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Monday, 05 May 2008


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Let's wait and see.


Cameroonians, It's high time we realise that we need economists like Yve Michel to rule our country.Popo is just targeting those who can be a threat to him in this crucial period.yve is a potential ruler, lets open our eyes.



I did advise that you forward some informations to this forum. I am yet to hear from you. Btw, i read somewhere you were asking for my private email address. The allegations against our leaders were not made in private and i believe you will do readers good if you can forward the informations i requested. Just in case you have forgotten, i requested the following from you 1) the name of your friend who bribed to acquire SCNC cards 2) The leader who gave these cards to him for 200.000 frs, granting that you claimed he did not know anything about the organisation,3) the country where he have requested political asylum. You have always paraded yourself here as a student without an opinion, but surprisingly, when it comes to anti-SCNC stance, you always have an opinion.

Permit me make this clear to you. The greatest beneficiaries of scams involving asylum cases that goes a long way to muddy the name of our darling organisation is from citizens of La Republique. I have witnessed alot of cases where they have lied to the UK immigration authorities how they cannot speak perfect English simply because they were forced to learn French as a result of the colonisation and manipulation of the Southern Cameroons. Nonetheless, some sections of Southern Cameroonians too have also used the organisation to satisfy their own desires. Such isolated cases should not be branded as being characteristics of the Southern Cameroonian leadership. As far i can comprehend, Southern Cameroonians have been suffering all over the place. They always come to my flat to seek advise as to how they can get help on their asylum claim. I cannot count the number of times i have sent urgent requests to people like Ayaba, Nfor Ngalla, Ayamba to help Southern Cameroonians at risk of facing deportation. Most often, they are being introduced to me by British Human rights activists and not even by Cameroonians. So when you open your mouth to accuse Southern Cameroonian activists whom in most parts have instead been interesting in helping people who are at risk of facing deportation, do sit and rethink what you are talking about.

I will like to remind you that, i know for sure that some people do pay some token to get these membership cards and other materials relating to the SCNC. But i do not know of any case or any leader that received money to provide cards to people who know nothing about the Southern Cameroons course. But shockingly, La Republique sometimes send spies to purchase these cards illegally and register them with the names of citizens of their country, only for them to turn around and start parading the card as evidence that we are more than not involved in asylum business here in Europe. I want us to furnish this forum about the activists involved and the individual. I will also furnish you with the results of my investigations. We want transparency in Cameroon, lets start from here.



A daring proposal Rexon. I commend for you that.


It's a pity that issues that concern the life of a nation are left in the hands of highly rated but incompetent individuals. just reading about the albatross affair can give any right thinking person an idea of how the Cameroonian nation is run. Really its a shame and high time the people of this great country begin thinking of strategies on how to rid it fabric of senseless and ridiculous people.


Simplice, let me borrow some ideas from your moderator playbook and ask what is your response to Rexon's daring proposal? I am more than anxious to hear what our self-imposed moderator and mediator has to say...


Dear elements of the core, permit me to give this individual a phone call first. I cannot expose his name without his endorsement.
Mr USAfrica;young graduate from teen age, I'll satisfy ur curiousity in my next write-up.


Mr Rexon, I still maintain you disclose an e-mail address through which to fournish this information. The guy disagrees I bring his name into the matter. But as regards your concerns on the country and SCNC leader, he has no objection.
The ball is now on your cord.


Please lets forget about Fotso for we know what they are doing in Cameroon and we know what they have done. We know the green beans plantation in Foumbot and the president knows. It's not for nothing Fotso father can kill himself because of biya. We are still investigating if at all there is anything going on like investigation. Who are those investigating; we need foreign experts to do this job and start from the very top. How can a beti man investigate a beti person or how fair do we think a beti man will investigate a bamilike or an anglophone.



The guy disagrees that you bring his name into the matter and you believe his story and you are bold enough to start muddying the name of SCNC stalwarts. If there is anyone who have evidence that an SCNC stalwart did collected money from a non-SCNC member and sold him/her cards for fabulous sums of money, the person must be ready to come forward and provide evidences. Simplice, i would be very naive to start investigating anything without anyone coming up to justify the allegations i would be making against the SCNC stalwart. If you are bringing it here, then you believe it and you must be ready to bear the consequences. I still need the names of the people i have asked for and the country that the guy requested political asylum in. Btw, i need all through this forum for us all to work together in the investigations.

In one of your very naive postings, you argued that SCNC stalwarts are interested in positions in Camerounese government and became concious only after they were not given ministerial and other portfolios. You even went as far as commending your mentor Danny boy for one of his diatribes that he posted to these regards. To begin with, Danny Boy have no moral authority to come in a public forum and talk about Cameroons problems. He is one of those who took scholarships from the regime under the premise that they would return and serve the nation. He came abroad and refused to return home to serve the government that sacrificed for them. He is not different from any of those listed in the corruption scandal above and if we really had a government, people like him would be arrested and sent to prison once they step their toes to Cameroon. Secondly, i know of no Soutern Cameroonian who have been clamouring for positions in Biya's government. It is only the legendary professor Bernard Fonlon whom in a bid to model Cameroon as Canada did served the government before fleeing for Canada where he died while on exile. Others like Carlson Anyangwe, Feko Vincent, Mola Litumbe, Ma Mary, Nfor Ngalla, Chief Ayamba, etc have never been interested in muddying their names in that fake Camerounese politics, let alone becoming ministers therin.


Danny Boy

when Yves Fotso and his consortium took over the running of CamAir, one thought this company will become the jewel in our crown. A few years down the line, what we are left with is the skeleton of a company, and you are telling this forum what?
Yves Fotso is an asset stripper. As for the affair albatross, the buck stops with him.


Mr Rexon, what you just wrote is politically correct. However your deligent deployment of sound persuasive tarlents, in a bid to swing the pendulum to your chest; we all know the truth: that fake asylum seekers are marring your movement a great spell.


The hawk has finally landed in Chatier Naval, the post let the jailed G.M provide more money for you to polish his image now.

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