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Monday, 15 September 2008


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After all these years, why would Biya decide to "pin" Fru Ndi down but now? hmmmm. I smell a rat

anthony nsom

Let justice take its course. None is above the law. Let us stop trying to politicize a common law offence. That is the Cameroon we need for ourselves and our children.


This is ofcourse 100% politically motivated. With Ni John behind bars, Biya's dictatorship cycle is complete. There will be no need to even rig the next elections. The government isn't even playing this farce nicely, I have been expecting that in trying to fake a little fairness, Muna should be summoned for P.I, let loose and then nail J.F. Ndi. It all seems like Muna was never involved in anything.


Diboule himself caused his death. Why was he taking part in an illegal event? He is lucky that his corpse was even found. The other persons who took part in that meeting and are still alive are supposed to be charged for breaking the law first. People should learn how to respect the law. If Fru Ndi breaked the Law in any way, then he should be charged but if he did not and is charged based on fraudulent documents, then more people may have to die because militants of the SDF party will not take rubbish from militants of CPDM party. Biya and his party will have declared a civil war in Cameroon.
Enough is Enough.
Biya ordered the killing of 100 youths in Feb. 2008 and is still comfortably seating at Etoudi.
Doh Gah of Balikumbat killed Mr. Kontem, but he is freely moving up and down in Yaounde. We will not accept a justice system that protects the powerful against the less powerful.
In such circumstances, the rule of lawlessness will prevail.
Enough I say.

Denzel Nixon

Fellow countrymen,
When Biya ordered the killing of thousands of people in Nyos, no one offerred a word, when he killed a village load of Northeners, no one offerred a word, when he ordered the killings and arrests of hundreds of youths during Feb. 2008 uprisings in the country, the incompitent courts in Cameroon made no statement. Muna who organized an illegal convention in y'da May 2006 is out there freely moving and making careless noise but Mr. Biya and Co. are after the Great Fru Ndi. I am convinced, the truth is that Fru Ndi is above mr. Biya when it comes to the law. I have well established facts to bark this up with. Biya wants a way to bar Fru Ndi from earning a "non conviction" ducument in 2011 so he can steal elections with virtually no rivals, he will fail. We are there for Fru Ndi



mk the southerner

But what are Southern Cameroonians doing in La Republique's politics in the first place.

Ni if you are wise take a U turn or regrade it. I too small a rat.

Legima Doh

God bless all the southern cameroonians who stay aloof from the politics and intrigues of la republique du cameroun.

In search of Justice

At times, those in position of state authority use every means at their disposal to eliminate their enemies or rivals. Biya may do want he wants, but let him know the ICC was never created to try pigs or goats. That is why Charles Taylor is now in The Hague. If the Mfoundi political mafia says the case before it and against Fru Ndi is a criminal matter, let both parties to the gemnic wait behind the bars until hearing.

Fru Ndi may go, but the SDF and the Southern Cameroons will pursue justice to the latter. Ben Muna and co should know that when the day of reckoning comes, all will face equal justice. Fru Ndi will only go to prison if the peoples power is dead. We shall fight to the last blood.


Why all this excitement on this issue.We've seen this before in Africa,Alassane Dramane Ouattara(Cote d'Ivoire),Gilchrist Olympio(Togo),Jacob Zuma(South Africa),Morgan Tsvangirai(Zimbabwe).The battery of Legal minds in the SDF shall fight this to its logical and juridical end.And the SDF shall come out stronger and more reinforced.The legal hurdles in this case and its implication are grounds for our Lawyers to draw this case for as long as possible.




When it comes to Fru Ndi, some of us are quick to say no one is above the LAW but when Marafa refuses to go to court and when Ben Muna a law person organize an illegal banned SDF convention which resulted to the death of Deboule, some of us are tongue tied. Fortunately Fru Ndi has always obey the law and has always been to any court when summoned. Has Muna forgotten that during the hot days of opposition in Cameroon he Ben Muna advised Fru Ndi to take up arms against Cameroonian people and Fru Ndi refused. Should we therefore doubt why Deboule died in the presence of MUNA. I believe the wife of late Deboule should ask Muna why he had to organize an illegal convention that took the life of the husband and not going to sit by Muna in court. Muna should know that he KILLED Deboule. Souleman convention was disrupted in Yaounde but no deads were recorded. If these judges are judges as they call themselves in Cameroon, can they boldly ask Muna why he went ahead to organize a convention that had been banned by the authorities

foh nefoh

Already 2 years and the cameroonian justice didn't elucidate the circumstances of Diboule murder.All this because the affair carts several interests (among other things intimidations and breaking up of SDF members) in the side of Biya government.
The prosecution of SDF Chairman while Mr MUNA who organised the illegal meeting that led to the Diboule death is freely moving revealsthe partiality and the incompetence of the cameroonian judiciary.Thus the warned observer will expect to the political trial.
The mobilization of SDF members and militants observed on August 20,2008 around the National Chairman and the other 22 political detained of SDF during their trial at the TGI of Yaounde attests that the party has found again its unity.Also this mobilization proves that the SDF responses shortly will be proportional to the dictatorial government assaults.
As long we shall be united,as long we shall resist,Mr Biya will end by give up because it is in the human nature to oppress those who give up and to respect those who resist.The history of the world has learnt to us and continues to learn to us that even the wildest dictatorships had ended by falling in front of the justice,democracy and liberty.Where were Mussollini,Hitler,Pinochet,Saddam Hussein.....Your turn will come,Mr Biya!


I think there is a confusion here between murdering a person & if people should be murdered because they attended an illegal meeting.

To eliminate a human being on the basis that they are in disagreement with our points of view or ideological values is the most inhuman thing to do. We should denounce these kinds of values & way of action regardless of the perpetrators, regardless if they are people whom we support and pay allegiance to.

We want justice, equality, peace & freedom, these demands should rest squarely on an unshakeable ground that all human life is sacred & therefore can not be taken away on any premises or justification.

We are righteously outraged at the present demonic oligarchy & it's ruling monsters, this is justifiable on the grounds of it's inhumanity, undisguised contempt for human life, it's complete anti-human policies & pride in representing itself to the whole world as partners & the worldly business frontend of the dark.

At the same instance we can not commit the same types of crimes & participate in supporting, perpetuating & keeping in continuum impartiality, biased & prejudiced points of view, these are the kinds of values that have kept many African societies in a retarded & perverted form.

We should be concerned with who brought the said Diboule to his untimely end & in so doing will be able to bring some measure of justice to the victim's family & also to those who are being falsely accused of the crime..?
We should also not participate in accusing anyone falsely for a crime which they did not commit.
Unfortunately & regrettably, the Cameroonian society & goverment as we know it, will never be able to provide safety, security, justice, peace, equality & freedom for anyone at all.
For the simple reason that, there is no common ethical, moral, spiritual & religious ground upon which our people can stand upon & agree that, on this platform we shall endeavor & put ourselves to the task of adhering & committing to a set of precepts & principles which will guarantee every member of society the minimum of security, well being & a safe existence.

When everyone is a law unto themselves, from the top of society right to the bottom of society, how can such a society function...??
how can it provide justice to anyone..?
If we were the wife of Late Diboule, or his children, what would be the feeling & response when we shall read or come upon such callous & insensitive talk that is totally not in consideration of the dead...??



Kukuru Nsoh

i think, it is like a game, you divert the people's attention to somethn' mean, while under the table you commit more crimes than it is to be judged, that man Pual is too clever. he is a fox, no one is above the law, but yet, he can't be judged, what kinda law system is that?
So, no matter all the noise, it will still end in vain


I think the prosecution will have a hard time proving Fru Ndi's guilt in this matter.These people in the judiciary don't really get it.I can safely say that any indictment of Fru Ndi will be the beginning of the end of this Biya's brutal regime.

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