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Friday, 29 August 2008


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An excellent read.One of the very rare articles on The Post which highlightens the mea culpa of the Anglophones of Cameroon.We're often used to reading articles which lay all our ordeal on the "others".Would add that we run the risk of never fully realising the promise that was inherent in that momentous act at Enugu,if we naively continue to look "Eastward" or "Westward" as the cause of our nightmares or as the paracetamol of our headaches.

We can only succesfully lay claim to a promisory checque for a brighter future by looking "inwards" and by forging a collective vision.I differ slightly with the above article in that our fundamental problem isn't really a deficiency in the political vision of our leaders but the inability to transform our collective dreams into reality and sustain our collective struggles.

The first generation of anglophone politicians(the Independence generation),after crossing the high sea of our first victory turned around and burnt it.The history makers on whose shoulders our collective dreams reposed,naively and selfishly "scissored through" the umbellical cord that would've connected that generation with a yet unborn generation(the Multiparty generation) which would've lead to crystallisation of our struggles into an invisible force that would've shakened the very foundations on which this nation is built.


That disconnect between the first generation(Independence generation) and the second generation(Multipary generation) that is those who didn't hear the raging sounds of the two world wars has spelt doom for the collective struggles of the Anglophones.Moreso,the contemporary political leadership in Anglophone Cameroon has clearly inherited the viruses that plagued the first generation politicians.

Little wonder our collective efforts at reconstructing our struggles have all been made irrelevant.Thus the anglophone continues to live in that vicious cycle of perpetually trying to rekindle that nationalism that fired those first generation politicians into banging the doors of the Eastern Regional House of Assembly at Enugu.Until the Anglophone Cameroonian fully revives that vision of the first generation,we shall continue on this dusty and heathen tracts.

red flag


Charles F.

The problem of "West Cameroon" , "Southern Cameroons" or what name you give it is the distrust between the North West and South West indegenes stemming from pre and post unification. This division is evident both in Cameroon and abroad and it is often dismissed as nonexistent or minor, but it is there. Until it is addressed, we will be TALKING with little progress ten , twenty years hence.
Common interest has to supercede individual beef and historical mishaps for a new era to emerge.
I hope we all take every small step to work together.



Mr Charles Forkwa,I dove my hat to u.This is exactly the point I have been trying to buttress on this forum.If we donot throw off the shackles of the divisive, egocentric politics we're experiencing,and be able to transform our collective dreams into real ground breaking ventures,we shall never be able to constitute ourselves into a veritable force capable of taking our destinies into our hands and manage our common welfare.All our struggles shall simply be made irrelevant.


Southern Cameroons-The Way Forward
By Neba-Fuh

The Southern Cameroons issue is one of the most important minority rights problems in the 21st century, but also the least activated as well. It is like a laboring woman who is not giving birth. We have all been caught up in the cozy confines of rhetoric, thinking that the solution will solely spring up from without.
The notion that, someone should do something about everything everyone thought anyone could do anything anytime about it, is stagnating the cause. The recent reaction by the declared Head of the Restoration Government of Southern Cameroons-Prof Carlson Anyangwe is an insightfully inciting piece intended to bridge inspiration to perspiration . How many are ready to cross that bridge, is the crux of the matter?
Without much consideration of the Prof Anyangwe's present portfolio as the declared Head of the Restoration Government,there is no gainsaying that this don has the moral authority to galvanize the Southern Cameroons populace to action. He has been steadfast in his convictions and beliefs concerning the Southern Cameroons struggle, even against all odds.

Without belaboring the course which this cause has undertaken, starting from the 1961 plebiscite fiasco through the Federation and Unitary era with La Repulique, concluding with 1984 decree by Mr Biya annulling the unitary status, Southern Cameroonians have been slaves in their own homeland. A people's identity erased,rights subdued, heritage hijacked, commonwealth exploited, values degraded. A people considered aliens in their own land.
It is out of these frustrations that the common struggle of the Southern Cameroons emerged and which has even been championed at some point by the very champions who were involved in the initial 1961 fiasco-Dr Foncha and Mr Muna before their passing on, just to name this two.
It should also be noted that it's not just mere coincidence that key players to the launching of the Social Democratic Front(SDF) in the 90s were advocates of the Southern Cameroons struggle. It wasn't also an act of naivety that most of those 'Founding Fathers' left the Front when they realized that the intents and goals set out initially were being thwarted. The All Anglophone Conference (AAC I &II) took its turn, with many of its then advocates and organizers backsliding at a later stage. The creating of SCNC, SCYL,SCAPO etc are all outfits that the Southern Cameroons struggle has put on or is putting on. Most recently and not the least are weblogs dedicated to the struggle.
Therefore it is an act of self denial for any person born of Southern Cameroons decent to deny the existence of the problem. Even for those who cannot accept the problem publicly, let them not also denounce or condemn it publicly.

The call by the Head of the Restoration Government to move from inspiration to perspiration is an opportunity for us to reflect on the undiscussed problems that have generated a lot of apathy in some Southern Cameroonians to engage fully in the struggle.

1) The problem of numbers: Citizens of the Northern zones have always outnumbered those of the Southern zones numerically(in terms of population), and the fear is that any election held in the future state of Southern Cameroons will tend to tilt to the North, since most citizens have still not minimized their tribal stereotype. This could lead to a political dominance- a problem that citizens of the resource- rich Southern zones are not overlooking.

2) The influence of the Oligarchy of La Republique by using quislings of Southern Cameroonian origin to always manipulate the poverty stricken citizens of Southern Cameroons not to yield to any liberation call is a problem, not to underestimate.

3) The problem of Anglophones who are not of Southern Cameroonian origin who have invested a great deal in Southern Cameroons should be looked into.

4) The issue of Southern Cameroonians who have invested heavily in La Republique and who are lukewarm to the struggle because of fear that they may lose their investments or businesses on the other side of the Moungo.

5) The problem of information, communication -media coverage, and sensitization on the cause at home and abroad.

6) The multiplicity of factions in the Southern Cameroons cause, is a serious setback. We can't stand divided. A unified force should be the prerequisite for an effective struggle.
7) Clearly defined plans of action: Is it boycott or engagement? If we choose boycott of issues and businesses involving La Republique, then we must study the possibility of success using this approach, the effects and how sustainable the struggle can go on with such an option.
If we choose to engage head-to -head with La Republique, then we should be involved in any struggle geared towards regime change in Yaounde and how an annihilation of the unpopular personality cult that Biya inherited from the Ahidjo era can pave a way for the Southern Cameroons issue be put on the table. To imagine that La Republique has constantly despised the Southern Cameroons cause is exacerbating and leaves room for extreme options.
What about passive resistance? What actions will be carried out to make it effective. How often? How do we drag along 'fence-sitters'? How to avoid violence when it is not intended.
8) Where to carry out demonstrations? At home and Abroad? What about choosing a week each year when Southern Cameroons in the diaspora will mobilize, come home and take part in peaceful demonstrations? A Southern Cameroons week- preferably during holidays when most of them can take their leaves. Asylum seekers can troop in through neighbouring countries-Nigeria , Gabon, Chad etc especially those who cannot arrive directly in La Republique's airports because of Asylum restrictions . That will be real sacrifice and an opportunity to commune with citizens at home for a common struggle. How much fulfilling can it be if it is for a higher cause, like the Southern Cameroons struggle.

9)Funds: No struggle or revolution comes to fruition easily without money. This is where citizens from the diaspora should be of great help.

10)Diplomacy: Any struggle for self determination becomes easily acceptable and draws more sympathy from friendly nations of Southern Cameroons if much diplomacy takes place, especially as the struggle has never taken a relatively continuous violent turn which could have drawn unsolicited attention from the international community . The UN role has not been preemptive to forestall a potential violent scenario even though the Southern Cameroons issue is no news to this body.

It is my fervent wish that the call by the declared leader of the Restoration Government of Southern Cameroons, Prof Carlson Anyangwe to all citizens '' hold themselves ready to execute the commands of the Restoration'' is not just one of those vocal jerks that has perpetually kept this cause in a state of coma. When decisions on actions and the constitution are drafted, the above points and many others which have not been mentioned, should be meticulously studied.
Any call to citizens will yield fruits if these petty interests and worries are taken care of. One can not over emphasize the sacrifices many devoted citizens from both the Northern zones and the Southern zones have undertaken this far with regards to the Southern Cameroons struggle.
Let's keep folding up our sleeves for there is still much work to do.

copied from

red flag

Your posting makes sense, but you left out one very important issue that ofthe defense
and proptection ofthe land and the people,The southern cameroons ledership must move from mere ideology into practice
To protect the land and the people without which la republique and france will always
sabotage our effort of statehood. THE n CAN
SEND PECE KEEPING FORCE, BUT We dont have to depend on them anymore,

red flag

scapo and scnc ,scl should all join forces
and allied thm selves with more expernce freedom fighters like the SAHARAWI, THE PALESTINIANS, AND THE ANC TO LEARN TACTICS ON HOW TO TRAIN , ARMED AND WAGE

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