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Monday, 20 October 2008


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Francis Nche

Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.

Francis Nche

Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.

Francis Nche

Mr. Elvis Tah , your question has a simple answer. Nobody is using SCNC to settle personal scores but posterity has proven that whoever is insinuating this doctrine of SCNC is doing so for personal gains, selfishness and greed. Why is it that such people are only talking about SCNC and nobody is doing anything about it? I am glad the post has started bringing out the truth surrounding this mystery of SCNC.


I do not understand who has been fighting who. I asked Chief Ayamba a series of questions in London and he could not provide any realistic answer. I am dissapointed things have now gone to this stage. Those people were locked up after Chief Ayamba visited the European faction of the SCNC and we have all been supporting this struggle in our own way. I have respect for all the factions of the struggle as it is my utmost belief that we can never form a homogenous group, just like the ANC, but if some self-serving individuals want to go to the media and start denouncing others, then they are surely doing so for their own selfish reasons. Long live the restoration government and all the other factions of the SCNC including the Ayamba/Nfor Ngalla faction.



what have you seen. This is just the beginning. I find it hilarious when your SCNC flock criticizes the SDF and butchers its name to the core. The irony is, the fact remains: the organization of the SCNC will never be as good as that of the SDF. The SDF might be slipping now but they once had a solid structure, a unifying leader and they can brag about establishing the multi-party system in Cameroon. What can the SCNC brag of?

Rexon, it's time to swallow egos and learn from the best. Pride goeth before a fall.


Unitedstatesofafrica aka Simplice,

How far have you gone with your quest for an independent statehood for us Northwesteners? Have you abandoned that dream and have suddenly reincarnated to a defender of the SDF doctrine?



don't try to derail. Nice try buddy but I won't let it slide. Address those allegations, address them. You won't address them because you know they are nothing but truthful.


God Bless Messrs Sabum and Arrey and all those our compatriots fighting for the restoration of the statehood of the British Southern Cameroons on the ground the best way they know how.

There is understandably a communication gap between those in the Diaspora and those in the territory that is being exploited by incompetent agents and future tunrcoats like Francis Nche and detractors like United States of Africa (whom from his Bamileke origins after his parents ran away from the trauma and terror of French-trained 'cutting heads' and settled in Menchum) now hilariously purports to have discovered a "northwest republic"!

But those brave patriots in the territory must concentrate on the dimension they have chosen to pursue this struggle to the best of their ability. Accusing Messrs Anyangwe or Akwanga or others in the Diaspora of taking bribes does not help them in their chosen path of our liberation.

They unfortunately probably view Biya like a tropical jungle god and will believe any planted rumor that this lazy ruffian and thief called Biya has the ability to buy the conscience of patriots abroad. It may come as a shick to them thet as much as money as this chef-bandit Biya has stolen, it will never be enough to buy off the motivation and patriotic fervor of the frontline patriots in the Diaspora.

But the Diaspora will play a key role in liberating the land no matter what. No matter what type of base rumors or provocations, we shall stay focused on the goal and will not respond to the taunts of our compatriots at home to the satisfaction of the brutal enemy, France and its jungle colony, la Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

Folks, DeGaulle spoke from London, not Paris; but worked with people inside. Oliver Tambo, based in Lusaka and the Thabo Mbeki, as kind of a roving ambassador played pivotal roles in helping those inside to fight for the struggle in South Africa. The story of the Eritrean Diaspora contribution to their de-colonization from Ethiopia is well known.

No amount of insinuations, bought and paid stories in newspapers, agent-provocateurs, parasites, double and tripple agents, will stop the Southern Cameroons Diaspora from playing their historic role in the liberation of our land. Naturally we honor those inside who fight, but it does not help their own cause back home to accuse members of the Southern Cameroons Diaspora whose determined actions abroad keep some of them alive.


The statements above will play negatively to the psychology of those fighting for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons abroad.
I strongly believe without those abroad, Biya would have silenced the likes of Chief Ayamba, Pa Sabum etc. Those in the Diaspora spend sleepless nights making contacts with the European Union and some leaders in the west to ensure they (SCNC leaders) detained in Cameroon are released and that they face fair trials.
The problem in my opinion is lack effective communication. Those of the different factions abroad should constantly communicate with those at home. They should share their ideas and opinions and to wipe away any suspicion.
Hope Prof. Anyangwe and those of other factions will not reply to the accusations with harsh words but would rather call and talk things out. This way will be the only way forward for the liberation struggle. Anything short of this will be playing in the hands of Biya and his French masters.

Anyone who is using the SCNC to settle personal scores should stay clear of it. I think nature will still fight this injustice against Southern Cameroonians.

My humble Opinion




Rexon's brother in a member of the CPDM party. Rexon was sent to Europe with CPDM money. The Rexon family house somewhere around that Mutengene area was built with CPDM money. All the Rexon family cars were bought with CPDM money. All the Rexon children were sponsored in school with CPDM money. The Rexon family has hoarded CPDM money in banks, at home and abroad, for personal use.

Rexon's entire existence is built on a CPDM foundation. Why then is he feigning interest in the SCNC? Apparently, his CPDM brother couldn't secure a top notch government position for Rexon. Thus, his thirst for political glory has led him to the SCNC. Some people are truly in the SCNC to settle personal scores *points finger to Rexon*


Rexon's brother in a member of the CPDM party. Rexon was sent to Europe with CPDM money. The Rexon family house somewhere around that Mutengene area was built with CPDM money. All the Rexon family cars were bought with CPDM money. All the Rexon children were sponsored in school with CPDM money. The Rexon family has hoarded CPDM money in banks, at home and abroad, for personal use.

Rexon's entire existence is built on a CPDM foundation. Why then is he feigning interest in the SCNC? Apparently, his CPDM brother couldn't secure a top notch government position for Rexon. Thus, his thirst for political glory has led him to the SCNC. Some people are truly in the SCNC to settle personal scores *points finger to Rexon*


United States of Africa,

You really make me laugh. When did you start believing in Ngambi? I am not a Nyongo man and can never join a Nyongo group. The CPDM is not a political party and if anyone ever dare joins it, they can never leave it. How about your Utopic Bamenda Republic? Have you abandoned that dream, since you dont want to have anything to do with South Westeners. Ricardo Aka Simplice the Simpleton.


You and USAfoolca should shut up and leave people alone on this forum.The two of you are serving the same master,and you come here competing for ostentation.USAfoolca will always fight you because you pretend to be so immersed in the SCNC.When you talk about the SCNC here on daily basis,he gets mad because he has been given the assignment
to kill that dream.This goes same with you.
When elections are coming up everytime you do everything to muddle the waters for the opposition.After the elections ,you become very meek.You have all along made it clear that La Republique is a foreign country,but now that La Republique defrauded all the past elections and left the opposition in an uncomfortable situation,you have been referring to it as 'our country'.Since when did La Republique become you country? Two weeks ago we also heard you pretending about the fact that Fru Ndi should not be arrested.So after elections Fru Ndi merits some compassion from you,but before elections you tell everybody here that he shouldn`t think himself a demi god,and that the SDF should be broken up.See how pathetic you have become! It has not taken long for hypocrisy to catch up with you.The time has passed when people could play those games and go unnoticed.The Northwest/
Southwest dichotomy that USAfoolca is now taking for political capital is exactly the same playing field you have always tried to exploit here.You must be very shortsighted to think Cameroonians forget things easily.
Remember how you told the world during the Bali crisis that northwesters have been taking away jobs from Southwesterners in the CDC.Its laughable to see you frown at USAfoolca for playing your game so well.
Just know that the two of you are joint at the hip.Never ,never think you have to do with fools here.Continue to play the turtle,
your policy in life is to play it safe from all quarters.Your reaction to the SCNC factional squabbles shows you don`t even have a grasp of the area people thought you were good at.What Simplice is saying about your relationship with the Cpdm is not far from the truth.Fighting for freedom doesn`t mean when elections come ,you fight the opposition,vowing to destroy it,and after the elections,you start calling La Republique your country.



You must be very naive and out of your mind to think you can kill the dream i have invested my life on. You should shut up your silly mouth. You cannot never derail public opinion about my person. You have lied about me, my family, my background in this forum several times, where has that taken you too? To begin with, i made it clear to the opposition SDF that going in for an election whose results have been dictated from abroad will never help them. If you want to hang some of us for the failures of your political institutions whose tribalistic foundation have been exposed, then do it. For NJFN, i have said clearly that Biya and their ilk does not have the moral authority to try him for the Diboule case and did not say he should not be tried. This goes to the Lapiro saga where i believe the case was a total fabrication. I then wonder why you have to claim that i asked for him not to be tried. You cannot distort my facts here to satisfy your selfish and tribalistic desires. I have always maintained that i am concerned with democracy for all over Africa, just as i am concerned with it in Cameroon. So i comment on the politics of La Republique as i do with that of any other African country. I have always asked NJFN and co thesame questions and when i meet them anywhere, i think i have to ask thesame questions. To be more specific, i have made alot of friends and enemies from this forum. Some of them are SDF and if they write, visit or call me privately to discuss some facts with me, i have to change my strategy if i think it is necessary.

For the SCNC saga, you cannot expect me to comment in detail about it at the postnewsline. I have many other avenues to channel my queries and i did just that the day this was published. Before this posting, i have had a one to one chat with some of the leaders about this same topic here in London. Watesih, you must be out of your senses to be calling me a CPDM. You can go and hang yourself, but you can never deny me the right to stand for the truth that i believe. What CPDM money have i ever eaten. I am a hardworking person and i have always believed on my own ability to work and make money out of my talents. I do not need CPDM money to progress and have never received any help from the CPDM. Yes, i have CPDM people that are know are my relatives but as i have always maintained and have always advised anyone to, i have distanced myself from them long ago. It is clear that we do not see eye to eye. You are a small naive man Watesih. If you are the politician that you claim, then ask your SDF people to deny bribes from the CPDM that they have been receiving. I have enough money to take care of my problems and i can never take a penny from any mundane political institution, even the SDF. I was not educated by the CPDM and FYI. So all what USA of Africa is talking is his own fabrication, just as you have been fabricating things here to destroy my person and have never succeeded. I have the talent to make enough money for myself and will never need any political institution to survive.

Talking about the corporate social responsibilities of companies, I have also made it clear that there are some tribalisitic tendencies of our NW parents when they came to SW in the early days that were not good. In one of the debates here, i cited the case of managers in CDC being from the NW and those gaining promotion also from that area during the tenure of John Niba Ngu. This is same with my comments about Sonara, brasseries du Cameroun, etc in the Southern Cameroons. I also made it clear that if a new generation of the Musonge's, Njalla Quans come up, they should not just go on as they have been doing to attack and dismiss people from NW origin. I discuss this every time i meet any executive of the CDC and have even discussed it today in one of my communications with a CDC executive from the SW. Watesih, i know in and out about the differences of these two provinces as i am a product with tribal heritage of the two places and if i want to address them, i must address them as they are. I will not pretend and favour one side when i know the truth. If anyone talks about this issue, i must stand to say things as they are.

Watesih, i would be better off financially out of politics than in it. Because in all this financially, some of us are the ones loosing. I cannot tell you how as that is between me and my concience, but i will want to make it clear to you that you cannot destroy my person. If i decide to stand and watch some actions of the SDF and to scale down my attack on the SDF, that is personal. You cannot choose for me when to write what here. That is solely my business.


Hear you:"For NJFN,I have said clearly that Biya and his ilk do not have the moral authority to TRY him for the Diboule case and did not say he should not be TRIED".This are the words of a confused man who is completely ashamed of himself.Can
you tell us why you think Biya and his ilk do not have the moral authority to try Fru Ndi? You were for Ben Muna and his liutenant S.N Tita,and told everyone here that Fru Ndi thought he was a demi God.You vowed to destroy the SDF.
You are fooling yourself,and making a very big error thinking that you have the latitude to run down others when you like and go unchecked.How come you are only scaling down your attacks on the SDF? You had already buried it!
It`s so smart of you to always listen to the many friends who call you and advise you when elections are over in Cameroon,
then you scale back your attacks.Before the elections don`t you have friends? I like the way you twist like a snake when we use the truth to hammer you here.All what is said about you here comes out of your mouth.
I don`t know you personally,but I know your mind very well.I want to also make it clear to you that I will never destroy anybody`s person,but as vocal as you are about others,
I will continue to make sure your words and actions match.
Nobody will frown at you for advising the opposition not to go in for elections that are dictated abroad.But you are your best on this forum whenever elections are around,
and you proclaim it to the world that you want to destroy the opposition.Today you are struggling to eat your words.This is what is meant by holding people accountable for their words.
It`s great you have always taken the pains to show how some of our parents from the Northwest went to the CDC to usurp the position of southwesterners.USAfoolca on his part is saying that the Northwest should have it all.So it's pretty clear he is playing your game so well.The problem is that you take offense when he mimicks you.
Stop puffing up about people trying to destroy your person.You are the one who told everybody here that your brother is a diehard Cpdm militant,you are the one who said you people always helped in the repatriation of some Southern cameroonians,
you are the one who wrote here that the Cpdm has been trying to destroy the SDF for the past 15 years ,you told us here that you vote in another European country,so tell me which extra information about your private life that Watesih has ever made public here.You don`t want to be challenged,
but remember how you said here that Fru Ndi and other top Southern cameroonians must be scrutinised.Rexon,I will scrutinise you until you will come down to earth.You have surely created an idyllic utopic world for yourself.When you finish destroying the SDF,
know that there's always time for stock taking on this forum.
The way you have been vocal here about others would make people believe you are actually leading,but here you come telling people about querries you submit everytime.
As a freedom fighter we want action,not querries.Whom are you submitting querries to? Those your four lines of spittle you pour about the Cpdm where you have family members who cannot be convinced to leave,
cannot fool anyone here.If you cannot convince your own family members to leave the Cpdm,how would you want people to take you seriously when you start gesticulating that you want to destroy the opposition?


"USAfoolca on his part is saying that the Northwest should have it all." - WateSHIT

Mr. WateSHIT, you piece of SHIT, I was hoping to expect some more garbage from you (as usual). Since when has calling for equality between SW and NW become advocating for NW to "have it all"? I criticized the tribalistic attitude of SouthWesterners towards NorthWesterners. I didn't call for NW to dominate everyone in Southern Cameroons. Young man, it might seem like your grasp of the English language is feeble or you might just be plain stupid.

stop clutching at straws, it is no use; you will drown anyway. You tried to defend your stand in about 1 million words but you ended up making no sense whatever. The truth remains Mr. Rexon, you are A HYPOCRITE. You were schooled with CPDM money. You even traveled abroad with CPDM money. Your own blood brother and a large faction of your family still owes allegiance to CPDM. Also, you have very suspicious ties to the SDF and other political affiliations. Mixing all of this together, creates an enigmatic situation. Your motives Rexon are to be questioned. There is something you are hiding, something which shall surface in due time.

Have a good Wednesday.

Legima Doh

People of the Southern Cameroons,fellow comrades,on behalf of the dedicated freedom fighters for liberation of the Southern Cameroons,I want to make a clarion call for facts not to be misconstrued, for history not to be distorted and for wanton logic not to be introduced into the mainstream of the struggle.The struggle which is most legitimately and historically recognized as being under the aegis of the grand mother Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC),is aware of the existence of many wings vying for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.These wings especially those abroad are wont to understand the patronage of the ScNc which ipso facto is the grand conductor and moderator for the liberation struggle.We acknowledge one destiny for the Southern Cameroons.We also acknowledge the need for effective communication,and undivided attention for the struggle.It is time the various wings out of good will address allegations put against them by the mother organization for the revamping of the entire struggle.I hereby call for dialogue for the purpose of strengthening,giving new strategies to the stuggle and setting out different modus operandi for the organization to forge forward.I appreciate the work of various wings but we also give great kudos to the freedom fighters at home.
I want to warn detractors in this forum to cease from distorting facts and derailing the ideologies of the SCNC.We of the inner core of the ScNc understand greatly well our comrades.The attack that comrade Rexon is under is no bane to the effrontery we all have for the struggle.Watesih,you are not a mind reader unless you are a god.You do not know comrade Rexon.There is absolutely no logic in you attempt to smear comrade Rexon with links to the Cpdm/Sdf.This is an enormous absurdity given the knowledge I have about him.Such a fable is very uninteresting.You also said you would want him to match words to action and this is with regard to the ScNc I suppose.Watesih, the activism of Rexon in the ScNc is overt to all ScNc activists in the Scandinavia and the Uk and that is the message I took to the United States.I don't want to belabor on the countless and priceless contributions and support he has given and is still given to the ScNc in terms of financial support, material support, organizational support,moral support and otherwise.Any ScNc activist reading your garbage blackmail would simply dump your essay in a bin.Talk about the way forward of out motherland under the aegis of the Sdf and lets see if there is anything to take home from it.Attempting to link Rexon to USAfrica is a monstrous stupidity.This is one of the most incongruous and negatively and resolutely blind minds I have ever come across.His ideologies and heresies are in stark conflict with ours the comrades of the Southern cameroon.Our differences with his are irreconcilable.
I therefore call for an immediate stop of all the smear campaigns against comrade Rexon.He is a comrade I have known from long ago.He has been very hardworking and his success has emanated entirely from his hard work and not from cpdm/Sdf.The ScNc recognizes Rexon as a grand moderator and contributor ,a person with commendable character whose participation and activism is always most solicited.We need more true comrades like MK,Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus,Tagro,Klemenceau,Njie,comrade Galabe and a host of them.
While we take note of all distractions, we must stay ardently focused.
God bless our mother
Legima Doh,
ScNc,New York

mk the southerner

Comrade Rexon, When market dogs backs at a passing van. It does not stop that van from moving. Waist not your time on market dogs friend.


...MK the Stupid one, the only market dog on this forum is and all those other IDIOTIC SCNC lunatics. You foolishly bark at passing vans in the market, protecting your "master" Rexon. Little do you know the shady dealings he has been involved with.

I raise valid points and questions. Rexon has very strong ties not only the CPDM but to the SDF. His entire family down there, in that Mutengene area, still owes allegiance to the CPDM.


...I will be paying a visit to that Mutengene are very soon. It will be my top priority to investigate Rexon's shady past and his family's political record.


Mr lesser evil and Cpdm thug, when you say northwest should cut away from the southwest,it's because you want it to have its way alone without any disturbance from the Southwest,which you hate.This not very different from what Rexon said,that Northwesterners come to the CDC to take away all the jobs from the Southwesterners. The two of you are joint at the hip,and we know how to deal with racists on this forum.

Legi Doh,
We are brothers,we face the same enemy,but the difference between us is how we see this enemy.The problem with the SCNC is defining its relationship with the Cpdm.
There are too many closet Cpdm militants in the SCNC who still have a deep nostalgia for their party.Many have family members in the Cpdm and speak with both sides of the mouth about our critical situation.
Doh,I think it is very characteristic of you here to jump into any heated argument that one may have with Rexon,and start calling them names.I think that is cowardice
You say Scnc activists will frown at me for blackmailing Rexon.You give the impression that he is the spokesman of the SCNC here.
Why would any SCNC activist frown at me for questioning Rexon`s ideas about his involvement in La Republique's politics? My point is clear,that Rexon vowed to destroy the opposition before elections ,and it is exceedingly cheap to see him pretending to show commiseration for this same opposition now after elections.Since you are his mouth piece,you may want to explain this dubious situation to Cameroonians.Comparing him to USAfoolca is very fitting.USAfoolca has been given the assignment to destroy the SCNC and pit English speaking Cameroonians against each other,and Rexon`s assignment is to destroy the opposition.He said it and went about doing it in a very critical time.
So get this facts claer ,and stop using blanket terms like smear to distort ideas.
Declaring here that he wants to destroy the opposition,shows he is excited playing La Republiques politics,so we are going to scrunise him as one of La Republique's politicias.I don`t doubt Rexon's work for the SCNC,but if he wants to mix things up by playing the fire brigade for the government in place during elections,and pretending to be friendly to the opposition after elections,then he is making a big mistake.The last advise to you is not to be sycophantic,because that will not help.I truly don`t know Rexon,so you can see this is not a smearing campaign.This is making him accountable for his words.There's always time for stocking taking!

Danny Boy

this posting appeared on the website below some hours ago! Can somebody please confirm !!


Well xxx I know your message did not post but I join you and many others to announce the death of one of Cameroon greats, Hoigen Ekwalla who died last night. I received a call fom my artist at 7:45am confirming this sad story. May his soul rest in peace."

Hoping with all my heart that it is not true.
Long live Ekwalla.

Don Duke

It is really a shame when a series of comments from some forumites, day-in day-out, from news headline to news headline cannot be identified with any thought pattern or maturity in analytical thinking.

Credibility cannot be established when we resolve to using abusive words instead of airing our views and putting up superior arguments to back-up.


Ex Cameroonian government official arrested for embezzling over US $300 million
Jean Dieudonne Ndoumou, former subprefect of Kribi in southern Cameroon, currently serving at the prime minister’s office, has been detained at the Kribi prison for "embezzlement" , a judicial source said. According to the source, Ndoumou, subprefect of Kribi between 2000 and 2003, was accused of "involvement in the embezzlement of the first instalment of 696 million CFA (over US$ 300 million) from the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH) for the construction of the Bipaga gas-fired power station and receiving significant commissions in the deal when he was still in office in Kribi". The money was meant for the construction of the gas-fired station to curb the energy crisis which has affected Cameroon for nearly seven years. Since the investigation started 9 October, Ndoumou is the third persons to be arrested and detained. Bemma Din Terence and Manga Owona, the notary and village chief of Bipaga II respectively, were earlier detained at the Kribi prison on charges of embezzlement, forgery and use of forged documents and land scam. According to the source, the other subprefect involved in the case will be arres ted in the next few days, alongside some SNH officials reported to have disbursed such a huge amount of money without demanding a land deed for the 23-hectare site of the station, currently being disputed. The arrests are part of "Operation Epervier", a drive to clean up the behavour of public officials, which has already pointed a finger at several ministers and m anaging directors of state companies. The operation’s main mission is to weed out corrupt officials from the Cameroonian civil service. (Thursday 23 October - 18


Danny Boy,
Below are the words of Hoigen Ekwalla when he visited Buea/Cameroon in 2004. Hope he met that wife before now.I also wish the news is rumour.

"Are you married?
I am still looking forward to that. The day I will get the woman of my life, I will give it the widest publicity. I am still very pre-occupied with my artistic life, but that is an area in my life where only those who are very close to me know what I am doing.

Wednesday, 01 December 2004 at 03:11"

Danny Boy

I think this posting on the SABESA website confirms our fear; "24/10/2008: Hoïgen Ekwalla is dead. The news was made public yesterday at about midday.
Hoigen Ekwalla, the well respected musician and discreet person had been ill.

He had been ill for a while but his health condition deteriorated very recently just when he was on the verge of being evacuated.

Reports say he died of complications from kidney failure at the Laquintinie where he had been admitted.

His fans shall remember him for popular hits like “ Chat botté” “Ndomè “, “Longue di titi nika “, “ Londo “, “ Mon amie”, and “ La joie”.

The gentleman, according to close friends was currently working on a new album that should have enabled him make an official comeback after years of absence. Hoïgen Ekwalla dies at the age of fifty."

May his soul rest in peace.

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