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Friday, 16 May 2008


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The way forward is already being traced. Mr Sylvester Gwellem can come again aboard.Below is an uncompromising diagnosis of the problem and the way forward for Southern Cameroonians(culled from

March 16, 2008
Southern Cameroons -The Way forward
By Neba-Fuh

The Southern Cameroons issue is one of the most important minority rights problems in the 21st century, but also the least activated as well. It is like a laboring woman who is not giving birth. We have all been caught up in the cozy confines of rhetoric, thinking that the solution will solely spring up from without.
The notion that, someone should do something about everything everyone thought anyone could do anything anytime about it, is stagnating the cause. The recent reaction by the declared Head of the Restoration Government of Southern Cameroons-Prof Carlson Anyangwe is an insightfully inciting piece intended to bridge inspiration to perspiration . How many are ready to cross that bridge, is the crux of the matter?
Without much consideration of the Prof Anyangwe's present portfolio as the declared Head of the Restoration Government,there is no gainsaying that this don has the moral authority to galvanize the Southern Cameroons populace to action. He has been steadfast in his convictions and beliefs concerning the Southern Cameroons struggle, even against all odds.

Without belaboring the course which this cause has undertaken, starting from the 1961 plebiscite fiasco through the Federation and Unitary era with La Repulique, concluding with 1984 decree by Mr Biya annulling the unitary status, Southern Cameroonians have been slaves in their own homeland. A people's identity erased,rights subdued, heritage hijacked, commonwealth exploited, values degraded. A people considered aliens in their own land.
It is out of these frustrations that the common struggle of the Southern Cameroons emerged and which has even been championed at some point by the very champions who were involved in the initial 1961 fiasco-Dr Foncha and Mr Muna before their passing on, just to name this two.
It should also be noted that it's not just mere coincidence that key players to the launching of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) in the 90s were advocates of the Southern Cameroons struggle. It wasn't also an act of naivety that most of those 'Founding Fathers' left the Front when they realized that the intents and goals set out initially were being thwarted. The All Anglophone Conference (AAC I &II) took its turn, with many of its then advocates and organizers backsliding at a later stage. The creating of SCNC, SCYL,SCAPO etc are all outfits that the Southern Cameroons struggle has put on or is putting on. Most recently and not the least are weblogs dedicated to the struggle.
Therefore it is an act of self denial for any person born of Southern Cameroons decent to deny the existence of the problem. Even for those who cannot accept the problem publicly, let them not also denounce or condemn it publicly.

The call by the Head of the Restoration Government to move from inspiration to perspiration is an opportunity for us to reflect on the undiscussed problems that have generated a lot of apathy in some Southern Cameroonians to engage fully in the struggle.

1) The problem of numbers: Citizens of the Northern zones have always outnumbered those of the Southern zones numerically(in terms of population), and the fear is that any election held in the future state of Southern Cameroons will tend to tilt to the North, since most citizens have still not minimized their tribal stereotype. This could lead to a political dominance- a problem that citizens of the resource- rich Southern zones are not overlooking.

2) The influence of the Oligarchy of La Republique by using quislings of Southern Cameroonian origin to always manipulate the poverty stricken citizens of Southern Cameroons not to yield to any liberation call is a problem, not to underestimate.

3) The problem of Anglophones who are not of Southern Cameroonian origin who have invested a great deal in Southern Cameroons should be looked into.

4) The issue of Southern Cameroonians who have invested heavily in La Republique and who are lukewarm to the struggle because of fear that they may lose their investments or businesses on the other side of the Moungo.

5) The problem of information, communication -media coverage, and sensitization on the cause at home and abroad.

6) The multiplicity of factions in the Southern Cameroons cause, is a serious setback. We can't stand divided. A unified force should be the prerequisite for an effective struggle.
7) Clearly defined plans of action: Is it boycott or engagement? If we choose boycott of issues and businesses involving La Republique, then we must study the possibility of success using this approach, the effects and how sustainable the struggle can go on with such an option.
If we choose to engage head-to -head with La Republique, then we should be involved in any struggle geared towards regime change in Yaounde and how an annihilation of the unpopular personality cult that Biya inherited from the Ahidjo era can pave a way for the Southern Cameroons issue be put on the table. To imagine that La Republique has constantly despised the Southern Cameroons cause is exacerbating and leaves room for extreme options.
What about passive resistance? What actions will be carried out to make it effective. How often? How do we drag along 'fence-sitters'? How to avoid violence when it is not intended.
8) Where to carry out demonstrations? At home and Abroad? What about choosing a week each year when Southern Cameroons in the diaspora will mobilize, come home and take part in peaceful demonstrations? A Southern Cameroons week- preferably during holidays when most of them can take their leaves. Asylum seekers can troop in through neighbouring countries-Nigeria , Gabon, Chad etc especially those who cannot arrive directly in La Republique's airports because of Asylum restrictions . That will be real sacrifice and an opportunity to commune with citizens at home for a common struggle. How much fulfilling can it be if it is for a higher cause, like the Southern Cameroons struggle.

9)Funds: No struggle or revolution comes to fruition easily without money. This is where citizens from the diaspora should be of great help.

10)Diplomacy: Any struggle for self determination becomes easily acceptable and draws more sympathy from friendly nations of Southern Cameroons if much diplomacy takes place, especially as the struggle has never taken a relatively continuous violent turn which could have drawn unsolicited attention from the international community . The UN role has not been preemptive to forestall a potential violent scenario even though the Southern Cameroons issue is no news to this body.

It is my fervent wish that the call by the declared leader of the Restoration Government of Southern Cameroons, Prof Carlson Anyangwe to all citizens '' hold themselves ready to execute the commands of the Restoration'' is not just one of those vocal jerks that has perpetually kept this cause in a state of coma. When decisions on actions and the constitution are drafted, the above points and many others which have not been mentioned, should be meticulously studied.
Any call to citizens will yield fruits if these petty interests and worries are taken care of. One can not over emphasize the sacrifices many devoted citizens from both the Northern zones and the Southern zones have undertaken this far with regards to the Southern Cameroons struggle.
Let's keep folding up our sleeves for there is still much work to do.


Folks,We are to Big to keep-on fishing their hooks.
What type for regional balance are you asking for Mr Gwellem?.There shoud be regional balance in Both univeristy of Buea and prisons even if an ANGLO does not deserves it.That is why Forgidam is in new Bell solely because he opted for the seaport and shipyard in Limbe as against Kribi.And hopefully, INONI, even if proved innocent in the Albatross affair, will be the next Anglo to be Jailed.
Mr NDIMA of FINI group, is draining the fishes of south west without pity at the peril of the population and promising hell to those who dare speak out. Sonara was handed over to another Bassa man after the death of EDING.
Where are our SWELA Chiefs?.
Solution: The only way out of this cul-de-sac as Anglophones,is for us enhance our kindred spirit and recognise our common enemy as France and the francophones.Then use every means possible to save our souls from this political quicksand.Courage brethens.


Mr Gwellen; spare us this intellectual masturbation. Save us, from this hyprocritical article. The Post has painted Mr Forjindam white in a thousand pieces of literature. The mystery that such a man has been praying for Biya to remain in power for the next 25 yrs, eloquently shows his real identity. The fact that he actively part took in election rigging shows he's not a friend to the suffering masses. Worst still, he endorsed Cameroons constitutional monarchy. All these facts point solely to the hypocrasy of your article. It can be summed up as propagandistic quibbles aiming at masking Forjindams CPDM identity.
And if I may ask, has he recanted from being a CPDM member?. Even in jail, he's stil praying for Biya to remain in power for the next 25 yrs.


"To buttress this, English and French are no longer the two official languages of Cameroon. The new official language is Ewondo."

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is one solid catch phrase. I don't mean to laugh but I can't help it. It was just too funny

On a more serious note, Mr. SIMPLICE
I think you greatly misunderstand Gwellen, in my opinion. Gwellen is just trying to say that there is no regional balance in Cameroon and he uses the Limbe/Kribi seaport debacle as an example. He was just trying to show that rejopicing over the fall of Forjindam would do nothing to alleviate the Anglophone plight. In a system run by corrupt French politicians, anglophones are often the scape goats. That is what I got from reading it. It wasn't anything like intellectual masturbation to me...not that I would know how masturbation feels. But I'm guessing that since you brought it up, you are more experienced in that field to know how it feels.


Well Said Mr. Sali.
I have been thinking about the future of anglophones in this unholy union for some time now and it truly gives me sleepless nights. The question how do we swim to safety out of this cesspool. If seems our struggle has come to this incredible lull, that our people are just apathetic or are resigned to the fact that somehow this is our fate.

I am truly worried about the next generation of anglophones, i.e if they will continue to experience what we have endured the last 40 yrs with no end in sight. How we can continue to live and even believe in a political union whereby decisions affecting our lives are made as an after thought. How long shall we continue to accept this conlonial rule over our people?

Some of our people believe that things will change with Biya's departure. I could be proven wrong on this but I don't believe that for a minute. I think it is a systematic problem and as such will not suddenly disappear with Biya's demise. You have a group of people here who believe that because their colonial cultural inheritance and numerical advantage have the right to lord it over anglophones.

Sali as you outlined above we have to start doing some serious thinking on how to bring this 40 yr. old nigtmare to an end.
Here is my thought on one of the undiscussed problem that might have brought about apathy for the struggle among some anglophones. It is true that some of our brothers and sisters in the southern zone are concerned about the numerical advantage of the northern zone and the fact that the southern zone is apparently more endowed with natural resources than the northern zone.
About the first point, the southern zone has the right to be concerned about this numerical advantage. All the they have to do is look across the Mungo and see how la Republique is using their numerical advantage to our detriment. I don't think this is a problem that cannot be solved in a new political arrangement that takes away this advantage. I am sure there are hundreds of formulas that can be used here. All we need is people of good will.
About the second point, the southern zone is endowed with natural resources especially oil which is currently exploited for Biya's benefit. Again I don't see why an arrangement cannot be made whereby a certain percentage of the proceeds from any natural resource is left or paid to the locality where the resource is exploited from. This is done in next door Nigeria and I believe it is called the "derivation law" or something like that but you get the idea.
My point is that as anglophones we can create our own political entity whereby peoples concerns can be addressed and accomodated because the current dispensation is simply not working for the majority of us. Currently Biya and his thugs come along and cart everything away to Y'de, Switzerland, etc. leaving nothing behind.
Also when we talk about the natural resources of the southern zone, who knows what lies beneath those hills in the northern zone? What might be regarded today as a useless shrub, barren hill etc might be tomorrows hot commodity.
We have to wake up from this deep slumber.

For the people of the northern zone, if the majority of the people in the southern zone are reluctant to engage in this struggle because of the fears addressed above, then you have to start thinking about alternatives. I don't believe that african boundaries are set in stone and thus immutable. Here are some alternative solutions that I have been thinking about:
1. A union with Nigeria. I think that the continous economic and political improvemet of Nigeria and the fact that Nigerian states have a certain degree of autonomy might be an attractive alternative for us.
2. Go it alone. We can go the route of Kosovo and declare an independent state. Why not? There are independent countries with smaller landmasses and populations than us. I know that it might be challenging developing the ecomony of a small state but there are a few things in our favour. We share a boundary with Nigeria, the largest market in Africa. With their 30 billion barrels of oil reserves and trillions more in gas reserves, they will continue to be an attractive market for all types of products. We can also offer a solution to Nigeria's chronic power shortage by developing the Menchum Falls which can be an engine of economic growth for the country.

My point is that we have to think about alternatives because I don't think the next generation will forgive us if we pass on this nightmare to them.



Mr Julius, this is a good follow up debate. I am not the author of the piece you are commenting on. Therefore, I can't take any credit or criticism with regards to the article 'Southern Cameroons- The Way Forward'.By chance I stumbled on the article at, and found it analytic and uncompromising. The author is 'Neba-Fuh' .

Samira Edi

How pathetic that some have given the term “Anglophone” a rather diabolical and pejorative label. Anglophones will never see the woods for the tree. They’ve have made themselves captive Sisyphean morons with a tunnel vision, wading blindly in ignorance and desperation and loving it.

When you strip a villain of their power, their base nature is revealed. Forjindam is an Anglophone tragic story, and the architect of not only his own fall from whatever "grace" he was ornamented with, but that of his apparatchiks as well— a man in a position to give a good impression of the Anglophone community, but one who only managed to pass himself off as the metaphor for profligacy and tribalism - but now, a derided villain in this hysteria-provoking saga.

Forjindam understood the benefits of throwing little crumbs here and there for some Anglophones to sell their integrity as his common hirelings; like whores in a Bordello. Those are the people who are now left deluded and bitter about Forjindam's arrest, buoyantly floating on the hot air of their pompous self-righteousness, never failing to "spot" or perceive the ill-hand of “the other man” in their man's downfall.

No matter how well-deserved it was, they’ll come up with highly imaginative narratives and concocted theories about tribal persecutions and maybe some highfalutin ideas of mystical forces at work. When someone, supposedly as “prominent” as Forjindam was, falls on his own sword, the usual Anglophone chorus of “injustice” rises to an intolerable crescendo. The Babel of tribalist tongues wag profusely in bitterness, postulating unfounded claims and projecting biased opinions as the zeitgeist.

All of a sudden, Forjindam’s bathetic decline is tied with the supposed fall of the Limbe Sea Port project; as if one man is bigger than the community. Since when was the Limbe Port a concern of this tribalist Forjindam, whose recruitment style in the Chantier Naval—a government corporation, was carried out with the administrative skills of nepotism, tribalism, and self-serving interests, and the mindset of a thief?

So he "Single-handedly built the shipping factory" from scratch? With his own money? And how did that help Anglophones in general? Please wake-up and smell the sludge, even if you don't see it! That is why most write-ups are blowing "hot and cold" at the same time. Give the devil his due!! He was corrupt, and that carries bigger ramifications than managing one corporation which did nothing to alleviate the sufferings of the masses.

Forjindam placed his relatives and people in lucrative positions as a result of not only family benefits, but political fiddling—to the exclusion and detriment of the rest of Cameroonians. Isn’t this something that we should condemn in the strongest terms? If they were put in the government wouldn't they be just as corrupt and rotten as what they perceive of the Biya regime?

As usual, the “typical Anglophone” is a quirky, inscrutable creature of contradictions and paradoxes. Most feel they have to condemn Forjindam for his political inclinations; but ignore how hypocritical this appears to be. They want to eat their cakes and have it. They blame him for being a lead soprano “Dimabola Diplomat” and the High-Priest player prayer player, in the now infamous crusade to eternalize Biya and the CPDM government. However, the moment he is caught in a web of his own felonious activities, they start exonerating him, and retching in mind-boggling stupidity about conspiracies. Na witchcraft? Whatever Forjindam’s political machinations were, they are minimal compared to his criminal activities as the head of that Ship repair factory. Forjindam is left dangling from the cables of his own erratic wiring, and if there’s any justice, he will be exposed for what he really is. When you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

It was time Anglophones became honest with themselves and stopped being selective with the truth and their own brand of justice. This “Anglophone” mindset is narcotizing and self-deluding. We are not herds of hooligans. The moment we break-away from this ossified illusions of our self-righteousness, the clearer we will begin to see the reality around us and stand up for what is the truth. The truth; that is the credo—devoid of tribal or political handles.

That Limbe Deep Seaport project will come about one day; like the neglected network of roads, crumbling infrastructure, lamentable judicial system, politics of chaos, economic malaise, social and moral decline etc, one day, it will be righted. It never depended on Forjindam or any other man being in power. It is a thing for the people to realize.

E go hard wouna!


Oh Samira, yours is a realistic assessment of this Forjindam tragedy. All these half-baked politicians in Cameroon are tragedies waiting to unfold. Ahidjo's fall too was a tragedy.

Tekum Mbeng

Mr Zacchaeus Mungwe Forjindam and The Post Management or certain journalists of the Post are in the dock. The evidence is over-powering and in print.

Remember, it was Forjindam who paid for a march in the Northwest to make Paul Biya Life President of Cameroon. He paid to change the "Constitution of Cameroon".

While the Post berrated Paul Biya personally, Mr Forjindam was spared by English speaking journalists - a naive manifestation of tribalism, regionalism, favoritism or whatever.

Now Mr. Biya has acted. This act places shame on Anglophones for the stupidity of English-speaking Cameroonian jounalists. Mr Zack Forjindam is a petty thief with technical education and deserves to be hanged.

Tekum Mbeng

Thank you Samira Edi for a sanguine analysis.

People like Forjindam and cohorts in the Cameroon Press give a bad name to Anglophones. Intellectual corruption has destroyed the Cameroon Press.

Danny Boy

Duchess, we miss your intellect and wisdom. This person is a rat, one of the five Santa Madmen. As I have said here before, One down, four to go.
Maybe five to go, if one adds Atanga Nji to this equation.
Duchess, please write often on this forum. The Rexons, US of Africa and the veritable game Goat need your words of wisdom.

mk the southerner

We see this happening every day? You ship a car to your family it most go to the French Cameroun and speak french pay taxies there, your relatives goes and plead in french before your car pays french gendarmes and police on the way and finally may be able to speak English in your town.

While we have a natural God given harbour in Victoria but they have stopped its construction to construct a creator port in Kribi. Knowing that French Cameroons already have D'la port which is even smaller than Victoria natural deep sea Port. When it comes to the University of Buea they will send francophones there and tell us of regional equality.Yet to most of us life goes on wanders will never end.

You are to fly or flying from were ever you are to your town you must land in French Cameroun before you do any thing. Does it mean nothing good can ever happen in the Southern Cameroons that could be of economic importance to the people. Massa this Union has really done worst things to us than good.

In the days of West Cameroons the Victoria sea port had the highest traffic in West Africa where is it today? When president Nkwame Nkruma visited the Southern Cameroons in 1961 he landed at the Tiko intonational air port where is it today? Yet 20th May is coming and some youths and adult will be matching like drunkards shouting unity while their economy is being raped every day.

God bless us.


Mk you've said it all. God bless you


That was a very thoughtful analysis of this piece and it shows the pure hypocrisy of some of us Anglophones who at this point in time are crying foul-play, as if this guy does not merits his comeuppances. It is rather sad to see a newspaper, well-respected by it readers result in such shoddy journalism. How they have come to the conclusion that the building of the deep seaport in Limbe is anyway linked to the effort of this rascal is a bit of a stretch to me.
I can remember the picture of this guy taking centre stage amongst the people who decided that it was right to appoint a king to lord of them. This is what happens when all you think about is to be self-centered, instead of knowing that as a civil servant your duty is to serve the populace. He is going to face his waterloo and no amount of spin or sympathy from the post who should know better than to promote a very corrupt official, is going to help him.
The post should never associate a corrupt individual with the Southern Cameroonian course. We are fighting a BIGGER battle from what he is fighting and for him the “chicken is finally coming home to rouse”.


Dear All,
I'm more than happy that for the "first" time most of us here are now seeing the kind of journalism practiced in Cameroon by our own "brothers & sisters" of English expression. The irony about all this is that they want to be more satanic than satan himself. What am alluding to is that our people are preaching & practicing "debat contradictoire" more those who invented it. When I earlier mentioned it here sometimes ago that our journalists are letting us down, some people styled my person as practicing masturbatory fantasies. Fortunately, the truth is now coming out!

That said, whoever has stolen a franc should not be spared, be him Forjindam, JB Ndeh, etc., let alone sympathised with. They should be treated as embezzlers, period! That is, those who've helped make Cameroon the scum of the earth.

Lastly, after putting everyone in jail, Biya will finally join them there. In addition, all those who've served under Biya will be called to account for their stewardship - not forgetting those that also served under Ahmadou Ahidjo.

And so, Cameroon as an entity is more important than Forjindam or Paul Biya. In sum, let's build a great country whereby, our children, our friends and even enemies will be happy to serve freely and seek for what they want not because "son frére ou sa soeur" sont quelque part, etc. That's the dream I've for this country & a large majority of you.



Dear All,
I'm more than happy that for the "first" time most of us here are now seeing the kind of journalism practiced in Cameroon by our own "brothers & sisters" of English expression. The irony about all this is that they want to be more satanic than satan himself. What am alluding to is that our people are preaching & practicing "debat contradictoire" more those who invented it. When I earlier mentioned it here sometimes ago that our journalists are letting us down, some people styled my person as practicing masturbatory fantasies. Fortunately, the truth is now coming out!

That said, whoever has stolen a franc should not be spared, be him Forjindam, JB Ndeh, etc., let alone sympathised with. They should be treated as embezzlers, period! That is, those who've helped make Cameroon the scum of the earth.

Lastly, after putting everyone in jail, Biya will finally join them there. In addition, all those who've served under Biya will be called to account for their stewardship - not forgetting those that also served under Ahmadou Ahidjo.

And so, Cameroon as an entity is more important than Forjindam or Paul Biya. In sum, let's build a great country whereby, our children, our friends and even enemies will be happy to serve freely and seek what they want not because "son frére ou sa soeur" sont quelque part, etc. That's the dream I've for this country & a large majority of you.



Mr Atangha, that piece was handsomely written.It absolutely epitomises all we've lamenting about above.


When you read articles of the sons and daughters of southern Cameroons you feel the spirit of Nationalism running like fire down your spine.
It is rather too late for "le Cameroun" to negotiate with us.Inoni,Forjindam,Achidi,Ndeh,Limunga,Ngole Ngole etc can be jailed for life,that has nothing to do with the people of Southern Cameroons.Their compromise and collaboration has cost us so much,what did they say when the lake Nyos disaster happened,what about how SONARA is managed,or CDC,Biya is trying to play over the people of Southern Cameroons.
In the Liberation of Southern Cameroons,the totality of its populace is not needed ,a few determine group is needed to do a clean job and that ,we are confident of.
It puzzles me why we should involve in matters of "Le Cameroun "if it has nothing to do with Liberating "The Cameroon".They shouldn't bother to give us a deep sea port in Batibo,or an Air port in Buea for we are now not in need of those issues.
The francophones should rule their empire,for we are happy in our land without them.
I appreciate the writings of all genuin sons of southern Cameroons and wish we meet at independent square for the celebration in Buea soon.
From southern cameroons we say "In God we trust".


Fellow Cameroonians,

I have followed through the article posted by Sylvester Gwellem about Forjindam's plight.

I am saddened by his comments and I see it inappropriate for any Cameroonian to try to make this an anglophone/francophone or Beti/Cameroonian issue. I would like to make it clear that we had been Cameroonians before being Anglophones/Francophones.

People like Forjindam do not deserve an iota of pity when they have try to render The Land of Promise (The Father Land) barren.

Sylvester, I cannot believe that at this period in the history of Cameroon, someone of high morale could be proposing that someone from the Northwest should replace Forjindam? It is absurd to read such an article! I believe in a Cameroon managed by people with competence and high morale irrespective of their regional backgrounds!

My people, what I can not explain is why did it have to take Mr Biya so long to react? However, I hope justice should come into play and all who have acted like Forjindam be called upon irrespective of their positions.May God save Cameroon from the likes of Sylvester and Forjindam.



The History of "Kamerun" has no polemics,it was a German protectorate with no defined boudaries from North to South and from west to east not a country.
We were and have never been "Kamerunians" if so then the "British Northern Cameroonians now part of Nigeria and "The Duck Bill Kamerunians" now part of chad and the Central African Republic would have been part of "Le Cameroun "today .We only became Cameroonians after 1961 shame (sorry) to the hearts and not the heads that took us in to this mess,thinking good it became a hopeless situation.
Our hearts are fade up and its time for no compromise.
The British Southern Cameroons became a state like most African countries during the struggle for independence,when our boundaries were defined,our constitution written,flag choosen,code of pledge and the national anthem written.
So we came in to this union as a country with its economic,political and social structures,not as a group of lost people with no hope or even hopeless.
I can see the celebrations in the Bamenda,Mamfe,kumba and victoria divisions.I can see planes landing and taking off at the Bali and Mamfe air ports,and ships off loading and loading at the Limbe port,Tiko walf , Mbonge,Ekondo and Mundemba Beaches.I can see the Menchum and the Yoke falls generating absolute energy .I can see Marketing Board,Powercam,Cameroon Bank and corporate Southern Cameroons back to life,I can see our sons and daughters in police uniforms correcting with love and in the spirit i when to the jails and they were all empty.
The spirit of the lord then took me to the ministries and hospitals ,every body was buzy showing love and working with all honesty,there is no bribery and corruption,no hatred,no disenfrachisement,no nepotism.
The spirit of the lord then took me to all the streets and towns of the cameroons,i saw the public works department constructing roads,and the housing department providing shelters for its citizens,and i saw some youths going out for community service,and i saw abundance of drinking water that was freely given.
It was now even time and i saw some people walking in towards a building like a castle and i ask the spirit of the lord to explain that to me and he said "those are my children i liberated from the hands of the Egptians"Le Cameroun" going to worship me every day.
I then saw a large cow and the spirit of the lord said i will bless them with abundance of food as they continue to serve me.
The spirit of the Lord then took me to the top of "The montain of God" I saw the prime minister's building,and i was the prime minister ,his ministers ,parliamentarians and Chiefs walking around the cameroons freely without guards and fear of being killed,they were asking the opinion of the people on development and finding out their problems,i saw our children back from school games as they sing and dance along the streets as it was before the union,then the spirit of the lord said "I will restore that happiness and all that was stolen,if my children turn to me."2 chronicles 7:14".
I then saw the prime Minister addressing the citizens in a language that all could understand, our grand parents could understand him ,i saw some old and young citizens asking questions that he took time to explain.Then he took out a note book and write some points proposed by some citizens.
Then the spirit of the lord depart from me,as i walk down the mountain.
Thank you bretherns of Southern Cameroon,for your prayers and union with God,this is our time for God has answered.
In Southern Cameroons we say "in God we trust".

red flag




one cameroon

Oh Cameroon and cameroonians.
Just because of one little dictator the whole country is breaking apart. People are twisting history to suit their goals others are condemning others because they exercise their rights to choose.
Just because Forjindam was a cpdm militant doesnot cancel the fact he had been a great manager.What i am saying is that if we are condemning somebody it should be based on his misdeeds and not the fact he is a cpdm or sdf or undp surpporter.I don't know anything about Forjindam but from the comments above most people are condemning him because he is a great supporter of the cpdm.My people that is his choice and that is Democracy we must not all support thesame poliitical party.Enough with Forjindam.
As for my brothers preaching seccession we are all making a very big mistake.We instead should be fighting our way to see how we can put an end to this "marginalisation" separating after all these years will lead us nowhere.I hear people talking of one love in Southern Cameroon thank God he was only dreaming.There is as much hatred in southern Cameroon as there is everywhere.I bet you all that if we seperate from "La Republique" it would not take 6 months before we are going to witness another division between the "cam no gos" and the residents.
By the way how many percent of this S.Cameroonians want seperation?????????
Please rethink . A stitch in time saves nine.

J. S. Dinga

Cameroonians need a moratorium from self destructive criticisms! I have suggested and I am doing so again, that we give ourselves one year free of these destructive instincts that push us as human beings to deflect major concerns and dwell on peripheral and half-baked issues, totally at variance with our goals.

Normally we should rejoince if our justice system fishes out an embezzler and puts in prison. But justice should be no respecter of persons. There is nothing to rejoice about if the justice system selectively picks only certain embezzlers and puts into prison, leaving others to continue the embezzlement with impunity. Or are there none roaming our streets?

Secondly,there must be lessons to learn from such a predicament that can apply to some of us, especially those rejoicing today. We need to take one step back and ask if such a thing cannot happen again. Our collective behavior reminds me of those good old Bruce Lee movies when a tough karate guy enters a setting and picks on all the citizens one by one until he annihilates them all; from their position of weakness, the citizens do not consider the possibility of joining forces to attack as one. They just let themselves beaten one by one until they all die. Today it is Forjindam. Whose turn will it be next?

Cameroonn is classified as a developing country and therefore in need of all the expertise it can get. There should be no joy in seeing a well trained engineer thrown in jail when there is also lamentation about Mutengene-Kumba road and other infrastructure in dire need of attention. Who will do them?

But the biggest concern should be whether there is a lesson for those of us still out of prison. Yesterday Forjindam was only a servant of the state, a professional with his expertise to offer. He was coopted into the ruling party and made to go round the campaign trail distributing cocoa boys like groundnuts to those who sang the paraises. See what has now happened to him? How many such scenarios do we know where people are drafted into politics and made to abandon their original assignments and go politicking with taxpayers' monies? We need to cry for our beloved country whose values have been subverted!

If we are ever going to see the light of day from these distressing developments, we cannot go rejoicing in the streets about such a selective type of justice. Even pointing fingers at the press misses the point because here again, we mix up the message and the messenger. Cameroon deserves more than such lip services. We need to reflect on what we are doing to our fellow citizens and to our fatherland as a whole.


@ J.S Dinga,

Why are you making exuses for Forjindam? He was not coerced into any sect. He had an enviable resume and could have sought employment elsewhere if the conditions at home were unfavourable to him. The only black CEO of a FTSE 100 company in the UK is an Ivorian (Tijane Thiam) who was once a Minister in his country of origin. If you have confidence in your integrity and competence, doors will always open for you.

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