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Monday, 29 September 2008


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This is a hoax. It does not take rocket science to understand that any organisation managed by Biya cronies and members of that CPDM junta can never win any prize whatsoever in a competitive society. These people must have spend billions to bribe those raters to rank SONARA higher, just as they have been spending billions to bribe transparency international to improve Cameroons ranking on the corruption perception index.

Soon we will hear that Sonara ranks high on corporate social responsibility, even though they have been destroying our waters in Fako, does not employ locals in their refinery, etc.


Rexon, are you insinuating that ISRS was bribed by the Biya regime? They ranked fourth of the list, so they offered more hefty bribes than all the other Petroleum and oil units? Get serious ma man!


Imperialists rewarding those who have been keeping the oil pool safe for them to come and drink from.What is even the use of SONARA to the Cameroonian people,before we even start talking about classifications? The ISRS had better put pressure on SONARA and their masters in Yaounde to include the proceeds from oil in the national budget.
The whole world knows that SONARA is the black purse of Mr Biya.How comes only this black purse is doing fine in a sea of carcasses.Let ISRS also tell us where they place CAMAIR.

We saw you weep for the large sums of money thiefs stole from your government banks, now you think your Biya government cannot bribe anyone.We know what makes some of you run here.Were you not alive when it was detailed how Ondo Ndong used billions to bribe journalists to write good stuff about Cameroon? How comes Cameroon goes from the most corrupt country in the world ,to maybe number 43 on the list,with so many miniters being sent to prison everyday.Do you want us to talk the talking?


WateSHIT, you shameful conspiracy theorists...the moaning and bitching and groaning of pessimistic potheads like you never seizes to amaze me. Has it ever crossed your mind that any good can sprout from Cameroon? what has SONARA being Biya's "black purse" ( to borrow generously from your vocabulary) got to do with the quality of oil SONARA produces? has it ever crossed your mind that maybe SONARA deserved the recognition due to it's oil quality and quality work environment? and then you bring Ondo Ndong into the typical of self-hating Africans. You just assume that it is the same case. This story has just been published in the mainstream media but you have already drafted your conclusion. Have you looked into the matter? what background research have you done? what valid proof do you have? you carry your BLOCKHEAD and jump into conclusions.

SONARA's corruption has nothing to do with it's quality of oil and working environment. Not all organizations mix politics with business when it comes to international politics. There are some who are apolitical and they plan on remaining that way.

You are a waste of time. I should expect such nonsense from a pseudo-intellectual like yourself. Internet warrior! only know how to prattle aimlessly online. Go to Cameroon and bring change.


Unitedstates of Africa

Yes, that is what i am insinuating. It is either ISRS is not reputable and receive just meagre sum to rank them high or those who carried out the study were bribed hefty sums by the Biya regime. It is just like those Swiss, European and American based PR organisations that are being bribed to write good things in foreign media about the regime. If Biya and their ilk can steal our money to bribe CNN, BBC, Le Monde, New York Times, etc to write good things about them, why not researchers in this rating organisation. What of US senators who have consistently received bribes worth billions to purify and sanction fraudulent elections as being free and fair? That is how serious i am.

Sonara can never strife on its responsibility to its consumers and its environment. How comes? These despots sleep in occultic chambers and spend more time thinking about their own personal survival and how they can hang on to power than on the quality of services they can provide to those who buy their product and the environment. If they care about the environment that much as you think, then they would have been asking questions as to why only citizens of La Republique have been working there, seemingly dumping waste and other products on the sorrounding waters of Limbe because it is not their land, etc.


CAMEROONIANS DO NOT OWN sonara BUT France and Cameroonians have gained nothing from sonara and gas prices in Cameroon is among the most expensive on earth. France should be happy for the rating for they have successfully exploited sonara without fear since its creation. I wish the pirates had attacked but the french who are draining all our oil.

Danny Boy

sometimes ignorance is bliss. The dick-head talks of, "quality of oil"!!!. What are we talking of here, PAMOL or SONORA? Quality of hydrocarbons? If what Cameroon produces has a high octane level, that is but natural, not some ingenuity on the part of SONORA.
Besides, this article is on Health & Safety at work.
Makes me wonder whether this boy is alright up there?


WateSHIT and Danny OLD FART


You are an old and helpless fart, so it is understandable why you don't have a sense of humor. You have the audacity to say that
"and the same time want to see Njalla Quan and his children caught in the cross fire."
- WateSHIT

Can you please quote from my write-up, VERBATIM, when I insinuated that I want to see Njalla Quan and his family caught in a cross-fire? please quote, word for word. Your blockhead seems to be failing you. What I said was that the thought of Njalla Quan and his obese children panicking at the sight of gun shots is hilarious. I didn't say I wanted them to be in that scenario nor did I say that I wanted any harm to happen to them. I simply SAID THAT PICTURING THEM IN THAT SCENARIO IS FUNNY. Why it is funny? I happen to know Njalla Quan and I happen to have met him a few times. He's a very cheerful and upbeat man ( a trait I would advise you to pick up. Your pretentious up tightness, something you try to copy from the British, is rather working against you). Being the outgoing character that he is, picturing him in such a scenario is truly funny because of his facial expressions and the comments he must have made. Lighten up, OLD FART and advice your ill-fated, self-deprecating brother Danny Boy to do same.

As for the free-Lapiro-movement, while I see that you have memorized some dates in February, you failed to remember that as early as February 7th, the impending doom of Lapiro was already in talks. It was widely speculated and some people felt that it would wrong if the government reprimanded in such a vile way or without a fair trial. That is when some individuals started such movements. I didn't boast about creating one of such movements...I just got actively involved. But how would you know these things? you are sitting in your one-room apartment in Europe, selling ice-cream and married to a white woman to get your "dokis" and your sex-addict of a friend, Danny boy.

Lapiro is no saint. We all know that. But he has paid his dues and he has paid them ten times over...maybe the government should start fetching for thieves like Danny Boy, the ones who ate government money, received education due to government money and then ungratefully decided to stay in Europe, married white women and "Secured" dokis. What goes around comes around. As they say, Karma is a B..........

Have a wonderful Monday Ladies and Gentlemen


"sometimes ignorance is bliss. The dick-head talks of..." Danny OLD FART

You have the audacity to refer to me as a dick-head. My man, let us get some things straight
1) I am a MALE so don't use homoerotic innuendos like dicks when referring to me
2) I am not one of those useless prostitudes you chased and impregnated in Cameroon. Neither I am one of those white bitches who decided to open like legs and have sex with a MONKEY like you...
3) The only person who needs treatment is need rehab to curb your lust. In life, what goes around, comes around. As punishment for your reckless sexual lifestyle, your daughters must all be whores. You knows, maybe I am "Sanctioning" one of them right now. Excuse me while I cover her face with a is far too disgusting to look at. I hear she got the look from her father. Poor thing!


"sometimes ignorance is bliss. The dick-head talks of..." Danny OLD FART

You have the audacity to refer to me as a dick-head. My man, let us get some things straight
1) I am a MALE so don't use homoerotic innuendos like dicks when referring to me
2) I am not one of those useless prostitudes you chased and impregnated in Cameroon. Neither I am one of those white bitches who decided to open like legs and have sex with a MONKEY like you...
3) The only person who needs treatment is need rehab to curb your lust. In life, what goes around, comes around. As punishment for your reckless sexual lifestyle, your daughters must all be whores. You knows, maybe I am "Sanctioning" one of them right now. Excuse me while I cover her face with a is far too disgusting to look at. I hear she got the look from her father. Poor thing!


With all your fuss and no substance I thought you were a man with two balls.Spilling a lot of spittle about my British uprightness and lines copied from Karl Max shows you are coming to terms with yourself that the "Wateshit" you want to play hardball with is the type of punch that will render you impotent.At least we copy from Karl Max,but you copy from Shakespeare though you don`t even understand what you copy.If in any situation of a shoot out, where Njalla Quan and his "obese" children were stranded to your greatest pleasure,this is called caught in a cross fire.Why should they be panicking at the sight of gunshots? Of course because they are caught in a cross fire.You don`t panick when you are not in danger.This is not the most important part of it.Your sadistic impulses come out when you slam the government for not providing enough security to protect money,but contradict yourself by wanting to see Njalla Quan and his "obese" children completely feel insecured.Do you get the logic now? You happen to know Njalla Quan as out-going and his children as obese,
what is therefore the fun part seeing them in real harm's way? I don`t think picturing people in harm's way is funny to a normal person.You are obviously not normal!
Hear how a lost soul expresses himself:" early as February 7th, the impending doom of Lapiro was already in talks. It was widely speculated and some people felt that it would wrong if the government reprimanded in such a vile way or without a fair trial" .How could there be speculation and the talk of a fair trail when Lapiro had not yet been accused of masterminding the uprising? That is what readers want to know from a loud mouth like you.
Look USAfrica,you have now shown the world that you are groping in darkness when it comes to the situation in your own country.Two days ago you said "we" started a free Lapiro movement since February of this year,but today you are at at "SOME individuals started such moveme movements" .Which individuals and what type of movements?
Some dark impulses are making you to sound so mean.You surely have the impression that washing dishes in Europe is a bad thing.The Chinese are some of the best dishwashers in the world,but you have been prescribing them
to Cameroonians as 'a lesser evil'.You see out of touch you are with simple facts?
I want to make it clear to you again that the fact that SONARA is BIYa's 'Black purse'
has got a lot to do with the type of services it produces.This because Biya does everything for it to survive so he could continue sucking money from it to share with his imperialist friends from Canada and the other paternalistic countries. There's no parastatal in Cameroon with clear designs that Biya can manage well. Even Camair,which is our legs to the rest of the world had to be treated with Commiseration by Yves Michel Fotso.Biya quickly appointed him,because he knew the Fotso Group had ready cash that could be brought in by Yves Michel to salvage it.SONARA's working environment has to do with propping up Biya`' "Caisse Noire" as his thieving French friends would like to call it,and nothing else.I brought in Ondo Ndong because you are not even aware that he as part of the government used billions to bribe BBC,CNN and other news outlets to write good stories about Cameroon.Just as Cavaye Yeguie Djibril bullied and later bribed the TPI to at least place us far behind on the corruption index.There's one old white headed Canadian by name Joe Clarke
who has persistently validated flawed elections in cameroon for the past ten years
in the name of representing the Commonwealth
Do you think we even care the damn to hear about the others coming under the cover of the ISRS? Go sleep!


WateSHIT, are you done with your aimless prattle? it was virtually impossible to seave some sense from this rubbish which you just posted above. I won't even waste any of my time educating you about those free Lapiro movements. You are visibly clueless.

"you are coming to terms with yourself that the "Wateshit" you want to play hardball with is the type of punch that will render you impotent." - WateSHIT

I like how you boost your ego with exaggerated phrases like this. The only thing impotent on this forum is your brain.


Mr 'Lesser Evil" you seem to be running out of invectives already and your gossiping column is surprising becoming shorter.I repeat to you that the,"Wateshit" you want to play hardball with is the type of punch that will render you impotent".keep
up the pace!



You are of no importance so don't flatter youself with "impotent" comments. I have butchered you and you friend Danny boy before and I can do it again, 10 ten times over and then 20 more times. When you are ignorant about something, substantial information becomes a "gossip column". I would advise you to check you Lapiro facts before you expose yourself as an ignorant buffoon to the world. But wait! I guess that is impossible because you live in a one-room apartment in some European concentreation camp. The sources you use to get hard-core info. from Cameroon are gossip, hear-say, rumors, corrupt party affiliations,Western media, illeterate family members and distorted/tainted eye-witness accounts from passer-bys. Don't worry, you shall be returning to Cameroon soon...with your white women and confused race of children.The U.S economy is about to collpase and then Europe will follow suit. Then you asylum seekers like yourself will be flooding back to Cameroon in your numbers. Dem go show wuna pepper for airport.

Danny Boy

Dickhead US of Africa,
like a worm, you burrow blindly into the unknown. That is why I will keep calling you dickhead. do not know the difference between crude oil(SONARA) and palm oil(PAMOL)!! If you knew, you would not have been talking of "the quality" of what SONARA produces.A bit of Chemistry/Geology might help you out. I wonder whether you have got the brains though.
I can only feel but pity for the ignoramus who imbibes your half-baked ideas.
Go free Lapiro, might just be the best thing you could ever achieve. Numbskull.
Do read the articles and make sure you understood what is being said before attempting a response for Heavens sake. That you have access to the net is no licence to stalk one with ennui! Stop talking about dokis, white women, prostitudes(sic), etc, for these will get you nowhere. I will be in Cameroon in December. Feel free to organise a welcoming committee for me. SOB!


"I will be in Cameroon in December. Feel free to organise a welcoming committee for me. SOB!" - Danny old fart

I see you are already planning your return to Cameroon eh? drafting documents and scouting land. Hahahaha. The economy must have hit you hard. Beware though! remember you used blood money from the Cameroon government and ran away to Europe. You might might finally meet your doom. I would love to organize a party for you, packed with doctors, nurses and psychiatrists who would love to give you a thorough check-up...unfortunately, I will be visiting college friends who now reside in France. I wish you the best though, the next couple of months will be the hardest you've ever faced in your life. ASHIAH!!


"That is why I will keep calling you dickhead. " - Danny old fart

You insist on the homoerotic analogies eh? keep exposing yourself as the homosexual that you are to the forum. It is really true that a sexual addict has no gender preference. DISGUSTING!!

"If you knew, you would not have been talking of "the quality" of what SONARA produces.A bit of Chemistry/Geology might help you out. I wonder whether you have got the brains though." - Danny boy

A honest mistake sir just like those illegitimate children of yours. Wait! I take that back. Your children were not conceived under "honest" circumstances.


Mr "Lesser evil", on what day of February 2008 did you guys launch the Lapiro Movement? After having answered this question,I will accept you have butchered me and Danny Boy.


Mr. WateSHIT, please go and do your homework. It never seizes to amaze me how asylum seekers in Europe and America come online and pretend to know everything about the underbelly of Cameroon. They are even pretentious enough to quote "reliable" sources.

As for butchering you and Dann Old Fart, I don't need to succumb to petty tests to prove it. Anyone who has eyes to read can see it. You see, I have a phobia regarding pseudo-intellectuals like yourself. That is why I have made it my mission on this forum to CHOP them and one. I took down noisemakers like the notorious Paa NgemGOAT, Legima GOAT, Simpleton and even Ma Mary. Now, Ma Mary can't even dare to make those preachy and presumptuous statements she was so fond of. Even better, she won't even dare to pick a fight with me. I was on the verge of bringing the Rexonists down, luckily for them, their leader Rexon has changed his tone and is now more down-to-earth and compassionate. I am not to be trifled with WateSHIT. I see you are still underestimating me. Be Warned!!

Have a good Wednesday.

Danny Boy

Dickhead U.S of Africa,
whoever told you that Ma Mary and the others you have listed are scared of your inane threats? You are the simpleton.
Listen to yourself speak,"I will be visiting college friends who now reside in France" Now reside in France? Is this where you have been getting your information on how to obtain resident permits in Europe? I am sure your friends will not be amused by your flattering comments on this forum.
I suppose a dickhead like you thinks they do not visit this space and all is alright for you to go and feed on their baleful existence in France!! Shame on you, though a wart like you knows no shame.
As for matters as natural as sex between consenting adults, you do not have a clue. Either you are a eunuch or you are suffering from the oedipus complex!! May God help your incestuos family. Genesis to Malachi, remember? Logical is it not? S.O.B


No body doubts who you are.For the past days,you have cried foul for the sums of money stolen from your Cpdm banks.
You have frowned on Cameroonians for reasoning aloud that imperialists can be bribed to place Cpdm thieving bastions like SONARA up the classification chat.All the other columnists you named above,like Rexon,Ma Mary,Pa Ngembus,Legima are independent minded in their own way,and some have been here for six years.Some have engaged in some of the best debates we have had here.Some are tested debaters.Imagine somebody like you who came last year,and instead of making your mark,you have decided to take the low road.All this people have just ignored you, because what can you debate with somebody who runs away from the subject matter of the day,and starts talking about prostitutes.Are we in a brothel here? Your Cpdm sponsors surely asked you to come into this forum ,and take on those who have been blasting the hell out of the rotten regime in Yaounde,but you are not the type.First,you are childish and you have no intellectual fortitude to withstand the scrutiny experienced debaters here will put you through.As an example,you announced yourself here as a proponent of Federalism,but jump off the badwagon ,and went headlong into distorting people's names and fantasizing about their private lives.When Ma Mary and others tried to refocus you on your federalism issue,you decided to shout the whole place down.So they also decided to leave you alone.How can you waste a lifetime with somebody who doesn`t have a sense of direction.Maybe you do!Everybody will surely be pleased to hear you on this federalism issue again!
You are not doing bad to return to France
where your masters are waiting for you.That is why you have made a conclusion about the number of people you have chopped down on this forum.Your masters have heard you!But don`t go yet ,because they is still one who is still underestimating you.Until you tell readers the day you started your free Lapiro
movement in February 2008,all your work here
would have been brought to nought by just one person out of the many you have chopped down.
Everything about you seems to be a paradox.You carry the big name USAfrica, but you are the first to call imperialists lesser evil.A united states of Africa means it should be stronger,and even reject aid from those who in one African country pretend to be saviours,while in another they are butchers.Shame on your name Mr "Lesser Evil"! Secondly,you are so worried that huge amounts of money are stolen from your Cpdm banks,but desperately wish ordinary Cameroonians should be caught up in a difficult security situation.You even go to the level of insulting them as 'Obese".Do you want to see them panicking because they are obese?Shame on you sadist!You formed a Lapiro movement before February 7th 2008 when the uprising had not even started.Until you tell this forum the day it was formed,there's no hiding place for you.I`m not going to do your research for you.You are not the one who taught me that the uprising started on the 25th and ended on the 29th.Before you go back to France to see your friends,
remember Ben Muna came from there,sent his agents to come and frighten us here,
discovered the futility in this,and finally decided to serve his masters in Yaounde.He's
not even the chairman of the least distorted
iota of the SDF.
You make fun of Cameroonians here for cleaning toilets in Europe,and married to whites,but here are you heading to Europe to see "friends".You surely don`t like when the dishes are cleaned by other people,but you do when they are cleaned by your friends
Are they the same people who are called "racaille" or is it "Scum" in France?
Hahahahahah! Remember,"If you want to tread on the wind, you should have wings to fly"


WateSHIT, that is the fundamental difference between you and me. You see, I am not a pseudo-intellectual. I don't pretend to be something that I am not. I don't come online, trying to seek praise from faceless immigrants in Europe. I don't bloat my ego by making exaggerated sentences about my moral foundations or my intellectual capacity. I don't put up a fake visage and try to impress people with words I scrammed from Karl Marx textbooks.

This is the internet, I don't take it seriously.

A man with a small penis will always brag about wild sexual adventures. Why don't you go to Cameroon, to the battlefront, you and your children and all those white women you used to get dokis? why don't you take all of them and go to Cameroon? It is in Cameroon where the battle is being fought...not in slums in Europe.

I see right through people like you and Danny old Fart; trying to fill the gap in their unfulfilled lives by making overrated statements on the internet.


...I must go out of my way and say that I find this whole scenario to be quite entertaining. The comments just keep cracking me up...and when Danny old Fart gets angry, that is just priceless. Endless comedy. I know how to push your buttons and you can count on me to keep doing just that.

WateSHIT, you are, as your name rightfully indicates, a piece of worthless SHIT!!


**** Point of correction*****

I never backed down from my position of federalism in Africa. The Rexonists simply decided to stop listening.


Mr "Lesser Evil" ,you don see how I don put small pepper for your eye no? Why
didn`t you give the date you started your Lapiro movement? Blah blah blah! You don cross ocean them,but you don drown for small river! Na K.O that! 1-0!
The words I crammed from karl Max show yi!


WateSHIT, pepper for ma eye? hahahahahaha. I have noticed how you love to flatter yourself. I have also noticed your rebuttals are getting shorter and shorter. They will keep getting shorter, trust me.

Have a good Friday!


The terms of payment were that the buyer (SONARA), as a measure to guarantee payment, was to open a security account with the buyer’s own bankers and the said account to bear the buyer’s name. Then the buyer had to deposit a block sum of US$500,000 dollars that is FCFA 250,000,000 at the exchange of one dollar for FCFA 500.
john edwin

luis metuge

Hello Mr web master i don't think i like the new lay out of your website
Personally i think the pevious was cool as compared to this
love you " Cameroon Post"

Ma Mary

Yes, one of the safest places in the world to rip off Southern Cameroonians.

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