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Thursday, 31 July 2008


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Ma Mary

Education, critical thinking are the best tools for dealing with religious fraud. Poverty and desperation are what drive people into the hands of manipulators of all stripes including the religious. Governments should focus on crime eg fraud and not on churches per se. People should be wary about governments controlling their thoughts and belief systems.

Legima Doh

Mr Vice Principal of GBHS Santa Elvis Dogo Dogo and Matin Dikanjo Essingila of Presbyterian church in Limbe, I don't where the idea of government banning churches because they are not paying their taxes comes from.Even the vice principal would go in public and announce he does not know that churches are exempted from taxes together with other charitable organization and social groups.
The rational thing to do is to regularize all the churches.Their leader or pastor should register their church and also present his credential ie qualifications that make him apt for the ministry of the word of God.They should have a certificate from a recognized bible school or theology school.It is commonplace to see people metamorphos from street thugs to pastors heading churches that are full of people who incritically accept irrational claims from these fake pastors.If such is not done,allowing such impostors to lead people would lead to a travesty.I implore everyone to seek the word of God personally and carry out independent thinking about any church finding out the facts for yourself before being a part of it.Many false prophets are out there playing on the emotions of people for egocentric purposes.They say what people want to hear especially in this critical times of life.
God bless us.
Legima Doh,

Legima Doh

ignore errors.
Legima Doh,

red flag







Ma Mary

Even occupation governments have obligations.


Ban fake churches! Which churches are considered fake churches? Upon all the discrepancies and bankruptcy that the regime in place has plunged itself into,I do not think that at this critical moment in time, fake churches should be featuring in the list of measure to reverse the situation; instead, the Government should be looking for ways to revamp the dwindled Economy.
As you all can rightly agree with me, religion is a thing of the heart and I believe that Cameroonians are humans enough to know which church is right for them. After all, Jesus Christ, who is the founder of Christianity, did not endorse any church prior to his departure from earth. Instead he said, "any gathering in the name of the Lord is a church." So, going by this, no one has the right whatsoever, to place a ban on any sacred institution of God.
People are tired of this vampire regime and can't wait to see it disappear into thin air. A BUNCH OF FAKE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ARE CONSIDERING BANNING A BUNCH OF FAKE CHURCHES . What a story...


There is no doubt that these fake churches have brought extreme harm to Cameroon than good. I see young men becoming more stupid, lazy and refusing to face realities of life in the name of church and miracles to happen. Young women (esp. UB girls) who now thinks the easiest way to do prostitution is to have affairs with Pastors. I see theives, scam-men, idiots who could not afford 100 frs for taxi in the past now are now driving Toyota Landcruisers, Benz, Infiniti, RAV4.. ever since becoming a so call Pastor. If u are coming from "bush" they are the easiest to sell your car to. The worst part is where these churches are located...just next door normal residentials and they are shouting the whole night. Men! instead of towns growing to cities they are becoming more like Afghanistan...You find young girls who now believe in these fake churches and Pastors than their parents...and to be candid the Pastors are really doing them. Each new one with a long stomach every sunday. Its a familiar scene to see them fighting either the Pastors wife or among themselves.
In fact the greatest threat in Cameroon at the moment is not even politics but the rise of these fake churches. Its not only the government that should fight against these thieves who call themselves pastors...but we all should set up war against them otherwise our country is doom to fail. There are 3 churches in Cameroon - Catholic, Pres and Baptist. The rest can die. And I will fight these pastors in my own way!

The Netherlands


When I think of the big challenges that face Cameroon, " Fake Churches" do not make my top 10.
The decision to ban or not to ban a church is a strictly legal issue. Did the churches break the law or not. Your or my perception of the church is not enough to ban a church, or any other institution for that matter. If a church is found to be extorting its members, it will have to be proven in a court of law. Unfortunately, we have gotten used to confusing our opinions and the law. The way I see it, this is a simple legal matter.

All these churches need to do is to consult the government "text" on what it takes to become a registered church if such a document is available. If they have complied with those rules, they should expect to be authorized. But unless they are officially authorized, they are illegal, period.

I find it incredulous that some people claim only 3 churches should be allowed in Cameroon. Well, Cameroon has coped fine with maybe ten more tv stations, a hundred more newspapers, a thousand more political parties and ten thousand Non governmental organizations. Just like any family of more than 15 could become a political party or Common Initiative group if it meets the requirement, any group of people should be able to become a registered church if it meets the requirements.

Remember 1990, yes, that is a long time ago...but most Cameroonians perceived CRTV and Cameroon Tribune the way they view those same 3 churches today... the sole custodians f the truth! I don't recall when the post was founded, but most of what is written in this paper, and this forum, would have been considered criminal enough for their journalists to all be in Jail, and the paper shut down... the same treatment a lot of people would like for all churches outside the big 3 today.

Lets not even go into the "holier than thou" thing that some Christian churches have used against other Christian churches because many of these older churches have so much dirty linen as well.
Maybe we need to acknowledge that there may be another way, even if it is not our way.
I'm all for freedom of worship!


When talking about things that have to do with faith, we have to be very careful not to land into trouble. "Mend your speech or you mar your future"
The said churches that have been approved, are they as holy as you think? The Catholic Church for example is behind most tragic events of the world e.g the sinking of the Titanic Ship in 1912, the first World war of 1913 and the second world war. If you think it is a lie tell me the works of Jesuit piest in the catholic set up. Are they not against Protestanism and who so ever is against the catholic church? Was Pope John paul not right by apologising to the world that blood has soiled the hands of catholics?
The presbyterian church is the highest place where i have seen a lot malpractices ranging from witchcraft to out right murder. Black magic is the order of the day. Promotion is based on "man know man"
Infact no religion is pure in the strictest sense of the statement if you want to look deeper.
THE BANNING OF MOST OF THESE CHURCHES IS THE BEGINNING OF THE FALL OF THE BIYA'S REGIME. These churches have been resposible for peace in Cameroon to a certain level. Tell the Gov't to start collecting taxes from these churhes whether they will not be approved in the next minute.
Take it or you leave it. YOUR GOD IS IN YOUR HEART.


Dear Forum Members,
Are Cameroonians blind, stupid or they have just decided to be both? Paul Biya is a rosicrucian and these churches are worrying his devilish spirits. How quickly have people forgotten that Mr. Paul is the “Mettre Sorciere”. This explains his recent campaign to regulate this sector and allow only those that will not trouble his demonic spirits to operate.
It’s the duty of a Christian to know a good church from a fake church “From their fruits, you will know them”. The government cannot tell the population which church is fake or real.
Paul Biya will never succeed in this battle because he is fighting against God. People will pray in their parlours, bedrooms etc...

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