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Friday, 04 July 2008


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While i acknowledge the fact that Mandela played a pivotal role in ending apartheid, i will like to point out that Mandela is the DARLING of the west today because he sacrificed the interest of the black majority for cheep political gains, by ignoring the real problems of SA i.e. land and proper accommodation for the majority. What happened in South Africa lately buttresses my point. What i mean is Black South Africans killing fellow Africans because they have not seen any benefits from the so-called black empowerment that is happening in SA, despite the fact that apartheid is over, the black leadership in South Africa is tele-guided by white dominated capitalist elite. Therefore while BLACK people in SA have the political power, the WHITES own and control the economy… quoting Marx “the economic base of society is seen as determining everything else in the superstructure, including social, political and intellectual consciousness.” Therefore whatever we do or say against him MUGABE is right... right because he is taking on the WHITE man on the last front that they still hold in Africa ie the economy. It is however regrettable that poor Zimbabweans are dying but as we all know there is no true liberation without blood shed (known in today’s parlance as collateral damage), history demonstrates this from the French Revolution through the American, to the Russian Revolution.
African Brothers put on your thinking caps...

Neba Fuh

The Mugabe saga is a complex situation that has ushered many simplistic explanations and theories with little quest for logical accuracy.

To hide under the notion of neo-colonialism is a lame way to minimize the atrocities you and me know these African dictators have caused in Africa.
The notion of neo-colonialism is vague and has multiple contextual definitions which cannot serve as any excuse for tyrants to submerge their populace to extreme hardship, as they continually embezzle their country's riches to the detriment of the masses who are constantly miserable.

When an African dictator like Mugabe continually endorse the use of nomenclature like 'dollar' to identify his country's legal tender, is that African? When Mugabe stashed away billions in Western banks while his people cannot survive Maslow's bottommost rung, isn't that neo-colonialism? When Mugabe builds many multi-billion chateaux comparable with Louis XIV style while his people live in shambles, is that African? Mugabe's 40years younger wife holds the record as the most valuable Western designers' client before travel sanctions were meted to her, Isn't that neo-colonialism?

The notion of Mugabe taking the African Liberation struggle to the economic level is a big deception. The land seizure policy was an economically naive way of solving a complex post colonial problem. There are economic variables that could have been put in place to permit Black Zimbabweans benefit from the land ownership problem. Increased taxes and state controlled prices are subtle economic tactics western and other countries use to stifle foreign investments in their countries. They force you out of business by fiscal methods, not by Idi Amin's kind of illiterate economic policies, like seizing Asian shops in his tenure as ruler of Uganda. The land seizure has not benefited the common Zimbabweans, only Mugabe and his junta are benefiting from the lands seized. That is Economic African Liberation Struggle???

In as much as Qhadhaffi ought to have bowed out of power, we can not miminize his effort in leading a debt-free and stable libya during years of sanctions meted on Libya by Western powers after the Lockerbie bombing. This is an example to show that an African ruler with just minimal patriotism can man Africa's economy even when sanctions are meted by the Western world. Zimbabwe is an example of failed leadership, as Mandela indicated. A country suffering a 355,000% inflation rate can not hold the West responsible for the mess. Is it the West that instruct African Ministers to embezzle billions allocated for projects aimed at uplifting the standards of living of common Africans? Cameroon is a clear example: We will soon accuse the West for major economic theft like the Ondong Ndong's billions and the Mounchipougate? What a shame! Africans need to move beyond the hypocritical Sarkozyian accusation as presented in his address in a Senegal.

If Africans care they can create their own CNN and BBC, as Abraham Tangwe proposes and deny to show pictures of suffering Africans, brutalized Africans, rigged elections, and Corpse-like rulers. Whether you like it or not, that is the African reality now and the West cannot be our only scapegoat for refusing to move on. Think again!!!


True! Mandela may be termed a good man and the west the first to push this notion forward claiming he is an example of forgiveness and tolerance.

Why is that? This is because the west are unable to forgive and tolerate themselves. They do not have a conception of what that is. Rather, they always have to win, conquer and oppress.

While Mandela fought for the liberation of the black man from the crushing jaws of apartheid in SA he failed to liberate his people from the poverty to which they had been banished.

He may have forgiven his oppressors, but he failed because he left them to keep enjoying the financial superiority they had enjoyed even under the apartheid regime.

What is freedom when one cannot reap the benefit that an open and fair society offers.

Mandela only ushered in another form of suffering for the SA people. They have been deceived to feel liberated but left to their fate which makes their plight not very different from what it was in 1944.

The ghettos and townships are still there. The poverty is still confined to this people and these areas. Criminality has quadrupled and innocent SA are being killed daily as a result and yet Mandela is heralded as a messiah. He may be, but as far as I am concerned he'd the power to do better for his people but his quiet diplomacy which is what the west fostered leaves a little feeling in my mouth that he is a sell out!

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