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Monday, 29 September 2008


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Ma Mary

SCNC: The Force of Argument, Not the Argument of Force. Keep wasting your time. They will not use force.

When those who would use force arrive, you shall run without your pants.


Rexon, Ma Mary etc
Southern Cameroonians cannot be fooled.

Why is it that only an anglophone bank was robbed? The truth is they are afraid that one day Amity bank will finance the SCNC to fight them. And who told them we will fight them with arms and not pen?

The thieves are from within Cameroon and dont be fooled the government has a hand in it.They want to bring down all Anglophone infastructure.

You know after Biya unconciously sign that document which France lately cautioned him not to, his pants are shaken.

You can now know why Bakassi was handed over but in Calabar Nigeria and not in Victoria or Buea. This is because in the article if it was handed to La republique,(remember La Republique also refers to the East Cameroon before independence)which has no boundary with Nigeria according to the colonial map it will mean Bakassi has been handed to a faulty owner.

Now that UK interest in blooming in Southern Cameroon, Biya is shaken as such he has to destroy any anglophone infastructure such as Amity Bank


The SCNC cause is just and reasonable. Any Anglophone in Cameroon will many a time ponder if they are truly a part of the "country" Cameroon.

I just wish the SCNC history club wasn't made up of egoistical maniacs and pseudo-intellectuals who don't simply know how to connect with the masses. To use a quote which has now become associated with my presence on this forum ( thanks to WateSHIT and Danny Old Fart), they are like the lesser of two evils.



Thanks for the update. La Republique thinks they are smart. But we have learnt their tricks and know all their intrigues. We have just finished our 1st October Demonstration and we handed our petition to 10 Downing street. Chief Ayamba was here with us and is still here to complete some consultation with UK authorities. This battle must be won. La Republique thinks by destroying our banks, they can kill our economy, no way.


Sorry it's in French.But i think those "Anglophones" not Southern Cameroonians, would be able to read and understand cos' it's their language.
First of all,
Do you think the Southern Cameroons make up only about 3 million of a population of about 17 million?
If the Southern Cameroons is a seccesionist group why is the gov't of La Republique un able to successfully try these people they think, are breaking the law?

Pls tell this reporter that he/she is a mess.Doesn't know what he's doing, spends his time wasting ink and papers


Des militants sécessionnistes anglophones arrêtés au Cameroun

APA-Douala (Cameroun) Plus d’une vingtaine de militants de la Southern Cameroon national council (SCNC), le mouvement séparatiste qui milite ouvertement pour « l’indépendance » du Cameroun anglophone, auraient été arrêtés mercredi à Bamenda (Nord-ouest) et Buéa (Sud-ouest), au cours des manifestations organisées à cet effet, a appris APA de sources concordantes.

Malgré le dispositif sécuritaire déployé sur le terrain pour contrer toute manifestation, les sécessionnistes ont fait entendre leur voix dans certaines localités des provinces du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest.

« Nous ne pouvons pour l’instant vous donner un chiffre précis. Nous ferons certainement une évaluation complète plus tard. Je puis tout de même confirmer qu’il y a eu quelques interpellations », a déclaré un responsable en service dans le cabinet du gouverneur du Nord-ouest.

Ce dernier a indiqué que les personnes arrêtées ont agi contrairement à la loi, précisant qu’une décision de l’autorité administrative a interdit du 23 septembre au 5 octobre 2008, toute manifestation publique dans la province du Nord-ouest.

Une mesure également en vigueur dans la province du Sud-ouest, où on aurait également enregistré quelques personnes interpellées.

Ces manifestations d’après les partisans de la sécession sont « légales et ne souffrent d’aucune contestation » puisqu’elles entrent dans le cadre de « la célébration des activités marquant l’indépendance du Southern Cameroon ».

Ce mouvement qui existe depuis quinze ans organise chaque 1er octobre, des manifestations pour célébrer « l’indépendance » de cette partie du pays, une date en réalité qui commémore la Réunification des Cameroun de culture anglophone et francophone, le 1er octobre 1961.

Les anglophones qui occupent le 1/5 du territoire et à peu près trois millions d’habitants sur une population totale de 17 millions d’habitants environ, accusent leurs compatriotes francophones de les avoir « colonisés ».

Une revendication « non fondée », rétorque le pouvoir et partagée du reste par l’écrasante majorité des anglophones, catégoriquement opposés à la scission du pays.-



How can francophones investigate themselves for the crime they committed. Ze Meka going to Limbe was just a cover up and he forgets to know that we are still expecting him to tell cameroonians and the world how cameroonian soldiers were shot by other cameroonians in Bakassi and where is or are the shooters. Francophones are bent to destroy the anglophones from kumba to Mamfe, Mamfe to Bamenda, Nso to Limbe Ndian to Wum etc but some of us are contented with our non pofolio ministerial posts at the detriment of 7 million people even though another stupid frog said anglophones are just 3 millions. Why are they keeping the results of the census


unitedstatesofafrica and those doubting thomas'
Are you surprise that demonstration where held in the Southern CAMEROONS even with the forces of disorder from La Republique?

Cameroon gov't. nabs 20 English-speaking separatists

APA - Douala (Cameroon) Over 20 members of an English-speaking movement called 'Southern Cameroon National Council' (SCNC), which has openly been advocating the "Independence" of English-speaking Cameroon, were on Wednesday arrested during street demonstrations in Bamenda (Northwest) and Buea (Southwest), sources told APA here.

Despite the tight security measures taken by the authorities to deter any demonstrations, the separatist militants were able to stage demonstrations in parts of the northwest and southwest provinces.

"At this moment, we cannot give specific figures. We will later assess the situation. But I can confirm that a few people have been arrested", Said a senior official from the office of the Governor of the province.

According to that official, those arrested were acting illegally, adding that the authorities had banned any demonstrations from 23 September to 05 October 2008 in the province.

The measure had been extended to the Southwest province, where a few protestors have also been arrested for questioning.

These protests, according to its organisers were "legal and beyond dispute", as they are part of the activities marking the independence of Southern Cameroon".
This separatist movement, which was et sup 15 years ago, marks every year on 01 October, the "Independence" of this part of the country, a date that actually commemorates the reunification of the English and French-speaking parts of Cameroon, which goes back to 01 October 1961.

English speakers in Cameroon, who live on one-fifth of the national territory and represent three million out the country's 17 million inhabitants, accuse their French-speaking countrymen of having "colonised" them.

A claim described as "unfounded" by the government, but shared by the overwhelming majority of Anglophone Cameroonians, who oppose any scission of the country.

http://www.apanews. net/apa.php? page=show_ article_eng&id_article=76671

Legima Doh

Thank you Casara,Thank you Massamoyo,Thank you comrade Rexon,Thank you ScNc Switzerland,Thank you ScNc UK,Thank you ScNc home branch,Thank you the entire ScNc ,Thank you Grand Chief Ayamba Ette.
The Post,how many times have I warned you to stop addressing the ScNc as a secessionist group?You want to go back to the basics about the ScNc and stop giving that misnomer.
People of the Southern Cameroons must understand that there is a serious and dangerous conspirasy going on.La Republique is bent on annihilating all the financial,social, moral and intellectual infrastructures of our motherland.We must be on our alert,we must expose them, we must guard against their machinations and also improve on our time and effort on the liberation struggle.We must also expose any foreign governments that are advertently or inadvertently corroborating the works of the Biya regime.We must come down on them and expose them until Biya is left with no shadows to hide under.We must not fold our arms and only criticize the comrades but contribute constructive ideas to foster and strengthen the liberation movement.We must ask ourselve if October 1 were truly the day of bona fide reunification between East and West Cameroon why is it not celebrated to commemorate its grandeur as a momentous day in the epoc of the country?Why is it a day of deploying soldiers with the express intention to terrorize the Southern Cameroonians exclusively.Something is terribly wrong with this day to La Republique because while being independence day to the Southern Cameroons,it is day of colonization to La Republique.This is evident in the way they always react on that day contrary to the way Southern Cameroonians do.But they are now dancing to broken drums which makes it uninteresting.Their politics, their intrigues, their objectives have all been unravelled by the comrades of the ScNc.Their doom is nigh.
God bless the Southern Cameroons,
Legima Doh,
ScNc,New York.

Ma Mary

Carlson Anyangwe's October 1st Address


Hello fellow Cameroonians. Where does the history of Cameroon start? 1st October is now nothing to everybody because we think Cameroon belongs only to those of us who are alive today. What if tomorrow our children wipe out all our 20th May and the rest. I have not seen any country in the world where history is neglected like in Cameroon. While not necessarily supporting the SCNC, some of us of the English expression feel dejected because everything has been done in Cameroon today to wipe out anything that had to do with the history of West Cameroon. We are just expected to accept anything that people who value the happenings in former East Cameroon think is good for us, and they keep telling us to shut our mouths because we have no problem. If you have a wound on your leg are you the person to tell how painful it is or will someone tell you that he is the one to say how painful it is? What type of brotherhood is this between Cameroonians? I think this problem needs to be discussed and solved and it is not in the interest of Cameroon to be arresting the SCNC partisans each year.

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