Simplice and The United States of Africa and the other one Cameroon make of this declaration. Cane Southern Cameroonians feel safe and secure in LR du Cameroon?
True Southern Cameroonians should join the reflection on the most appropriate exi." by

Mr MFU, upon critical analysis of the issue at hand, mature reflection and full deliberation can only lead us to conclude: the above declaration precludes understanding of the matter from a "Southern Cameroon-LRC" divide stand point.
This is an enthocentric issue. A matter not only the Cameroonians West of the Mongo deplore. The Doualas, Northees et al, also unwelcome this move by the Mfoumdi Elite.
Beyond this truism, if we're to consider an example that refer to us personally,one might easily parallel the appellation of "North Westerners" as "graffis" or "came-no-go" by "South Westerners" as the ancient and existing version of above declaration.
So I don't think, the Mfoumdi Elite accused anglophones of fuelling the uproar. Their message was intended to all foreigners ; be they Hausas,Bamileke and co.
In our attempt to find some substance and give justification to the SC cause, we're slowing loosing sight of the reality that; not only Southern Cameroonians are unhappy;every Cameroonian is: let the recent uproar prove me wrong.


We should not digress from the issue in question. We all know that Paul and his hand clappers have nothing to offer the Cameroonian people. The people in Nfoundi spoke by taking their frustration to the streets of Yoaunde and those who claim to be elites should listen to the people. They cannot claim to be representative of the people when there is no dialogue between the two, even Paul’s brothers will tell you that life is not that easy as the cult obsessed fellow does not understand that he is human. CAMEROONIANS FROM N, S, W AND EAST ARE IN PAINS.

As for the construction of roads, I think it is a plausible drive to make Cameroon a power house in the sub-region and a move to create the necessary infrastructure which is required to pull Africa out of poverty. African economies lack the infrastructure necessary to absorb foreign, local and regional investment. God is not going to deliver help through DHL, so we have to take the initiative to liberate the continent.

Nigeria with her wealth and population would have been one of our most important trading partner. The nature of the Limbe port would have made it an ideal destination for a port City. Why has Paul’s regime violated the very basics of economics and management? We should address the question to those financing such projects and not to some lazy people who are aiming at the money to facilitate the change in article 6.2.
When are Africans ever going to get pass the completion stage of SAP, then you will know that America has joined the team. They plan to get 25% of their oil consumption from the region so it is just but normal that Chad is treated with respect

Lets all pray for God’s blessing because that country is going to burn and there are going to be no winners.

one cameroon

hi mr Mfu, just to add to what Simplice said there is no sentence in the above declaration that reads, any southern cameroonian or better still any "biafra" (for that's how they call anglophones)will be paid back in his coin.the issue at hand is of general concern because i can assure you that not even half of the Mfoundi population is okey with that. If you thoroughly read the names you won't find any local Mfoundi elite in the list. They're only those having a share of the national cake.I hope u are satisfied now.

Ma Mary

Dear Simplice,

You must by all means avoid being a simpleton. If you believe for one moment that the "Declaration of Intention to Commit Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing" above was not directed at Southern Cameroonians and Bamilekes, then you are either naive or are trying to deceive us. It is best at this time to be neither naive nor manipulatory.

There is a national memory of genocide in la republique, and this is the wrong time to attempt to expunge such memories. They have done it before; they can do it again. Paul Biya was protecting genocidaires from Rwanda, the last time there was concern that his ethnic comrades were going to commit genocide. That time, bus drivers were refusing to stop for school children dressed in blue. They believe they have conquered us. Our land, our resources, our labour, they believe they are theirs to plunder and our lives are forfeit.

Southern Cameroonians who live in and around Yaounde should have no doubt that their lives are in peril.


"Dear Simplice,

You must by all means avoid being a simpleton. If you believe for one moment that the "Declaration of Intention to Commit Genocide/Ethnic Cleansing" above was not directed at Southern Cameroonians and Bamilekes, then you are either naive or are trying to deceive us. It is best at this time to be neither naive nor manipulatory..........
.............Southern Cameroonians who live in and around Yaounde should have no doubt that their lives are in peril." by Ma Mary

Ma Mary, I think, I've matured enough on this forum to able to discern fiction from reality: right from wrong: up from down ;in a word: "Southern Cameroonian Sensitive issues and Cameroonian issues".
Your mention of Bamilekes alongside Southern Cameroonians, as targets of the infamous declaration by Mfoundi elites justifies my earlier assertion(Their message was intended to all foreigners ; be they Hausas,Bamileke and Simplice) and dooms your conclusion(Southern Cameroonians who live in and around Yaounde should have no doubt that their lives are in peril...By Ma Mary).
Please scroll up and take another look at what u claim to be a declaration intended at SC.There is no mention of this. Beside no explicit and express revelation of your hypothesis, no deep intuition can reveal the deeper significant meaning was directed at Southern Cameroonians.
I think, in an attempt to propagate some separatist agenda, we somethings fail to understand articles from a broad perspective. Though I have much respect for you, I'm afraid you're fast becoming a student to "Reg Flag" who sees in every political, economic and social; "the SC divide".
As "One Cameroon" precised above this is a national agenda.It concerns every Cameroonian. Any person taking my understanding of this as "naive" and/or manipulatory should be a prophet or sooth seer. Ma Mary if you're one,let me know, so I reconsider the grounds on which to stand your above comment.

mk the southerner

Neba Funiba,

Big thanks for that posting. My uncle who so much believed in one Cameroon read it and had to call me with his phone, telling me to go and read practical truth on this site. Infarct he said your comments make some sense to any father who is thinking about the young. Once more thanks keep it up.



HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer ]

Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation


Press Release Summary

SCAPO Files an Official Complaint to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) against President Paul Biya and Other Political and Military Leaders of French Cameroun for Genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity.

Genocide against the Bamileke People

The Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO) has filed an official complaint to the Prosecutor of the ICC calling for the indictment of President Paul Biya of French Cameroun and other political and military leaders of that country for the crimes of genocide committed against the Bamileke people from 1962-1970 and other subsequent crimes against humanity. It is believed that the total number of Bamileke people killed between 1962-1970 could be up to 1,000,000. However, the crime has been carefully concealed because it directly involved very senior political figures in the French government. This implies that the genocide against the Bamileke people was the first recorded (but not reported) genocide on the African continent and may have taken place on a far larger scale than the Rwandan genocide which happened a few decades later.

The complaint was supported by a 278-page document which shows that the crimes of genocide were committed with full participation of the political and military leaders of France and French Cameroun. SCAPO has decided to release the entire 278 page document to the general public so that they can fully appreciate the criminal nature of the regime that has been in power in French Cameroun for 50 years.

Main authors of the Genocide

The key personalities who played important roles in the genocide are listed below:

Government of France
Government of French Cameroun

General Charles de Gaulle (Président)
Ahmadou Ahidjo (President 1960-1982)

Michel Debre (Prime Minister)
Paul Biya: Chargé de Mission in the Presidency (1962-1968); Secretary General in the Presidency (1968-75); Prime Minister (1975-82); President (1982 - ?)

Pierre Messmer (Prime Minister)
Andre Marie Mbida (Former Prime Minister)

Jacques Chaban Delmas (Défense Ministre)
Charles Assale (Former Prime Minister)

Pierre Guillaumat (Defense Minister)
Sadou Daoudou (Minister of Armed Forces)

Jacques Foccart (Head of Africa Department of the Elysées Palace )
Andze Tsoungui (Prefet and Future Minister of Armed Forces as well as Territorial Administration)

Constantin Melnik (Advisor to Michel Debre)
Enoch Kwayeb (Minister of Territorial Administration)

General Max Briand
Jean Claude Ngoh (Prefet)

Col Jean Marie Lamberton
Arouna Njoya (Minister of Territorial Administration)

Maurice Delauney
Jean Fochivé (Director of SEDOC)


General James Tataw (14/06/1955)


General Pierre Semengue (1/10/1956)


General Oumaru Djam Yaya (16/10/1957)


General Mambou Deffo Roland


General Youmba Jean Rene


General Meka Claude Rene


General Taka Songola Gabriel


General Abdoulaye Oumarou Garoua


General Baba Souley


General Ngambou Essaïe


General Tchemo Hector Marie


General Jean Nganso Sunji (1/10/1956)


General Philippe Mpay (1/10/1960)


General Zacharie Douala Massango (22/8/1960)


General Benoît Asso’o Emane (6/11/1959)


General Laurent Claude Angouan(10/4/1960)


General Camille Nkoa Atenga (1/10/1961)


General Pierre Samobo (11/6/1960)


General Simon-Pier­re Daga Founangsou, (1/10/1961)

The above listed army officers on the French Cameroun side were already commissioned officers at the time of the genocide against the Bamileke people. They all participated in the genocide and have perfect knowledge of the location of the mass graves where the headless victims were buried. All of them owe their promotions in the armed forces to the role that they played in the killing of their own fellow citizens.

The direct role of France in Genocide

In spite of the direct role that was played by France in the genocide against the Bamileke people, SCAPO has decided not to call for the indictment of any political or military official from France . The reason is because it is French citizens who participated in the genocide that finally came forward to reveal the secret to the world through their book publications. If they had not had the moral courage to take this step, the Cameroun genocide would have remained hidden forever. SCAPO salutes them. SCAPO also believes that it should be left to French citizens themselves to decide what to do with their own leaders.

SCAPO also wants to take the opportunity to appeal to President Nicolas Sarkozy to follow the footsteps of his country men soldiers who decided for reasons of conscience to break the silence in order to tell the truth about crimes which were committed by the leaders of their country in the jungles or Equatorial Africa. This was not a conventional war like in Dien Bien Phu . This was genocide pure and simple. We ask President Sarkozy to do everything possible to ensure that a special criminal tribunal shall be created so that those criminals who are still in power in French Cameroun should be tried. This is the only way for France to make a clean break with its Gaullist past and to take its rightful place of honor among the great nations of the world. For us that should be enough.

The genocide in French Cameroun started with the mass slaughter of the Bassa people during an insurgency war which started around 1955 in order to crush the UPC movement which was led by Ruben Um Nyobe. By the time that French Cameroun was granted independence by France January 1, 1960, the UPC movement had practically been crushed leaving at least 200,000 people dead in Bassaland with Rueben Um Nyobe and Felix Rolland Moumié having been killed in 1958 and 1960 respectively.

Why the Bamileke were targeted

However, the unusual aspect of the genocide against the Bamileke was its intensity and its barbaric cruelty as well as the fact that it took place after the unification between the British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun on October 1, 1961. Its intensity and barbaric cruelty was explained by the fact that it was done by a mechanized armored division of the French army which was sent into French Cameroun on the orders of President Charles de Gaulle as part of a military cooperation agreement which was signed by President Ahidjo and Charles de Gaulle after French Cameroun became independent. This mechanized division was commanded by General Max “The Viking” Briand, a veteran of the French Indochina war and Colonel Jean Marie Lamberton who was the military strategist of the genocide.

SCAPO research has made it possible to establish with certainty that the mission of this mechanized division of the French army which was supported by aircraft was clearly ethnic extermination because there is absolutely no evidence to show that the Bamileke villagers, with no outlet to the sea, had access to any source of modern weapons. All the intelligence reports indicated that the rebels (maquisards) who were fighting in the bushes were armed with machetes and pangas and occasionally with automatic pistols. On the other hand the army of General Max Briand rained napalm on Bamileke villages razing everything to the ground and killing everybody in sight.

SCAPO research has made it possible to establish that the reason why the genocide against the Bamileke people took place after unification between British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun was because President de Gaulle and President Ahidjo were both strongly opposed to this merger. Their opposition stemmed from the fear that if British Southern Cameroons came into union with French Cameroun, this will reinforce the demographic power of the Bamileke who were opposed to the government of President Ahidjo. The Bamileke and the Bassa were the main supporters of the UPC movement. The French government believed that the Bamileke and the people of the British Southern Cameroons were essentially of the same ethnic stock but with different colonial experiences. Hence they could not accept an unsolicited merger with Southern Cameroons which will numerically strengthen the Bamileke rebels. It is for this reason that France and all the other French-speaking countries of West and Central Africa (including French Cameroun itself) all voted against UN General Assembly resolution 1608(XV) on unification between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons on April 21, 1961.

Link between Unification and Genocide against the Bamileke

When the resolution was adopted by the UN General Assembly, in spite of the opposition of France and French Cameroun, President Ahidjo reluctantly went to the Foumban Conference of July 1961 where negotiations on unification were supposed to take place. At the Foumban Conference no union agreement was produced and consequently, no document was presented either to the National Assembly of French Cameroun or to the Southern Cameroons House of Assembly for ratification on the union between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons . However, President Ahidjo unilaterally proclaimed into being the Federal Republic of Cameroon and the two sides simply celebrated unification on October 1, 1961; but President Ahidjo had another secret plan for the Bamileke: ethnic extermination.

The research done by SCAPO has enabled us to understand that the unification which was celebrated on October 1, 1961 was perceived by the leaders in France and Cameroun as a victory for the UPC and a crushing defeat for French policy in Cameroun . It was with gnashing teeth that President Ahidjo celebrated the 1st October 1961. But this was a victory for which the Bamileke were going to pay dearly.

President Charles de Gaulle and Ahmadou Ahidjo chose the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke people as the only solution that will guarantee that the admission of the British Southern Cameroons into the political space of French Cameroun would not lead to an Anglo-Bami alliance which will eventually use its demographic majority to destabilize the political power base of President Ahidjo who was a Moslem Northerner. President Ahidjo had preferred unification with Northern Cameroons and was disappointed that Northern Cameroons voted to remain in Nigeria .

The implication of the link between unification and the genocide against the Bamileke people is that they effectively became the vicarious victims of France ’s opposition to unification between French Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons . This means that by denying the Southern Cameroons the option of full independence in 1961 and imposing unification with French Cameroun in spite of the open opposition of France and French Cameroun itself, the United Kingdom and the United Nations must accept partial responsibility for the genocide against the Bamileke people. This also implies that if the British Southern Cameroons had been granted full independence in 1961 by the United Kingdom , there would never have been the need for the campaign for the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke by Charles de Gaulle and Ahmadou Ahidjo.

The research conducted by SCAPO showed that nearly all the Bamileke who were victims of the genocide are not aware of the link between the genocide and unification. According to most Bamileke people, the French were simply motivated by pure hatred. This thesis is unfortunately too simplistic.

1st October Versus 20th May

It is worth noting that after the capture and execution of Ernest Ouandié in 1970, which brought the rebellion to an end, the Ahidjo government decided to move to the second phase of its power consolidation by organizing the referendum of 1972, following which the unitary state was proclaimed on 20th May 1972. For President Ahidjo, 20th May represented the crowning day of his revenge and victory over the UPC movement and the Anglo-Bami group. He had finally succeeded in crushing the UPC movement and the Anglo-Bami group was in his pocket. From that date, Ahidjo was the unchallenged and the unchallengeable master of the whole Cameroun . It is for this reason that 20th May replaced 1st October as the National day.

Witnesses and survivors ready to give evidence

SCAPO research has established that there are thousands of Bamileke people who survived the genocide and have perfect knowledge of the location of the mass graves where headless victims were buried in their thousands. This is because the soldiers who went into the bush to hunt for maquisards always came back into the towns with the heads of their victims as trophies. These Bamileke people can serve as witnesses only if they are sure that the government in Yaoundé and the Camerounian military hierarchy is completely cleansed and the country gets rid of all genocidal elements in the regime.

The Role of Paul Biya in the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke

SCAPO research has established that President Paul Biya played a very central role in the genocide campaign against the Bamileke because following his return from France in 1962 he was immediately named Chargé de Mission (Minister of Special Duties) in the Presidency of Ahmadou Ahidjo at the age of 28. It is largely on account of his role in handling the genocide dossier that he was rewarded after six years with the promotion to the post of Secretary General in the Presidency of Ahidjo at the age of 34 in 1968. He subsequently became Prime Minister in 1975 and finally succeeded President Ahidjo in 1982. His remarkable rise to power from Chargé de Mission to President of the Republic in 20 years at the age of 48 was largely a reward for the role he played in the ethnic extermination of the Bamileke. With President De Gaulle and Ahidjo dead, President Paul Biya and his generals are the custodians of the secrets of genocide, the inheritors of power acquired through genocide and the main beneficiaries of impunity.

After 26 years of being President of the Republic of Cameroun and 46 years of being at the center of power, Mr. Biya was planning to amend the constitution in order to present himself for another 7 year term in 2011. The present crisis in the country was a direct result of the people’s rejection of his ambition for a life Presidency.

Other Crimes Committed by Paul Biya

SCAPO finally decided to file an official complaint with the prosecutor of the ICC because research has made it possible to establish that Mr. Biya has committed other crimes against humanity since coming to power in 1982, notably:

The massacre of Northerners in 1984, following the failed coup attempt by loyalists of President Ahmadou his predecessor. Mass graves related to the Maguida massacre are located in Mbalmayo, some 150 km south of Yaoundé;

The death of 2000 villagers in Lake Nyos in 1986, following the testing of a weapon of mass destruction by an unnamed foreign power, based on the authorization of President Paul Biya. When this event took place, an intensive spin doctoring campaign was launched in the international media in order to make the world believe that the Lake Nyos victims died from inhaling toxic gases which emanated from the bottom of Lake Nyos . Our interest is not in knowing the identity of the foreign power that conducted the test. Our interest is in the fact the President Paul Biya gave the authorization for the test to be conducted in an area which was populated by innocent people and that he was paid financial compensation for giving the approval;

The selective transfer of soldiers and gendarmes who are HIV+ to army camps in the British Southern Cameroons ; this information was revealed to John Fru Ndi by Ahmadou Ali when he was the Minister of Armed Forces. This is clearly a sinister design to make sure the people of the targeted region are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus through sexual contact with promiscuous soldiers posted in the region. The long-term goal is clearly ethnic extermination.

State sponsored terrorism against the people of the British Southern Cameroons. Such state-sponsored terror has included the arbitrary arrests, detention, torture, and extra-judicial killings. All of this has been carefully documented including pictures. To the extent that this was done in a systematic way over a number of years and targeted at the citizens of the British Southern Cameroons , this constitutes a crime against humanity.

These are additional crimes against humanity which President Paul Biya and senior military officers have committed as a result of the impunity which they have enjoyed from the genocide against the Bamileke. The SCAPO research has also enabled us to discover that Mr. Biya has committed other very serious crimes, but which fall under the jurisdiction of Camerounian law. These serious crimes should normally have been followed up in the law courts by the state prosecutors if French Cameroun had been a country which respects the rule of law.

In filing the complaint to the Prosecutor of the ICC, SCAPO is fully aware of the fact that French Cameroun is one of the few African countries which have so far refused to ratify the Rome Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court. There is no doubt that the refusal of the Cameroun government to ratify the treaty is because the criminal regime is aware of their culpability for crimes which fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC. SCAPO believes that it shall be the duty of the United Nations to make sure that everything is done in order to ensure that the horrific crimes that have been committed in French Cameroun do not go unpunished.

Why SCAPO decided to act

SCAPO decided to take the genocide and crimes against humanity to the world community because there were clear indications that the people of the British Southern Cameroons are the next target of the Biya regime because of their desire to be separated from French Cameroun to become an independent country. SCAPO realized that it needed a sovereign platform in order to go public with this incredible story about French Cameroun. That is the reason why SCAPO proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Ambazania on August 16, 2006.

SCAPO wants to make it clear that the genocide against the Bamileke people and the state policy of concealment as well as the participation of the ordinary citizens of French Cameroun in this policy of denial has made the people of the British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun two people who are fundamentally incompatible and can no longer share the same political space or live under the same flag. The people of the British Southern Cameroons can no longer live under the control of a terror regime that organized the mass slaughter of its own citizens with the help of a foreign army and has kept it a secret from the world.

Why the British Southern Cameroons must be separated from French Cameroun

Consequently, the constitutional reforms which are envisaged by President Paul Biya only concern French Cameroun. Any citizen of the British Southern Cameroons who accepts to participate in the constitutional reforms advocated by Paul Biya should know that they are representing themselves. Indeed they shall be considered by the people of the British Southern Cameroons as traitors and a threat to their survival as a people.

Mr. Biya and his criminal generals shall be eventually indicted and arrested by the Prosecutor of the ICC. This implies that the succession of Paul Biya is on the cards. We would like to take the opportunity to call on the potential successors of Paul Biya to understand that the people of the British Southern Cameroons are determined to create a separate country, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifices and whatever the consequences, in order to achieve this goal.

The reason is because the discovery of the link between the genocide against the Bamileke people and reunification has completely changed the political equation in the Cameroons . The people of the British Southern Cameroons are now convinced that this separation is vital for the mutual survival of the Bamileke people as well as for the people of the British Southern Cameroons .

It is true that the Bamileke and the people of the British Southern Cameroons are brothers and they consider themselves as such. One of the reasons why SCAPO has decided to go public with the genocide story is in order to ensure that the Bamileke people should never again be targeted in French Cameroun for mass slaughter. But our decision to form a separate country is based on our belief in the old saying that: “It is better for two identical twins to live apart than for them to die together”. This is the most important message that we want the Bamileke people to understand. If they ever allow the criminal regime in Yaoundé to mislead them to fighting against the people of the Southern Cameroons because of so-called “secession”, they shall end up being the big losers.

The Southern Cameroons shall henceforth be known as the Republic of Ambazania and would like that the separation from French Cameroun should be friendly and brotherly, and failing that, it should be peaceful because, one way or the other, we shall have to live together as neighbors.

However, if the successors of President Paul Biya decide to embark on a military adventure against the British Southern Cameroons , we shall take all the necessary steps to ensure our self-defense against this criminal and genocidal regime. The cost of this adventure shall be extremely high for French Cameroun. French Cameroun will undergo an implosion with unpredictable consequences for its own existence. Such an adventure will fail because no country in this region shall accept hegemonistic behavior by a country with a genocidal past. And the final result shall be the same: namely independence for the British Southern Cameroons .

SCAPO calls on all the people of the British Southern Cameroons to get ready for the trying times that lie ahead. The moment for the final battle of independence is at hand. SCAPO calls on the African Union and the United Nations to intervene in French Cameroun in order to create the environment leading to the peaceful separation of the British Cameroons from French Cameroun before it is too late.

Done this day March 3, 2008.

© Copyright March 2008, Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO


Mr Casara, I have thoroughly perused your posting and have three ensuing apprehensions and/or preoccupations. I take it that, you condone the publication in its entirety and will put the qualms to you:

1)your article advocates amnesty to the French who master minded this hypothetical genocide, on account of a book publication....excerpt

" spite of the direct role that was played by France in the genocide against the Bamileke people, SCAPO has decided not to call for the indictment of any political or military official from France . The reason is because it is French citizens who participated in the genocide that finally came forward to reveal the secret to the world through their book publications"
This is absolute revelation judicial partiality. The very french man who is being exonerated knows only too well;" il y a pas de vide juridique".

2)-does SCAPO want integrate the Bamileke people into Southern Cameroon?.Why should SCAPO file a complain for the Bamilekes? Are they not conscious? Is the Bamileke indigene a Southern Cameroonian?. What most appalls me is this startling constrast to you seperatist agenda...excerpt
" The people of the British Southern Cameroons are now convinced that this separation is vital for the mutual survival of the Bamileke people as well as for the people of the British Southern Cameroons"

3)"The Southern Cameroons shall henceforth be known as the Republic of Ambazania".
Who has chosen this name? For what purpose? Upon whose consultation?.
Ladies and gentleman of the core, I think we will fooling ourselves if we fail to infer the inconsequential character of above article in the light of the SC agenda.

Prince Larry Ayamba


Fellow Southern Cameroons,
Brothers and sisters
Invited Guest, Ladies & Gentlemen,

The year 2007 has come to an end, leaving each and everyone loads of things not done as well as those still to be done most especially the final push for the Independence of the Southern Cameroons.

The good thing is, in every beginning there is hope for better achievements. While hoping that the year 2008 will be a year of breakthrough for the people of Southern Cameroons, I wish you all, a very prosperous year 2008 and advancement of the Southern Cameroons course.


Africa won its liberation through the efforts of the young. Across the African continent, the moment of independence represented many things. It was the winning of the political kingdom and the promise that our countries could unshackle itself from the chains of colonial rule and achieve the political, social and economic development for which its people had yearned. But national independence manifested something else too, something that is easily overlooked with the passage of more than half a century.

The social, political and all liberation movements that are struggling against colonial rule were overwhelmingly parties of the young. Not only were the rank and file of independence movements filled by youths, but the leaders themselves were young. It is striking to look at the photographs of Africa’s independence leaders as they assembled in Africa Hall for the creation of the Organizations’ of African Unity in 1963. They were strikingly youthful. It was not uncommon for prime ministers and foreign ministers to be in their thirties. And these were the veterans of many years of struggle, struggle that had often begun in high schools, and had frequently reached its zenith among students in universities just like our chairman, the SG and a host of us. When the Italian colonists lowered the flag in Mogadishu, they handed over the government to the Somali Youth League. This is exactly what will happen in the SC soon.

The prominence of the young was clear in the civil struggles that yielded peaceable liberation in countries such as Ghana, Senegal and Tanganyika. Still more was it true of the armed liberation struggles that brought freedom to Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. If the leadership of South Africa’s liberation struggle were entering what would normally be considered retirement age at the time of that country’s liberation that was only because overcoming Apartheid took so many long years. The Southern Cameroons is no exception. Recognizing the importance of his young followers, Nelson Mandela proposed that South Africa’s first democratic constitution reduce the age of enfranchisement. The proposal was not adopted, but it was a genuine and bold effort to reciprocate the trust that the country’s young revolutionaries had placed in the men and women who had led their struggle for more than a generation.

Liberation was the promise of a young Africa, the promise that there would be, always, “something new out of Africa.” While drawing upon African traditions, independence was also a generational revolt and still should be especially in our case, of the young against the old. It was a new dawn, not a return to the past. This promise of youth enfranchisement was in fact one of the most fundamental pledges of liberation, but over the years it has been the most neglected. Many of the hopes of independence have been disappointed: among them is the promise of empowering the young generation. African cultures are respectful of age, and the continent’s leaders have exploited the symbols of fatherhood, wisdom and experience to the full, often presiding over sclerotic governments out of touch with the rapid pace of change. The tradition of obedience to one’s elders is routinely cited. But this is only one side of the story. There is a tradition, equally vibrant, of generational renewal. This was not just a historical accident of the independence generation. Equally it was true of the first resistance to imperial conquest and the domestic movements for renewal such as the Fulani Jihads, the Sudanese Mahdists and countless others.

This conference is a historic recognition of the forgotten promise of liberation, that it would enfranchise the young, and is a moment to redeem the pledge.
"Wisdom is a gift; you can't train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace — that access can foster the acquisition of knowledge, but not wisdom"

Youth Rights

Youth have rights as well as obligations, though they are too often forgotten in a social order built around gerontocrats and welfare agenda focused on children. Domestic and international law distinguishes between children (legal minors) and adults, commonly using a threshold of eighteen years. The category “youth” will always be secondary to the child-adult dichotomy. Some age-based definitions of youth include under- 18s, others do not. Different issues arise depending on whether the “youth” in question are above or below 18: for those younger, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the corresponding African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child are applicable.

Article 12(1) of the UN CRC reads, “States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.” The Article goes into further detail on judicial and administrative procedures to be followed on matters directly affecting the rights and wellbeing of the child in question. But these provisions are both secondary to the basic legal reality that children under 18 are not fully legally enfranchised and subjective insofar as they call for an assessment of the “maturity” of the child. Meanwhile, on reaching 18, the former child is a full adult with all the rights and responsibilities that status entails. All the provisions of an adult under the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the Conventions on Civil and Political Rights and on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights apply. Such young adults are not simply “future potential”, receptacles for learning, but they are active and contemporary social, political and economic actors in themselves.

A legalistic approach to rights is essential for their robust enforcement. But an exclusive focus on what is justifiable overlooks the fact that rights are “work in progress.” The norms that underpin human rights provisions are in a constant state of contest and evolution. For example, there is still no complete consensus on age 18 as the upper limit of childhood. Many states still recruit 17 year olds to their armed forces – SOCADEF should take note. Age categories and the rights and responsibilities that accompany them are moulded by circumstances. In times of national emergency, youth are catapulted to the front rank of participation. It is young people who are recruited to the army, who are mobilized for national campaigns. Similarly, today it is youth who must refashion the social and political mores in our Country.

Comrades, Ladies & Gentlemen,

The confidence our people continue to put on the SCYL places a great challenge and an enormous responsibility on our shoulders. The people have proved that they are ready and capable of governing. The Youth League must continue to make its own contribution to our further success in meeting the challenges ahead of us.

We must continue to draw inspiration from the dedication of the founding fathers of the SCYL and all other Southern Cameroons liberation movements, from the tradition of heroic struggles of the youth over the decades as we sustain the momentum of the struggle for the struggle for the accomplishment of the mission of the restoration of the independence and statehood of the Southern Cameroons.
We who are alive today are witness to a generation upon whose shoulders history has conferred unprecedented responsibilities and in whose hands it has placed limitless possibilities.

We are living in the age of a political, social and economic revolution. It is the era of our national renaissance and freedom. We cannot dare disappoint the millions of Southern Cameroonians who banker for freedom, democracy and social change in their lives.

The regenerated and strengthened Youth League must continue to play its role as a front-line fighting force in that continuing struggle for fundamental change and a better life for all our people.
I would also like to remind all Southern Cameroonians here present that, in coming together a lot can be done. That we should try to make the year 2008 a year during which we would join our voices together as well as our individual strengths to build a stronger network for the liberation of Southern Cameroons.

Remember, “We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes this year”

I wish you all a successful conference.
THANK YOU and God Bless the Southern Cameroons.

Prince Lawrence Ayamba
Secretary of State of t he SC
Interim Government In-Exile

Prince Larry Ayamba

Conference resolution- The Hague International Conference 2008

The European Leadership of the SCYL and SCNC-Belgium met for a three day coalition building talks in The Hague (February 9-11, 2008) and agreed to strengthened the Southern Cameroons Europe Coalition with the aim of uniting the forces within the continent of Europe for the prosecution of the independence campaign. The Coalition of SCNC-Belgium and SCYL agreed to work together in a spirit of honesty, focus and respect for the fundamental position of each movement.

The Coalition re-affirmed that decisions on major policy issues concerning our struggle for a separate homeland shall be agreed upon base on momentary majority and the principle of consensus that reflects practicable reality with a well thought out mechanism of implementation. The Coalition Observes with utter dismay:

That Her Britannic Majesty and France are using the Common Wealth, the Foreign Office, the Francophonie and military presence in Bakassi and Africa to issue numerous derogatory declarations absorbing their sad responsibilities patterning to the plight of our people in the economic, social-cultural and political realm. The coalition also castigated the regime of La Republic du Cameroon on her continuous Human rights and economic abuse on Southern Cameroonians; and also in her attempt to destroy the University of Buea which she has turned into her battle ground.

The Coalition empowers the Department of Diplomacy to explore every means to force the United Kingdom and France including the EU to reverse this standpoint and assume their responsibilities and take active steps towards addressing the present political impasse prevailing over our homeland, The impunity, recklessness and heavy-handedness with which La Republique du Cameroun has been prosecuting and maintaining the occupation. The Conference also empowers the department of defence to explore every avenue in the defence of our people, our land and our way of life.

In relation to the distortion of facts, manipulation of international public opinion by the occupying regime, the Conference empowers the department of Press and Communications to leave no stone unturned in the education of our people and international institutions who wish to listen on the facts of history and the brutality of the occupying regime.

While recognising the efforts of the different movement and our people, the Coalition calls for unity on purpose and determination in our resistance against occupation and our fight for a separate homeland. The conference did recognise the work of the SCNC but challenged its leaders to initiate dialogue and avoid blackmail as a show of strength. The conference challenged SCNC Europe to follow the foot steps of SCNC Belgium by building bridges for the good of our Homeland. Special words of encouragement do go to the Secretary General of SCNC Belgium and Mr Sama of SCNC Belgium for their brilliant presentations.

We extend our appreciation to all Southern Cameroonians and sympathisers in the Diaspora, especially in South Africa , the UK -who could not attend due to visa problems, Belgium and the bravery of Southern Cameroons citizens in the occupied homeland especially the leaders and the students of the University of Buea in their continuous defiance of the occupiers. Our people should understand that the fight against oppression is long and tedious but no matter the suffering the price and sacrifice for freedom is worth it. The Conference further endorses the following:

The conference did challenge the English Press to be true ambassadors of change rather than serving as hungry men and women ready to be manipulated by any with hand outs for personal goals.

The conference re-affirmed the decision taken at the London conference in September 2007 that, no audiences, proclamations, representation and or contacts should be negotiated or pursued by any (individual or group) without due endorsement or clearance from the other movements in an effort to maintain uniformity.

That the committees elected and endorsed by the peoples representatives and the General Assembly of the said conference remains the legitimate institution authorised to speak on behalf of the Southern Cameroons in Diaspora Europe.

Problems slowing the process of independence

- Lack of confidence between the movements (mutual distrust)

- The various movements are sceptical of one another

- We make our differences between factions more important than the objective of attending freedom

- Lack of honest diplomacy in the sense that, despite the fact that we have agreed to believe in diplomacy, we should not blackmail others who opt for force (real action) to make their desire for freedom felt. Thus preaching forceful resistance as the SCYL or SOCADEF do should not be regarded as extremism as seen by some.

- However, we should not give away the idea of the force of argument, thus mutually agreeing that we will assist each other so long as the aim is geared towards achieving independence.

Assessment of the struggle at home

-There is need to rebuild the structures entirely .New coordination, real representatives for good accountability and good action in every region. This assessment was done based on a very recent and detail report made by a team sent to the territory for an assessment of the situation on the ground (this report is available in scripts and video).

We however acknowledge the efforts made by certain organizations like the SCNC, SCYL, in their attempts to revamp this situation. However,

-lack of a networking committee to keep the people informed as to the evolution of the struggle, (poor circulation of information) remains a big problem

How we should identify ourselves in Diaspora

-Constant education should be put in place in reminding comrades to always identify themselves as Southern Cameroonians under every circumstance. This obliging host country to involuntarily join the struggle.


On the Recently formed British Southern Cameroons Government, the conference praised Professor Carlson Anyangwe on his address to conference participants that was read by the International Secretary of the SCYL Julius Che. The conference also recognised his efforts made since the inception of this struggle and acknowledged him as a true friend of the struggle and real fighter (the only old guard still in the cause). However, the conference cautioned him not to allow himself being manipulated by the head of his secretariat and a host of others.

The conference did challenge the Interim Government and that of the BSC to come out of mere rhetoric's by embracing the weapon of SOCADEF championed by the SCYL and Diplomacy championed by the SCNC, SCAPO and AMBAZONIA for meaningful ground action capable of freeing the Southern Cameroons .

On Immigration issues

The conference realised there are many in the Diaspora who have used the struggle to gain refugee status, turn and nick-name those who stay faithful to the cause loiters. Says was high time to sound a bell loud enough to those who have been exploiting the struggle that the time of reckoning had come and that most of them will be exposed to their host countries. Conference says not only does this attitude destroy our cause, but also kill the chance for those who really need protection fleeing from trouble to have one. Was recommended that the SCYL will make request to refugee councils across Europe and North America to determine those who have gained from the struggle. That the various refugee offices will work hand in gloves with the SCYL and SCNC to ensure the implementation of the above agreed resolution.

The conference also came to the conclusion that blocking chances for genuine Southern Cameroonians who really need protection was wrong and as such was determine to assist those in real need.

The conference participants also empowered the finance committee to explore all avenues in raising funds. As was said, no true or real change can ever be achieved and or sustain without resources.

The conference did also call on the SCYL to renew its National executive council in an effort to give it real representation since for some time now; some positions were vacant or inactive

SCNC Belgium was assigned as the next Host for the forth coming International Conference which will be holding in Antwerp or Brussels as from the 29th September- 1st October 2008.

Done in The Hague , the Netherlands

October 2nd, 2008

Julius Che

Conference scribe.

See: www.internationalse cretary.blogspot .com for photos and video


Utterances like these should not be taken lightly. This Yaounde itself was developed by Bamilikies and stolen funds from the Southern Cameroons. The people of Cameroon esspecially Southern Cameroonians and Bamilikies should see this as an act proposing ethnic cleansing and a declaration of war by the ruling CPDM junta. No doubt the meeting took place in a CPDM hall, the signatories were all CPDM pundits and the decisions arrived at suits the tone of several CPDM communiques. It was like this that Radio Milles collines in Rwanda started fuelling its genocidal objectives. It might not be wrong to suggest that these blood thirsty demons have already armed themselves and are seemingly looking for scapegoats to lynch. In advanced countries, such declarations would be treated equal to an act of genocide and those who signed the communique, the newspapers and editors that published it would have been sent to prison. But in lawless Cameroon, these would instead be applauded by the ruling junta. Imagine what would happen if Beti's starts lynching Bamilikies and Southern Cameroonians in Yaounde. Do they forget that there are significant Beti Anglo's who have lived for several generations in the Southern Cameroons, primarily scarterred in several parts of fako and Meme division? Have they visited several parts of Cameroon to see the ethnic mix of people and how peaceful people have been living over several generations? After Oben Peter Ashu's Cam-No-Go, they are now using their media (Cameroon tribune and CRTV) to fan their campaign of ethnic cleansing in Cameroon.

Every Cameroonian of goodwill has a moral responsibility to hate the CPDM and anything that has any traces of CPDM on it including all those SDF handclappers whose job has always been to color their inexistent democracy. Cameroonians need to come together as a single force against this monstrous regime. Imagine how many people have just been killed in and around the country. They went around, picking innocent people and are in the process of sending them to jail for doing nothing. Furthermore, they have come forward to propagate ethnic cleasing on people from other tribes. What do these thieves want to show the majority of Cameroonians? We are still mourning lost ones; these people just sprang up with another provocation, declaring ethnic cleaning. The CPDM and all traces of it need to buried now and forever. Yes it is an eye for an eye, these thieves need to be taken care of. We are not afraid. If a majority of Beti's listen to this and do not come out clean to distance themselves from this kind of utterances, they should know that other tribes would be ready to retaliate if any single individual is attacked in Yaounde.

mk the southerner

Responding to the post of Laurence.

"Conference resolution- The Hague International Conference 2008

The European Leadership of the SCYL and SCNC-Belgium met for a three day coalition building talks in The Hague (February 9-11, 2008) and agreed to strengthened the Southern Cameroons Europe Coalition with the aim of uniting the forces within the continent of Europe for the prosecution of the independence campaign. The Coalition of SCNC-Belgium and SCYL agreed to work together in a spirit of honesty, focus and respect for the fundamental position of each movement"

After talking to the chairman of SCNC Belgium, he said he nor the SCNC general assembly did dedicate any body to represent them any conference with the SCYL. He said further that that should anybody claimed to have represented SCNC Belgium, that person represented only himself and not the Belgian branch of the SCNC. He further said though the SCNC and the SCYL are fighting the same course they have different shirts of opinions on how to go about it. That this can be seen from their motors. That the SCYL should go ahead with their plans and stop confusing people " I wish to see actions not words. SO NO BODY WAS DELEGATED FROM SCNC BELGIUM TO ATTAIN ANY CONFERENCE ANY WHERE. Thanks.



MK the Southerner,

Stories like i spoke to this person and he said this or that is always counter productive and should not be brought to a public forum. I have always spoken to these SCNC officials and in as much they have constrasting opinions, they always try to meet somewhere and complement their philosophies. That is why we always look for a common platform to work together. What have the soo called leadership of the SCNC Belgium done to discipline the soo called official who represented himself but claims to be representing the overall SCNC Belgium in that meeting? Utterances and gossipy messages like that should not be listened to. We need to grow up and move forward, rather than bickering on petty things that makes no sense at all.



Stop being a loony with your habitual postings of hollucinatory messages. The name Ambazonia was shaped by Bernard Fonlon who wrote our own version of La Republiques national anthem. It is better you are growing up and asking questions rather than constantly speaking to yourself about things you know little or nothing about, like the Southern Cameroons agenda and press releases above.


Mr Rexon, when next you mossel any courage to cough any trash about Simplice, beware of one thing: he is mature and ripe enough on this forum to utter substantial statements void of hypothesis. I made some dialetical remarks which every noble and great mind will deem pertinent. Yet you brush them aside asking me to grow-up. You forget ;" what is hidded from the wise and prudent is known by children".



"what is hidden......"'


Simplice as an ID is as irrelevant as the name Paul Biya is to the Cameroonian people. John Maxwell and pilots will agree with me that the attitude of a plane is so important when in flight and so is the attitude of a people. The mouth that curses, glorifies the Lord. The brain which is not used properly will cause the entire body enormous pain. Could we put our brains to work and become planners and not just wingers. Help your country.

I can understand where people like those commenting my bloc, are coming from but what I can’t understand is people who sit on their brains and when they pass out s*****t they pass out their brains. Those same people are amongst those who advised the SDF not to enter parliament in 92.

Ma Mary

I have been warning the last 10 years about the untamed genocidal tendencies of the francoCamerounese regime, and its history of unpaid crimes of genocide. Biya himself is an indictable genocidaire. Do not even think about it, because we shall run you down and obtain justice wherever you may chose to hide on this planet. You shall be captured regardless of your age. Biya actually gave protection to mass murderers escaping justice from Rwanda. International courts wrestled with this monster before he gave them up.


We are assembling files.

red flag




Fellow Friends,
Think twice before you take decisions. Yaoundé people were in the fight and I recognise two of my friends in the street. So don't fool us.



You seems to be a loony or someone who is braindead to start attacking the Southern Cameroonian struggle. As early as 1963, people like Fonlon have started seeing what children like you are seeing today and turning a blind eye. Fonlon intelligently wrote two anthems, one for the Southern Cameroons and one for La Republique to seperate the two identities. Have you ever taken your time to understand why our own soo called anthem is different from thAt of La Republique? It was not until 1984 that he shaped the philosophy for us to fight for our independent statehood, created the ambazonian liberation movement (erstwhile Southern Cameroons movement) and went on exile to Canada. Stay out of our cause or you will be treated with fire.


The chickens have surely come home to roast. The seemingly four dayz hoo-ha took the Essingan scroungers in a shock and awe-cum disbelief.Now in a palpitating state,the openly,through the Junta´s mouthpiece propose for cleansing.Any qualms that the Junta is not behind the Declaration?Why they palpitate and declare ethnic cleansing.Who knows not those to suffer their cleansing when the time comes?
The four dayz unrest with circa hundred lost lives may just be a curtain raiser.The terminus ad quem is the obliteration of the gaullist statue laying siege in Ambazonia.Peace will be elusive if we try to sweep this particular case under the carpet.
Yes it is THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES HANGING ON OUR LIL HEADS.Ignore it for that fake One and Indivisible sophistry at our peril.

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