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Friday, 25 April 2008


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Jimmy Stan

I think cameroonians are really tired of this Fru ndi man, he should also give up power now to someone else. 18 years is over


mbah ndam should be aware of the fact that cameroonians are taking stock of the judas role he and other sdf mp's are playing.When the day of retribution shall come their transfer to the hell beyond shall be as easy as the passing of the constitutional amendment bill in parliament.Mbah Ndam and Ben Muna are just Completing What Solomon T Muna left Undone.More grease to Mbah "Muna's"elbows.That day shall come like a thief in the night.


Mr. Manyong,
You got it right this time around and i quote " The SDF MPs were very enthusiastic in the discussions on the bill which took place in the Constitutional Law's Committee. Their boycott of the plenary session, wherein the bill was voted into law, was seen by many as a stratagem to hoodwink the public."
Do you think all this romance with the CPDM is going on with the knowledge of the chairman? Transparency has been a problem with the SDF for a long time now, and it's unfortunate the public is just getting a glimpse of it now.


Again I strongly emphasize, Bamenda people should not get involved in any more strikes, civil disobedience, they have done more than enough to give the people of Cameroon a few freedoms that they enjoy today. Everything is blamed on you, you have suffered enough. You have not benefited from anything (Japanese,Chinese schools or stadiums). I bet if you took some stats,you will find out that the majority of passengers who use the stinky and disorganized D'la airport are from Bamenda. Why not make Bda airport international. Let the army and other troops occupy the streets all they want, go about your business, don't provoke them, let them rot in the streets with no food. Yaounde people have just woken from a deep coma, they are now feeling the heat, there is not enough to go around and the thieves haven't stolen everything yet. Let them get rid of their own tribesmen (crooks, thieves,riggers, conmen, nation destroyers)


Fear of another uprising: Biya orders Russian helicopters to shoot demonstrators, rioters!

The government is deeply apprehensive of the state of national security. The unpopularity of the recent amendment of the constitution and the ever-rising prices of food and essential commodities have combined to create a sense of nervousness among the masses which could easily find expression in a popular uprising. Rather than address the issues, Paul Biya has opted for the use of brutality

By Ntaryike Divine Jr. in Douala

President Paul Biya seems determined to have his way at all cost; and to use as much brutality as is necessary which is already the hallmark of his 25-year regime. To cope with the simmering tension in Cameroon following popular disapproval of the recent amendment of the constitution permitting him to stay in office beyond 2011, the government has placed armed troops across towns in Cameroon.

This is to forestall a poplar uprising similar if not worse than that of February.
Apart from popular anger over the amendment of the constitution, the hardship of the masses caused by ever-increasing food prices provides yet another reason for a real possibility of problems for the authorities.

Intelligence sources have told The Herald that the government is not taking the situation lying low.

In addition to the already announced intention of the government to recruit at least a thousand more hands
into the army, The Herald has learned that Russian war helicopters are on order to strengthen the government’s already heavy hand in dealing with any possible uprising.

The helicopters which are said to be nine in number and ordered through a private Swiss supplier will be used to shoot gatherings of rioters, our sources say.

The government’s fear of a possible uprising is so real that a fortnight ago President Paul Biya called off a journey abroad at the last minute.

A government decision last month to reduce the price of foodstuffs and essential commodities which received wide public approval has proved a failure. Not only is the public disenchanted, retailers are gradually being turned against the government because of the hard measures of authorities of the Ministry of Trade which
include locking up shops, seizing wares of recalcitrant traders and forcing down unacceptable
reductions on retailers.

These developments only add to the existing state of mass youth unemployment, which prepare the ground for a possible people’s uprising.

The civil society has also warned the government to try to act quickly and adequately to provide solutions to the crisis in which people live.

Closing a recent meeting of the Catholic Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Samuel Kleda who chaired the meeting warned the government that unless it acted in time it should be ready for another uprising which will embrace the whole of Cameroon and render last February’s riots a child’s play.

The government appears rather to be preparing for the use of brutal and excessive force instead of turning
the same resources towards lasting solutions.


Discrimination against Anglophones in customs

The paradox of it all is that all appointments of
senior customs officials receive the written visa of
the prime minister. But he does not care whether South
Westerners like himself feature in it or not. Worse
still it is the prime minister who is supposed to
implement the policies of regional balance and equal
opportunities for all Cameroonians

By Harrison Achu, Ministry of Finance

Recent appointments in the General Directorate of
Customs indicate the complete absence of Anglophones
in key positions. Apart from the chief of sector
Littoral 2 who has been retained, there are clear
signs that the iron lady of the customs department,
just like her predecessors, has no confidence in

In the customs head office in Yaounde, there is no
Anglophone who has the rank of an assistant director
or sub-director in the general administration. All the
chiefs of divisions and assistants are of Beti origin
and a few from the West province. The Anglophone
community is alarmed and the impression they are in a
foreign land in which they are more or less refugees
and slaves.

In the Littoral province, there are two chiefs of
sectors 1 and 2. In the history of this department no
Anglophone has ever occupied the powerful and
omnipresent post of Littoral 1 customs chief of
sector. Under these two sectors there are eleven (11)
main customs offices (bureaux principaux). The lone
post the director thinks good for Anglophones is the
airport secondary office.

Scrutinising the appointment of inspectors into these
bureaux principaux, one notices that there have been
one or two at most or no Anglophone at all.

Ports 1 (the most powerful) has only two Anglophone
inspectors out of a pool of 12. Ports 5 in charge of
cars has no Anglophone to cater for their problems.
Only these two cases can give you a bird’s eye view
of the general situation in the Douala principal

The Anglophone business community and clearing agents
are holding meetings to see how they can meet the
recently appointed director and ask her the reason for
this state of affairs. One police officer of Bafia
origin describes this discrimination as those things
that easily push even the calmest Anglophone into the
waiting hands of the SCNC.

The paradox of it all is that all appointments of
senior customs officials receive the visa of the
prime minister. But he does not care whether South
Westerners like himself feature in it or not. Worse
still it is the prime minister who is supposed to
implement the policies of regional balance and equal
opportunities for all Cameroonians.

This writer suggests that all Anglophone customs
officers should resign or go on secondment to other
Finance departments and leave the customs department
to Francophones. All around the country the situation
is the same. With junior customs officers the
situation is even worse.

If the present director who is the wife of a priest
cannot make things change then who are Anglophone
customs officers waiting for? This continuous
discrimination may be a matter of planned policy as
the prime minister endorses the appointments blindly
or his hands are tied to humiliate him.

Danny Boy

"If the present director who is the wife of a priest
cannot make things change then who are Anglophone
customs officers waiting for?" Goddot!!

Seriously, what has religion got to do with the political lives of cameroonians? Was she appointed to this post because she happened to marry a priest? Such twisted thinking will get us nowhere. In my church, priests do not marry...

Danny Boy

the word or name is Godot, not Goddot as earlier spelt. Thanks.

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