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Monday, 18 August 2008


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In February,hundreds youths in the NW were innocently apprehended for protesting an increasingly high cost of life(expressed in fuel,food and other basic necessities) and demaded for jobs.Some as young as 13 yrs weren't even involved in the strike action but found themselves sharing the same prison cells with the most rapacious criminals under the most gruelling conditions in penitentiary history.

Even after a presidential clemency some of the youths who were by law entitled to benefit from it,are still languishing behind bars.

Then a bunch of "Mass boys" calling themselves élites armed with a bible and some "hope" launch themselves on an "evengelical pilgrimage" to soothe the heart of an alledged public felon.A man who lived his days as the DG of the "Chantier naval" far from the suffering masses of the NW.A man who only responded to the diktats of his master in Yaoundé.A man whom the NW people only know him from the once-in-a-while reference in newspaper columns.

They are the élites of their kith and kin,not of the NW people.

Tita Mofaw

Good comment Essono. We have an entire generation of people in Cameroon who are not only heartless in their deeds but have no shame. How can they not smypathise with the man who let them get little crumps of the tax payers money that he embezzled?


These so called NW elites have totally been responsible for all the ills of the province because of their personal interests. I see Muna, is he different from Muna?.


These guys are all crooks. I even hate the word elite. Who is not an elite? Everyone of us conributes accoding to his or her own means for our development. None is greater than the other. That term elite is segregational. When an Association called Northwest Elite Association was formed in Bamenda the NW people were against the useless thing. Francis Nkwain and his kind tried to hold a meeting up station . People stormed the meeting and it ended there. Who is not an elite? Arranging for PM's visit. Does the PM not have travel allowance given him by his master Paul Biya? Where did Forjindam have all the money to do all these 'great' things? If he did not steal let him display his paysheet and we compare with the assets he owns in Cameroon today and possibly overseas. We can check that out if need be.


who are these elites?


Let Forjindam rot in prison. God is answering our prayers; I pray that Paul Nji Antagha should follow him soon.

Legima Doh

No inspiration is needed to pay a visit to anybody who is in trouble.It is not just Paul Nji Atangha that should be sent to gaol.Fon Angwafor,Achidi Achu,John B Ndeh,and Fon Doh should all be sent to gaol.
Comrade Rexon all those thieves and chiefs of the northwest are not elites at all.Who made them elites?They are all traitors.The true elite of the northwest must have nothing to do with la republique politics,must also have nothing to do with the propagation of corruption which is inherent in the polity of la republique.It is about time all those ensnared by the politics of la republique get disillusioned and come to the understanding that they are used by Mr Biya for the advancement of north and south west divide and rule policy.When a northwester is given a post of responsibility,hatred in instilled in the southwest people.After a while the northwesterner is disgraced,sacked and sent to gaol with the corresponding appointment of a southwesterner.They are recycled through the chain of corruption like that and the result is a breed of corrupt and shameless men who end up being disgraced.Such is the destiny of all those so called northwest elites.We the proud people of the southern cameroons are aloof from such snares.Our destiny is in the total liberation of our motherland God bless us.
Legima Doh,
Albany,New York

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