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Friday, 24 October 2008


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Don Duke

What a weak, helpless and vulnerable country that spends billions of CFA on ammunitions to fight armless civilians. I have been very curious to find out how the Cameroonian government will salvage this huge embarrassment (sheep in wolf cloth).

The sovereign territory of a country have been trespassed countless times by armed hoodlums and the government has taken no measures to tighten its shores and borders.

I wouldn't be surprised if innocent civilians or fishermen have been arrested and branded pirates just to restore confidence.

One day pirates will come from the high sea and take over the blood shrine at etoudi.

Hear them:

"We had been alerted that there would be an operation in the town and so we were on the watch out.”

The first attack you were not alerted. It is the second that pirates will go to the post to official announce their second coming. A whole country full of deceit and open lies telling.

This Country makes me sick. I pray God to give the kind or revolution that Jerry did in Ghana. – Wipe out all these people let start back from independence.


Well last two weeks I wrote and said one of these days they will bribe innocents Cameroonians and show to the public as the pirates who broke into banks in Limbe and here we go today. (Kribi)trying to break into BICEC and they were arrested. All the forces of law and order or disorder mobilised this time in Kribi but in Limbe all the forces were out of town even though the minister knew what was going to take place months ago. Look at Him



It is nice you know these people. They raided a Southern Cameroonian bank, and there were many banks in that street. They left a bag behind claiming to be from a certain "Port harcourt flour mill". When this idea to fool us was not bought, they designed another strategy. Now they turn around and claim they have arrested bandits who were "preparing" a similar raid in Kribi. Why were the bandits not succesful? The truth is, these people want to collapse all our succesful businesses and this time, their target was Amity bank. They have succesfully done their job and they have left satisfied. Now they want to entertain themselves and they are claiming to have uncovered "a similar raid in their territory". Wonders shall never end.

Francis Nche

This hole idea about arrest is a simulation. Last week the post reported that the forces of law and order were narrowing in to catched the alleged pirates. Now they have zoomed in into them. Since when has there ever been a timetable in catching thieves? Cameroon government's activity is like acting a drama. If cameroon was a coorporation, it mismanagement would have long resulted filing in for bankrupcy and liquidation of the system.

red flag



Pirate, Buccaneer, bootleg or what ever you may wish to call the assaillants, this story to me is a cooked up story in a bit to force Cameroonians think the security in Cameroon is not sleeping.
Just like someone said, innocent fishermen will be caught and branded as pirates. Remember the recent killings at the New Bell prison when most of the inmates killed were in the prison and were not running as claimed. Whether it is an internal sabotage or not, time will tell.
I am seeing series of attacks in the days ahead if care is not taken

mk the southerner

I pray on the artist who designed the African map. To still redesign Cameroon or what ever it is called again.

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