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Monday, 27 October 2008


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Coincidentally, one had been sketching a draft letter of protest to the Vatican about a month ago precisely, to query the high office of the church, why till this day, the church had not taken a drastic decision in excommunicating completely from it's enterprise certain African head of states such as the one at Etoudi..? [by the way, a layman & a citizen in a free world has the right to question & query people in positions of power & authority who take decisions or actions that shapes, decides on or affect the life of another..!]

Why was / is the Vatican in total support of this regime & turning a blind eye to it's inhuman treatment of it's own people...?

Is the Vatican not aware of the human rights record of the Cameroonian regime..?

The awareness & understanding of people the world over is growing & spreading, sooner or later people will start to connect things together & will be asking these kind of questions.
After all, the church also turned a blind eye or actually facilitated in some instances the liquidation of the Jews in the late 1930s & 40s. So it is not surprising that proselytizing is more important to the Pope than the welfare of the people, in this instance by not identifying or showing support to rogue regimes & head of states.

Also the more Africans, become aware of their complete historical past as documented even by the church, it will bring up more disturbing questions. A particular case in point is the history of the Congo. The documented genocide of about 10 or more million Congolese, which was systematically carried out by the Belgians & again facilitated once more by some clergy men stationed in the Congos has never been officially acknowledged by the church.
It is only recently that the head of the Vatican church decided to begin reconciliation talks and offered apologies to the Aborigines of Australia and the native American indians for what the church & it's clergy had condoned or done against the people.

So perhaps it is time that the church should do the right thing and accept its participatory role in the tumultuous history of the African people & offer a genuine apology & desist from acknowledging or giving " credibility to rogue leaders & despotic regimes ".

References of Interest:
" SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI praised the Australian government Thursday for its "courageous' apology to the country's indigenous Aborigines for past injustices, saying it offered hope to all the world's disadvantaged peoples. "
Read more here:

Francis Nche

Country Fowl,
You must be day dreaming. The president of the theocratic regime in Vatican country called the POPE is even the most cynical politician and dictator in the world. His interest first and whatever thing come in any order. I refer you to the book “IN GOD’s NAME” and maybe you may get an insight on the functioning of papacy. Both Jesus and Peter whom he claim to represent were normads. Today, the catholic church is the only world religion with a geographical territory, a powerful government, a transnational authority, the richest bank in the world “the Vatican bank’, the greatest intelligent machinery, a powerful diplomatic service, Suiss Guards as a military defence force etc. The church in Crusade fought the most brutal wars in history and commit the greatest genocides and how do you expect them over night to make a U-turn.

andre fokam

Hi Guys
i am a Roman Catholic like millions others in Cameroon and Billions other in the world and i feel particularly proud that the POPE chose my own country for his maiden trip to Africa. I Feel offended by the abusive language you use while talking about the head of my religion. He is my Pastor and i will not ask you to join me in my beliefs, but in the spirit of respect and religious freedom, refrain from disrespecting the POPE. If the head of your religion (if you have one), no one will talk or even notice it.
I do not support the regime in Yaounde, but this is not politic. it is a purely religious issue and the POPE is coming to guide his Flock as assigned to him by the most high.
blessed be the Holy father

Andre Fokam


Give us the vatican's email address or the pope's so we can write letters of protest. Thanks.

Francis Nche

Mr. Fokam,
The Pope on the 12th of September 2006 in the University of Regensburg where he had served as a Professor had this to say

“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”

While he claimed that he was inspired by a 14th century medieval emperor, as a professor, he was better placed to know that you only quote to defend your school of thoughts.

Your spiritual leader is the champion of critical views against other religions. So better petition your ‘God’s chosen one” to refrain from disrespecting other faiths. I am in no way defending Islam but only to bring out the truth. Maybe it might not be what some individuals may want to public to know since the vatican achives is filled with classified files.


the pope comimg to africa to consolidate his hiden agendas in the catholic chruch and what better place to visit than a country who has a president who happens to be in the same devish sect like the pope.peace and may the supreme GOD who made the world bless mankind and show them the light to enternal paradise.


I have conquered fear and ignorance and that is why i do not need to go to church to fellowship with others for the most dangerous people in the world can only be seen in the church. Afterall if God is omnipresence as the Bilble claims he should be in my palour .When will Cameroonians stop worshipping others as gods. The catholic church and its mafia is responsible for most tragic events in the world. The sinking of the Titanic ship in 1912, the first world war in 1913, second world war etc. Were those who perish in the Titanic ship not wealthy merchants who were opposing the creation of the Federal reserve bank in the US and when they were killed, later in the year OF 1912 the bank was created and the money used to finance the first world WAR IN 1913. What are you telling me shameless idiots. If you are a catholic fanatic repent and I challenge you to tell me the works of the jesuit priests. Shameless idiots trained to silent protestants under the banner of serving God.
Was pope john paul I not honest enough to apologise to the world that blood has soiled the hands of the cahtolics. Why was Galileo hastily tried and punished when he came out with the heliocentric theory that the world was round rather than flat as thought by the cahtolic church. Hypocrites of the first order. God will not allow that visit to take place.Nonsense. Quote me any where


Radical, i share your views on the diabolic and catastrophic occurances that the catholic chruch has inflicted on course the pope is not representing God or Jesus christ on earth because they have altered GODS words to mankind.The bible as we see it as been altered and tempered alot of times to suit the catholic chruch.from the historical writings to the st.james version to the present day version.why change the word of God and come to decieve mankind through your devish, earthly underground cultic societies.these devils incranated will riot in hell for lying to mankind that they are representatives of GOD ON EARTH.we should always have a logical mind when listening to these so called men of GOD.THERE ARE THE HIGHEST CROOKS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.personally i believe in a superme God who made the earth in which i co-habitat with other fellow human beings,and i believe the God has given me the right to know good from bad and its left for me to maximise my good deeds so that i can be a true image of God,because GOd CREATED THE WORLD OUT OF LOVE.i dont need no so called "man of God" to lecture me on that,peace and may God led us through the path of truth.


I completely disagree with you Francis Nche.

Your thoughts are very satanic and believe you better shape your think or else you will have to regret.

Even though our country's gov't is bad,the PAPAL is not the one who instigates the actions of the people incharge of our broken gov't.
The POPE is not a politician,his visit is all about the Church on earth and more specifically the catholic church,so i do not see any politics related to it.


Well Folks, this is certainly provoking some thinking & responses. Rather than go into any polemics with regards to the varying belief systems or points of view, the point still stands clear.
It is unfortunate that the head of the vatican should accept an invitation to visit Cameroon from the head of the Cameroonian government. The head of the vatican can not pretend that he is unaware of the inhuman policies, degradation of human beings, killings, tortures, pillaging, debauchery et cetera that is going on in Cameroon.
If the said head can travel around the world especially to the USA & Australia to offer his apologies for the abuses that the Roman Catholic church has been doing there, he can equally do the same in Cameroon & Africa as well.

If proselytizing is important to the church, if converting the people is far more important than protecting their basic human rights then it is no longer only a religious matter, it becomes also a political issue.
After all the church benefits immensely by not only controlling Education, but a huge part of the financial sector via church donations, land and other property holdings which are subsequently converted to hard cash and sent over to Rome.

Does the God of the world need physical cash...????? Does the God of all living things require cash donations...????
Does the God of the world or Gods need killings, deceit, lies, corruption, et cetera to reinforce or buttress a belief system or a religion..?
Intelligent people will ask these kind of questions, & it is probably what Martin Luther was asking 800 or more years ago.
It is probably because of questioning and inquiry that the world is what it is today, otherwise we will still be having the inquisitions & genocide when you do not obey or accept this kind of an organized orthodoxy.

By the way folks, controlling eduction in most part of sub-saharan Africa, which the roman catholic church has done for 2,3,4 centuries till date, ensures that, some of us are controlled & programmed completely. We think & reason only according to certain set parameters and limitations imposed by that belief system & can not go beyond those boundaries.
In other words, we are told what to think, when to think & when not to think to the extend that even our feelings & emotions, perceptions & other responses are controlled in this way...!!

What is wrong with asking questions even from the head of the church...??
If we can not ask questions or make critical inquiries & learn something new or find out what is wrong with our way of life,
Why should people like the devil at Mvogmeka & co not control, govern, misuse, abuse & denigrate Cameroon for eternity..!!!
Simple enough to understand. Folks do not want to apply critical thought to anything.
Can the devil at MvogMeka or Mugabe or late Samuel Doe or Idi Amin Dada, & Mobutu exists outside of Africa..? will these kinds of creatures exist & function in a Western European society..??
Off course not, because the society will not allow that, and because people allow themselves the liberty and the opportunity to ask questions without fear.
So we the people are also partially answerable & responsible for the things that are imposed on us whether is a belief system or a political system.

andre fokam

CountyFowl and other anti-Catholics, if you have any religious background, you will know that it is the Sicks that need the doctor, not the healthy, In fact, the POPE is more needed in corrupted, war torned, afflicted countries. His Pastoral work his highly welcomed at this time in Cameroon. He is not a politician, he will not declare embargo or sanctions or war on any nations. He is needed where his folks are suffering, afflicted, in need of spiritual comfort and guidance. that is why where ever he goes, hundreds of thousands brave obstacles to see and listen to him. and if i am in Cameroon in March, i will do so too.
The POPE will not come to save our economy and political problem, we have to do it ourselves.
Andre Fokam

Don Duke

Mr. Andre Fokam!!!
I am a Roman catholic with so much respect for the pope. Like u rightly said, the pope is needed in war torn areas were people are suffering. I agree no problem. The simple issue is that his coming to Cameroon is in honor of Mr. Biya's invitation. This means that the office of the papacy did not identify Cameroon as a politically war torn zone, where people have been dehumanized and treated as pigs.
The pope cannot claim ignorance of the Rev. Sisters that were killed after Paul Biya murdered his wife Irene way back.
I cannot count the number of priest and bishops in Cameroon that have children. Let’s not be blinded by Catholic Church.
I wouldn't be surprised if Biya Jr. is taking First Holy communion and Biya wants the Pope to bless him. It was Pope John Paul that baptized him, so Pope Benedict should give him first Holy Communion.
If Biya had his way, the next pope will bless Brenda Biya's Marriage.
Let’s stop deceiving our selves. This visit is politically motivated.


mr.Andre,it is good when a patient sees a doctor who has good intensions to heal him, rather than see a doctor who will rather want to terminate the patient parmanently.the popes visit to cameroon is of no good to his innocent followers or cameroonians and africans at large.he wants to consolidate his mafia here in central and west africa with cameroon being the base since him and mr.biya are members of the same devish sect.
if he wishes to advice paul biya with ragards to the sufferings his govt has inflicted on cameroonians,then he would have requested to see biya and not the other way around.africans are not the worst of human beings in the world.he must go and talk to the zonist who are making life miserable for the palestinians.
and talking about the pope not being a politician,there is alot of politics going on in the catholic chruch trying to controll the world with its delegates all over the world.alot of war have occured in history from the influcence of the catholic chruch.the pope off course is a politician.
lets wait and see how much money the pope will withdraw from the vatican bank to uplift the suffering of cameroons.
the simple truth is this calling of the pope by the president is a meeting of friends who want to pursue a political agenda.peace and may the almigthy God bless cameroon and Africa and show us the path to the promise destination.


He is needed where his folks are suffering, afflicted, in need of spiritual comfort and guidance. that is why where ever he goes, hundreds of thousands brave obstacles to see and listen to him. and if i am in Cameroon in March, i will do so too.
The POPE will not come to save our economy and political problem, we have to do it ourselves.
Andre Fokam

Mr Andre Fokam,

Numerical calculations do not necessarily reflect the truth. 1,2,3 Billion people on the planet will swear by their gods that the African is a lesser being & inferior to them. Should we believe in such a ridiculous supposition because so many billions of people accept their crooked opinions as facts..?

Hundred of thousands of Ewondos, Betis, Etons, all swear & pledge their allegiance & loyalty to the devil from mvogmeka, are we to believe in their delusional fantasies, megalomaniacal illusions & accept their tin pot godless monster...??

When the Pope himself has risen from the traditional conservative & very limited point of view of his church to criticize it's past wrong doings against humanity, is he being anti catholic...??
Have you even been paying attention or following the philosophical & theological points of view of this particular Pope..?

Is defending the truth & showing the false for what it is being anti-catholic..??
Are you equating falsehood, deceit, lies, murder, torture and denigration of the truth as being catholic..??

By the way, human problems whether they are economic, political, social or religious are not separate & distinct issues or apart from each other. We have political & economic problems specifically because we have religious & spiritual problems in the first instance.
This is irrevocably connected to our inability to share equally the resources of life which can enable each & every human being to live & function in happiness, peace & freedom for the duration of their life span.
To resolve them is to face the facts as they are, words of comfort or guidance from the pope is not going
to change the wickedness or evil heart of the devil from mvogmeka & his entourage.

The pope & the church have been guiding people for the last 2,3 thousand years today, has is altered the wickedness, the diabolical behavioral patterns and perversions inherent in some of Us...??

Why..? because this particular church is known for turning God, the Christ & his teachings into a marketable package to sell to the people & to the highest bidder...!!
Give us money, land, children, your women, give us your mind, give us all of your thoughts, feelings, emotion & perceptions & be stupid and idiotic, accept what ever we do or say & we will in return give you God & heaven.

Mr. Andre, God is not the monopoly of any one human being, no human being on this planet or anywhere else has the key to the happiness, peace & spiritual freedom of his/her brethren, neither the pope nor the church can provide or give that to you.

Danny Boy

before you denounce this visit, think of the millions of Catholics in our fair country who will be honoured by this visit. I am Catholic, baptized and confirmed, and like most of you have my reservations on some of the teachings of the church. I am not comfortable with the present Pope's stance on contraception and liberation theology.He is against both.
These are issues that concern us today, not the slave trade or the crusades. Apologies for these earlier crimes will not take us anywhere. The question today is how can we get the Holy Father to bring his ex-seminarian brother to curb his excesses? Please note, both are about the same age and are on their way out!!! In years gone by crooks and criminals thought they could buy themselves seats in Heaven through indulgencies! If this is the case, please Il Papa, ask him to repair just a fraction of the damage he has done to this wonderful country before he expires!
We watch in hope. Amen.

Ma Mary

When will Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger excommunicate Freemason Paul Biya? See:

for Former Cardinal Ratzinger's position on this.

I do not think he will, and this is a political decision.

Pope's visit is an expensive distraction by a desperate annexationationist regime.

Regarding the purported criminality of the Catholic Church by some posters, same could be said for practically all branches of christianity. The only difference is the antiquity of the RCC.

andre fokam

CountryFowl, most of what you said is true to me, i like how you finished it with a philosophical touch, however, i wonder why you don't apply these logical thinking when it comes to talking of the RCC and the POPE.
Christianity is a religion (duh!) which is based on BELIEFS, not PROOF. As a Roman Catholic, i deeply believe that the POPE is the successor of Peter, Apostle of JESUS and the POPE is my Sheppard, All people and all religions have failed at a point in time in their history, and it will always happen as long as human being run these organizations. It is like you guys expect the Vatican to solve your problem. It will not happen, all they can give are advises, guidance, spiritual and moral, and let be fair, anyone who truly follows the teaching of the church will not steal, nor corrupt, nor kill etc..., If we all embrace the Vatican teaching, we will come out of our misery faster than we ourselves believe. Some of us go to church every Sunday, but the priest will not follow all our steps to make sure we practice what we heard. The teaching of CHRIST, echoed by the POPE are a solution to our miseries, he will not force us to implement them. it is not his role. period!
second, you guys speak like material needs are enough to make people happy. billionaires out there commit suicide! (a 2004 BBC survey found that Nigerian are the happiest people in the world, they are obviously not the richest, and JAPAN still maintain the highest suicide rate in the world! and they are among the richest). Even while Jesus was on earth, he did not bring the poor out of material poverty, material has shown its limit. real happiness comes from balancing of multiple aspect of life. Our politicians are there to see to our political needs, economists to our economic needs, spiritual leaders (the POPE) to our spiritual needs. there is nothing wrong for the POPE to respond to an invitation from anyone, even Hitler as long as this will give him the opportunity to accomplish his mission, I am sure JESUS would have accepted such invitation as he deed many time with the pharisees, the prostitutes, the corrupted.

My favorite quote: "Happiness is making Bouquets with flowers within your reach" (i don't know the author)

Andre Fokam

red flag


Don Duke

Do not Judge and you will not be Judged. But if I were to Judge, then hell is a lesser punishment for Paul Biya, taking into consideration only the last quarter of his life.
Like some one said, if only he could repair only a faction of the damages he caused, Cameroonians will much happier. Cameroonians don't really ask for too much, do we? The basic necessities of life are a big distraction for people to carry on with their daily activities.
Why can Mr. Paul, After 20 years in charge, with the mandate, refuse to grant Cameroonians these basic necessities.

If he truly confesses to the Pope, should the Pope honor his invitation, only then will the Pope discover how incapacitated he is to absolve sins of the magnitude. Paul's sins are too grave for a foreigner to absolve. The Millions of people he offended, tortured , dehumanized, sacrificed, ate, cheated, enslaved, deprived, deceived, killed would have to team up and pray to God to forgive him.
As soft hearted as we are, we are ready to forgive him only on one small condition. Give us the basic necessities of life.


If you are not as corrupt as the leader of Cameroon Mr. pope...let us here you denounce the murderous and oppressive dictatorship of the small Mr. Biya!


Cameroon is under a dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the freedom?

Any international opinion from any organization must recognize a murderous dictatorship that rigs elections and oppresses the people!

How can Cameroon be a member of the commonwealth when the commonwealth will not aknowledge that the people suffer injustly under Paul Biya???...a murderer??????????


What can man tell man about God? The Pope is just an ordinary man like you and I. Infact i am far more spiritual and holier than him.If he is not coming to Cameroon as a politician , he must be coming as a business man. After all down the memory lane, it was a papal visit that brought economic crisis to Cameoon.
The pope is as satanic as the man inviting him. Who do you think you are deceiving.
From Rationalism,Empiricism to faith which most of you have embraced, let us not forget that faith is built on a plat form of beliefs and belief in itself is an escape of reality . Keep on hoping that the pope is coming to bless you. Your faith will fail you. Those who live on faith will die fasting.After all his age may not permit him to stay up till the time the visit is planned so why should i even bother.

mk the southerner

Hey please those of you in Canada is this a true story?

Is this true,Then God should welcome him peacefully.
Turmoil at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu in Geneva, Sweden.

According to sources close to the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu in East Geneva, the whole place seems to be in a sort of turmoil. This is the hospital where Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, ranked the 18th worst dictator in the world, has frequently been receiving treatment for a mysterious stomach ailment. Known for its secrecy, this particular clinique has treated some of Africa's longest serving presidents including Abdoulaye Wade, whose health has recently been a call for concern. But last night (Wednesday 29 Oct 2008, 22:00 gmt) saw chaos at the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, where Paul Biya was reportedly rushed in after his Quebec trip. No concrete information was given, but several clues point out that Biya entered the clinic in a state near unconsciousness. The main source was a member of Biya's entourage, who openly expressed fears about the African President's health. He was unnamed and unavailable for comment, and attempts to locate the source have been futile. However, certain clues point that it was a high ranking male bodyguard from the English speaking state in Cameroon who leaked the news. The Swiss police are allegedly searching the district around President Biya's private property in a posh Swiss neighbourhood for clues to the disappearance. Wednesday night, the clinique was locked down for 1 hour beginning from 22:30 GMT, and there was a heavy presence of the Cameroonian security forces and elites. There was also the presence of some Swiss government officials and what was conspicuous was the absence of the media. A student on internship called a reporter about the death of a named African head of state, but she was picked up in a black 2003 Audi sedan just 15 minutes later. This morning, Maria Nilson, of Swedish origin said she did not make the call. Sources in the media reported heavy bribes in relation to this issue, but again, nothing could be confirmed. Calls to Cameroon indicated that Cameroonians were greatly concerned about the health of their president, but there is no evidence on the internet or international media to suggest this. Biya is currently thought to be deceased by Swiss authorities, but no official declaration has been made to this effect. Could Biya be alive? And in what condition? Is the Swiss government withholding information for the sake of Cameroon's fragile political condition? Cameroon is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a growing amount of civil unrest and economic disaster. Also, Cameroonian communities abroad are said to have strong political agendas. However, it is only a matter of time before the truth about Biya's death is released to the Cameroonian people.

Gerald Dupont, Geneva
ggdupont4@gmail. com


In God we all believe but in disagreement we all look at churches and their leaders. the pope is the leader or the president of the catholic church. That said, as someone puts it befofore " instead for the pope to choose to come to cameroon, he has been invited by Biya to Cameroon. Does that mean something?. It was just last week a Jewish news paper quoted the role of this very pope in the killing of jews during the world war with his Nazi germany and if this is true, then biya has the right to invite such a person to his country to bless him. to me the pope coming to cameroon is non event for it will bring more problems than solving. We still remember when the late pope came to cameroon and vips had to pay the sum of 300.000 frs to shake hands with him. With billions of money the vatican drain from all over the world who is supposed to help who?. In ivory coast the late Houphuoet used the Ivorian money to Build La BASILIQUE and put the country in an economic mess. The vatican has orchestrated a lot of killings round the world and in the vatican itself. too much misdeeds in the vatican. homosexuality etc. we all remember the french cardinal who resigned from the vatican and was finally killed because exposed all the odds of that rich country called vatican. Hardly has the pope say something the frauding of elections by the regime in place. The pope needs to change in a changing world. gone are the days we thought the pope came after Jesus. I believe the pope should learn something from Cardinal Tumi. We Cameroonians are tired of seeing the pope and gaining nothing from him. (exclude yourself if you wish for those who want him on their bed)



You are absolutely a great mind. You really touch the truth in every posting of yours.


Mk the Southener,

Geneva is in Switzerland not Sweden as insinuated in the first line of the article.

mk the southerner

Ya Rexon that mistake is mind. I was cut in the middle when I read the news. So the anxiety to find out was too hot in me.
If you have some one in Sweden can you find out?

mk the southerner

Switzerland I mean to say. It is a disturbing news to me.

mk the southerner

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - Two militia groups from Cameroon's Bakassi peninsula said they had seized 10 mostly French hostages from an oil vessel on Friday and a militia commander threatened to kill them if their demands were not met in three days.

"I personally led the attack during which we seized 10 men whom we are holding as I am talking to you now." said Colonel Ebi Dari, a Niger Delta Defence and Security Council (NDDSC) commander.

"If the Cameroon government does not respond to our requests in three days' time, we will start killing them one by one," Dari said. He said the attack was carried out jointly with another group called the Bakassi Freedom Fighters (BFF).

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