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Friday, 29 August 2008


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Legima Doh

That is a great article.For such freedom and opportunity to be in America,it took time and effort.I used to say that evil cannot suppress good forever.It may for a long time.In America many had fought and many became martyrs for the freedom to be born.The freedom fighters did not deviate along the line and conspire with the traitors for their own egocentric reasons.Back in our motherland,we have had so many freedom fighters who along the line got caught up by the tricks of the traitors.They became bought up with money and had their mouths shot up.Such people are always in freedom struggles.There are always black legs.But those who endure to the end are those who go into history as true heroes.Those who finally deliver also are entered into the book of heroes.The Biya regime shall also demise to nothing,all his vestiges shall fade away with time and then freedom shall be born.It is the vestige of Ahidjo that in Biya stands vehemently against our freedom.America is different from La republique.America had to get the states free before uniting them.The bigger states did not enslave the smaller ones before uniting to form the United States of America.We had tried uniting with la republique in a concubinage that failed grievously.Today we stand for the fight for freedom and if any unity in Africa must be attained like that in the USA ,all the states in Africa must be free as those in the USA were before being united.Anything short of that is a deadly futility.I know there are many true freedom fighters in our motherland.People like the late Pa John Ngu Foncha,Albert Mukong were the Martin Luther King, the Malcom X and so on for the fight for freedom of our motherland.
Yes the writer that could only happen in America and not France.God bless the Southern Cameroons, God bless America.
Legima Doh,
ScNc,New York

Tekum Mbeng

Thank you Sam. You provoke our own thinking.

Had Barack been born a Cameroonian, he would be possibly dead or very corrupt if he ever attended UNIYAO or ENAM.

Compare the fates of Dr Felix Moumie and Nelson Mandela. Dr Moumie was eliminated by the French secret service as a favor to Ahmadou Ahidjo.

Recently, the Biya security apparatus issued a memo calling for the physical elimination of SCNC leaders overseas. We hope Barack will barrack all these aged lizards in Africa. There needs to be a mechanism to bring all defacto life presidents to book.


Barack Obama's roller coster rise in American politics and his unprecedented and "clean cut" presidential campaign must be soothing thalidomide every a Cameroonian and African youth to believe even in the face of the gravest adversities.Not even the unemployment woes,the constitutional elongation of presidential tenures of office,primitive-style wealth accumulation,disease,hunger,immigration blues,the Robert Mugabe syndrome should serve as push factors for resignation to fate.

Obama,growing up in Jim Crow America with his single mum shuttling from one job to another to make ends meet didn't find it any easier.And knowing fully well that the colour of his skin was already a naturalimpediment for him to live the American dream.But that didn't deter the coloured Luo boy.The youths must believe like Obama that the darkest hour of the night is at dawn.We in Cameroon may not have the enabling environment to create a similar Obama phenomenon 'à la Camerounaise' but it will be catastrophic for the future of this nation and Africa if the youths continue to shy away in indifference and defeatism.Or to continue to watch in gleeful admiration the America presidential elections without brainstorming on how to rebuild the future of this nation.


The lesson from that Hawaiian political maverick is that we MUST provoke change in our political systems nomatter how ruthless and deeply entrenched these systems maybe.And nomatter how rudimentary our political structures are,it is my profound believe that they still provide adequate spaces for political engagement.

Like Obama,the youths are ablidged to equip themselves with the kind of education that emphasises the virtues of tolerance and intelligent political choices.Yes,some would say that Obama could study at the prestigious Harvard because he had a scholarship and in Cameroon or Africa scholarships were a thing of the past or when they are available,it is mostly the children of powerful and rich people who get them.

True,but we shouldn't loose sight of the fact that even in those affluent societies there are many who had the very opportunities but squandered them either by carelessness or the absence of an intrepid will to take advantage and succeed in life.Like Obama,the youths must hold it firm in their hearts that Cameroon wasn't legated to them by their parents but loaned to them by posterity.It is common for young people nowadays to be driven by the corrupt wooing of mercenary politicians and lend their ears to the rabble rousing massages of self-serving political methuselahs.

Our salvation shall only come if we the youths plunge ourselves headfront into the political arena and become pilots and no longer passengers on the political highway.

Danny Boy

Mr. Essono,
been enjoying your cut-and-thrust style of debating on this forum. Rexon thinks you are my paid acolyte! I know he is mutton(pinch of salt) but I take him for the rubbish he is! Very obdurate. Not very funny, I know but he understands Danny Boy.
Just one thing bothers me Bro.; your use of the words "soothing thalidomide". I have read the paragraph over and over again to see or find the contextual meaning but to no avail. It might be you are not fully aware of the distress this chemical has caused to thousands of families here in the West, thalidomide is a banned drug however soothing, especially for pregnant women!
Keep bashing them secce...what?
A wonderful Sunday, a tous.


Yep,Danny Boy u're right.Firstly,the phrase should've been in inverted commas.Now,the phrase which I borrowed from one of Dr King's speeches,don't remember whether it's the famous "I have a Dream" speech or "I have been to the Mountaintop" speech.My intention was to use the two words distinctly as contrasts,sort of a paradoxical phrase.Rightly,the thalidomide is a dangerous chemical substance which served as a sedative or hypnotic drug and can be dangerous especially for pregnant women as u rightly defined it.

Now,Obama's meteoric rise is a reason for the youths to hope even against all hopelessness.Though the youths are up against regimes that are deeply entrenched and heavily authoritarian,Obama's maverick feat should be encouragement,it should soothe their hearts to believe that they can bring bring this regime to its end and heal this nation.

Like the thalidomide which is a sedative or hypnotic drug,Obama's spectacular rise should not only impress or leave them marvelled (hypnotised),but it should propel them to get involve in the political struggle.Bc by resigning themselves to defeatism and passivity,they are simply giving the regime the leeway to destroy the future of this nation and renouncing their right to inherit a better future.


BTW Danny Boy,for being an attentive and a rational contributor to this forum.I have said it repeatedly,that all of us are in the same struggle though our approaches may differ.I have said it countless times on this forum that I am for an "evolutionary" and a progressive march to autonomy(give it the most elastic definition u want) for the anglophones in Cameroon or the "Southen Cameroons".Ofcourse,no political entity is static.And isn't it said that change is the only permanent thing in nature.

And the reason is bc from my own long observation of the Cameroon and the international political systems,the so called Liberation movements donot have that revolutionary and ideological capacity to bring about an outright independence for the Southern Cameroons.And those who lead them are scandalously naive.I believe strongly that it would be impossible to gain outright independence without armed resistance and a strong nationalistic ideology implanted in the psychic of our peoples.

And I am vehemently convinced that these movements have failed woefully in preparing the people for independence.Reason why many Southern Cameroonians have a lacklustre about it.In the absence of this,let's march towards greater autonomy or independence by revisiting Federalism.At birth,a child must learn how to creep before it learns how to walk.That is the natural pattern of life of humans and their institutions.

I shall never accept that our people(like the Biafrans) should be led like sheep to the slaughter house just bc of the fantaisies of a sprinkling of people who spend all their time looking at the future from the obscure lense of a compromised past.

I shall rest my case.

Danny Boy

Mr. Essono,
thanks for that response. You advocate an evolutionary march forward, which is not that different from devolution. That has been my rallying cry on this forum, which perhaps explains Rexons' fixations!
No sensible person wants a civil war in Cameroon. Those who preach such nonsense are hiding in South Africa, Europe and North America. The sheep for the slaughter-house, cannon fodder, will not be them or their kith and kin!!
Shameless opportunists they are.
God bless Cameroon.

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