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Friday, 22 August 2008


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mk the southerner

Smart English Lawyers, ooh how I wish we had our Country Southern Cameroons for us by us.

anthony nsom

Would Fru Ndi be our leader in a Southern Cameroon state?


One is obviously loosing patience with these bandits masquerading as politicians. The SDF and all those acting in Camerounese politics are traitors and braindead people who are no nationalists. If they are true nationalists and want to be heroes, they should instead distance themselves from Camerounese politics as that is not their country. Our people are suffering and dying in the Southern Camerouns and all they care about is how they make money from within the politics of falsehood of La Republique. Our true national heroes distanced themselves from the politics of Nigeria in the early 50's and vow not to engage in the politics of a foreign country. They boycotted the eastern house of assembly and returned home as heroes. Since then, we have learnt not to be more involved in the problems of a foreign nation than our own Southern Cameroonian struggle. Unfortunately, the SDF MP's despite our repeated cry have never been interested in following on the footsteps of these heroes. The reason why they prefer to fight and die in Camerounese politics is simply because they are more interested in the bribes and illegal party grants that comes from the CPDM junta. They have been helping Biya colour his fake democracy in return for those envelopes that is always being handed to them in public and in private by the criminal Biya regime. Greed, greed and greed is all what is of interest to these people. Shame on the SDF.

mk the southerner

Anthony Ni John could be anything he want to be in a free Southern Cameroons, if the people vote him. Remember no Southern Cameroonian will be more Southern than the other. But what we are telling Ni hear is that he should stop waisting our time.


Justice will take its course and our charismatic leader Ni John Fru Ndi who has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he's as ordinary as any other Cameroonian,will defend his case with great astuteness.With the battery of legal juggernauts,the SDF has and of which our militants should be very proud of,we should have faith that SDF shall come out much stronger than it went into that cobwebbed court room.




Look at what says above,"But what we are telling Ni hear is that he should stop waisting our time".

The SDF's struggle and that of seccessionists are diametrically opposed Sir.The SDF is fighting for democracy in Cameroon and not for an independent Southern Cameroons.Got the difference.

So u secessionists have no reason to chide the SDF on anything.Our paths are parallel.Stop laying ur failures on the doorsteps of the SDF.

mk the southerner

Some people write here, and show a great deal of their academic know how. But one thing that surprises me is how sad they dont know the meaning of the word secession. Or is it because they dont know the real history of their country? or did history refused passing through them? What ever the case the truth can only make sense if the person listening to it understands it.


Ok Mr Wordsmith,tell us the meaning of "secession".And teach us that history u seem to be well versed in.It's not bc some people read history with the same fanatism with which Shia Muslims read the Koran that makes them "clerical historians".


Like Essono, our uncle NJFN knows that his country the Southern Cameroons is under occupation from La Republique Francaise du Cameroun. He does not dispute it when chatting privately with us. He knows like any ordinary Southern Cameroonian that he can never become the preident of a foreign nation. He is just a Franco-Camerounese puppet being used with his gang of handclappers in Camerounese parliament to legitimise the colonisation of the Southern Cameroons.


I have realized that some southerners on this forum do not only hate FRU NDI but they want him dead. I can clearly see that you guys are seriously praying that he should be sent to jail. Sorry Sir's. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. You were anxiously waiting for Aug 19 and you are now waiting for oct 13. I will like to inform you that what you are especting will happen when fowls will grow teeths. CONTINUE WAITING. HA HA HA HA ha ha

foh nefoh

What hides the "Affair Diboule"

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