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Monday, 12 May 2008


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Can someone join me in examining this startling contrast:

"My Father's Death Was Unnatural -Nsahlai's Son"
.... then....
"Doctors who carried out autopsy on Nsahlai's corpse could not identify any particular ailment that could have killed him."
The presence of no therapeutic unatural cause, means he died a natural dead. Can USAfrica help us in laughing. Where is he?. USAfrica, please we need your laughing stalk. Hahahah


I dont think the people of the Southern Cameroons are too concerned about how Nsahlai died. As far as we are concerned, that should not even feature in the post as it is strictly an internal affair between him and all his cult followers of the murderous CPDM gang. It is not the Cameroonian people who killed him. We probably wanted him alive so that we could recover our money once we take over our country back from the thieves running the place of which he was one. All we are concerned about is how we can recover the money he stole from the state to probably finance his childrens lavish lifestyle that deprived a majority of Cameroonians of their right for basic amenities. Instead of all this talking, his next of kin should come forward in the near future to tell us where our money is. As some of the children of slave merchants did when slavery was abandoned, I hope his family take a wise step in selling the assets he illegally accumulated over the years and handing the money to a reputable charitable organisation in the country as a gesture of their goodwill.

Paa Ngembus

All Southern Cameroonian traitors like Nsahlai will end up like Nsahlai.

They shall all be smoked like rats by their Masters when the Masters have no more use for them.

Ask Fonjindam and he will tell you. He is on his way to his grave.

Southern Cameroonians should just watch. We don't need to do anything. That cult shall kill all these traitors.

Nshahlai's son (Emmanuel) should be careful. He may be next if Biya Frank thinks he has become too dangerous in his anger over the snuffing of his dad.



Paa Ngembus


i doubt if u know an illness called embezzlement coz that wat Nsahlai was suffering from.i wish the autopsy was done by cameroonian doctors then they could dictate the cause of his death in seconds coz that illness exist only in Cameroon.American doctors had no courses at medical school for it.Ma bros may be u may want to know how it manifested on ya dad; take this formular coz when u catch the illness, your days become inversely proportionate to the bribes you receive at the D'la sea port. Hahahahaha if u doubt me then ask the termites!


Simplice, first my foremost, I am not your jester so don't invoke my name when you feel like laughing.

Second of all, I think you have been on this forum long enough to know that we don't laugh at the same things. What I chuckled over, has irritated you. What you have chuckled over, has nauseated me.

Thirdly, I won't laugh at the contrast because I don't see it as a contrast. Everything might still be part of the plot. The doctors must have been bribed/threatened/cautioned to make those statements. Nsahlai's son himself must have been cautioned about releasing too much detail to the press. What we have here is a blood-thirsty dictator strategically slaying his servants who have become "useless" or "harmful" over time. This is the kind of oppressive dictator Cameroon has to deal it. It's a sad time and I don't think there's anything funny about that.

Thank you!

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