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Thursday, 31 July 2008


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Richard Ngundam

Please give people a break with this your endless biased pro-Inoni reporting, The Post. Don't pick sides, don't attempt to enhance anyone's image. Report the facts and the news, that's all. Keep your emotions and personal biases out of it. Let the investigators determine who's guilty and who's not. Newspapers shouldn't be the ones doing that.

Ma Mary

The man is adept at buying support, and with the deliberate impoverishment, it comes really cheap. Remember the few bags of rice and cow to buy chieves. What would a writer cost?


I do not care if Inoni was interoogated or not. Inoni is like any other cameroonian although he thinks otherwise. He has been behind so many arrests for political gains and he believes he is un touchable. We have all been frustrated by this man. He once made mentioned that the web of corruption will trap down everyone. Did he forget that he is also corrupt. Where is he having money to build a house of marble. The hunter shall be hunted. I think he should be tried and jailed.

JN Royal

It will be prudent to let the courts and La Republic do the necessary investigations. The PM heads the Government; but he is not above the law! He has said it: if he is guilty of corruption; he is ready to face the charges, he believes in the judiciary system...remember,not even President Biya is above the, if you have proof of Biya embezzling public funds...take them to Mfoundi H Ct. and open a prelim investigative hearing...and may be you can make history and be praised for your bravery to expose the regime you see as corrupt...Actions not speeches! When we start taking action and investigating the validity of rumors, facts from fictions et al...then we can say we are contributing positively for what we believe. Sitting and condeming individuals, etc. based on stories and rumors is petty!

God bless Cameroon!



What we have in La Republique are kangaroo courts and what stands there as judges are remote controlled by the kingmakers. If you have the money, you can even kill a whole village and you will be freed in those kangaroo courts back home.

Read if you want to understand more how those kangaroo legal system works.

mk the southerner

If nothing is non then nothing exist. Rumor comes like smoke before the fire.

God bless Southern Cameroons.


In my opinion so far as all of them are concerned, one is just as guilty as the other. When they were embezzling or engaging in corrupt practices, since it was a laissez faire affair they never bothered to cover their tracks. Evidence of corruption in Cameroon against every government official can be piled right above Buea mountain in a single day. What are they investigating? First lawlessness reigns in Cameroon with reckless abandon. From insignificant bribe taking police constables commissioners, ministers and even to the president himself, laws are violated on an hourly basis. What sort of investigations can be conducted like that? The so called investigations are of no use. They are delaying tactics just to see what fight the accused can put up. Since all of them know that all of them are guilty, they have been very creative in delaying or putting of the danger of being accused of the crimes. The tactic is, they shout against corruption. To them it seems the louder you shout the less likely it is that you will be targeted. They do not go about the business of accusing and jailing people following any legal framework. They pounce on anybody who inadvertently betrays just the slightest vulnerability. They know they cannot control corruption that way. No way. They are just buying time by fooling the international community so that when it comes to getting loans, and other forms of financial assistance which they will simply squander again, they will justify their requests by citing what job they have done in rooting out corruption. They are just playing for time.


I personally believe there is nobody above the law, even though some individual(s) might be using public offices and positions to render the law dysfunctional for their private gains, it might just be a temporal situation as Justice will always prevail.

Even if they are not there to face justice, their legacy shall be brand and their families hunted. We have several examples today from the political scene within our society

However,we should avoid being carried by our personal frustration to make stupid judgments. It puzzle me when someone asked,

"Where is he having money to build a house of marble... I think he should be tried and jailed.".

Is a "Marble House" any proper indicator to determine corruption on a season public servant who have held top position in the Cameroon Public service and making good earnings for more than 22yrs?
I will suggest Delors should accept his personal fate and recognize that others have been chanced more than him.

We should not forget that PM. Inoni is a pioneer behind Cameroon anti-corruption war which he launched years back as Sec. of Finance and is continuing effectively in his capacity as PM .

No time in our history did we ever had several high profile Personalities behind bar on corruption charges than now. Corruption became a Pandemic in Cameroon under the reigns of Former PM's Achidi Achu and Mafany Musonge respectively.

It is the worst impediment of development in Cameroon and although one doesn't need body fluid transfer to be infected.Its strains are stronger and destructive than those of HIV s.

The question is what role has the civil society play to combat corruption?
We need to fight the war on corruption on two fronts- Top-Bottom & Bottom-Top.

For the 2nd option, I suggest we organized a Talk-Show on our National Television, where the public is given the opportunity to express their experiences with corruption in their neighborhood, community, school, university, with the officials, Rouges... etc. That will protect others and scare away potential perpetrators among the youthful population. The result of such a strategy should be viewed on a sustainable context.


Let us see if issues you raised can answer the concerns below.
True, in any society no matter our opinions or how questionable somebody's soucre of income maybe, he cannot be faulted for being wealthy without concrete evdience. But the issue in Cameroon is not merely evidence gathering. I believe you are not a stranger to the fact that the government violates its own laws and looks the other way when others under its favour violate these laws too. Would you tell me that these violations specifically exempt laws concerning criminal investigations? Where is the line usually drawn and even so how credible can any such investigations be when such a line is drawn? In such a situation you cannot therefore blame a memeber of the public for accusing anybody of corruption just because of the wealth he displays or the type of property he owns. Furthermore the Per capita income of ordinary Cameroonians makse it unbelievable that based on his official income alone he can afford such a luxurious accomodation. Based on what most of us earn it most be grossly unfair for any other Cameroonian to earn that much which could enable him to acquire such property. Cameroonians might be poor but they at least know the price of articles in the market and would equally know what such a house might cost to build. They have the right to question how he came about such amounts of money. But then if it ends up that he built it fom his legitmate income over the years it will surely confirm the existence of the crime of unfairness in the distribution of the national wealth by the government itself.
Secondly the issue of one or the other being in the forefront of the fight against corruption is not important in the context of today's Cameroon. Most of the people behind bars today have always championed this fight in one way or another and have also showering the president with motions of support for taking up the fight. So Inoni cannot be isolated as a special crusader in this so called fight. He has not just been accussed yet. My simple theory is that corruption had been so widespread in such a way that to isolate one Cameroonian and proclaim him clean is just short of senility. Like I said the practice had been so ingrained in our administrative culture that many people did not even bother to destroy evidence as they went along in corruption. Since the investigations are conducted in a lawless evironment most of the results obtained will not even qualify to convict any suspect in a real apolitical court. Accusations and arrests in this chaotic and lawless environment is simply done when the targeted individual exposes exploitable vulnerabilty. I cannot believe that since the beginning of Mr Biya's reign his loyal supporters like Inoni, and the rest of his big shots could have carefully abstained from corrupt practices for these almost three decades. Even if they did not get involved - a very improbable scenario, they can still be arrested and imprisoned for presiding over an openly corrupt administrative system which they did nothing. It tantamounts to aiding and abating crime. Or maybe they were unaware of corrupt practices in the government? Would you believe that?


Kavava wrote:

"Is a "Marble House" any proper indicator to determine corruption on a season public servant who have held top position in the Cameroon Public service and making good earnings for more than 22yrs?"

Lets do a simple returns/earnings relationship for all those who have served the Biya regime over the years. Lets estimate Inoni's salary over the 22 years and his investments less expenses and other interest/returns he might have accrued from any purported bank savings/investments over the years and determine how much Inoni might have saved over the years of his service to the Cameroonian state, then compare this with his investments and see if the figure matches up.

It does not take rocket science to understand what is going on in that country. My friend, it is plain looting and those people serving that junta are good enough for prison. They are all bandits and there is nothing good, nothing good whatsoever that anyone with a right concience can ever preach about them.

From the way some of you write, one can only conclude that you are paid agents with an explicit duty to this forum to write thrash in support of those despots. However, your ilk will soon dissapear here, given space for the downtrodden to write their habitual rebuke against this criminal regime.

Come to think of it, Inoni has been working in the ministry of finance in high profile positions for a very long time. The corruption scandals going on has been masterminded by his department (ministry of finance). There is nothing that can influence anyone to believe that he should'nt have known that this sort of corruption is going on while he was with the ministry of finance and subsequently, the presidency of the republic.

What is happening now is that time is catching up to them. After recycling lies to the Cameroonian people, nature has made it impossible for them to have no more lies to tell our people and the international community. In a bid to entertain us, they have brought a thing called "Corruption drive". This is a criminal regime that have strived through incompentencies versus incompetencies. Stealing our land, resources and handling to friends in their sham privatisation (See Ndu Tea, Tole Tea, Petroleum products), they have killed, raped and maimed our friends, brothers and sisters who have taken a bold step to stand against their despotic actions, they are now jailing some like Lapiro, the Mayor of Njombe in their kangaroo courts in make up charges. The Mayor of Njombe's only crime was that he asked SPM to start paying its taxes to the state, while Lapiro's only crime was that he wrote a song against Biya's imminent constitutional manipulation. This regime and all its members wearing those CPDM robes are plain bandits, my friend. It is a cult and NOT a political party. The earlier they are wiped out of our political conciousness, the better.

Nyongo Man

Rexon, I think you should be engaged in better things than the irrelevant and meaningless website, I beleive you are a defender of objectivity. Why send a weblink full of too-good-to-be-true uninvestigated stories?

JN Royal


You are throwing too many punches on anyone who do not seem to agree with you...this should not be the I earlier can't be crying foul about something...then turn around and practise exactly what you are preaching against? or can you? The Marble house...oh come on...I have friends who have refinanced their houses and built mansions in cameroon, "mini-cites" etc...let's look another way I could make clean money if I was a PM...lets say...AES came to Cameroon...what year was it...2002/2003? the time...I was SG at the Presidency...and AES...because of my vast experience and financial, government, administrative et al background...get the point, they appointed me as their board comes 2004 or 2005...the president, of La Republic...appoints me as PM...due to conflict of interest...I can not con-currently serve as Chairman, even only as an executive, on the board of AES...however, I couldn't predict the future...and so what happens? in case you don't corporate policy for any registered American are compensated and paid you would have potential stayed on the board...say 10 years? now...if I was the one...I would consult with some of the best legal minds as the Gr8t, Late: Enonchong, the present Maitre Etah & Co/Nah firm and get at least 2 million dollars. You might find this crazy or quickly scream that's not true...but I swear to you...this happens on a regular basis, even in the U.S.A. which we are very good and quick to compare our democracy practises, I have 2 you know how much more I can make with that? Think about this and let me know...

Further more...there are lots of perks and what we call kick backs that senior officials get when inter-continental deals are being made and this stealing? Europeans, Africans, Americans, etc. make and receive all this kind of kickbacks, absolutely not!...if you leave in the diaspora...and drive from DC to MD using North Capital...this is a road construction project that has taken more than 8 years to get done...due to lots of bottle necks, contractors issues and just to name a few...lots more millions of $$$$s has been expensed that would have been otherwised channeled to better appropriate use. If this was La Republic? You would hear all shots fired like never b/4.

So what does all this mean you may ask or wonder? Well...bottom line...just in case you are unaware and not know...we work, we try to earn a buck or 2, save for families and kids, our well being and all...if I'm placed in a position of power...I will not misuse funds or any detrimental steps to tarnish my legacy, but I'll also not blindfold to potential steps to make clean and legit money.

Fru Ndi, made lots of clean money for his stand against the regime...I can't fault him for he always says...he has never wanted to be a minister...coz he could have had it...he stood...and I think still stands to his beliefs and aspirations...albeit with a twist...just my thoughts.

So, for sure, politicians would always take hit/heat...I plan to run for office some represent the masses and give back in varied forms all the knowledge and experience we have gained from the diaspora...there are some things I can't change...and some I can rather than kick and send punches through my key board...I try to more like consult with the present...the past...and see how I can be the future and bring about, simply, slow, yet consistent change for the greater good.

God speed my dear brothers!

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