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Friday, 06 June 2008


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I like you just brand Mccain as no threat at all. Well, if we have learn anything from U.S politics from the past 8 years, we should know by now to never underestimate the republicans.

With that aside, I am happy for Mr. Obama. He would serve as a source of inspiration for millions of black children in America and all over the world.

However, if he becomes President I don't expect America's relations with Africa to change. America is first and foremost an imperialist super power always seeking to expand her influence and carter to her self-interests.


Obama is not a black man and would not become the first black president. Obama is either black or white and what i see here is the insistence of racists and naive Africans of his black cultural heritage. This is racism in play here.


UnitedstatesofAfrica, Obama is black for starters. Black in America is strictly based on skin color and it is naive for you to think otherwise.


Whether Obama is black or not, is not for me to debate...

What I was simply trying to expose are those naive Africans who think that just because Mr. Obama is "poised" to become the first black president, Africa will automatically be better off and America would all of sudden help bring change in Africa. That is what I was trying to say. I would leave the race/skin color debate for another day. I am too tired now to open that chapter...



American politics has gone far beyond skin colour.
Comparing Obama and John McCain is like comparing convulsion and death.
Change is coming to America soon through Obama


"Change is coming to America soon through Obama" - Radicalbrother

Here we go again, more rhetorics. What change is coming Radicalbrother? what change exactly? what will change? please, tell us the specifics because I don't know. Give us specifics of what will change?

...I am waiting

Thank you


Mr Rexon, blackness is retraced from partenal originality. Obama might be of a mixed colour;however, he conventionally carries his fathers decidence.


Simplice, I beg to differ. Obama is of "mixed" descent. He is not black per say. He is half "black" and half "white". Obama is the light-skinned man that white Americans can accept and tolerate. He talks like them, he acts like them, he dresses like them and some might even say he looks like them.

If Obama was as black as a man from Sudan (no offense to my Sudanese brothers and sisters. I am just trying to make a point) he would be nowhere near that democratic nomination.

Pa Ramon

Don't take that your Cameroonian syndrome to America. "
"Change is coming to America soon through Obama" Radicalbrother what is the meaning of this statement. Do you think America is Cameroon? no way!
Lets first of all remove the planks from our eyes then we shall see well to remove the saw dust from the Americans.
Rexon, Rain is falling in Cameroon and we want to use the umbrella to cover American from snow? Come back home. We need to congratulate Obama and not trying to compare American Politics to that of Cameroon.

Tekum Mbeng

Sen. Obama's success is a big break in the history of the New World. Should he become President, millions of youth all over the World will be empowered and challenged to excell.

As Africans, we await Sen. Obama Africa policy and hope he will have one clear message to Africa's corrupt political elite.

Omar Bongo, Paul Biya, Rober Mugabe, Gadaffi, Hosni Mubarak are a retrograde face of Africa. These men serve no purpose over-staying in power and have taken their fellow citizens as hostages.


Did u get the News,
I learned that when Pop John Paul was about to die and lying on his dying bed, he called Paul Biya and Omar Bongo to come and see him. When they came (Biya and Omar), Biya was sitting on his left side while Omar was sitting on the right. They sat for like two hours and Pope John Paul said nothing, then suddenly, Omar asked the Pope his reason for calling them without saying anything. Then the Pope replied them saying "When Jesus Christ died, he died with two thieves, so i have decided to die with you guys because i believe you ...". Before the Pope could finish what he was saying, Biya had already escaped. Dammn


Obama cannot rewrite the american constitution. I commend his hardwork and congratulate his success.
His likes have been and are still in our political scene, but much of their work has only ended up in history books. The people propelled Obama to where he is today, but back home in africa the people a putting their support on the wrong side. Yet anticipate for change. Look at Mugabe and Tsangarai, Biya and Fru Ndi.
If we can't make the change, 50 Obamas will not do it for us.


There can be no dream team with Hillary.

The Clintons attempted to insert race, in a very sophisticated manner, into the campaign but attracted little success. Fotunately, the racist segment of the population is becoming a minority in the United States. Educated White Americans joined Black Americans and the youth to buy Sen. Obama's logical arguments.

Then Hillary stayed on hoping to harvest one possible end result of racial polarization, (akin to tribal polarization in Cameroon) by which means Sen. Obama could in her own words be "assasinated". That is how Hillary Clinton imploded like magic. Science (meaning logic) always beats magic.


There can be no dream team with Hillary.

The Clintons attempted to insert race, in a very sophisticated manner, into the campaign but attracted little success. Fortunately, the racist segment of the population is becoming a minority in the United States. Educated White Americans joined Black Americans and the youth to buy Sen. Obama's logical arguments.

Then Hillary stayed on hoping to harvest one possible end result of racial polarization (akin to Anglophone/Francophone polarization in Cameroon) , by which means Sen. Obama could in her own words be "assassinated".

That is how Hillary Clinton imploded like magic. Science meaning logic always beats magic.


You have educated so many myopic and naive Cameroonians even if you don't sail to the end.
Some Cameroonians say that an anglophone will never lead Cameroon or if one has to lead Cameroon, it will happen after hundred of years.
Fellow Cameroonians, I think it's time for us to forget about racism and give our support to patriotic Citizens who are eloquent, dynamic, charismatic and are ready to LEAD and not to RULE.

mk the southerner

Stone you make me laugh some times. How can you compare the politics and democratic nature of America with that your french prison called Cameroun? The Americans are free they have no one looking at them with the eyes France is looking at this your so called Cameroun.

America is one nation one people, but is Cameroun one nation one people? If you say yes then you already mad and history has no place for mad people.


Regardles of what Obama stands for, it is imperative that naive Africans and Cameroonians realize that nothing will change in Africa if Obama becomes president. Obama will be (if he gets into the oval office) the President of the United States of America and not the President of Africa. So, let's cut this crap about how Obama will bring change to Africa, improve trade relations with Africa, sanction African dictators etc etc etc etc.

Only Africans and change their destiny and nobody else.


If this happened in the african continent, Hillary would have said the elections was rigged or unfair. She was too confident and find it hard to accept the outcome.

It will be no surprise to see whites rising to leadership again in S. Africa following recent events.
A lesson for us Cameroonians to learn that we have to stick to one course, stay united and fight a good fight. Some day it will be on the front pages of papers worldwide.




On Obama's race.....the One-drop-rule? here we go; The one-drop rule is an historical colloquial term in the United States that holds that a person with any trace of African ancestry (however small or invisible) cannot be considered white...lets put this thing to rest

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