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Monday, 29 September 2008


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Inoni should be ashame trying share his crocodile tears, stupid. Are you not member of the gang.

Who do you think can take major step if not you. Minister of no porfolio, small Yaounde people have take you as pupet and you have loose your sense of control, shame. You call yourself an Economist, your friends who want to work for the benefit of the people will do just one thing, RESIGN. If you can resign, i will write to the international office for personality with conduct, and you will be give a medal in just 60 days.
You think you are rich, sorry you among the poorest minister in the world, you know why, because the amount you have stolen you can eat it freely.
What is left for you now is just to cry. shame on your administration. Japan can do better business with better countries that manage a well organised system.

Go Cameroon and keep doing business with China, Tainted Milk is soon coming to Cameroon.

Ma Mary

You should weep.

Your army executes elaborate bank heists in Victoria.


This is what Inoni should weep about. That his boss is stealing using his power more than him. He steal but the crumbs as those secretaries in his office are the real prime ministers: His own words to Bakweri people in the uk.

Weep on this. Stupid man

Monday, September 29, 2008

Guard escaping with President Biya’s money arrested

He was intercepted on the third floor of Wardolf Astoria hotel in the US where the president is putting up for the UN general assembly as he tried to escape with the president’s heavy-loaded suitcase of money

A close military aide of President Paul Biya, who attempted to escape with an important sum of the president’s money during his current stay in the US, has been flown back to the country. Reports say he is being held at the presidential guard detention cell at Unity Palace.

The presidential guard, whose identity we got simply as Lieutenant Emane, is reported to have been intercepted when he was suspected of trying to escape with the president’s usually heavy-loaded suitcase of money on the third floor of Wardolf Astoria hotel in the US, where the president is lodging as he attends the 63rd UN general assembly.

Le Jour newspaper reported that the man who has visibly always been a loyal, docile and an unsuspecting character was picked up thanks to the Swiss security men who alerted the presidential security at the hotel of suspected movements by a vehicle outside the hotel building.

And a prompt investigation by the security soon revealed that the vehicle was about to be used by the lieutenant who was planning to escape with the president’s billions of FCFA.

Back in the country, he was whisked off at the airport by presidential security men in plain clothes and conveyed straight to the detention cell at State House.

The lieutenant is said to have won the president’s trust and confidence that allowed him to enjoy the dignity of the president’s closest errand boy. Sometimes he was bearer of the president’s confidential mails, we learnt.

He has since his incarceration been interrogated several times by interrogators of the presidential guard and the judicial police.

Posted by PrinceReport at Monday, September 29, 2008


...and why is Inoni, that monkey of a man, weeping? he has eaten his money and he is full; why doesn't he want others to eat their own?


You guys should leave Inoni alone. His hands are tied. Can only excute as the 'master' dictate. If you were in his shoes what would you do? Don't mind them Inoni, overhere in China, we are encouraging more and more Chinese businessmen to invest in Cameroon and hopefully that would happen soon.


Rexon, if what you report about Inoni here turns out true, then it's real pathetic for him. Then I take the queue to say 'crocodile tears'

Till Biya dies, we can't talk of anything sensible about Cameroon. It's all a circus now.


Its depressing to keep on reading this kind of trash coming from a government that has in all its endeavours showed a lukewarm attitude toward capping corruption in Cameroon.

Inoni weeps, has he declared his assets? What happened to that law that was past a long time ago about offiicials declaring their assets before taking office? Its non applicability is a glaring pointer that these buffoons are only fighting to gain time to squander our economic potentials.

The president was quick to revise the constitution within a matter of a few weeks for self gain and those of his vile kind.

The government was quick to jail youngsters who took up courage to protest for lack of basic necessities, which is their's by right, in the first place.

The country was ready to squander billions, in an uncontrolled manner, to buy a luxurious plane for an underserving leader while more than half of the country is languishing in poverty.

The country was fast at slamming injunctions and closing down TV stations that air anti-government policies. You can name all the other atrocities and you will find yourself getting more and more vexed as I have ended into, just by typing this ramble here.

Cameroonians are being taken for a ride daily. They are being fed ridiculous promises while the masters at work wallow in luxury.

Trying to stop corruption my foot!


The Business environment in Cameroon does not warrant for someone to take the risk. I got enough to create about 300,000 jobs but when I started boys, it was rough at the ports, offices and even with police harrassments. I had to just let the first concintment expire and I withdraw and live in peace.
Cameroon is a disgrace.

Ma Mary

October 1 address, a video:

Carlson Anyangwe's October 1st Address

Inoni, please review.

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