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Monday, 22 September 2008


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China,Africa's historical economic partner has done in 37 years what the UK,US,France,Belgium put together couldn't do in more than 250 yrs,spanning through slavery,colonialism and neo-colonialism.China's partnership with Africa,since the very early days of our Liberation Wars and later on by jostling and boosting our economies while carrying out magnificent and gigantic infrastructural edifices(roads,hospitals,schools,stadia etc etc).The Yaoundé Congress Hall(Palais des Congrés) is a shouting embodiment of Sino-Cameroon relation.

Out of Cameroon and on the continent,China has lived up to expectation with gigantic projects like the Tanzam Railwayline,dams and power hydraulic centres and otherbreath-taking projects from Cape to Cairo and from Monrovia to Addis Ababa.


"China,Africa's historical economic partner has done in 37 years what the UK,US,France,Belgium put together couldn't do in more than 250 yrs,spanning through slavery,colonialism and neo-colonialism." - Essono

Well said Essono, very well said. That is why the West is panicking now. With the presence of China, their influence in Africa is dwindling. The Chinese speak with actions...not empty words.


China is the best development partner we can ever dream of having.In shouting contrast with the West,through its imperialist,exploitative,paternalistic and thieving approach to business on the continent,has alienated and antagonised the vast majority of Africans who see in China,their best hope.

All maynot be a roller coaster ride with Sino-Africa relations,but like any relationship the underlying fundamental should be MUTUAL RESPECT.This the West doesn't know,and its exactly what the Chinese have used to win the Heart of Africa.I would prefer the Chinese devil,to the Western angel,anywhere,anytime.

Small wonder all roads are leading to China.Western arrogance hasn't helped them either especially with the failed,Structural Adjustment Plans,the Debt Saga,the EU-Africa partnership agreements etc have all ledf Africans to believe that its now time to turn from looking Westwards to Eastwards.And they are reassured bc Africa shall never,never,never again suffer from the same colonialism that the West inflicted on them.

The jealoused Western press has claimed that China has come to replace the West's Imperialism.This is a farce.China would never become an Imperialist nation over Africa.For its interests,it would be wise for her to deal with us more humanely.And that's what she has perfectly understood.

Danny Boy

I do not speak Chinese or Mandarin. Hope those who went there to taech them English are hurrying back.

Danny Boy

US of Africa,
you are but naive to suppose that the Chinese have the good of the African at heart. Ask the puff-puff frying mothers in Bamenda. I am sure they will not say Amen, b.... away you
US of Africa, you are still wet around the ears.


Danny Boy, I feel pained by your mild cynicism. Have you taken a look at the Palais de Congres in Y'de, the freshly built sporting complex downtown Y'de and all the other more significant projects in the making. I'm not sure you think the Chinese puff puff sellers outsmarting those of Bamenda can equal to what France or whatever western country has been doing to Cameroon so far?
Given that we need these partnerships, China is a lesser evil, I would risk saying a beneficial evil.
The best thing, I've seen France do to Cameroon is winning the contract to print national I.ds.
It's good to be critical but when you actually weigh Cameroon's options, there's hardly many in that area.
In the D.R.C, Kabilla signed a series of agreements with the Chinese that's practically selling their forest and minerals to them in return for the construction of schools, roads, water and electricity projects, stadia,. just everything to move the country to a different level. At least, there, they understand their resources are been taken for a reason.
In Cameroon you can't even tell the oil revenue and how it's used except maybe for salaries. Naive, no way, it's the reality, that we have to loose something to gain something.And we loose less with the Chinese.


Your gullibility about the presence of the Chinese in Africa contrast markedly with your desire to be boisterious here.What action are you talking about? The Chinese building Sport complexes,and tarring roads to facilitate their access to raw materials? The new generation of Africans should not celebrate buildings, sport complexes,but should be gunning for the complete acquisition of skills that will enable them not only to eat the fish given to them by the Chinese,but should be able to fish themselves.Here I`m talking about human resources management,and not assistance through the construction of some white elephants.The question you should ask yourself is what can the Chinese teach us at the individual level,and not what can the Chinese build for us.Since the Chinese built the Congress centre in Yaounde and the Referal Hospital more than a decade ago,how many of such structures can Cameroonians build with the technology they learnt from the Chinese? Did these same Chinese not come back in 2004 to start building a sport complexe in the heart of Yaounde? What I`m up to is that any country that feels it is a saviour to Africans should and must take care of the intellectual know-how of these africans.You cannot have a history of 5000 years, and you talk of a mutually beneficial relationship with somebody who cannot manage a factory that you will open in his back yard.This implies that you will have to bring people from your country to do the management part of it.How then do the local people benefit from your largesse? Our relationship with the Chinese is 37 years old,and I can assure your that they have got more from us than we have from them.Forget about buildings and lets talk in terms of the resources they have been exploiting here.The Limbe sea now completely belongs to them.They can fish indiscriminately.Are we therefore paying for the contruction of the Sport complexes with our own source of food? Cameroonians have been training Chinese in their schools for so many years now.These young Chinese subsequently occupy important positions around the world and come back to decide the fate of our resources.Danny Boy made mention of those who jostle for ostentation with puff puff frying ordinary citizens in Cameroon.How do they really contribute to the upliftment of the poor in cameroon? They don`t train any Cameroonians to be able to create jobs, but they compete in puff puff selling ,while the cream of our youngmen are teaching their children English
,which they use to comfortably integrate into the international community.
One imperialism is as lethal as another
We all are aware that the Chinese badly need natural resources to sustain their economy that grows at above 10% yearly
,but it is a duty for us to know that our raw materials need to be transformed in our own country in order to create jobs, and ensure industrial development.
It beats my imagination that we are still at the level of choosing which evil is the lesser.Evil is evil!If you want to choose between two evils,it means you will be bling to the transgressions of the lesser evil.When the lesser evil tells you that she doesn`t condone the interferance in the internal affairs of other countries, you quickly gulp down this sophistery,while you goes about doing exactly this in your next-door neighbour`s home.
It is also laughable to start fantasizing
that a resources starved country will have to deal with us humanely.A country that gives a 2.5 billion loan to a poor African country and immediately get hold of its sea has nothing to show when it comes to treating people humanely.
I will roundoff by saying the Chinese themselves are badly in need of high technology,and have been doing everything to squeaze it out of the owners in Europe and America to no avail.The little they know is good enough to produce the goods they have been inundating our markets.So do we really expect them to teach us any technology? Your answer is as good as mine!


Amazing comments. No matter what we say, it will all boil down to one thing. Our leaders, out of their selfish interests have failed to assert our independence. Asserting our independence means we should take our destiny into our own hands with a great love of our country. In the absence of this, another person will handle it for us and gain whatever he can from it. If you have a farmland and you are too lazy to plant in it, another person will plant on it. It's this kind of laxity that made Nigeria to lay claims over Bakassi. While we were drinking 33 Export, they were eating into that land.
The relations between China and Cameroon is acceptable. But if it's not happening the way we wish it to, we should ask our leaders and not the Chinese people.
I want some guys here to understand that there is nothing like friendship in international relations; what we have is "interest". A popular definition of Diplomats is " people sent abroad to lie for their country". If we do not know how to play our diplomacy and protect our interest, we should blame our leadership which seems to have no developmental vision. This very chinese people have suffered a lot from hunger and imperialism in the hands of Japanese. How did they get out of this to be a country with the fastest growing economy? If you don't have, you should beg, if you beg and it's not given, then borrow. If you think borrowing have strings attached, then steal. I'm not talking of stealing state money..I'm talking of technology development styles. Japan was devastated during world war two. We all know of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But under Emperor Meji, japan produced what it consumed and consumed what it produced.
These are no longer times to blame people for our laxity, poor leadership, selfishness and lack of patriotism. Let's know our interest in international relations and take our destiny into our hands.


Before the maize came the chicken were living. Disposable chinese products with their wonderful side effects. Toys are lead impregnated and thus harmful to kids playing with them. Chinese belts have magnets which are heavy metals and induce a magnetic field on sperm barriers. Chinese products especially milk is presently being withdrawn from the market because of contamination and close to 50.000 children have been affected. The list is endless.
An average Chinese is very wicked. Visit any of the Chinese shop and you will confirm how they are maltreating Cameroonians working under them.
Do not make that error of thinking that such projects will bring employment opportunities to Cameroonians. you are wrong. They come along with their workers. They employ their citizens first.
Their products have a very short life span and that is why i hate their products. Quality has no substitutes
Cheap things are very expensive you know.


Paradoxically the Chinese may liberate Cameroon of the Francafrique kleptocracy

Check this website for Gaëlle Le Roy and Valerie Osouf’s “Cameroon, Autopsy Of An Independence:
a documentary film which explains the conditions under which Franco-Cameroonian hydrocarbon/mineral agreements were signed at Independence with Ahidjo’s puppet government in exchange for the extermination of the U.P.C. which demanded total political and economic independence. Those same contracts (and political inferiority complex) still govern Biya’s (and the rest of the Francafrica’s kleptocracy) relationship with French oil companies. Check it out here:

We’ll never get such a bum deal from the Chinese government – at least they’ll help us build 2000 kilometres of railway across the country – as they’re doing in Kabila’s Congo. That’s the kind of kick-start the country needs but never got from the French government. That’s what the country needs to realize its full potential - but Biya and the opposition are too dull to dream about. Paradoxically, the Chinese arrival could help us throw off the yoke of the Francafrique kleptocracy.


As a child I lived in a house that was built during the brief German tenure and the house is still standing on strong.To me that's a perfect example of how to improve a country, amongst others. The French and British in all their time were not able to even paint some of the buildings.

The French and all the rest hadn't the least time train or upgrade our human resources, nor to lay down infrastructure. The Chinese are at least doing one with the same resources the Europeans had long been exploiting.

Let's pretend that we can at one point or at present insist that whichever country comes for our natural resources will be pressed to transfer human resource skills and build infrastructure for us or that we'll subsequently do that ourselves in the near future.

I'm sure a bunch of us know the feeling that you get when you land at the D'la Int'l airport. I figure a situation where we had the right infrastructure that we deserve, it would be worth a country to live in or visit with other foreign friends.
It will be a good thing to have high tech professionals and architects to fashion our cities and improve our technology in the next twenty to fifty years?..I can't tell. Right now we are starving of infrastructure.

I'm not going to indulge in prose but again we might all agree Africa needs infrastructure as badly as human resource. Cameroon is at least getting one that Europeans did not give with all their time. We acknowledge the Chinese themselves can't get core technology. But then, they trade with what they have. How did that turn to be their fault?
There is what 'Is' and what 'ought' to be.
You'd rather be saying 'fortunately' we head straight for English or French not the other way round. P.Eng takes us at least three decades back and I hardly see any advantages in it.


WateSHIT and Dannyboy,
with due respect gentlemen, don't put words in my mouth. I never proclaimed the Chinese as our saviors and liberators. If you guys actually read my write-up, you will see that I was drawing a contrast between the activities of the West and China in Africa. The West has been in Africa for centuries but they haven't done anything to advance the economic capacity in Africa. China has only stumbled upon Africa in the last decades but she has already embarked on enormous railroad, airports and other infrastructural projects. In comparison, China is the lesser of two evils. I didn't say that the Chinese are the saviors to end our demise.

Thank you and have a good day.


"I do not speak Chinese or Mandarin. Hope those who went there to taech them English are hurrying back." - Danny Boy

Danny boy, just because you are able to escape to the U.K, abandon your illegitimate children in Cameroon, impregnate a white woman and "secure" your dokis doesn't put you in a place to laugh at those who are struggling to survive the right way.

When the U.S economy crumbles, the U.K will be the first economy to follow suit and then the rest of Europe. It will be wise if your illegitimate children started learning Chinese...or even Mandarin.

Have a good day


Sorry, this section which comes below my last comment isn't part of it.

"You'd rather be saying 'fortunately' we head straight for English or French not the other way round. P.Eng takes us at least three decades back and I hardly see any advantages in it."

Danny Boy

Mr. Mbu,
I am sure you will agree with me that the first meaningful Chinese project completed in Cameroon is the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaounde; completed in time for the Nations Cup in 1972. I know it because I was at the opening ceremony. Their next venture I believe is the Congress Hall; a decade or more later. Then the roads a few years ago! So what had been happening in the intervening years? Zilch!!!
As somebody has already said above, in international relations, it is your interest you are fighting for, not that of some weakling. The Chinese will milk us dry, that is the sad truth. Comparisons with the Europeans who have left us at this crossroads is but obfuscating. The question we should be addressing is after all these years of independence, why should we be going, cap in hand, to beg for a little more from anybody?
It is sad.


I do not have anything against the Chinese. However, the manner in which they have been conducting their businesses and engaging themselves with despotic African regimes does not portray them as realistic African/Busines partners. The rights and priviledges that they have been granted by our despotic Biya regime does not reflect anything close to legitimate rights. Imagine how they have destroyed all our fisheries resources in and around Limbe/Fako division? Using unorthodox techniques that have been banned by international law like twin trawlers and small nets. Who gave them that right and why are they using it? Do they see Africans as fools? No government grants rights and priviledges to foreigners that cannot be granted to thesame people in their own country. And the chinese should not think because our despotic government have granted such rights to them, they should use it carelessly why abusing the human rights of Cameroonians. As we are talking now, the chinese have masterminded the killing of a Southern Cameroonian fisherman in the waters of Limbe. I have been reliably informed that lawyers who were handling the case have been instructed by the regime to abandon it or they will be killed.

If the chinese are for business, they should conduct their business with due respect to the Cameroonian people. Everyone know what that means. They should not achieve licences and priviledges after bribing corrupt henchmen from the regime in return for protection by them. We do not need any help from them. The taxes we will collect will help us decide how well we can develop our own country. If we need to learn any expertise from them, we will sign meaningful agreements that would portray a win-win situation for both parties. All this talk of Chinese "helping Africans" is not wanted. We have enormous resources to take care of ourselves and we do not need people who always come to provide their soo called "foreign aid" to us.

Danny Boy

US of Africa,
"Watershit"? You are fast losing your marbles...can not pronounce; can not spell: or is it your eye-sight failing you?
Such an ignorant, boisterous, illogical, dim-witted twit.
Have some respect, you son of a thousand fathers.


If you guys don't want the Chinese to do what they're doing to help your country and their own country, you better do it yourselves and stop lecturing people on nonsense. I think most of these guys that have lived in China have a better understanding of what is practical lessons than most of these guys that have gone to assimilate western theories which have enslaved them to the west.



In case you didn't notice, my spelling of the name "WateSHIT" was intentional, hence the capitalisation of the "SHIT". Your blockhead could not get the cue. Also, if you are going to quote me, quote me well. I said "WateSHIT" and not "WaterSHIT". Are you thus the one losing your marbles? can not pronounce, can not spell; or is it your eye-sight failing you?

Such an idiotic buffoon,infinitesimal nincompoop, and a lustful coward. Have some decency, father of a thousand bitches, whores and bastards.


Danny Boy,
Just leave USAfrica alone.He can shout the whole place down,but what we do he is purely intellectual.Where are we going with rustics? He is still infatuated with scare tactics.Others have tried it here before him, and eaten the dust.It is a shame to see such a loud mouth shouting to the whole world that China is a lesser evil.
Why in the first place should we have to make a choice between two evils.We should rather assert our authority by selling our products to the highest bidder, not taking 2.5 billion loans from them ,and surrendering our acquatic resources to them.
I want to make it clear again that the strength of a country is not measured by the number of airports,playgrounds and railroads it has,but by the industriousness of its human resources.This is not to say these things are not important.A country can only enjoy these things when it has made its citizens to be able to develop them,not just consume them.The Chinese have all along put emphasis on man power.That is why China is called 'The Workshop of the world".It is paradoxical today that those who have as names, "UnitedStates of Africa" are the same people yearning for outsiders to come and build airports for them.When the Chinese organised the Olympics themselves, they invited Swiss architects to design the main stadium for them,and paid with tax payers' money. This is how it should be.The fiddle plays the tune,and you chip in a coin.Can the Swiss architects now get hold of some farmland in China for selfish reasons ,because they designed a famous stadium?
Nobody is going to stop the Chinese from cooperating with Cameroon,but Cameroonians should know that when you show the type of slavish mentality we have all along shown to Europeans,and Americans to the Chinese, you will be doubly raped( take this term literally). Those who have ears to hear should hear!


Amazing again! I am so surprised at the lashing of insults on the part of UnitedstatesofAfrica and Dannyboy. It makes me question the reason for this forum or the kind of scholars we claim to be. Is it not in Africa that we say we should send away the hawk before shouting at the Hen? Why do we leave the issues and chase the ghost? It's complete folly to go down to the level of using insultive language here. Let's leave that aside and talk of the matters in and objective, and not subjective manner. Thank God people like Watesih and Rexon can read within the lines. Can somebody read what I posted before? With due respect, I urge you guys to stop these insults.
Is is the Chinese people who ask your Cameroonian Parliamentarians to sleep and clap in parlaiment? Is it the chinese who ask Cameroonian parliamentarians to sign bills which they know do not represent the will of the people? Is is the chinese people who ask your ministers to embezel huge sums of state money? Is it the Chinese people who lie to the president that the roads have been tarred and all is ok? The questions can go on and on. You know the rest.
Governments are "elected" to take care of the needs of the people. If at any time, the people realise the government is destructive, they should remove it and institute a new government that will stand to the rules of the social contract. This should be done with the use of " every possible options"
Unless African leaders, (I'd rather call them rulers) start leading like Muamar Qadafi, Nelson Mandela, Full of vision like Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Patrice lumumba( of blessed memory), Abdou Diouf, we shall always remain " The girlfriend of all nations".
Assert your independence, know and diplomatically safeguard your interest, open your eyes, Love your country, be accountable, make a better world for the future generation.


Time always dictates every agenda. I think this approach that China is using by capturing minds of people through small projects etc etc is to a greater extent dictated by the time we are now living in. Colonialisation cannot take the form of the 40s again. Believe me very soon in the name of help they will start testing medications,gene manupulated food stuffs,etc on our people. Beware of any person who donnot look like you. Now is the time for us to collectively do things for ourselves because we are capable afterall who brought China to were it is now....


Where then is the maturity?Rather you could exchange your personal email addresses for such nasty comments if you so wish for i do not enjoy reading them.


Excerpt Watesih,

"I want to make it clear again that the strength of a country is not measured by the number of airports,playgrounds and railroads it has,but by the industriousness of its human resources"

You can say we're been raped, cheated, fooled, enslaved, I completely agree. But I completely disagree with this part above.

Tell you what, I don't know any developed or 'First world country' that hasn't got sound infrastructure.

Watesih, a country's strength has everything to do with the infrastructure it showcases. Quote me anywhere. That part of your argument to the countrary reduces the fortitude of your argument.

The construction or reconstruction of Japan took precedence on its H.R development. The AmericanS and Japanese didn't wait for a dozen years to train Japanese and setting them to build fresh infrastructure after the Second WW. This all went on simultaneously with construction work being the main concern.

Deciding which one should come first between human resource development and infrastructure is another debate.

The Chinese example mustn't forcefully apply to Cameroon or any other similar country. In case you fail to realize human resource development is going on even faster than laying down of infrastructure.

"To Hon. Bokwe, the Chinese government is creating an agricultural complex for the training of agric technicians in the South Province ."

More importantly, there are about a million Cameroonians out there getting the western education, that is human resource building. It is not a question or vision of laying down a 101 giant project dubbed 'Transfer or building of human resource.' that's going to establish the fact that something is going on at that level.

Get home and show the human resource you've acquired abroad.

There is what "Is" and what "Ought" to be. We are talking about the same thing, I'm talking more about what "Is" and you and Danny Boy are talking about what "Ought" to be.

The Cameroon government at this point has not and would not mastermind any giant project, be it HR.Management or infrastructure building without foreign partnership. When it comes then to that point the Chinese or foreign partners have their part of the bargain. You can keep playing "Why this, why that tunes" but that is what IS happening.

I will digress a little to say the D'la stadium is been given a facelift (synthetic pitch) by FIFA sponsorship. The government had an option to put a sum to build a completely new sports ground like other countries decided to do, but it all fell on deaf ears. That is how bad the government is.

Blame the government, I'm with you, but about the rest, we're not on the same page.


it all boles down to our leaders to make meaningful relationships for the long run benefit and sustainance of their people.peace.


While I very much appreciate the Chiness developments in the nine provinces in Cameroon, I am vexed with the neglect they are giving the Bamenda man. If my brain is getting old, can someone pinpoint one (i mean only one) project that the Chiness government has done or attempt to do in NW Province. Or can Cameroonians in China tell me if in the Map of Cameroon in Chiness geography books, Bamenda land is not found there.


"Amazing again! I am so surprised at the lashing of insults on the part of UnitedstatesofAfrica and Dannyboy. It makes me question the reason for this forum or the kind of scholars we claim to be."- Ebulle

I have never claimed to be a scholar or an intellectual on this forum. I am a common man with common sense. This is why I do not tolerate all the jargon spewed by pseudo-intellectuals like WateSHIT and Dannyboy or buy into all the propagandist strategies by failed historians, political aspirants and asylum seekers like Rexon, Paa NgemGOAT, Legima Goat of "New York", the South-Wasting-his-time, Ma Mary and all their cohorts.

I stand by common sense, abundant wisdom which is afterall "common".



Hi Mbu.B,
I`m afraid you did not get all the contours of that quotation.Take it as a whole the way it reads:"I want to make it clear again that the strength of a country is not measured by the number of airports, playgrounds and railroads it has,but by the industriousness of its human resources.This is not to say these things are not important.A country can only enjoy these things when it has made its citizens to be able to develop them,not just consume them.The Chinese have all along put emphasis on man power.That is why China is called 'The Workshop of the world".
I`ve not downplayed infrastructure,but I insist that you learn to fish,than to be an eternal cheerful recepient.I'm not sure that if someone were to ask you to make a choice between having your people trained, and having airports built for you,you will choose the later.That is more the reason why you are trying to give examples of some chinese undertakings when it comes to encouraging home-grown talents.What we are saying in essence is that our engagement with any other world power should give us the opportunity to learn talent that we will use to erect our own structures.Not involve ourselves in some gymnastics that only leave us in a bad posture.That is why you guys keep saying we should make a choice between a greater and a lesser evil.
This shows you are not comfortable with what you are getting,but think half a bread is better than non.Of course this can go on for another century.Who is the loser?
The Chinese are beginning to get our message,that is why they are now talking about training people.How many have they trained for the past 37 years? Their Prime Minister was telling the UN today that they have to train doctors, and build whatsoever in Africa in the coming years.This is because they are now hearing the echos from Africans,that this time it must be give and take.They won`t make this promises if we are docile ,and contend ourselves with the refurbishing of playgrounds.Chinese are very particular about their interests around the world.They don`t want anyone to step on their toes.It is even a little vexing to keep hearing people brandishing the Chinese as a lesser evil.This has only emboldened them to quickly carry out some exactions on African soil before people get to know them better.
You ask me to keep blaming the government, and be blind to imperialist tendencies,else you will not be on the same wave length with me.You don't even need to be on the same page with me,because what you are doing is just like asking me to be blind to the extermination of 400,000 people in Darfur by those who are trained and armed by the very people you know.
Finally,on asking me to come home and show the human resources I have learnt abroad is blindly being intruding,because you don`t know me,and you don`t know how many Cameroonians I might have trained in my field of expertise.


"The Chinese are beginning to get our message,that is why they are now talking about training people.How many have they trained for the past 37 years? Their Prime Minister was telling the UN today that they have to train doctors, and build whatsoever in Africa in the coming years." - WateSHIT

WateSHIT, again, if the Chinese are deciding to "listen" to the cries of Africans, that is because they have the courtesy to want to listen. It is not because the complaints of Africa has compelled them to listen. Do you know how long Africans have been protesting against exploitation by the West? just look at Nigeria. All the big oil plants in Nigeria are orchestrated by Westerners not NIGERIANS. Nigerians have been protesting, has the West listened?

As I said before, the Chinese might not have our saviors but they are a more decent trading partner when compareed to the West. Again, lesser of two evils.

While I applaud this partnership, I do feel like it has to be regulated so that our already ailing economy doesn't crumble by the influx of cheap Chinese goods. With that said, however, I will pick China over the West any day, any time, anyplace and anywhere.

Thank you and have a splendid day.

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