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Friday, 24 October 2008


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So within the ranks of anglophones in the CPDM the reasons for Fonjindams arresst is yet to be known. This is a man who is been punished for his attempted transfer of the Douala port activities to the Victoria deep sea area. His arrest and dismissal was immediately followed by open declaration by the Cameroon authorities of the creation of "the Kribi deep sea port" as an alternative to the Douala port whose fitness as a sea port has proven to be undersize. Let alone the fact that a budget of 400 billionfrs cfa was set aside for the said project.
But Fonjindam deserved praise for his single handed attempt to do what abled anglophones have tried but failed for decades.
But mark you the arrest and detention of Fonjindam is the last chapter of "Chantier Naval"'s successs story. This is another version of La Republic of Cameroon taking over of west Cameroon Marketing Board.
On the balance this ex GM's injected much in the Cameroon economy than he leaked out.
It can also be said he is also paying the price of failing to put his ears on duty. On one political campagne trail in Santa, a constituency which he shares with the SDF chairman, the later warned him in the dialect "Zacheus be careful as you risk lamenting for all these things you are doing". Where is he today.
He was playing playing the CPDM mafia forgetting to know that scapgoatism was of the golden rules of the game.
Well "every one has got the right to decide but on the judgment time there will be no partiality". Time will tell.

Francis Nche

All these rangling about Forjindam is to call for sympathy for a financial criminal. Embezzlement of public funds be it billions or 'only' a 5 frs is punishable with imprisonment in Cameroon. The bitter truth is that he misappropriated public funds especially during the 2007 shameful incidence of election in Santa. At the same time as he pioneered Paul Biya’s life presidency. His name in his master’s speech was in 2006. From then till his arrest in 2008 was a very long time enough to embezzle the running budget of the shipyard.
I don’t think either Mr. Peterkins Manyong and Cletus Matoya are able to tell the name of the cook and the body guards who were enlisted to eliminate Forjindam and especially when such an incidence was planned.
The truth is that Forjindam is just reaping the fruits of what he cultivated.


Is this not the guy who pioneered MR BIYA`S ammendmend of the constitution?Where is he today?You people have not seen anything.This is the begining.Shame could not allow Achidi Achu to attend that meeting and comment.He worships Mr. Biya as a God and would not help the situation in any way.Shame to you all

red flag



Peterkins Manyong,
Why will somebody want to kill Forjindam? Does he pose a danger to someone?
Let Forjindam rot in prison. Many Cameroonians are sufferring because of the evil he stood for. Hope the day he comes out, he will want Biya to run for life.


Mr. Peterkins Manyong

Did you clarify these points with your source of information before writing this story..?
Which brings to the mind several important questions.

Prisoners who are being held in that cesspool of a place, do they all have individual cooks assigned to them..?
Do prisoners eat alone or do they all eat at the same time..? if the answer is a no then how would a cook know specifically which dish would belong to which particular prisoner..?
Is it not usual that family members bring food to their relatives being held in pre-detention in Cameroon..? is this cook a family member then...??

Was the matter taken up with the appropriate authorities, in this case the police..? because it is Attempted Murder or Solicitation to Murder and even prisoners are entitled to all the benefits of the law " even " in a country like Cameroon.

Why was the matter reported but to the Bamenda CPDM..?? have they replace the police and are therefore carrying out the duties & functions of the police..??
Why did the CPDM elites not report this matter immediately to the police.. ?? but are instead taking it up with the head of state...??

Is it that they know that cameroon is a lawless state and crooked...?

Did this particular cook travel all the way to Bamenda and search out the CPDM elites to relate this story to them..?
Did the said cook take a leave of duty to travel to Bamenda in order to relate this story...? Are there any proofs at the job site to corroborate this...?
Traveling all the way to Bamenda would have required the cook 2 days at the most at a cost of say 10.000 francs or so.
What is the background of this cook...? names, age et cetera.

Was the story narrated to the prisoner and the prisoner in turn narrated it to the Bamenda CPDM and not the police or prison authorities....??

Certainly the police would have read this newspaper report, have they contacted the post to verify these claims of attempted murder or solicitation to murder.?
Has the post contacted the police..??

These are only some of the questions which any reasonable person is going to ask.

Above everything else, why would unknown persons be seeking or looking to murder a prisoner...??or to plant documents.

They have arrested the prisoner already without having to answer to anyone and in broad daylight, why would they want now to murder the prisoner when it would be easier to continue to incarcerate him without charging him with any crime as is always the case in Cameroon.

If it is government agents, they do not need to use 3rd parties, the Cameroonian government has been known to kill people with impunity & without fear of reprisals from anyone at all. Why would they all of a sudden be looking for alternative means to murder a prisoner when they could simple carry out their work and tell the world that the man died of natural causes or fell sick et cetera as is always done in Cameroon.

Why is the post twisting and perpetually changing this same story again and again..? before it was the Beti Mafia, and then the present general manager now it is a cook, and then a personal guard...??
What exactly are you people attempting to tell the public..??

It is only dawning on the Bamenda CPDM elites today that there is no security in Cameroon, that people are being killed and so and so forth, but it is this same CPDM Elites whom, a few months ago wrote equivocally and without any shame that the president of Cameroon was best news and phenomena for Cameroonians second only to the Christ.

If these Elites do not now trust their patron in Etoudi, why where they asking the population to accept the alteration of the constitution...???

Is Mr. Peterkins Manyong also accepting monies from prisoners and promising them to act on their release by using the anglophone card and different forms of conspiracy theories to incite and persuade public opinion...???

Mr. Manyong as long as there is no humble acceptance, no genuine remorse, no taking of responsibility, no objective perception of the problem that these your friends have committed against the Cameroonian people, it will be very difficult for the public to forgive them.

You are also helping to propagate the idea that poor living conditions, suffering, misery, sorrow, incarceration are only good for the Cameroonian people..!! that the jail is not a place for your friends who even inspite of their repeated crimes against humanity are still having the temerity to sponsor propaganda campaigns and lies everywhere.

You know that you can not even tell this kind of a story to your 4 or 5 year olds, they will laugh outrightly in your face and tell you that; " Papa you di lie like thiefman".

Danny Boy

This rally must have been organised by the remaining 4 Santa madmen who are now quaking in their boots. They can feel the sword of Damocles hanging over their necks. Their demi-god is tired of their praises, Allelujah!
What irks me is what were SDF mayors and SCNC Activists doing there? Have they become so stupid and weak to be co-erced by these CPDM scoundrels?
Forjindam deserves what he gets. He forgot that in the anglo-saxon political landscape,
the civil service is apolitical!! That is his crime.
KumbaBoy, Watesih, Fon, Ma Mary et al; good afternoon and have a good week.


Thanks Danny boy,
No amount of verbal gymnastics is going to coax people into thinking that Forjindam stood for anything else but evil.The Cpdm lameducks have many ways of exhibiting shame and fear.Last week Inoni announced thousands of imaginary projects for the Southwest Province,and this time around his colleagues in the Northwest are talking about imaginary cooks and bodyguards.Do they really think if their hierarchy wants to eliminate Forjindam
it will do so through poisoning? Everybody knows the language they speak best when threatened.Archbishops,journalists,students,
have all been brutally silenced when the need arises.Trying to transfer the seaport project to Limbe is no threat to Biya.By the way if Forjindam believed in Biya as he promised Cameroonians why would he singlehandedly want to push for the seaport to go to Limbe? Imagine a man who tells the people that Biya merits to be there forever,
but secretly tries to cheat the same Biya.
When it comes to writing long motions of support and sending them to the radio to be read out,the name of every Cpdm barking dog is included,but now that they come in through the backdoor and are unsure how to handle the topic of embezzlement,they have adopted a new name,"concerned Mezam indigenes" .Hahahaha!Wanna nova see fear!


The SCNC is a social phenomena that reflects the will and aspirations of the Southern Cameroonian people. Peterkins Manyong must be confused with an Anglophone activists and an SCNC activists. Talking anglophone problem is different from talking about the SCNC struggle. Lets dont forget that people like Victor Ngoh claim to be SCNC stalwarts and some factions of the struggle like Tita and Co have recently emerged sponsored by the regime. Peterkins, being an agent of the regime can collect such unscrupulous people and present them at rallies claiming to be SCNC stalwarts.


This feeble minded dimwit called Rexon,whose SCNC rhetoric has turned him into psychopat.Whatever concerns anglophones,concerns all and sundry.Sit in E'pe and continue with your SCNC rhetoric.Bunch of barking dogs.


Essono should continue collecting the bribe you are being paid to destroy the aspirations of a majority of Southern Cameroonians. You need to grow up and understand that the appelation Anglophones is not thesame as Southern Cameroonian. Anyone like yourself can be an Anglophone but not all of you can be Southern Cameroonians and followers of the SCNC phenomena.


All the talks from the so called cpdm militants in Bamenda are outdated. Everything they say has been going on for a long time. With the support of those who are talking today in the name of cpdm, biya had a diabolic for Bamenda and the entire Northwest province. Even a child born today in the Northwest Province knows that biya hates them and has been doing everything possible to wipe out the province from existing. Achidi Achu who was not in the meeting is Biya Messenger of Destruction and killing in the Northwest. For fear of his master biya he willfully refused to attend the cpdm meeting that outlined some of the ills of the dictatorial regime against the Northwest people of Cameroon. Is he Achidi guilty of something????. That said. Be it an alleged plot to kill Forjindam or not, it's not news to anglophones especially those from the Northwest that the Yaounde french regimes has orchestrated a lot of killings of the Anglophones especially those from the NorthWest. When Jua opposed Adhidjo, he was killed, under the pretence that Kilo was planning to import arms, he was killed, Nangah was also killed through frustrations. The government imposed seggregative taxes on his company just to destroy it and it did and left thousands of cameroonians unemployed. Foncha the founding father of the Reunification was being disrespected by biya and he died out of frustration, Muna too repented and died after my biya tortured him. Though we have more than 500 political parties in Cameroon, Fru Ndi has been the target of the regime, he was shot in Bafoussam, guns pointed at him in Yaounde, food poisoning etc, all this is because he is anglophone. Very prominent angglophones have died through orchestrated accidents and what have you. I would rather say that when an anglophone is appointed by the fire party, the family members instead of rejoicing and sending motions of support should rather mourn and buy a coffin and keep.

This bunch of fools called Bamenda cpdm talked of roads, have they forgotten that 26 years ago Biya promised the Bamenda people how he was going to personally supervise the ring road. I think they would have taken the BOLD step to quit the party in solidarity for Forjindam if at all they love him. The SDF Mayors who attended the meeting are considered traitors and stupid for when Fru Ndi was surrounded in Bamenda for months by the cameroonian forces, no cpdm offered a word and the sdf militants being tortured in Kondegui mean nothing to Bamenda cpdm.

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