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Thursday, 12 June 2008


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On the flip side. 3 points
Senator Obama has been campaigning and talking about change and flipping the page and politics of the past it would be hypocritical to run with Clinton who is and icon of the “politics of the past”…
on a more serious note would Bill release contributions made to his library by shady individuals (mark rich et al ) how about his travel records, places he went to and people he met which would all be part of the vetting process? Obama already have a perception problem which could be compounded by all that mess.
Hillary also says she got 18 million votes. Good and fine but how many of the votes were from republicans who would not vote Dem in the general? Remember “operation chaos”? and would she galvanize and solidify the republican base which as of right now is not a fan of the Mac?.....Hillary would be a Bad Choice.


This whole write up is wrong, wrong, wrong. First off, picking a vice is not slated until next month but the campaign for the November pool is already in 'full steam'. Second, Hillary Clinton is in no way a favorite to be on an Obama ticket, at least if you even bothered to keep up with the primaries these past few months. Wache's whole analysis is a common simplistic argument that is making rounds that ignores too many aspects of the election in the first place. In fact the only truth in it was that Clinton made a reasonably strong case of her candidacy. Besides that, she, with her husband Bill, were outright horrible to Obama and demonstrated that they are not exactly the type that you can turn to your son or daughter, maybe wag your finger, and say ''That is a role model, you should strive to he like him/her'. Bill started by trying to dismiss his victory in South Carolina as inconsequential because apparently every failed black candidacy wins it; then Hillary loudly offers him the VP spot when they still both running and he's winning more states, clearly to undermine him; then Hillary says John McCain, a common adversary to herself and Obama, is better qualified to be make military and security decisions; then when smears go around that Obama is a radical Muslim with hideous plans, Hillary can only say 'as far as I know', he's not (??!!!); then Bill says Obama played the race card on him in South Carolina; then when her campaign was in trouble and losing, Hillary went on an all-out 'kitchen-sink' strategy, throwing everything at Obama to make him look unpatriotic, weak on national security (see 3 AM add), letting surrogates like Geraldine Ferraro go around yapping her mouth about how it's such a marvelous thing to be a black man in historically racist America, without rebuke....... The important thing to note about Obama that made him appealing in the first place was that he promises to do things differently and from a grassroots-like standpoint, and that, he readily delivers. Clinton, meanwhile, represents everything he used to get where he is now. It would be extreme hypocrisy for him to pick her. Obama is extra gracious to her now because he needs to woo her supporters and not because he's necessarily drawn to her. She's not as cordial to him either as Wache insinuates: she even refused to acknowledge his win on the night he won the nomination beating her. She waited four days to concede and 'back' him, but it is nothing more that a well thought out tactic to benefit her future political career. Plus, Clinton's supporters who mainstream media outlets are saying are threatening to defect to McCain are understandably reveling from their loss but they are already showing that they will not really cross party lines because of flaring emotions. Credible polls are proving this: for example, .Moreover, McCain is far from the kind of Republican that can charm even a group of 5 year old kids to let him in on a game of catch: he has no charm, message, or stamina to attract a significant number of Democrats. Just look at how many stupid things he says per day and how hard he's managing to rally people from his own party.

Tekum Mbeng

Mr Wache,

Sen Obama will NOT pick Hillary Clinton because this is the United States. That which is easy is not worth the trouble. Sen Obama will not go for easy choices - the road to the highest office cannot be based on conveniences and ease - leave that to Cameroonians who mistake weakness for pacifism.

Hilary Clinton is a liar, unapologetic and cannot be trusted. She was not even able to run her home while in the White House let alone the Vice Presidency. The Republicans can rip apart an Obama-Clinton ticket like a pumpkin. Do not underestimate the great GOP.


And I'll be here.

There, round
a river falling again
near the twisted
road, your delicate
footprint portrays
a profile, and also
a new atmosphere,
backwards, like the
sound of a dreamland
in the feast of a
beautiful sky.

Francesco Sinibaldi

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