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« SDF Calls On Defence, National Security Ministers To Resign | Main | The Post Front Page-Monday, October 6, 2008. »

Monday, 06 October 2008


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Legima Doh

A country that denies inmates right to medical attention even at very dire moments.La republique considers even francophones who think contrary to the government's agenda as enemies.It considers anglophones who stand against their agenda of colonization as worst enemies.It is a wild contradiction that Sdf militants are detained for the death of an Sdf militant.This is blatant distortio of reality.It is absolutely out of touch with reality for the claim to be made that sdf militants killed one of theirs.The cpdm,the la republique military that is fraughted with the most uneducated and idiotic bullocks is responsible for the beating, shooting, maiming and killing of anybody who stands against the ideologies and objectives of their regime.When Sdf militants involve in demonstrations,they are attacked by the military idiots,when ScNc activists do peaceful demonstrations, they are attacked by these buffoons, when armless students undergo peaceful strikes,they are shot at with live bullets, when local villagers armed with the most rudiments of war equipment attack their soldiers they are killed as chickens,when thieves broke into banks in the Southern Cameroons, the soldiers hide themselves when the sound of serious bullets are heard.When a big bellied police officer in the police post is called at night to address the presence of thieves, he responds by saying he is alone in the police station.You find police officers all along road sides collecting bribes as if collecting alms giving.The country is a mess, a perfect example of how a country should not be.Please brethren of the Southern Cameroon, return home, get disentangled from the snares of la Republiqe politics, come back home and fight the just fight,the legitimate fight, the fight that is based on justice.It is more honorable to be killed for a just cause.Sdf has been reduced to an object of great ridicule,confusion and destruction of the people of the Southern Cameroons.May the soul of kom rest in peace.Let our people heed to the truth about this and stay clear from participation in la republique politics.
Legima Doh,
ScNc,New York


Mr. Doh I agree with you and I believe that if we could start this fight by first of all holding all those anglophones who are joining hands with the francophone/french government to kill the anglophones responsible. I am also suggesting that the SDF starts thinking differently. If you look at the way the so called corrupt officials are treated in jail you will easily make the difference. 19 hours were spent in searching Fornjidam house in Bamenda recently because of the alleged 890 millions that he embezzled over 20 years but less than two hours were spent in the other francophones who have embezzled billions. I am not by this fact supporting any person for stealing the people's money if at all he did, I just want to show how anglophones are being treated differently from the francophones on same crimes


22 dead within the year? what? 22? and who gives Biya the audacity to go along with trial plans as if he is a model of morality?

foh nefoh

After late NGU John died in pre-trial detention on July 2006 consecutively of torture and ill-treatments that he had undergone in the Kondengui Prison,and late KOM Innocent died on October 4,2008 after 2 weeeks of protracted illness,also because of the Kondengui Prison authorities refuse to allow the decease to have access to the medical treatment during his pre-trial detention,who will be the next victim?
Perhaps among the 20 remaining SDf detainees, Retired Colonel CHI Ngafor or CHE Philip,both who are now in the bad shape on the health side.
Perhaps the comrade LAPIRO who was sentenced for 3 years in prison after he was found guilty of inciting violence in Mbanga during the riots of February 2008 by the judiciary of Dictator BIYA.
Perhaps Mr FRU NDI,SDF National Chairman that the BIYA dictatorsphip plot to inculpate in the frame of "Diboule Affair"
I think enough is enough and it is time to fist and to response to Mr BIYA assaults.
It is time to say to Biya judiciary that even the detainees have their rights which they must be respected.
It is time to fight for the unconditional release of the SDF detainees that the rights have still been violated since their arrestation on May 26,2006.
It is time to say stop to the parody of trial made by Biya dictatorphip.
A sit-in during their trial which will come on October 13,2008 in front of the Mfoundi High Court in Yaounde or in front of the Kondengui Prison might do the good things because not only is urgent because it suppress the Biya dictatorship,but will be necessary because it inform the international communauty on the human rights situation and the political prisoners in Cameroon.
Above all,We couldn't forget that it is in the human nature to respect those who resist and to oppress those who give up.


...a parody trial indeed foh

anthony nsom

all are equal before the law. undoubtedly the figthing in yde that led to Diboule's death involved two factions. who ordered the disruption of the Muna meeting? was it the administration or the fru ndi faction? if it is true that chi ngafor said that he was cating on orders from hierachy then fru ndi is justified to appear in court. the blood of these interns is squarely on the hands of those responsible for the fighting.
who do we want as leaders tomorrow?
justice shpould take its course.

Ndi O

Mr Nsom,
Sir, what law are you talking about and in which country? Ask yourself the whereabout of the Almighty Fon Doh and his Friend Biya, the killer of the century.
Things are getting closer from all angles. Biya and his agents may continue to wipe us, then steal much money and make numerous trips to Europe. Generational curse will will get him and time alone will tell.
May our brothers part in peace and may their families and loved ones take courage and keep praying for Justice to prevail not long from now.

mk the southerner

Mr Nsom dont yet know the country in which he lives if at all.

an SCNC militant reporting
> that Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, the octogenarian and Chairman of the
> frontline SCNC was arrested in Mutengene along with 26 others whom he
> was briefing after his return from a long official tour of Europe and
> America.The information gathered is to the effect that they will be
> rushed to court tomorrow morning hurriedly "tried" and sentenced to long
> terms of imprisonment! That information,though subject to further
> verification, can not be taken lightly at all in view of the dismal
> track record of the regime vis a vis the SCNC and the other nationalist
> movements of the British Southern Cameroons which la Republique du
> Cameroun subversively overrun from 1961. It is unbelievable that the
> free and democratic world has watched this intolerable state of affairs
> for close to half a century without compunction.People who are fighting
> for freedom from foreign occupation and domination are allowed, by those
> who should rightly show deep concern by calling the aggressors and
> oppressors to order and showing them the exit for purposes of
> international peace and security, to be exterminated as a price for
> their being peace loving. While the United Nations and the rest of
> the democratic world are,this year, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of
> the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,they are called upon to
> reflect on Art.15 of the UDHR that says, inter alia,that no one shall be
> deprived of his nationality.La Republique du Cameroun has ruthlessly
> deprived the Southern Cameroonian of his nation and nationality.Southern
> Cameroonians carry LRC identity cards not as a matter of consent but as
> a matter of force majeure.By remaining quiet over this state of
> deplorable affairs as the United Nations is doing in the guise that la
> Republique du Cameroun (LRC) is one and indivisible and there is
> peace,the UN is making the same grievous mistake they made when they got
> the signal that trouble was in the offing in Rwanda and did nothing,and
> that act of gross negligence cost the world a milliom slaughtered poor
> souls! Kofi Annan,the UN Secretary General at the time,heavy heartedly
> apologised with "deep remorse" for the UN blunder but a million souls
> had been wiped out from the surface of the earth.We do hope Banki Moon
> has learned that bitter lesson from his pedecessor and will be on his
> guard not to be led to another sad occasion to apologise when it happens
> between LRC and British Southern Cameroons.Lastly,we would like to draw
> the attention of the UN and the international community to the Preamble
> of the UDHR that says, inter alia,"...Whereas it is essential,if man is
> not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort,to rebellion
> against tyranny and oppression,that human rights should be protected


It is not a question that Nsom doesn´t yet know the country in which he lives, rather it is an issue that portray the cynical and outrageous character in the little rat called Nsom.



Taking the cue from you,I would like to say Nsom is betraying his partiality,while at the same time pretendingtobelawabiding.Hear him,"Undoubtedly, the fighting in Yaounde that led to Diboule's death involved two factions...the blood of these interns is squarely on the hands of those responsible for the fighting" .The question we may want Nsom to ponder over is this: which are the two factions that were involved? If the blood of the interns are squarely on the hands of those responsible for this fighting as he says,how is he going to hold the two factions he has designated responsible? Somebody trumpets to the world that,"All are equal before the law", but starts asking rhetorical questions,"was it the administration or Fru Ndi faction, who ordered ...?" Mr Ndom if you don`t know the answers to your questions, how come you think the law should take its course? You are asking questions because you are not also clear about what happened.The people who would have answered your concerns are instead being held indefinitely, and you seem to give the impression that anytime one of them dies somebody should be held responsible.How can you hold somebody responsible without proving him guilty?


Communique: Release Our Kidnapped Nationals in Tiko
Several British Southern Cameroonian citizens, members of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) were arrested in the Tiko on October 6th, 2008 by the colonial occupation forces of the French Cameroun Republic. Their crime? Meeting as free men and women in a private residence.The British Southern Cameroons government considers this arrest and detention as a criminal kidnapping, and one more in a historical pattern of state sponsor acts of terror by the occupying French Cameroun Republic in a desperate need to hold on to their increasingly tenuous presence in the Southern Cameroons territory. We have received reports that these detainees have been beaten and tortured by the criminal and brutal French-trained gendarmes of the Camerounese occupation forces. Those arrested (ages are in brackets were available) are:
1) Chief Ayamba Ete Otun (84), Chairman of the SCNC
2) James Sabum (64)
3 Ngoe Alius Mukube (62)
4) Emmanuel Fongoh (62)
5) Mary Bati
6) Sylvester Taku (68)
7) John Babila (62)
8) Ndikum Linus (70)
9) Ndifor Joseph (68)
10) Jacob Sama (70)
11) Wilson Fokum (60)
12) Freeboy Acho Eboa (62)
13) Agbor Fothung (81)
14) Arrey Mathias
15) Fokum Andrew
16) Tita Nji Christian (62)
17) Tintanti Moses
18) Yume Peter Findi (64)
19) Stephen Mbah C
20) Laurence Nwellem
21) Mukete Samuel
22) Ofon Jaspa
23) Tamfor Bless.
24) Tambo George WongunwunWe are calling for the immediate release of all of these British Southern Cameroons nationals and remind the French Cameroun Republic and her colonial agents in the British Southern Cameroons territory, including the perpetrators of this umpteenth criminal act of kidnapping, colonial governor Louis Zanga and his friend, Jules Marcellin Ndjaga, the so-called SDO of Fako that they will he held personally responsible for the well being of our citizens under their detention.


Everyone is equal before the law. Detainees refused medical treatment keep dieing everyday. Could we also try those who are responsible for their death. Please our hands are tied and we have people above us and the law comes after them.

Question: Colonel Ngafor and John Fru Ndi who among them can order who to do what??

Danny Boy

Mr. Watesih,
if only those who write this "dirge", yes I mean dirge, can come into the forum and answer!
Journalists my foot! They know not what they write.

Francis Nche

I am afraid you are completely out of touch with the reality in Cameroon. Unfortunately your obsession with the SCNC makes you not to realise even the basic principles of Cameroonian political culture. Every single individual in the long list of names you've cited are retired senior citizens. They are all above the official retirement age in Cameroon (60). They spent all their active life working for the Cameroon civil service and private sector. These individuals are now collecting retirement benifits and social insurance funds in the system you label as colonial. Have you given a thaught over why in the so-called SCNC meeting were only old People? Why did they not fight when they were still in active service? Does SCNC not have youths like you?
These old individuals had two objectives in mind.

Firstly was to create a story for their children and grand children to benifit from and use as reasons in foriegn immigration services and

Secondly to seek Paul Biya's attention since they know very well that he appoints only from a pole of old retired civil servants and these guys are doing nothing but seeking his attention hoping for eventual appointments hence exploiting the cameroonian political culture.

I think you should be more realistic


Nche Francis
I think you are the one who is out of touch.
If you actually know what is going on with the Southern Cameroons issue,then i think it should be you putting your life at stake,instead of these old people.

This is your statement,"These individuals are now collecting retirement benifits and social insurance funds in the system you label as colonial". If they are collecting money and are able to feed themselves to their grave,then why are they worried about what La republique is doing to Southern Cameroons.

This is still from you"Have you given a thaught over why in the so-called SCNC meeting were only old People?"
The answer to your silly question is,they care about milky brains like you.They want to sacrifice their old bodies for ungrateful servants like you.
Before i go,Have in mind that Rexon and a host of us, young people, take active part in Southern Cameroons issues.We are fully aware of what is going on,not nonentities like you.Keep sitting on the fence and remain a doubting fool.


Nche Francis,

I am not an old man and did not start with the SCNC but today. I have been in it for 10 years plus. I am not an asylum seeker and have not benefited a penny from your so called asylum business for the SCNC. If any Southern Cameroonian kid has asylum problems and this is brought to my attention, I would be ready to help them with asylum documents to permit them to stay in Europe. You can never deny them that right. As you go around fabricating your pirated videos after bribing yourself into ENS and securing a teaching job that can help you feed your immediate family members, don’t forget that you are also a Southern Cameroonian.

If kids are caught in the middle and are struggling to seek help to stay in Europe, don’t abuse their status and call them asylum seekers. Don’t forget that you can also be caught in the middle if you one day travel to Europe and want asylum documents from the SCNC. No one knows what will happen to anyone living in Cameroon and the immigration in Europe knows only Southern Cameroonians are suffering from persecution in that country. This has brought in asylum as a product of our struggle.

You made a seemingly unrealistic statement that they have been collecting pensions and social insurance from the system they term colonial. Let me remind you that even slaves did not refuse food from their masters while fighting for their liberation. What our parents are taking as pensions is what the system owes (even more) them and you cannot deny them that right.


Francis Nche,
One cannot resist the temptation of answering to your write up.This should be the worst you have written so far!Imagin you treating elderly citizens back home with such disdain.Do you really believe deep down they will go out they to protest because they are looking for reasons that will be used by their children to secure foreign immigration.Do you really believe that our elderly citizens will reduce the whole raison d`etre of their existence to seeking immigration rights for their off springs? Just know that the wave of immigration that we are witnessing is very recent in the history of Cameroon.It will be time wasting to go into the causes, because they are too evident.But the small question i will like you to answer is this: When you will be 65 and above,will you be proud to see you own son washed away by the waves off the coast of Spain? I for one know that the old people you now see protesting had never put it into their programmes and had never even cherished the idea of their children living home to go into some wilderness called the West.
My second thrust hovers around the idea that the same elderly people who have rejected Biya`s policies for the past 20 years should today be seen as gunning for appointments.Since we are much more younger,
we should talk with statistics.Could you make it much clearer to those who might not know how many of the old people Biya has been appointing for the past 25 years are from the Southern Cameroons? Yes,because one would therefore think it has become a pattern of behaviour,so by protesting they would see theselves appointed as usual.You got it all wrong Mr Nche! I'm afraid I'm going too far ,there's a lot of disdain in your article.You don't brand the elderly ,
"individuals, or old individuals".It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.The elderly Europeans and especially the Chinese have bequesthed to their children the prosperity they swim in today.
The last thing I would like to say is that by coming out to protest,I instead see two ideas from them.First,they seem to think that there's no use continuing to sacrifice our best youngmen to a regime that eats its own young.This point can be supported by the killings,voodoo practices,
in our secondary schools and University.The second idea is that they may want to lay a foundation for future action from their younger children.They therefore want to serve as models to the younger people.It is up to the younger generation to get the message and take their responsibilies.

mk the southerner

Francis Nche I see you mad, and I cant dance behind a mad man. 8 of those names were my juniors in school. Am not even at the near age of retirement. Our parents lived the Southern Cameroons days, and some can not stand to see what they now see in this so called one Cameroon days. Some confused people like you may not see any need for chocolate because you have never tasted it.

Legima Doh

Go on Rexon, go on Casara,go on Mk,go on Delors,go on Watesih.
Watesih,this was one of your most appreciated comments.It went through me like electric current reading your comment.You see some people are living in dangerous ignorance without knowledge of it.When they spread it,it is a hazard to the readers.I condemn Francis Nche for disloyalty to the citizenry of the elderly and to the Southern Cameroons nation.Disrespect for the elderly is a curse in our african tradition.
I was shocked to read through such a preposterous comment from Francis Nche.Let me make it clear that these elders are highly venerable in our motherland.I am directly and indirectly of theirs and know them so well.These are elders a majority of whom have never worked as civil servants.Most of them are educated.They lived through the era of British Southern Cameroons prio to independence,through independence to pseudounification and then to the colonization referendum till date.They have gone through all sorts of mistreatments from the regime.Like other patriots,they had supported the SDf in the beginning but after coming to terms that it was futile behind the Sdf,had reverted to the only legitimate course for the Southern cameroons people.They have been in this struggle for long, from the time of JN Foncha,Albert Mukong,Ambassador Fosung,Justice Ebong Alobwede,Munzu,Prof Ayangwe,Chief Ngeka Luma to Chief Ayamba Ette.These are the select who have resisted all the machinations of the Biya regime to derail the liberation movement.They have resisted bribes offered by the Biya regime,they spent two years in Kondengui prison,they have been put behind bars in Tiko and Buea on several occasions.A handful of them took part in the declaration of independence in 1999 and hoisting of the Southern Cameroons flag in the Mungo bridge and in the Limbe Centenary stadium in direct confrontation with the la republique forces of lawlessness and disorder.These are elders who have risked their lives till date for the sake of the future of their children and children's children.If they were fighting to take care of themselves then reasonable it would be for them to stay calm and take care of their normal life demands rather than risk their lives given their ages.These are the true heroes of our motherland.Some of the elders we know deviated from the true course,were bought up by la republique and are now quietly living on the blood money from la Republique with no activism for the scNc and Justice Ebong is a prototype example.These same elders used to carry out activities with him but today he is in his mansion and growing fat while they are out there behind bars for the sake of justice.
Francis Nche,you have to recant to avoid a curse from the Southern Cameroons land for betraying the custodians of the future of the motherland.
That list is the list of the true heroes of our motherland and that goes down history of of the struggle of the Southern Cameroons.May God bless them, guide them and protect even amid the forces of la republique.They are some of our most valuable human resources.
Go on Heroes!
God bless our motherland.
Legima Doh,
ScNc,New York



Francis Nche came here with an explicit motive to discredit the SCNC. This is a man (a teacher) who claimed Carlson Anyangwe and other Southern Cameroonian academics got "lucrative" teachings jobs abroad because they were SCNC. I do not know if interviews are conducted or individuals are shortlisted for lectureships and professorships positions based on their academic publications or on the mere fact that they are SCNC stalwarts. Only a buffon who bribed himself through to the ENS can make such baseless allegations. Leave the clown alone to keep wandering in wilderness.

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