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Monday, 15 September 2008


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I know it is not right to condemn the dead but this should serve as a deterrent to other robbers who milk poor students dry in the name of securing places for them in professional schools

mister lobot

With all due respect and condemnation for this unscrupulous corrupt act by this lecturer; Should we on the other hand hold that this ENS victim murdered the lecturer?

Danny Boy

visited a number of sites where-in this story was being discussed under the heading, "Fact or Fiction?" Personally I would wish this to be fact. Just maybe this is the weapon we need to rid our society of such unscrupulous characters. The question is will the post be brave enough to send an investigative journalist in to probe this matter to a logical end? Did she? Didn't She?
I only wish she did....that would be as good as precision bombing!
Good night folks.


I know hundred of persons who have made it to Ecole Normalle without paying a dime. Why should her name be publihed as ucesful, when others spend several weeks in Holiday clases to catch up with the syllabus. Its high time we condemn both those are collect and pay he bribe. However I find the article poorly wriiten. First the lecturer gave up the Ghost, resurected and returned home. How possible is that!!! Mr Peter try to get your details in order.From the way you write I wonder if the girl was actually asking for her money or did actually threatened the lecturer


Fellow Cameroonians,My dear country men,I feel the lecturer death can be closely related to his illness.Remember He was still in the RECOVERY PHASE of his illness.The confrontation He allegedly had with this girl might have only increased his psychological trauma and if indeed he too this money,the guilt might have affected his illness negatively.You know WELLNESS is holistic,physical,psychological and spiritual.When a component is missing Wellness delays.And in this situation and without being her lawyer I DONT THINK THE GIRL HAD ANY DIRECT INFLUENCE TO HIS DEATH,unless WE ARE SO SUPERSTITIOUS,well i respect the stance of others


I want to believe it has come to the point whereby we will be reading false stories in the post.
From the article its very clear the writer is related to the lecturer.He never investigsted the story i.e getting the students version,he simply got the story from the family.
How much gombo did you get youngman?Too bad for the post,as we know it.
Can you please go back and do the right thing,get both sides of the story,that is defamatory on the part of that young girl.
Where you a witness at Mazi?


The Post,
let's take a walk down memory lane to Journalism 101. Where are your valid sources? or are we now running "quartier gossip" as news stories?

Danny Boy

US of Africa,
for once I will not castigate the writer or the Post for publishing this story, be it fact or fiction for this simple reason. If this helps to curb the bribery endemic in our society, the good for society at large. In the eighties, the story of AIDS was used in the West to curb the excesses of promiscuity, intravenous drug abuse, prostitution and homosexuality. It did the trick, though homosexuality has instead risen from this socio-political engineering ashes like the Phoenix!
This story, if properly managed by the authorities should strike fear into all those thieving policemen at checkpoints taking bribes. I do not care for the facts. As I said before, maybe this is what we have been wishing and looking for!
God help us.

Danny Boy

Us of Africa,
if this story should scare the pants off all those thieving policemen on our roads, so be it! Fact or fiction? Let it be their worry,and Biyas' kleptocrats; not that of the not so law abiding Cameroonian who has been co-erced into this melodrama.
I have heard of the bumble bee living Oku to go and cause havoc in Nigeria! If only these stories were true.


Danny boy,
I do understand what you are saying but in the long run, such "jungle justice" ( permit me use this word for lack of a better term) would only lead to a chaotic society. Landlords and tenants will settle scores by killing. Students and teachers will equally settle scores by killing. Families will also resort this brutish method to solve disputes. Then, we shall be living in a lawless society. For any society to properly function, we need a united and transparent body looking into such matters and persecuting the culprits based on a set criteria. That is what we should fight for, not such back-hand schemes. While such killings might bring temporal and fleeting justice, it only lays the foundation for a lawless society; a society in which individuals take matters into their own hands, without any supervisory body regulating peace. Unchecked freedom only brings about anarchy.

mister lobot

On ways, its a poorly written story, sensational and requiring indepth investigation. To say a man died and ressurected, when it is likely a comma and without having sought medical advise is extreme irresponsibility. If anything, both writer and newspaper are both guilty of misinformation and propensity to incite. On the other hand this story is reminiscent of many we have heard, experienced, will hear and continue to experience. Assuming that he actually died from the 'lesson' promised by his victim, then it is a case of murder. The writer should allege and investigate a murder case and decease from this careless manouvering of witchcraft.

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