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Friday, 19 September 2008


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anthony nsom

Fru Ndi should not play the anglophone card. In a purely anglophone setting can Fru Ndi be our leader? What are his credentials other than courage?


Hi Anthony Nsom,

What is the relationship between being a leader and having credentials? What actually do you mean by credentials? Biya got the credentials and so on and where has he taken Cameroon to?
I think who is educated (I mean able to read and write) can be a leader if he/she got the qualities of a leader.
Most great leaders who have existed in the world have not had the credentials you seem to be talking of.
Some of us are blind to the truth. Fru Ndi just spoke the truth but we will never see it due to reason known to us.





I think anyone who is educated..........


Fru Ndi is playing politics of the stomach. i.e his mouth first and those of immediate family members before the masses.Comparing him and any other opposition likre the one in Kenya and Zimbabwe is like comparing convulsion and death.
He should learn a better lesson from these opposition leaders for they are genuine leaders.
One cannot deliver the goods if his heart is heavier than the load.


NJFN is right in every sense of the word. His excellency the president of Cameroun should seriously consider granting NJFN audience for sincere talks on the putting-in place of a government of national unity if The Cameroons must survive in this dispensation.Thanks


What makes Mr. Anthony Nsom think he can speak on behalf of anglophones? What credentials must a person posses to qualify as a leader in Mr. Nsoms kind of world? Mr. Nsom dismisses courage as a cardinal credential for leadership? If Mr. Nsom's reasoning could be so parochial then something must be seriously wrong with people who posses his kind of leadership credentials. ndunya


While I think Fru Ndi is in his menopausal stage in politics, I find it hilarious that people always try to dismiss his importance...eventhough he is the only "real" embodiment of opposition to the brutish Biya regime in Cameroon.

Hate him or love him, Fru Ndi has raised some very solid points in this interview that cannot be dismissed.


USafrica, Vito, Klemenceau, Ma Mary,Lehgi Doh of New York, Rexon,Fon,Tayong, P. Ngimbus, Simplice,Danny Boy, Nje,the son etc, thank you for either fighting or defending lies!


This sort of rhetoric by the SDF chieftain are the sort of things some of us dont like to hear from African politicians. The Kenyans and Zimbabweans did not sacrifice their lives for any mundane power sharing agreement that seemingly undermines the rights of those who died for democracy. After rigging elections in Zimbabwe and killing several thousands of people to force them to accept the result, Mugabe is still in power, same is the case of Mwai Kibaki. What we want is the respect of the human right of the African people. if anyone looses elections, they should go. If we are in a legitimate stalemate, any imminent power sharing agreement should not undermine the human rights of ordinary Africans. Thousands were killed in Kenya and Zimbabwe by despotic governments there and if any politician wants to share power they should not undermine the fact that justice need to be done and the families of those who died need to see their killers brought before the law. Unfortunately in Kenya and Zimbabwe, the politicians are glad to swap their new positions with deals that undermine and protect the values which those killed stood for: democracy in their country. Biya have masterminding the killing of thousands of Southern Cameroonians and Citizens of La Republique and we shall not rest until their killers are brought to justice. NJFN should not interpret any power sharing agreement with that despotic regime as some sort of democracy. If he wants power, he should simply ask for it. He should not start making statements as: "the President himself had often said he had never met with him." When did Cameroonians start listening and believing what Hitler Biya have to say? We do not need any lectures from Biya or any of their ilk, even if it is about NJFN taking money or not from Biya, we do not want to hear. Biya as we know can only manipulate Cameroonians and we do not need his lectures on anything and NJFN should not be reminding us about what he has or has not said.


Watesih, welcome. You will soon observe that very little has changed here in terms of mentalities.

Danny Boy

where have you been? Hope all is well with you. Welcome. As Fon has already intimated, nothing seems to have changed in your absence, except for the fact that most of the "anciens" you well know do not contribute that often.
The reason for this fatigue, I do not know, but can I guess that those living in the West are feeling the effects of the recession/depression. This has demonstrated to the World that free market economics are a sham.
The past week must have taught a valuable lesson to acolytes and gullible free marketeers, which is, sooner or later, the bubble will burst and the Governments will have to pick up the pieces.
Whatever, the BBQ in 2012, will still go ahead. Fon will be doing the roasting, whilst Rexon will be serving the cocktails.
God willing.


Leaders cling to power not that they love it but that they are fearful of the present and terrified by the future.
A genuine opposition leader should understand that he who loves opposition will loose his position.
Power sharing government in the strictest sense of it is another way to deceive the people: It gives the impression that even if an opposition leader wins an election; he is never given full powers: This could only be compared with someone who sells you a goat and is still holding the rope:
If Mugabe won the election outrightly ; he would not have accepted to share power. For the opposition to accept such deals ; it means half a bread is better than none. That is why Massa Fru is lamenting in the article above: Who is begging who and why


It is good to know that Fru Ndi has realised how Biya and his caucus hate not only the NW province but also the whole of Southern Cameroon. It is high time for him to join the forces of the SCNCC to liberate us from this dilemma


Wateshit and Danny Boy,
I find it hilariously hypocritical that two of you are trying to ride the moral horse on this forum. Your attempt to put yourselVES on a pedastal and blast everyone else is a low blow and extremely laughable.

Look at who's talking? please, look at who's talking. Wateshit, notoriously known for your heated words in arguments on this forum. You have insulted, slandered and many a time engaged in act of verbosity. My man, your attempt to come here and say "oh! these
stupid people are still arguing over useless things" is not working. When you point one finger at someone, four fingers are poiting back to you. For newcomers on this forum, you can check the archives and see all the outrageous postings from no other than Wateshit himself.

As for Dannyboy, I shouldn't be surprised at your shabby attempt to pass as the "higher voice". Ever since you boasted of your illegitimate children and your flamboyant play boy lifestyle on this forum, nothing about you surprises me anymore. But as they say, give credit to where credit is due. Thus, I will have to applaud your sensational comedic skills. Your comment on Rexon and and Fon was indeed a masterpiece.

Thank you and have a good day.



whoa..democracy is really sweet but unfortunatly we can't express it fully in our own beloved country..hey folks am new here and in the past i have read comments with so much hate words and statements, but for that long ...or since the beginning of our so calleds democracy thanks to NJFN,it seems to me we still don't know what we want or where we are heading.Forums like this sometime help us to express what i want to identify as patriotism and i think we can do that without insulting or belittle the other's point of view,aleast lets keep aside partismship or personal intrest when it come to the problems our country is facing and focus on issue and ideas of how we can solve some, if not all, starting with ourselve by changing our mentality and start thinking like the true patriot that we all our or we should be. Just you and me can do much if we set goals for ourselves and share ideas and ways to accomplish them. we have been opposition for more than eighteen years today and cameroon has become worst than some of us meet it.I think is time we all go back to the one party system of of mr.biya and the CPDM since is the only way to get into the Govenment and then we can be able to bring about the changes and great ideas and inside that i have come to realise you all have."like the say gos if you can beat them then join them" its obvious we can beats them onless by the oddface of a war which is something i will never which for my country....yes if you can't have what you want then like what you have and make it to be the best and that special something you have always wanted. I know i might have you fire up on me but i will be back to read all the comment am going to get for saying some thing that most cameroonian will not dare to mension.but like i said earlier democracy is sweet, lets start by making that step towards it. and if NJFN is really a great leader as i believe he is and if he thinks he is really someone we can look up to and compare with those in kenya and zimbabwe then what he should do is to start by showing his great leadership skill and example to POPO by steping down and look for us the great sucessor that will be able to bring back that life and intrest and that vibrant qualities he use to have in the nintys,someone who will be able to bring all cameroonian together for a common purpose and engage every body into the process of taking back our country with peace and love...leadership is not only ruling a country or being a president or chairman of a party, is also being that example for the change that we all know can only come from bottom to top and not from top to bottom thats how i look at it.


Danny Boy,
Concerning the BBQ in 2012,since you live just beside the Olympic venue and on the 15th floor of that giant building, I suggest you move to the 20th floor before 2012 so that we can conviniently and simultenously do the roasting/grilling and cocktail from the Balcony while at the same time watching the Olympics. No tickets needed.

Anybody who thinks that change has not come to Cameroon because Fru Ndi has not stepped down as chairman of the SDF, can form his/her own party, then be a chairman/chairwoman and do what ever Fru Ndi has failed to do as a chairman.
DonĀ“t forget that Ben Muna was the one struggling to replace Fru Ndi at the helm of the SDF. What has he done after forming his own party?
Those want Fru Ndi to step down are those who want to liquidate the SDF.


Fon,Danny Boy,
Thanks.You guys gave me an avant gout of what was in store for us from people like USAfrica.

Thanks.I`m perversely proud to be a nightmare to you.You are a good student,because you have been combing achives to see the lessons we keep teaching you here.You're doing a great job to bring more people on board to enjoy this privilege.Hear you," Look at who's talking? please, look at who's talking. Wateshit, notoriously known for your heated words in arguments on this forum". Hahahah! At the sight of my name you start shaking like a dry leaf? You are even courageous enough. Your masters and co-disciples do not even have the courage to answer my greetings
YOU NOVA SEE NO NOTHING! Remember,"Those who tread on the wind, should have wings to fly"


In Democracy,is there any thing like power sharing? Why are we constantly being deceived? Which party now is the ruling party?
The time Massa John was suppose to bring change to this country has since gone. One must change in order to be an agent of change.Change or change will change you. Not this.
Indeed for Massa John to be praising the situation in Kenya gives me the impression that he is still willing to eat the crumps from the dining table of Massa Paul if given the opportunity. His naive approach to issues through his NGO makes me to feel that we are living in a state of illussion. He started on a nice platform but defaecated when we needed him most to tighten the sphincter muscles of his anus for that change to come.


Fru Ndi, a second hand book seller, always dressed in funny Bamenda dressings, things he can bring a change in Cameroon. This man is just as corrupt as Paul Biya. How can he represent Cameroonians in such dressings..A man who still believes in the politics of the midddle ages..magic in politics etc..His bodyguards were some old naked women from Bamenda.A man who has never been tested to know his behaviour when it comes to public funds,has never managed more than 500000fcfa, has never effected any law etc..Massa HE HAS DONE WHAT HE OUGHT TO DO, NOW IS THE TIME FOR HIM TO STEP OUT OF THE POLITICAL ARENA...PEOPLE ARE FEED UP WITH HIM...



The name reminds me of a nuisance once in this forum called Mukete.
You better carry your divisive words to your village. You come again to preach hatred here. You are a good example of those agents employed by Biya and his agents to cause division among brothers while he continues to kill and steal.




Hi Watesih,

I have been absent from the forum for quite sometime as you.
I am already enjoy the good and bad of the forum. But even "a fool too has his opinion"




Thanks.I`m perversely proud to be a nightmare to you." - Wateshit

My man, don't flatter yourself too much. Nightmatr? in your dreams. You are simply nothing but a foil, a pseudointellectual whose boisterous ramblings have no substance underneath.

You come to this forum to feign some moral and intellctual superiority. All you do is yap, yap, yap and try to place yourself on a pedastal. Have those your empty words brought change to Cameroon whatever? what have they done? you sit in your one-room apartment in Europe, read a couple of phrases by Karl Marx and all of a sudden you think you are better than everyone. Na you nova see anything. Some idiot

"At the sight of my name you start shaking like a dry leaf? " - Wateshit

Hahaha. I like how you continue to boost by self-esteem with these outrageous remarks. Shaking a dry leaf? why would I do that? I love taking on empty vessels like you. There's nothing more pleasurable than exposing the fallacy of a pseudointellectual.


Forget Mr.John Ndi and Paul Biya, they are never going to leave any little bit of power they hold. It's not in the nature of the Bantus, or those from Centre/West Africa to do so easily. In another article in this same paper, i see a journalist trying to pelt the West for showing little sympathy to Fru Ndi's struggle, against those of Morgan Tsvangirai. Mr Tsvangirai, came out as a more eloquent and intelligent politician with a focus and a vision for Zimbabwe. He was able to convince the West about the problems facing his country, and was level headed, how useful he will be to his people. Even when he had a large mass of the people of Zimbabwe's trust, he never became arrogant nor did he abuse their trust. Unlike Mr Ndi who contradicted himself when he had the opportunity to present his purpose the West. Mr Ndi, who became arrogant to the people who made him, what he is, he lost touch with the people when "Biya's crumps" came in, through the SDF parliamentarians. In all and in the end, he was regarded as just a power hungry person without a vision or a purpose. The West couldn't give the support Mr Fru Ndi or the author of the said article expected. Unfortunately, he had the masses of Cameroonians who still don't know what they want, or what a nation is all about.


I must admit I am not good at political discourse but you guys lambasting NJF should know that he has contested as party chairman more than once with other SDF militants and has always won with a crushing majority. I am also of the opinion that NJF has outlived his usefulness but believe me or not, he is still the most charismatic within the SDF ranks to man the party. I challenge anyone to name any suitable successor as of now.


Hi Watesih.Well i guess i shouldnt say welcome 'cause we got back in same time,but then its really nice to know you're fit and kicking.God bless


A good leader is he who prepares his succesor before he leaves office. If massa John has not done so for all this time he has been at the head of SDF, it confirms the fact that he is a very bad leader.
He should therfore step down and see if his post will not be occupied in the shortest time possible.
Paul Biya is better than Massa John from my findings

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