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Friday, 29 August 2008


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Legima Doh

Yes chiefs,fathers ,sons.Fon chafa accuses Nico Halle of being boastful and proud.At the same time he speaks boastfully against Nico Halle.He says an extraordinary meeting could not be held in the case cos it involved a nchinda.Yes but the nchinda was not appointed by Fon Chafah himself.He was appointed by all the fons.That is a big display of arrogance and disrespect of the other fons.I know people like Dr Doh Ganyonga would not smile at such attitude and would come down on.It is true that man is constrained by the level of his knowledge.Nobody stopped the fons from attaining education levels and emphasis on that is indication of jealousy for the educated like Nico Halle.The educated fons like Dr Ganyonga would understand what it means to do things with the old uneducated.That is the kind of difficulty Nico Halle must have had with some of the fons.And if Fon Chafah claims he is a father and Nico Halle a son,it would have been better for him as a father to call Nico Halle to order rather than unanimously strip him of the title that was confered to him by all the fons.Any reasonable son would conclude that such a father is a stupid father and may be prompted to give him more disrespect.To me it is personal misunderstanding whether jealousy or something from the bangolan fon for Nico Halle that prompted such an uncalled for act.
Any way I condemn any fon union that dines with the Biya regime.


Ntumfor is the name given to a Nchinda by some chiefdoms of the NW and as such he has not right to rub shoulders with the Fons. He is a messenger of the palace and no more no less.


NOWEFO, Ntumfor, CPDM, all loud sounding NOTHINGS


Fons, Nchindas, common man or what ever name we may label ourselves, are still different forms of illusions and limitations that we imposed on ourselves.
What is a Fon..? and what is a Nchinda..? at the level of biology are they different entities...?? at the level of an individual's unique humanity is one greater than the other..?? or just unique forms that take different appearances..??

Does the sun not shine equally on a Fon and a Nchinda..??
So why continue and persist in stupidity..? even if we say it is tradition..??
Why further a system of discrimation and exclusivity when all the available evidence points to the fact that, to have a balance and a sane society, man must seek equality, justice and peace..??
These are the very things that hold our society in it's narrowness and pettiness.

Decadent institutions that serve to buttress egocentrism and ignorance in the name of tradition.

In other related matters, the world keeps evolving, people are asking for their rights and equality and we are still at the business of the importance of a fon or a nchinda.

Here is a recent development from CNN.
source and Link to story:

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) -- Italy agreed Saturday to pay Libya US$5 billion as compensation for its 30-year occupation of the country, which ended in 1943.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi speaks with Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi speaks with Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi signed a memorandum pledging a US$5 billion compensation package involving construction projects, student grants and pensions for Libyan soldiers who served with the Italians during World War II.

"It is a material and emotional recognition of the mistakes that our country has done to yours during the colonial era," Berlusconi told reporters at the airport on his arrival. "This agreement opens the path to further cooperation."

In return, Italy wants Libya to crack down on illegal migrants turning up on Italian shores, and Italy will fund US$500 million worth of electronic monitoring devices on the Libyan coastline.

Gadhafi received Berlusconi under a big tent in Benghazi where they discussed the agreement over lunch. The Italian leader said US$200 million of the package would be for infrastructure projects over the next 25 years, including a coastal highway stretching across the country from Tunisia to Egypt.

The two leaders exchanged gifts, with Berlusconi giving Gadhafi a silver inkstand, sculpted in the form of a lion's head, with two pens inside to sign the agreement. The Libyan leader gave Berlusconi a linen suit.

Berlusconi's office said in a statement that the premier would also hand over to Gadhafi the Venus of Cyrene, an ancient Roman statue taken in 1913 by Italian troops from the ruins of the Greek and Roman settlement of Cyrene, on the Libyan coast.

Relations between the two countries have warmed over the last few years, with Italian leaders meeting Gadhafi several times. However, it has taken years of negotiations for the two sides to reach a deal on compensation for Italy's rule over Libya from 1911 to 1943.

Libya named Aug. 30 Libyan-Italian Friendship Day.

Legima Doh

Being a fon or a nchind is not really what defines respect.To me it is the ability to deliver productive help and innovations to people that calls for great respect and admiration.The fact that most the fons have stooped so low as to doing anything for their exclusive benefit and not that of their subject is a severe blow to their respect.People are weary of fons who are so self centred,egocentric and divisive in the political aspirations.To me a fon means nothing to me if he is dishonourable in his words and deeds.As I earlier said, man is constrained by the extent of their knowledge.Education is the greatest builder of knowledge.So there is no way I would want to listen from an impostor who is adamant to learning just because he is a so called fon or chief.I hold such people with great scorn cos they are a thorn in the flesh of the laymen who uncritically venerate them even in their damnable practices just because because of fear of some wanton traditions.I condemn such as illusive.In the Southern Cameroons we would have to get chiefs get some level of education to be eligible to lead their subjects if they must exist otherwise the chieftaincy stuff is even dwindling with time and if the chiefs are not wise enough to take proper measure pressure may rise with time that may lead to the extinction of their entities.
God bless our motherland as we are left with a few true chiefs like chief Ayamba but with a handful of thiefs, polytical traitors, murderers in the name of chiefs.
Legima Doh,


Fon Chafah,
I do not even know who you are, but one thing is very certain. You are one very power hungry individual. Unaccountable tyrants like you are no good to our fatherland. If barrister Nico Halle talked to the press is that a bad thing? Is Cameroon not run by the rule of law? Has he been proven guilty by a count of law for slander?

By the way, who gave you the power to lord over hard working Cameroonians? I think it is now high time that north Westerners should start electing their chiefs. As a matter of fact do we still need chiefs with the administrative set up in the country? I may suggest that you should go home to your wives and concubines that you got free of charge and create room for those who are out to legitimately change Cameroon.


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