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Monday, 13 October 2008


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David Akana,
I guess you're addressing your concerns about this US 2008 presidential election to me and if that be the case, this is a clear-cut response. First, Obama has gotten to where he is right now not because he changed his skin color from black to white; instead, the more steps he takes forward, the blacker his skin color becomes. He has actually mobilized American voters who have assured him of a virtual victory on November 4th, but one thing he has to do is to turn young voters' registrations into votes, otherwise after November 4th, his supporters will point fingers at racial issues which i do not seem to see as any major issue in this presidential campaign and election.


Mr Akana,I strongly believe it is very remote to continue mentioning the race problem at this stage of the US. Presidentials. The race issue could have worked in the raise between Obama and Clinton.Clinton did every thing to sabotage Obama as a black but failed.Mccain also tried but equally met his doom. There is an end to everything.The race issue in US and the rest of the world will have its natural death on the 4th of November 2008. Americans have come to realise that it is time intellectualism prevails over race. that is why each and every one whether white,black or Indain American are all queuing behing Obama now.Current polls show he is already on 313 electorates while Mccain is in 158, whereas a candidate needs merely 270 electorates to be voted to power.Mccain himself knows there is no magic he can perform to turn the ties around within this remaining three weeks.That was the governors elections in 1982,we are now in 2008 on presidentials.


i dont believe that race would play a big row in the outcome of the elections into the white house.the prelimenaries for the normination of obama saw him beating a white democrate to clinch the the democratic nominee.
i think as Akana put it Americans are "racailly emancipated".


Enough with this Obama claptrap....what about your own countries? IDIOTS!! Claiming what is not yours.


Are you sure these guys are not discussing matters about their own country? What is a country to you?


"Barack is ready, but the big question is, are we ready for Barack Obama?"

Excerpt from Michelle Obama.

Ted,espoir and akame, it would be deadly wrong to play down the importance of vote along racial lines. Obama has energized lots of votes across all bases and especially the youth vote as you rightly put. But again the most lingering fear is will these people (whites)actually vote for a black man.
Michelle Obama's lines are painfully trying to depict these concerns without actually calling the cat by its real name. She even says more; "We want change but change is hard."
The election has taken all sorts of twists from foreign policy experience or inexperience, guilt by association and then currently the economy. This last dice seems to play fine for Obama.
Questioned on the possibility of an Obama blow out victory, given the present polls, top political supporters and opponents all alike don't sound a big YES note.

The other argument is, it's hard to see a possible McCain comeback in polls, but then keeping aside the right wing voters who are traditionally Repubs and will vote at all times the Republican candidates, the Independents are still the same whites who have long been favored to vote for McCain.
Given a change of scenario, say replace the black candidate with a Latino, you would be facing almost the same uncertainty. As the US demographics put the Latinos the majority in about 2050. There is this fear from whites that 'their country' is or will be taken over by people who do not look like them and who some seem to look yet as strangers.
This sums the fact that once you are not a white you will be always regarded and treated from a different light. Just as blacks overwhelmingly vote for Obama in the primaries and will do so on Nov 4th, simple reason being they can themselves identify with his race. So too will expect the whites to do for McCain except that we expect the whites to be more open-minded. And even more, who will the Latino vote favor especially in the battle ground states. I guess he's high up there in the polls too.

At the end of the day, the polls can say what they want, but the vote boils down more to intellect to a few key issues and one of them being RACE.
Again, make no mistake in thinking it is the most petty of issues. It is known to all Americans that whites without a college education will hardly support a black candidate. This were mostly Hilary's base and would be McCains. Meanwhile the educated whites are more open minded and choose their favorite candidates from a broader spectrum and mind you; race is still one of them. Obama finding himself at this juncture doesn't at all dispel this, it's one of the reasons why the campaign, supporters and critics are overly cautious to go near definite pronouncements.

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