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Monday, 21 April 2008


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Paa Ngembus

Slowly but surely the good Lord is decapitating all these opponents of Southern Cameroons statehood.

This traitor of the Southern Cameroons will surely burn in hell and his death should serve as a reminder to others of his ilk.

They shall all fall by the wayside as Southern Cameroonians march resolutely towards their independence.


Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary

Na ground cargo people, Paa Ngembus. No principle.


Anglophones will always die enroute to or in Yaounde. He will be remembered for writing above Party's politics and at the same time being a member of the cpdm central committee and helping to fraud elections in the northwest of Cameroon. He is one of those who have sold the anglophones to biya and the french. achidi, ndeh, abety, atanga, mukete, mafany, inoni, nji fedelis, doh etc. we all regret the loss but what will you tell God, Foncha


God is the giver of life, but i can never say Nsahlai should RIP. I will be lying and pretending to myself that i want people who have betrayed us and never wanted our freedom in the first to RIP when they die. Just like some children of slaves did when slavery was abandoned, I hope Nsahlai's children sell all his ill gotten wealth and give the money to charity in a bid to clear their concience and RIP when they to die. Some would say he was just a minister, but he was a minister for that demonic cult that have masteminded the killing and enslaving of Cameroonians over many years. He is as guilty as Biya and if i ask him to RIP, I would be directly asking Biya and Co to RIP.


mk the southerner

Who ever told you witchcraft is death in Nso told you a lie. I pray that all those who are steeping on the road to free the Southern Cameroons, get the same faith when they go to berry him. That stone should be put now around Jakiri for the feets of these vampires.



Rest in peace Christopher Kiloh Fai Nsahlai.


Who is God on this forum to determine what awaits a man after death?. Who are these forumites passing for judges on the face of the earth?.Why should some pray for others to die; when God knows what is best for all, and what time is right to embrace destiny?. I'm very startled.
May his soul RIP.

Michelle Nsahlai

To all the ignorant perpetrators of the myth that is Southern Cameroon, "I weep for you". Your Divisiness and Ignorance almost brings me to tears. Shame on you!!!! That is one fantasy that will NEVER COME TO FRUTION ,whether H.E Nsahlai Christopher is alive or Dead.

He was a man of true integrity, after the heart of God. A man of faith, who loved God and was loved by God. I will advise you young man , pray for yourself, and ask God to give you clarity, wisdom and understanding!!!!! Ask him to show you who the real evil ones are!!!

Now if you continue to say profane things about this servant of God, I promise you , your words will be a curse. Do not i urge you bring such misfortune on yourself!!!!
You could choose to heed to my words, or carry on, and as sure as the Lord Lives,

His Memory will last in our hearts, and God has and will continue to bless his offspring. There is nothing you can do about it!!!!!!!!

Praise be to Jesus forever and ever and i know without a doubt, my father rejoices now in heaven. Take a moment then, and pray for your own soul.


Mrs Michelle Nsahlai, the forum sympathises with the lost that has befallen your family and relatives. We understand it is hard to accept criticism at the moment.Please forget those SC advocates.


Hi Michelle, accept my heart-felt condolences for the death of your dear father. one thing i would like to draw your attention to is the incident that happened when your mother slapped the D.O of jakiri for not rigging the twin election before is usually said that you most not physically steal before you are called a thief. what i mean is that your father might have been a man of faith, but he was in the wrong camp. he has been an ardent supporter of the vampires ruling cameroon with an iron fist. i do not want to be judgemental in this situation because GOD will surely reward him for all he did in the name of politics. to you simplice, you are just a non-skull. i have no word for an ingrate like you.


How does your qualification of me as an "ingrate" fit the present context. Please scroll and catch sight of my write-ups, pertainig to the issue. Please I need apologise for your apprecitation of my stance is "ingrate"(to use your own word correctly).


testing ;;;;testing


no no no, the postnwsline needs liars to keep telling people their falsified tales and leading our fatherland to a calamity...if notwhy blocked the truth? can someone explain why? mr moderator, u alwayz have explanations n justification come an defend...

mk the southerner

Mr Half you have an important massage to pass here but when you keep writing so much over and over and using capital letters though to stress it becomes boring at times. May you write once or twice intelligently so that those who are in-line with your philosophy will be egger to see what you have said today. But when you appear too often its like child's play. Just an advice bro God bless.

mk the southerner

To Michael Nsalai, we are not judging you father but his deeds. I dont know are you just saying this because he is your father or because he really did good things that people should be proud of? If a man like Paul Biya dies today people will pop shampain but that does not mean that Biya was not going to church or advising people. We are thinking of what the person did physically we dont look at the spiritual cause we are not God but we do have are wishes.

He is some how related to me too but that does not mean that I close my eyes to his riggings and double standings. I do hope those who have helped in one way other to increase these pain we are going through end up in similar faith as they go up to kumbo to berry him.

I do not hate him but his actions I hate and that he knew even before dying.


mr mk the southerner thanks for your advice, but point of correction i am not half...clever by half as you are! I am HAF...THE INITIALS OF MY FULL NAMES...HILARY ANUBOUDEM FONYI, if not because THE SYSTEM keeps blocking my messages i think i must have given you my full address.



Ma Mary

I have no reason to doubt that Mr Nsahlai was a wonderful father and family man but he was also a public figure, and as a public figure, his death will play out in public, and the accounting of his life will play out in public. That accounting will not always be positive. That, Ms Nsahlai, is the price for privilege borne on the shoulders and expense of the public.

If you do not want to be upset in your time of grief, do not read articles like this and their commentaries, because people will say exactly how they actually felt about your opportunistic father.

I will restrain myself regarding your comments about the Southern Cameroons. Go cry your papa; we do not need you to weep for us.


For the first time in my life, I completely concur with everything Ma Mary has said...except her last paragraph.

shena owel

Hey may the soul of Minister nsalai rest in perfect peace,My condolence to the berief family,We leave the last judgement to the almighty God,

mk the southerner

Mr HAf am sorry for the wronglfull spelling of your name. But sorry to say you did not correct me as an intelligent gentle man. I may be cleaver by half but that was not the intention of my half for mine was just the wrongfulness of spelling your name.


It is at moments like these, when one of these Chaucerian frauds called the Cameroon ruling class/CPDM stalwart pops his clogs, that I regret being an atheist. For if I believed in a god I might believe in hell. Unfortunately, I don't believe in a god and I don't believe in a hell. For if a hell existed, it will be the rightful place for the carcass of these overfed, unprincipled and corrupt CPDM kleptocrats who have made the life of ordinary Cameroonians a living hell. Nsahlai's family can be consoled by the state funeral and honours he is going to receive from his partner in crime, Paul Biya.


Christopher Kiloh Fai Nsahlai is gone. He will be judged by the Almighty accordingly. Sooner or Later Achidi Achu will follow, and then John Bih Nde, and then Forjindam, and then Ferdinand Leopold Owona, and then Peire Semenge, and then Fon Doh, and then PAUL BIYA.
The question I ask myself is WHY?. Why all the greed?, why all the rigging of elections?, why all the corruption?, Why all the tribalism?, why all the fraud and bribe?, why change the Constitution against the will of the people?, why all the false imprisonment, why build all the mansions only to be stroke by death at the eleventh Hour. It is indeed strange what our leaders are doing to us Cameroonian. Only God Knows. I leave it God. It is a Shame. God Help Cameroon.

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