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Monday, 23 June 2008


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All this talk is bullshit. The issue is simple to solve. Firstly as Mr Vewese rightly pointed out revive WADA, SODEPA,UNVDA, etc etc. The sructures are there, the land is there Why trying to re-invent the wheel?
Secondly, rehabilitate the Farm to Market Roads. Most of them were never tarred but they served their purposes. It can still work like that today.
What is all this talk about billions of francs?
We might welcome additional government support in food production but our traditional economy which is agro intensive has always been there for hundreds of years. This traditional economy was supposed to be a shock absorber to any economic situation in the global theatre. And it did not need any investment to keep our traditional economy machinery going at full steam. It was just our daily lives occupation to till the fields harvest, and take some out to 'exchange'(today we sell though) for salt, oil, etc. Why not just create Farm to Market Roads and things will fall back into placeand the government can just assist to prop up those things that fall wrongly.
We always complain now of global food prices as if cocoyams, plantains, casava, yams, rice, etc have to be imported into Cameroon.
If we had FARM TO MARKET ROADS how would the price of Rice from Taiwan impact that of Cameroon? Are there not hundreds if not thousands of petty farmers all over the villages of Cameroon dying to work and crying just to have road access to sell their crops in the urban areas?
Those incharge of government in Cameroon are quick to sell licenses for rice importation because the money goes into their pockets. They careless whether it affects the common man or not. Otherwise why should any government allow cheap rice to be brought into the country thereby destroying its own food self sufficiency? Don't we call that dumping in econmics - an economic activity which nations guard against to safegurd their own industrial base?



You hit the nail on the head with your talk on "Farm to Market" roads. That was brilliant analysis right there. When shall people like you lead Africa? when? Simple answers to simple problems but these pot-bellied blockheads disguising as politicians decide to complicated matters for no good reason. I am sick to my stomach.

Great analysis Fonngang, brilliant in all accounts.


Sometimes i really loose my nerves when i read from this criminals called a government talking about giant projects that will soon dissapear in the thin air. Who do these people think they are fooling? Just recycling lies to lies in a bid to steal what belongs to the many. Does this fools know what the word development means. Has La Republique ever presented a clear plan of action even to construct a local school and executed it? This crooks think they are smart. Time is catching up with them. They shall soon get trapped in their own hollow judgements.


Hi all,
This discusion seems interesting except that everything in Cameroon is politicised, the reason why such brilliant analysis by Fongang will remain as far as Cameroon is concern a theory.You may just be amazed with the facts on the table,-viz the rising food prices and low income at same time. Well one may be right to vet investments in infrastructure such farm to market roads, but have we failed to realise that this sector which by all means still employs the highest number of Cameroonians is merely retrogressing, with institutions disappearing everyday especially if it has something to do with a group that voted against the CPDM CULT;I sure think, is not because the road are getting too bad or anything else, but largely the policies in place has been bent at consuming without sustaining the sector.A sector fuels government budget but government pretends to be there for it.

Well, my point however is not per se this infrastruture any more because that will need more than political will to reverse. I think Cameroon is just a failure that should start all over. Nothing seems to be working,financial institutions are less effective, Parastatals have no checks and balances,wide assymetry between government and public, even health sector is nearer to poisonous!! In short nothing is working, and the fact is that we know that but we keep pretending with this lofty pronouncement like this minister has just done.

One can not run away from politics in Cameroon, and yes trully that is the problem, nothing can work because there is no autonomy.Before you know, this billions annouced has something to do with atleast 5 ministers,10 directors, etc and finally nothing trickle down.Worst when some directors are more powerful than ministers...

I really do think another problem is that, this so call reporters are really reporters, if they start trying to be journalist, and bring out critical analysis and objectional questioning to this kind of issues than just announcing, they may have just started a journey to raise real questions that will help Cameroonians.

I sure, one will write on this topic on and on, but all I have been trying to point out here is, nothing has changed in Cameroon since we kept on hearing this releases, hence we must stop pretending,and call it openly that if Cameroon was any human then She needs a sphychatrist because her brain does not coordinate any further.

You must pardon my cynicism, but I have taken part in many of this stuffs and yet there is nothing to right home after 5years.

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