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Friday, 17 October 2008


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North West Cameroon must secede from La Republique and South West....



Very funny Mr. United States of Africa--

You have revealed your self as a transparent and incompetent simpleton as an agent-provocateur. You are not intellectually competent to debate of the Southern Cameroons issue. Throw in the towel and go home.



There must be something going on with you. You seems to be here for a mission. It is shameful reading through the few lines you posted above.
A person calling for Africa to unit says

"North West Cameroon must secede from La Republique and South West...."

More than shameful.




U so called UnitedstatesofAfrica this page is not meant for useless fanatics like u.After Sothern cameroons you now call for North west i hope in future u don't call for Bali from Mankon.U even refer to yourself as the united states of Africa and at the same time calling for secessions, i think if u have been able to escap the unbearable life u once lived in Cameroon and now fine refuge some where in a Hamburger State then is time u let those who want to built the unity of Cameroon and fight the injustices continue their task. Remember is this useless sense of belonging that has place us where we are today and i doubt if the Fast Food Nation where u now hide your head is made up of independent provinces. GO HOME MEN!

foh nefoh

Muna Family:One of the Cameroon's mischances.

Matthew 7-16,17 says;"Do men gather grapes of thorns,or figs of thistles?Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit;but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit."
Then,Late Salomon Tadem Muna is Ben Muna's father.The first is the one who was Minister of Transportation,Mines,Posts and Telecommunications from 1961 until 1968;Prime Minister of Western Cameroon from 1968 until 1972 and President of the National Assembly from 1973 until 1988 in UNC dictatorial government led by Late Amadou Ahidjo. So,because of his dictatorial government's appurtenances, Late Muna contributed to the disappearences,imprisonment and assassinations of UPC militants among who Ernest Ouandie,Wabo Le Courant,Fotsing Raphael executed by shooting on January 15,1971 in Bafoussam.
However,Ben Muna didn't waste time to take his father's way despite his international Attorney's status.In fact,he was Attorney Associate of the Penal International Tribunal for the Rwanda in Tanzania.
But his irresponsibility,his perfidy inside SDF party lead him responsible of one assassination,two deceaces and the imprisonment of 22 family responsibles.
Diboule was assassinated during the illegal convention organised by Muna and his clan.
Mbah John and Kom Innocent passed away in pre-trial detention because arrested and detained for Diboule murder.
Since May 26,2006,22 families suffer because the responsibles are in pre-trial detention for the Diboule murder
It is only deplorable for this family which one of the Cameroonian people's mischances source because the people will need the reckonings from them.
"It is impossible but that offences will come:but woe unto him,through whom they come".


When late pa muna saw dead coming he started to repent and by then he pretended to be talking about West Cameroon. In the real sense, he was repenting for all what Foh cited above and how he betrayed Foncha to Adhidjo to become Prime Minister and life speaker of the house. He was like Andrei Gromiko under Leonid Bresnev. Ben Muna betrayed the SDF and Fru Ndi and the sister is minister. Whe she was appointed minister, she went to Kumba and told momo people that paul biya rewarded her father by appointing her minister. We all know what the father did to us. In the Diboule affair, I said before and will stand by my words that Ben Muna is responsible for his killing and those suffering today in jail is still because of ben muna. The blood of all the dead and those who are still suffering will all into ben muna head. God will not forgive ben muna because he knew the impact of what he was doing as a legal person. Late Diboule wife should not be contented with the small money muna gives her for food but she should rather ask muna where he kept her husband. To me Muna remains a killer. If people have been following the activities ofMuna since SDF was formed, you know this man. During the hot days he told Fru Ndi that they should carry arms and go to war against other cameroonians but Fru Ndi told him no. Ben Muna you are in cameroonians books. How do you feel when people die in prison everyday because of your acts...........

mk the southerner

I think the name of this educational masturbated gay, should be United Imposture of Africa. He no not what he says or do, some one pray for him.


Dear All:
Like you all have said, Ben Muna will be treated as any other member of this junta when the time of reckoning comes. Don't ask me when, it will come. We all know how Abacha and Mobutu ended. Biya is one of them. Whether thru the ballot or bullet, Biya will one day leave the scene.

The one million dollar question is where is the "SDF Authentique" that "Ni" Ben created? And now, where is that thing he called AFP (Agence France Presse)? This man, in collaboration, with the evil regime fought SDF with all his might and he could not succeed because the SDF is the people's last hope.

If I hate Paul, I strongly detest Ben Muna; as long as I am alive and will have a say in the new Cameroon, my say will be to ensure that Muna is treated as one of those who retareded the process of change that has led to the death of at least two innocent Cameroonians. I guess some of you will remember what Jery Rawlings did to some Ghanians in order to move that country forward?

Thank you all:

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