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Friday, 19 September 2008


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No way,no how,the West shall never bring Change to our societies.How can we learn this,how can the negro ever understand this?CHANGE SHALL ONLY COME THROUGH THE INVISIBLE WILL OF A PEOPLE,RESOLVED TO END TYRANNY.Sanctions have never ushered in change anywhere on the continent.Libya,Apartheid South Africa,Zimbabwe etc.And even when change did come to some of these c'ntries,it was a direct consequence of the people's determination to cast off oppression and not on Western penalties per se.

This heavy reliance on the West as a panacea for our political woes in Africa,isn't only a tacit acknowledgment of our powxerlessness,but it might be a frightful indicator that a whole generation(on whose shoulders the salvation of this continent reposes) might have indeed given uop on the 'Soul of Africa'.I fear this shouldn't be the case.Bc if it is,then we are lost.


Sanctions have almost always been a catalyst for tyrants to squeeze their grip on power and to unleash an orgie of violence on their people.Zimbabwe is still fresh in our minds.Cameroon doesn't need sanctions for Biya to go and the West has different measures for different peoples.Of what importance is this c'ntry important to the US or UK,for these to impose penalties on her? Do we have 'white settlers' whose lands have been expropriated like in Zimbabwe? Haven't we realised that sanctions are often tied to the degree of importance of that c'ntry to the West and that these penalties have racial connotations?

Or don't we know that the West's "benevolent sanctions" are often metted out on rebellious and unruly 'head boys' who dare 'curse the hand that fed them'?


The political terrains in Zimbabwe and Cameroon are not the same and their colonial past have influenced the evolution of the political opposition in different ways.In Cameroon,NJFN has made alot of concessions and compromises since the advent of multipartism.We may accuse him of this or that,but I hold that whatever decisions were taken was for the good of the people.Tsvangirai isn't as constant as Peterkins Manyong tries to portray.He has had his own share of 'flip flops' just within the short time he has been at the helm of the opposition as compared to Fru Ndi.

Like when he publicly called for a second round in the last Presidentials and then turned around and boycotted the elections despite popular calls within the MDC not to boycott and with many who called the boycot a 'betrayal' to those who died during the violence.

And was that being 'unbending' when he initially refused the terms of the power sharing deal which kept much power in Mugabe's hands and then to turn around and later on accept it? When even MDC Speaker of Parliament and other Legislators were at odds with the deal?

Whatever,NJFN has a choice place in the hearts of many on the continent.And when Cameroon had its own share of political instability in the early '90's,and Zim was relatively peaceful,the rest of the world heard more ab't Zim than Cameroon.Perhaps,it can rightly said that Tsvangirai's cause has benefitted from the expropriation of 'White lands' and gained the support of the West.Had we had such a scenario,maybe the situation would've been different in Cameroon.

BTW,where are those who claim that NJFN is unschooled or is an 'illiterate',they should check out on Tsvangiraai's education.Atleast,our NJFN had a bookshop where he could from time to time read books.



The problem with failing democracy is not the actors but the institutions that put the actors in place. Don't try to change people, instead change the institutions, and that is only possible, according to vote sizers, with VOTE SIZING democratic reform.

Think about this: "The more you earn, the less your vote counts and vice versa". This is what we think should replace the "1-person 1-vote" model which is today not only oudated, but also paves the way for big money to take over the decision making.


In the power sharing deal in Zimbabwe, the opposititon leader is having direct control over the police where as Mugabe is directly in charge of the armed forces.
He is the head of council i.e decision body of 31 members with 15 ZANU-PF and 16 MDC with Mugabe as the chairman.
Which party is now the ruling party? Why are we constantly being deceived? Who forced who into this peace deal and why?
you mean you win your election and someone will force you to share power with?

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