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Monday, 15 September 2008


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These Imperialist mad cowboys called Americans.You wouldn't find a single health centre in their name.You wouldn't find a single road in their name.You wouldn't find a single drinking water terminal in their names.You wouldn't find even a single elementary school in their name.

They will sing the dirges of Democracy,give lessons democracy and determine who is democratic and who is not.Yet,as hypocritical as they are,they would prefer to put arms and military equipments in the hands of regimes that will turn around and use these arms on their peoples.I pray God curses America,for all the wrongs it is committted on our peoples.For propping up the worst racial regime in the annals of our history,Apartheid South Africa.

For destroying the soul of our economies,let America and those who execute its imperialists policies rot in Hell.I pray that this Empire should come to its expedient end.I pray that China rises to replace the US.Bc I would prefer the Chinese devil to the American angel.Let an Eastern Sun rise and let the Western empire crumble.



Amen Essono, Amen!


I'm thinking of the nursery school that was christened by Ambassador Marquardt last year in the tiny NW village of Nseh, funded by the US Embassy.

I'm thinking of the expatriated Cameroonians living in the United States, making a living and finding educational opportunities not available in-country. I think of what they send back to the country of Cameroon. There have been Nigerian statistics suggesting that expatriated Nigerians bring in billions of dollars to the country every year!

And I'm thinking of the US servants in Cameroon, having served in the United States Peace Corps, a government agency, in Cameroon for two years. Cameroon has been a country in the US Peace Corps for over 40 years.

My country is certainly not perfect, but is yours? There's a lot of good that comes from our collaboration, there might even be good coming from US aid to the military. God curse America? You're cursing the world.


MY GOD,MY GOD !!!,you're thinking of a "nursery school that was christened by Ambassador Marquardt last year in the tiny village of Nseh,funded by the US Embassy".You know what Rose thanks for that "nursey school".Do u know how many the Chinese and Japanese have built in Cameroon and in the continent,in the last 8 yrs?Let's not even talk of the 20 yrs. Aren't u even ashamed to come here and expose America's exploitative policies towards Africa?

You're thinking of Cameroonians and Nigerians sending money to Africa,do u know ab't the Americans working for your exploitative multinational companies in the Niger Delta( Nigeria) and Cabinda(Angola),being paid exhorbitant salaries while the people on whose soil the "black goal" is exploited live on less than a dollar a day,and can hardly afford a tablet of paracetamol when they fall sick ?

And what has been the contribution of the so called Peace Corps to the welfare of the man on the street for 40 yrs,apart from the fact that its a shady organisation that is implanted in Africa to perpretrate Imperialism? Aren't you even ashamed to say the Peace Corps has been in Cameroon for 40 yrs?Tell me,how many Cameroonians know what benefit the Peace Corps has been to their lives for the past 40 yrs? Tell me how many Cameroonians know the aim and objectives of
the PC?

Yes,my c'ntry isn't perfect,but we aren't claiming perfection Rose like u Americans,who think they can give lessons to people all over the World on democracy.When we know that itself is ruled by powerful corporate business and who through their exploitative and imperialisic policies have made the world as insecured and violent as never before.


Rose,what is the "good coming from the US aid to the military?" Apart from the fact that ur "aid" to the military is simply a tacit way of rubbing the palms of Biya's murderous regime in exchange for the oil wealth in Bakassi.The hypocrisy of the US,has already opened the way for the collapse of the US.I give the US, just 20 yrs from today,u guys will be history.Rome rose and fell,Greece,the Ottomans,the house of Romanov etc etc,America,will follow suit.

For your information Rose,America is no longer the world? All roads are leading to China and I can see the Americans trembling infront of this Eastern Dragon.Stop living in the past.We can do without u people.Take ur Aid away and help the survivors of Katrina and Ike.

When real revolutionary leaders of the mettle of Chavez,Morales,Castro would rise and take over in Africa,u Imperialists
will be booted out as the Vietnamese,North Koreans and recently Iraqians are kicking u out of their c'ntries;Peace




You said "When we know that itself is ruled by powerful corporate business and who through their exploitative and imperialisic policies have made the world as insecured and violent as never before", Also, quoting what the Chinese have "built" in Cameroon. I see how you are very bitter and ignorant.You think CHINA is building establishments in Cameroon because they love Cameroon? They are doing it for their interest too. What do you say about Darfur? who are behind the continuous pilage of human life? Tell me.

The world is in tumult because of the wickedness of the human race as a whole, not because of the Americans. Sin is the problem Jesus Christ is the Answer.

The USA has done more good to the world than evil. No nation is perfect but it is the best nation in this world.

Also, Essono if you are in the USA now why don't you emigrate now? If you are in Cameroon, Please do not fake documents to try to travel to the USA.


"The USA has done more good to the world than evil. No nation is perfect but it is the best nation in this world." - Homme

Really? you really think so? and what "good" has America done to the world, specifically in Africa? what "good" has she done? please elaborately outline them and don't even dare talk about "building" schools and creating public tap water for villages. Emphasis on the word "elaborately"

Nothing sickens me more than white-washed Africans (probably married to white women) still living in the shadow of the white man's lies, in this particular case America's foreign policy hypocrisy. You are not even worth my time.


What should sicken you "UnitedStatesofAfrica" is your refusal to face reality. United states of Africa by corrupt African leaders like your president and the others who do not care about their people. Why don't you look at that.

White-washed Africans? What are you washed with? Black? Pink? I suggest you wash in the Blood of Jesus by taking God's view of the world and not depend on your limitations - objectivity.


Mr. Homme,
Just as I suspected, you dodged all of my questions and shabbily attempted to take me on a guilt-trip with your "blood of Jesus" comment. Nice try my friend but some of us don't cling to a centuries-old book, written to convey a message of Jewish supremacy.

You even went further to ridicule yourself by saying that I am refusing to face "reality"? FYI, I am living in the realest reality that is possible. I live in the truth and I am fully aware of the exploitative policies of America and her Western compatriots in not only Cameroon but Africa as a whole. I am aware of blood for oil, and how Bill Clinton used the AGOA to suck all natural resources from South Africa into America. I am aware of the West using IMF and other monetary organizations to keep Africa perpetually poor. I am aware of the fact that foreign debt is nothing but an "accounting device" used to keep a steady flow of income into America from poor African states. Need I go on?

The only person living in illusions here is YOU my dear friend. Maybe you should use that "blood of Jesus" to wash away your blindness. Didn't Jesus once cure a blind man? you Bible experts should know these things.

I feel sorry for people like you on permanent "student Visa" in the U.S. Just because you get a couple of dollars from washing plates and you own used cars, you think you are part of the American community. FYI, you are not. Instead of bashing your country and elevating America to god-like status, you should ask yourself what you have done for your country.

You even had the audacity to insult Africa as a whole. The "corrupt African leaders" are in no way the Afrian people...suffering from centuries of exploitation by the white man and now by their own politicians. Africa has been through a lot and she still has a long way to go but thanks to the exploitative policies practised in Africa by your "beloved" America, Africa will never progress. Your "beloved" America has orchestrated its African policy in such a way that dictators never face any persecution and African economies remain crippled. Your "beloved" America is busy shaking hands with biya in Etoudi. He has even built his house close to their embassy. Yes! the greatest counrtry in the world is he who protects dictators. Do you know the number of American companies selling weapons to war-torn places in Africa? oh wait! I forgot that you lived in illusions and not in reality

keep bashing Africa my friend. If every Africa was unpatriotic about their continent, you would still be a slave under Franco-British rule.

Go and work your part-time job, go and wash your plates, go and marry your white woman and keep deceiving yourself. When reality shall strike you, your entire world will come tumbling down. Take your own advice and succumb to objectivity.



I dare u to say that u don't know this person.Yes,ofcourse,China is building Africa for its own interest.Do u expect someone to come and build your house for your sake alone?But atleast,for everything they take out of Africa,they put in something.That's why they've won the hearts of the entire continent.China has stated it clearly,black on white,that they they're aren't going to be involved ibn the internal affairs of our nations.That they respect our souvereignty.We Africans prefer,such candid,sincere and straightforward people.

Not like u,these American bunch of racists.What have u,the so called "Torch bearers of Democracy" during the hundreds of years u guys have been in Africa? What's the state of human rights on the continent for all this while Western Imperialism has thrived on the continent? Your guess is a s good as mind.Don't forget,that during the early yrs of our independence struggles China,North Korea and Russia assisted our independence liberation movements,and we are forever going to be thankful to them.

You talk of Darfur,that's the 'white lie' of America,which she advances to brainwash the public opinion that China is behind the genocide in Darfur.When its very well known that America is secretly fighting a proxy war against Chinese interests,by secretly arming the Janjaweed,to carry out a protracted war,in order to distabilise China's investments there and paint the latter as a nation that sponsors genocide.When indeed,it is the US that has expressively sponsored genocide on the continent.Get the following facts right in your imperialists mindset/


Homme,I take it that u don't know this person.Yes,China is building Africa bc of its interests.Ofcourse,tell me,would somebody help build your house for free? Atleast,when China exploits our resources,it endeavours to build roads,public infractructures,health centres,markets,water points,edams etc.U name it.China has made it clear,that it wouldn't involve itself in our internal affairs,and they right bc we are now independent nations.We prefer a people who are candid and straightforward people.Unlike u,the self styled "Torch bearers of Democracy".What is the US' human rights legacy in its more than a century old relationship in Africa? Is it bnot disastrous?What have u,Western imperialists done on that continent other than reap its "economic soul"?China,Russia,North Korea assisted our liberation movements during our independence struggles and since then they have never left us, we shall forever remain thankful to them.

You talked of Darfur.That's another 'white lie' which America has formented to deceive public opinion.Its well known,that America,is fighting a proxy war,by secretly arming the Janjaweed so that they can wage a protracted war in Darfur,to disrupt Chinese interests there and then turn around and blame China for cautioning genocide.We know the HYPOCRISY of the US.And let me get some facts into your Imperialists mindset,so that u know how the US has blood on its hands/











Well,I take u don't know this person.However,yes,China is building Africa bc of her interesst in Africa.What's wrong in building schools,hospitals,developing infrastructure,building roads,football stadia dams etc etc in exchange for raw materials? China has made it abundantly clear,that it has nothing to do with our internal politics and they are right,bc we are independent nations.


Sorry for the above,faulty pc.Shall be back on Imperialist America


The US has been involved in the most bloodiest conflicts on the continent and she created the most bloodhound tyrants to ever walk on the face of this continent.The most notable crime against the African people by the US was her direct involvement in the assassination of one of the most illustrous statesman this continent has ever known;Patrice Emery Lumumba.US president Eisenhower's order to physically elimibate this African hero plunged the Congo into decades of civil war.

This man was the incarnation of a true politician,the prerequisite for a real independent Africa.From the ashes of Lumumba,the Americans created the Joseph Désiré Mobutu,the most brutish tyrant to walk the face of this contient.With almost four decades of service to the US,this billionaire thief incarnated the US-Africa policies.Mobutu's Zait-re became an incubator for genocidal wars,subversion,disease,social disruption etc.Through his connivance,hundreds of US backed mercenaries roamed Africa and formented coup d'états that distabilised the contienet from Cape to Cairo and from Monrovia to Addis Ababa.


Millions of people(women and children) died in Zaire(Congo) and neighbouring states as a direct/indirect result of policies hatched in Washington and executed by Mobutu.The man even claimed that George Bush Sr helped raise his children in the Bush household.This is evidence of the deeply entrenched ties between Mobutu and the US Chief Executives.America's aim was to prevent a strong civil society from being created and to create weak and fragile states that could be remote controlled from Washington via their "Strongmen" whom they kept in power to oversee their interests.

America's multinanational extractive companies are the bloodiest that have ever been established on this continent.They have helped to turn this Africa into Hell on Earth.Their shady deals with dictators,reckless exploitation of our resources and involvelment in civil wars have brought misery to millions of Africans.The case of Sierra Leone and Liberia are glaring.

During the Rwandan Genocide,the US thwarted a world responseto the Rwandan Genocideand only acknowledged the word "genocide" in reference to the progrom only after almost a million Rwandans had been butchered and hacked to death.


Gen.Romeo Dallaire,the Canadian who led the UN Peace Keeping Force in Rwanda at the time of the Genocide points an accusing finger at Western powers and especially the US for allowing the Genocide to degenerate.The US'policy towards Africa has been nothing less but Racial.

George W. Bush has the audacity to point his bloody fingers at Mugabe,meanwhile the human rights situation in Zimbabwe has been far less protracted than that of decades of human rights violations in the decades of civil war in the DRC.The US backed Apartheid South Africa and it is only of recent that she shamelessly stroke the Great Man of Africa;Madiba Nelson R. Mandela from their stinking and hypocritical list of "terrorists".They forget that,one man's terrorist is another man's Freedom fighter.

Why didn't the US intervene militarily against Russia in the recent Georgian Crisis?Like they did when Saddam Hussein invaded Iraq?Do u know why?Bc they didn't have the "balls" to do that.They had met their match.Russia would've rained a 'blitzkrieg' on the US.


Correction:Like they did when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Charles Taylor could turn the whole West Africa into a War zone,though the US had the power to stop him,they gave him the green light and armed him while at the same secretly arming his opponents so as to keep the civil Wars alive,while secretly exploiting "Diamonds".

Yes,Homme,for all these and more God should Curse America and I know God has heared my prayer.And there are many Americans even who kneel down every day and pray for God to curse her.Rev.Wright a pentecostal christian like u is one of them.Homme,I never,never,never even in my wildest dream or even in the secret recesses of my mind dreamt of living in the US,so don't even imagine that I would one day fake a visa to live there.I even remember that an ucle had suggested that I come and study in the US while I was 21,I vehemently turned it down.

America is a curse to this World.Maybe its a blessing to Western nations,but to Africa,she's our worst nightmare.Everywhere America has started on the continent,it has been chaos.Remember Somalia.And please,leave our c'ntries,leave Cabinda(Angola),remain in your cold during Winters and don't come and disturb our flora and fauna in the guise of Tourism.Stay in your cold.



Ota Benga

From Cinque B Sengbe, 27 January 1998

In 1906 the crowds thronged the monkey house exhibit at the Bronx Zoo (New York Zoological Park). Here were man's "evolutionary ancestors" - monkeys, chimpanzees, a gorilla named Dinah, an orangutan named Dohung and an African pygmy tribesman named Ota Benga.

Ota Benga was brought from the Belgian Congo in 1904 by noted African explorer Samuel Verner along with other pygmies and displayed in an exhibit in the 1904 St. Louis world's Fair. Ota Benga (or "Bi", which means "friend" in his language) was born in 1881, had a height of 4 ft. 11in. and weighted 103 lbs. Although he was referred to as a boy he had been married twice. His first wife had been killed by white colonists and his second wife died by a snake bite.

After the St. Louis exhibit, Ota found himself at the Bronx Zoo which at that time was under the direction of Dr. William T. Hornaday, who was considered a bit eccentric. Hornaday believed animals had nearly human thoughts and personalities, and he could read the thoughts of zoo animals. He "apparently saw no difference between a wild beast and the little Black man" and insisted he was only offering an "intriguing exhibit". (Jerry Bergman, Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol 16, No 1 Dec 1993-Feb 1994 p. 49, quoting Carl Sifakis, "Benga, Ota: The Zoo Man", in American Eccentrics, Facts on File, New York, 1984, p. 253)

The exhibit was immensely popular and controversial; the black community was outraged and some churchmen feared that it would convince people of Darwin's theory of evolution. Under threat of legal action, Hornaday had Ota Benga leave his cage and circulate around the zoo in a white suit, but he returned to the monkey house to sleep.

In time Ota Benga began to hate being the object of curiosity. "There were 40,000 visitors to the part on Sunday. Nearly every man, woman and child of this crowd made for the monkey house to see the star attraction in the park - the wild man from Africa. They chased him about the grounds add day, howling, jeering, and yelling. Some of them poked him in the ribs, others tripped him up, all laughed at him." (Creation Ex Nihilo, quoting Phillip V. Bradford and Harvey Blume, "Ota Benga: The Pygmy in the Zoo", St. Martins, 1992, p. 269, from the "New York Times" Sept. 18, 1906)

At one point, he got hold of a knife and flourished it around the park, another time he produced a fracas after being denied a soda from the soda fountain. Finally, after fabricating a small bow and arrows and shooting at obnoxious park visitors he had to leave the park for good.

After his park experience, several institutions tried to help him. He was placed in Virginia Theological Seminary and College but quit school to work in a tobacco factory. According to Hornaday (who probably had evolutionary racist views) "he did not possess the power of learning" (Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol 16, No. 1 Dec. 1993-Feb 1994, pp. 48-50).

Growing homesick, hostile, and despondent Ota Benga borrowed a revolver, and shot himself in the heart, ending his life in 1916.


More Historical lessons to clear up the debate a little..:)

'King Leopold's Ghost': Genocide With Spin Control

A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa
By Adam Hochschild

Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" is frequently read as an allegorical or Freudian parable, while its murderous hero, Kurtz -- the renegade white trader, who lives deep in the Congo jungle behind a fence adorned with shrunken heads -- is regarded as a Nietzschean madman or avatar of colonial ambition run dangerously amok.

As Adam Hochschild's disturbing new book on the Belgian Congo makes clear, however, Kurtz was based on several historical figures, and the horror Conrad described was all too real. In fact, Hochschild suggests, "Heart of Darkness" stands as a remarkably "precise and detailed" portrait of King Leopold's Congo in 1890, just as one of history's most heinous acts of mass killing was getting under way.

Under the reign of terror instituted by King Leopold II of Belgium (who ran the Congo Free State as his personal fief from 1885 to 1908), the population of the Congo was reduced by half -- as many as 8 million Africans (perhaps even 10 million, in Hochschild's opinion) lost their lives.

Some were beaten or whipped to death for failing to meet the rigid production quotas for ivory and rubber harvests, imposed by Leopold's agents. Some were worked to death, forced to labor in slavelike conditions as porters, rubber gatherers or miners for little or no pay.

Some died of the diseases introduced to (and spread throughout) the Congo by Europeans. And still others died from the increasingly frequent famines that swept the Congo basin as Leopold's army rampaged through the countryside, appropriating food and crops for its own use while destroying villages and fields.

Although much of the material in "King Leopold's Ghost" is secondhand -- the author has drawn heavily from Jules Marchal's scholarly four-volume history of turn-of-the-century Congo and from "The Scramble for Africa," Thomas Pakenham's wide-ranging 1991 study of the European conquest of the continent -- Hochschild has stitched it together into a vivid, novelistic narrative that makes the reader acutely aware of the magnitude of the horror perpetrated by King Leopold and his minions.

It is a book that situates Leopold's crimes in a wider context of European and African history while at the same time underscoring the peculiarly modern nature of his efforts to exert "spin control" over his actions.

Mikhail Lemkhin/ Houghton Mifflin
Adam Hochschild
As depicted by Hochschild, the people in "Ghost" emerge as larger-than-life figures, the sort of characters who might easily populate a Victorian melodrama were it not for the tragic and very real consequences of their actions.
Leopold himself comes across as a cartoon-strip megalomaniac -- a mad, greedy king obsessed since adolescence with the idea of running a colony of his own and intent throughout his career on covering his lust for money and real estate in honeyed talk of philanthropy and human rights.

As for Henry Morton Stanley, the world-famous explorer whom Leopold retained as his agent, he is depicted as a Dickensian bully and chronic liar who allowed his own monumental celebrity to be used by Leopold for the worst possible ends. He eventually persuaded hundreds of Congo basin chiefs to sign over their land and their rights to the king of the Belgians.

With the sheaf of treaties Stanley had acquired firmly in hand, King Leopold embarked on a worldwide lobbying campaign to win diplomatic recognition of his new colony.

He succeeded in winning this recognition, Hochschild argues, by playing one great European power against another and by portraying his control of the Congo as a kind of benevolent protectorship that would bring a civilizing influence to the continent while thwarting the malign designs of Arab slave-traders eager to exploit the same region.

In actuality, Leopold saw the Congo as his personal domain (his power as sovereign of the colony was not shared with the Belgian government) and as a rich source of rubber, ivory and other natural resources that could fatten his coffers at home.

Marchal, the Belgian scholar, estimates that Leopold drew some 220 million francs (or $1.1 billion in today's dollars) in profits from the Congo during his lifetime. Much of that money, Hochschild suggests, went to buying Leopold's teen-age mistress, a former call girl named Caroline, expensive dresses and villas, and building ever grander monuments, museums and triumphal arches in honor of the king.

Those profits came at the price of terrible suffering by the Congolese people. Not only was their land summarily annexed -- most of the chiefs who signed Stanley's "treaties" had no idea what they were signing -- but they were also coerced into the arduous job of gathering rubber for Leopold's men as well.

Those who refused or failed to meet their quotas were brutally whipped, tortured or shot, Hochschild reports; others saw their wives and children taken hostage by Leopold's soldiers.

According to Hochschild, hostage-taking and the grisly severing of hands (from corpses or from living human beings) were part of the government's deliberate policy -- a means of terrorizing others into submission.

As the "rubber terror" spread through the Congolese rain forest, Hochschild adds, entire villages were wiped out: Hundreds of dead bodies were dumped in rivers and lakes, while baskets of severed hands were routinely presented to white officers as evidence of how many people had been killed.

Hochschild writes about these horrifying events with tightly controlled anger, and he brings equal passion to his account of the small band of protesters who orchestrated resistance to Leopold's rule.

Those protesters include Edmund Dene Morel, a British shipping-company employee, who brought the king's crimes to world attention; George Washington Williams, a black American journalist who chronicled the grisly conditions in the Congo in an open letter to King Leopold; and Roger Casement, an Irish member of the British consular service, who sent home a torrent of dispatches condemning specific atrocities and the entire way the colony was run.

The efforts of these men and others helped bring international pressure to bear on Leopold, and in 1908 he turned over the Congo -- in effect, sold it -- to the Belgian government.

Leopold, in the meantime, tried to ensure that his crimes would never make it into the history books. Shortly after the turnover of the colony, Hochschild writes, the furnaces near Leopold's palace burned for eight days, "turning most of the Congo state records to ash and smoke." "I will give them my Congo," the king is reported saying, "but they have no right to know what I did there."

With this book, Hochschild, like other historians before him, ensures that King Leopold has not gotten away with his efforts to erase the memory of his brutal acts.


If anyone is still in doubts as to the actual reality of the relationship of the African to the west, it is not a problem to ask for sources and materials.
These are freely available online for those who are really interested in conducting a thorough & concise historical research on the History of African continent.
I will be willing also to send or place available online in PDF format, numerous historical documents on various topics dealing with the history of Africa since the middle ages..:)

We should never say, we were not informed or did not know of such atrocities, we should also not be gullible and naive to accept the distortion of history and the monumental attempts at wiping away the African's memory with what has transpired since the last 600 years or more when Arabs, Portuguese explorers began incursions into the continent in search of slaves & materials to expand their local economies.


Many thanks for your insight CountryFowl. I must confess that no knowledge of Ota Benga prior to this day. Many thanks for the articles posted. I am indebted.

I hope white-washed and ignorant Africans like Homme are listening carefully to your message.


Thank u CountryFowl for serving us this moving and emotional piece of our history.Let no African,wherever he/she resides should ever forget the wrongs that the whiteman has exacted on our people and on our beautiful continent.The memory of these crimes should remain indelible in our collective memory.It should fire in us the spirit of resistance against established and instituted Imperilaism.We are one people and we should be prepared to risk life and limb to overthrow Imperialism. We must take back this continent and become Masters of our hemisphere.



Well, Sorry folks for the lengthy postings. It is a necessary time to reflect on some touching things.

If the Ota Benga Story was shocking then you also follow up on this one.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A caricature of Baartman drawn in the early 19th century
A caricature of Baartman drawn in the early 19th century

Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman (1789 – December 29, 1815) was the most famous of at least two Khoikhoi women who were exhibited as sideshow attractions in 19th century Europe under the name Hottentot Venus—"Hottentot" as the then-current name for the Khoi people (see further discussion of this now offensive term), and "Venus" in reference to the Venus figurines.

Saartjie Baartman was born to a Khoisan family in the vicinity of the Gamtoos River in what is now the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She was orphaned in a commando raid. Saartjie, pronounced "Sahr-key", is the Afrikaans form of her name; it translates to English as "Little Sarah", where the use of the diminutive form commonly indicates familiarity or endearment rather than a literally short stature. Her original name is unknown.

Baartman was a slave [1][2][3] of Dutch farmers near Cape Town when Hendrick Cezar, the brother of her slave owner, suggested that she travel to England for exhibition, promising her that she would become wealthy. Lord Caledon, governor of the Cape, gave permission for the trip, but later regretted it after he gained a complete understanding of its purpose. She left for London in 1810.

Saartjie was exhibited around Britain, showing what to Europeans were highly unusual bodily features. Due to her steatopygia, she had inordinately large buttocks; in addition, she had sinus pudoris, otherwise known as the tablier (the French word for "apron") or "curtain of shame", all names for the elongated labia of some Khoisan women. (Although "sinus pudoris" refers only to the labia of Khoisan woman, all labia vary in size and shape to some degree.) To quote Stephen Jay Gould, "The labia minora, or inner lips, of the ordinary female genitalia are greatly enlarged in Khoi-San women, and may hang down three or four inches below the vagina when women stand, thus giving the impression of a separate and enveloping curtain of skin" (Gould, 1985). Saartjie never allowed this trait to be exhibited while she was alive.[4]

Her exhibition in London, scant years after the passing of the Slave Trade Act 1807, created a scandal. An abolitionist benevolent society called the African Association, the equivalent of a charity or pressure group, petitioned for her release. Baartman was questioned before a court in Dutch, in which she was fluent, and stated that she was not under restraint and understood perfectly that she was guaranteed half of the profits. The conditions under which she made these statements are suspect, because it directly contradicts accounts of her exhibitions made by Zachary Macaulay of the African Institution and other eyewitnesses.[4]

Baartman later traveled to Napoleonic Paris where an animal trainer exhibited her under more pressured conditions for fifteen months. French anatomist Georges Cuvier and French naturalists visited her and she was the subject of several scientific paintings at the Jardin du Roy.

She died December 29, 1815 of an inflammatory ailment, possibly smallpox, while other sources suggest she contracted pneumonia. An autopsy was conducted and the findings published by French anatomist Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville in 1816 and by Cuvier in the Memoires du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in 1817. Cuvier notes in his monograph that Baartman was an intelligent woman who had an excellent memory and spoke Dutch fluently. Her skeleton, preserved genitals and brain were placed on display in Paris's Musée de l'Homme[5] until 1974, when they were removed from public view and stored out of sight (while a molded casting was still shown during 2 years).


Well, it is always easy for some younger generation of Africans with short memories & with no interest in their own history to shout at the top of their voices, that we should worship everything that comes from the West.

We should not ask questions or criticise anything of the West..!!! because of short term material benefits & comforts which more or less are sometimes unnecessary in pursuing our existence.

The story of Ota Benga & many more such stories are unknown to many many Africans..!
The story of Sarah, the Hottentot who was being exhibited & paraded naked in Paris for a long long time is equally unknown to many many Africans..!!

Information & knowledge are things that most certainly will convince even the most adamant apologist to surrender to the facts of history.
We are not saying or promoting anti-west sentiments, but for people to come to terms with the disturbing history of Africa and it's people, in a way that everything must be seen and put in the larger context of history & time.

In this way, we can be a 100 percent sure to pin point all the root causes & problems as they are.

Please do a google search on the story of Sarah the is a story that will make any African women to cry for eternity..

Ma Mary

While you are on this topic, just as a reminder that we are not talking about ancient history:

Current genocide in DRC (same as Leopold's Congo)

Closer to home in La Republique:

In 2005, a German zoo put Africans on display:,1518,359799,00.html

with the connivance of Africans bent on making a profit, and ignorant of the historical ramifications of such an exhibition.

Africans with no knowledge of African history cannot be considered educated and should be made to fail until they learn and master it, otherwise they go out and become shameless disgraceful traitors. No subject can be as important as African history for an African, properly taught with an Africanist perspective. History is never value neutral. It is not chemistry. It is a social science and always has a slant.



I'm glad I didn't encounter too many of those of you angry folks while in Cameroon. It would have deeply disturbed me to experience such inhospitable people so far from the US. You see, the reason I felt so at home was that the people I encountered cultivated actual discussion and discourse, rather than juju-based screaming matches and messages of hatred. I could disagree without being deeply offended. I'm trying to understand your viewpoints, but it's difficult when my country (the one which I pledge my allegiance, truly) is portrayed in only negative light.

Also, for all those to whom it pertains, how much further must you reach your fingers to type "you" rather than "u"??

And one more thing... have you seen those Nan Fang bikes china sends over? Do you know what they are made of???? Not much! Affordable, but the cheapest piece of crap ever, along with all of the other products they supply Cameroonians with for daily use that practically disintegrate before their eyes. Hmm... exploitive? NAH, not according to some of you folks!

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