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Monday, 30 June 2008


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With due respect, Raymond,such article may be a good reason why a lot many misgivings are tolerated, on the bed rock of ocultism. Meanwhile some find utter sollace in such kind of stories, I sure think the role of a media like this should be interested in facts and evidential reality than vaunting the veracity of such illtreated and vaque topics.

Personally, I think faith is kind of complex to convey, albeit, everyone does believe in something. When we really get lazy or get smark right on the right eye with challenging issues we really run pass the actual detail and side with ocultism.

Well, I am not for all reasons you can give, cynical about this piece, but I believe what ideas do float the media should be somewhat closer to the objective of clear and verifiable information not this lame reasons to all that happens around us,our schools, and lifes, which by and large can have some explanation if only we allay that scale of self delusion on our eyes.

The simplest format an average Cameroonian out there will see this is just another reason why real issues rock our schools, nation and families and yet for this to be franky dismiss we just look at the old fox messing around, bringing misery and poverty,sickness and disease just because afterall we are ocultic believers. In short I am done with this kind of headlines and hope I have just made a point which is subjective anyway.Try to find solutions, because there is one lying somewhere if only you keep an open mind.


Danny Boy

Dear Post,
the article above is the worst clap-trap I have ever read on this forum. Take this qoute, for example;

"As an observer, I was particularly sad to see a mother cry out in agony when her daughter blatantly refused to say that Jesus Christ is Lord. The daughter was very friendly with Satan to the extent that she saw no good in our Lord and Saviour Jesus, despite all the prayers and persuasions. Technically speaking, such a student is not good for a school environment."

Why? Because our observant Journalist-cum-priest says so? Given the garbage he has written above, I would be justified in calling the Post to sack him. Technically speaking his journalistic skills are a disgrace to the profession.
Occultism exists everywhere. Religion itself is a cult for believers. Do the words "opus dei" mean anything to you?
Such nonesense, in the name journalism.

Ma Mary

Totally disgusting. The Post would do well to eliminate this kind of rubbish by exercising some editorial discipline. If this kind of thing is done to drum up newspaper sales, I can understand. But, it should not find its way into the web edition.

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