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Friday, 07 November 2008


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President elect B.Obama has made the Afro-Americans proud and a lesson to be learned not only by Africans but most especially by African dictators in the form of Head of States. Wolfs in sheep clothing. His resounding victory in just ended elections should be a motivating factor for the continent we all love and stop this massive exploitations of our own human resources in the form of US lottery, Canada perminent visa, etc. We could through this victory draw inspiration if only we could adopt the American political system which is that of a maximum of terms in office.
Its true much is expected from Obama for Africans but the highest expections is within our own leaders. I am 100% confident that Obama will be more than happy and much more willing to sacrifice a lot of his schedule projects if most or why not all change their constitutions to have an end. That is rule for a maximum of eight years and nothing more. This will also mean a dream come true for Africans even stop 'Afro-discrimination' and social disequality among Africans.
'A word to the wise is enough'


President elect B.Obama has made the Afro-Americans proud and a lesson to be learned not only by Africans but most especially by African dictators in the form of Head of States. Wolfs in sheep clothing. His resounding victory in just ended elections should be a motivating factor for the continent we all love and stop this massive exploitations of our own human resources in the form of US lottery, Canada perminent visa, etc. We could through this victory draw inspiration if only we could adopt the American political system which is that of a maximum of two terms in office.
Its true much is expected from Obama for Africans but the highest expections is within our own leaders. I am 100% confident that Obama will be more than happy and much more willing to sacrifice a lot of his schedule projects if most or why not all change their constitutions to have an end. That is rule for a maximum of eight years and nothing more. This will also mean a dream come true for Africans even stop 'Afro-discrimination' and social disequality among Africans.
'A word to the wise is enough'

ZeFelix catus

While most people see the election of Obama as a tree that took off from a seed planted by Rosa Parker and watered by Martin Luther King, I will like to add that it is a prophecy coming to fulfilment.In his speech to the UN on the October 6, 1963 His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie insinuated that until racism is killed there will be no peace to this world.This very famous prophecy was put to music by Bob Marley in his hit WAR, in which he sang ''That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained;''etc,etc.Let's wait and see what his election will bring to Georgia,Zimbabwe,Kenya,Cameroon,and the world at large after all it is no secret that when America sneezes the world catches cold.


What most people are blind to is the fact that Obama's victory is only a chance given to him to fight for the real victory. It's like a football team that has qualified for the final of a match and until that final is won, all we've got to do is give him the necessary support in whatever way we can, not celebrating right now.


Obama's victory reflects my long held believe that a mans destiny lies in their own hands and you can never defeat the truth. For those who thought a Black man can never rule America, history has proven them wrong. Southern Cameroonian activists should know that there is time for everything and no matter the odds, we shall one day triump. All we need is to keep the momentum moving.

I have read from the different stakeholders in Camerounese politics above. All what they are concerned about is on how to take over power from Biya and possibly enrich them. Their political philosophy have never spelt out a blue-print of how the people of the Southern Cameroons would be liberated once they ascend to La Republiques presidency. Let it be known to them that they can never succeed in as much as they do not duel their campaign strategies on the truth. The blueprint for their victory should centre on the restoration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons. By this, i mean whoever wants to liberate Cameroon from the claws of dictator Biya, should understand that, there would be always be bigger issues to address and you cannot pretend and enslave the people of the Southern Cameroons and expect your own people to live in peace. God willing, the people of the Southern Cameroons would be liberated soon.

Tekum Mbeng

So where are the audacious Baracks of Francophone Africa, including Arab countries?

The anciemt lizards are Mr. Hosni Mubarack of Egypt, Khadafi of Libya, Paul Biya and Omar Bongo of Gabon.

Any of these self-imposed leaders sending congratulatory messages to Washington DC is a hypocrite. An Obama in their countries would have had life-threatening times with the secret police.


obamas achievement is an inspiration to the oppressed and marginalised of the goes a long way to say all of us have very high dreams no matter our backgruonds and that given an opportunity all mankind can excel hence making the world a better place for all.
africans must learn from the the american society and foster to creat a society full of opportunities for all and live the late martin luthers dream of a society where by one is not going to be judged by the colourof his face, or by ethnic group or by the the sound of his surname but by the content of his character and what he or she can deliver.peace.


Cameroonians, I am very convinced, will someday have a big sigh of relief, that, at last, we are free from the stranglehold of a dictator.
Fru Ndi, SDF Chairman
Mr Chairman,
There is no witness to your dreams.Obama won because he stood for the truth and is having a clean record.
How clean are your records my chairman?
Why are you deceiving the population by enriching yourself and rendering the masses penniless?
How much money did you collect from mayors who were brought in by your investiture committee?
There is no difference between you and Biya
so better stay quiet.


Radical brother,
This forum is a place where intellectuals share view points and substantiate their claims with facts. In so far as I am not a supporter of John Fru Ndi, your write-up is synonymous to claims made by Biya’s cohorts like Marafa and dubious Divisional Officers and policemen. An Obama-Type victory will never happen in the present day Cameroon irrespectively of how truthful the candidate is. Its time you and your cohorts shut-up or rethink before posting anything on this site!!!!


Yes Obama's victory is a great victory to the entire world! I think the likes of Fru Ndi should be ready one day to give an account of burning and destroying ( state or private)properties in Cameroon in the name of fighting for democracy or vote! In which of all these incidence had Fru Ndi ever called up these barbarians to caution them on such acts, or if possible punish them by law, Biya lies low too. They are both national Criminals in Cameroon-conference national sans d'object. These structures destroyed today by them is not their but belong to Cameroon soil and the future generation to see and used them or renovate them to other structures. How many house were burnt in America, how many people died? Zero mort , zero feu! 'We should live and let the future live , no body is imoratl''



Your whole viewpoint smacks my imagination. Let me ask you this simple question: Who is responsible for security in Cameroon when kids go on rampage? Biya or Ni John Fru Ndi. Secondly, how do you know these people who go out to destroy properties are of the opposition? What if the government send its own militants to destroy state properties to accuse the opposition and have a reason to kill some? I will also like to bring your attention to the fact that i have witnessed violent strikes here in Europe. In the EU summit in Gothenburg some 7 years ago and quite recently in France. In both cases, state properties was destroyed but no one was killed. Police even had to answer questions relating to those who have been malhandled by the police. So stop your fake rhetoric here by asking questions to NJFN. He is not responsible for security in Cameroon nor is he responsible for failures in government policies that might lead to strike actions. Let the little money that the CPDM gives some of you dont fool you. Southern Cameroonians are bigger than those liars.


mr.rex,we all know that the president is in charge of security.but it is the duty of all cameroonians to protect property, be it private or property should be destoyed through voilence.and fru ndi was a voice who would have prevented some of those voilent acts.
u scenario of withnessing the destruction of property in europe is some thing else.europe is europe and africa is africa.because property can is destroyed in europe through political voilence should not be the same in africa.
we dont just have the funds to replace or re-construct damages.there is no room for destruction of state property.the europeans can destroy theirs and build it back in a me all who are found guity of malicious damage of property must face the might of the law.paece

Danny Boy

go and do some reading and may be you will come to the conclusion that War is not bad per se! Destruction of property is what war leaves in its wake. The aftermath is rapid re-construction, based on the present, not history. This is why Paris can boast of straight and wide streets!
Violent conduct has its benefits. It is generally believed that without the Second World War, Africans will still be bearing the yoke of colonialism today. What was the Truman Doctrine all about? Self determination! Churchill is regarded as a racist today for opposing this Doctrine.
You might understand my riddles, if I say this, I am the Cameroonian who will want to tear down all that stands before me inhibiting my citizenship!
What is it Cameroonians have destroyed in anger? Their Primary Schools, hospitals or what they perceive as instruments of oppression?
Mr. Espoir, go bury your head in shame. It is apparent from your posting that you are a paid nuissance.
Tell them to give you, neophyte, a better job.
Shame, shame, shame!



You guys shouldn't just take espoir's comment above for a joke. He has reasonably and wisely commented on wanton destruction of property. It's not just that we don't have the funds to replace what has been wantonly destroyed but we, especially black Africans do not just possess the technological capacity to move an inch forward. The scars of most public utilities wantonly destroyed during the "ghost town" periods of the '90s are still glaring at us in the face.


mr.Danny,did i hear u say war is not bad?i dont have to worry myself researching on post-war develpoment.tell that to somebody from liberia,and sierra leone.count yourself lucky not to know how it feels like to be at war.
i wish and hope mankind had other means to settle disputes and not through war.
there is no justable explanation for destruction,apart from greed and envie.istead of post-war re-construction,mankind ought to learn from history and rapidly construct and not re-construct.where is america going to get the money at this time to rapidly re-construct iraq and afganistan?this countries are suffering from post-american destruction and less re-construction.look at sierra leone.this is a country that cant afford to destroy anything with the hope of re constructing it because the future generation would suffer from lack of services.maybe when we rally mobs in some political grievance in cameroon and go and burn the amadu adhajo staduim in yaounde then the govt would rapidly re construct another african we need to protect our wealth and capital,because as i said,we dont just have the money for rapid post-destruction construction.voilent conduct doesnt have any benefits simple causes harm.and whether WW2 brought about africa independence is an irrelevant statement, as to whether voilence and destruction is good for the continent or cameroon for that matter.
and if u are patriotic and have a sence of nationlity u would think twice before before letting your hands of frustration on national property.
and finally mr.danny,there is no need to bury my head in shame,i am just laying my believes,and dis agree-ing with u doesnt make me a nuisance.peace and God bless the motherland


You guys really want to pass for circus clowns indulging in some sort of blame game and fake patriotic grandstanding. The first thing I will like to say is that it's worth knowing that Cameroonians have been treated time and again by many and especially President Omar Bongo of Gabon as one of the most docile people living under the sun. This docility is what Biya and some of you have all along used as political capital.Get
it clear from today that public property destroyed during the `ghost towns` and during the February uprising put together is not even 1/10 of the destruction of private property the Cpdm government has wreaked on the people for the past fifteen years.It has been a pattern of behaviour for this government to use political victimization to plunder and destroy private property.I hope you vividly remember the villa that was rased to the ground in the Bastos neighbourhood just because the owner is of a certain ethnic group and not sympathetic to the regime in palce.I consider it cheap wits to start associating our technological know-how with
the willingness to destroy public property. No country is an island on its own.The technological know-how of any country depends on its relationship with other countries and on its educational priorities.
Though we are not in a situation of war,our country`s defence budget is the highest year
in year out,while the education sector is completely lacking in substance.How would you therefore want to have good architects,
Cameroonians have been reduced to beggars,
yet you will not cite any incidents where the people intentionally came together and decided to rise against the government because of hunger,disease,lies,theft and destruction of their property.The instances of damage we have seen in cameroon have been the fallout of political maneouvering and orchestration by the government.It is worth noting that it is even politically correct for the people to express their grievances against the government,and it is up to the government to accomodate these differences.In 1789 there was a bad harvest in France and the economy was very precarious.This was a harbinger for the revolution that ensued the following year. The women huddled and marched to Versailles to attack the monarchy.When they arrived ,the first thing they did was to attack the Palace,thereby thrusting their spikes into the king's bed.If it was in Cameroon,these women wouldn`t have even reached Nlongkak. They would have been shot at right at the Wada junction.That same year the famous Bastille,a symbol of oppression was attacked ,and the few prisoners found there in chains released.If it was in Cameroon, the prisoners at Kondengui would have been said to be under "Preventive detention".
Nobody condones violence for violence sake,but I`m convinced that you will give up your wife to attest to the fact that Cameroonians will not heartily and readily embrace the destruction of public property.
Treating the fact that the people destroy public property as greed and envy is a laughable piece of publicity.Who is envious of who?The money that the country uses to build these projects comes from the people.
It is only when the people find themselves stuck between the earth and the hard rock that they take aim at that which is truly theirs.
The debate should rather be about who always tries to provoke the people and make political capital out of it.Imagine that during the February uprising,the so called government went from accident,to SDF,and to Lapiro,just to apportion blame.The way public property and space is protected elsewhere is the same way it should be protected in Africa.Africans do not really need to be extraordinarily cautious about state property just because their countries refuse to build new ones.Not long ago an inventory was made of the sizable chunk of public property that could be built with billions of francs embezzled by a single Cameroonians and that is lie fallow in foreign bank accounts.
Espoir you give the impression that Europeans are too rich and capable of rebuilding infrastructure instantly after destruction.That argument is as childish as it was made.How many Europeans have been said to have 500 billion hidden in foreign bank accounts? We empty our coffers and dump it in their banks.They use this money to build their infrastructure and open businesses.Why should they lack money to rebuild when anything is destroyed?
As long as the government keeps playing games with itself,the people will always reason aloud once in a while, and the consequences will always be devastating.

Gan Charles

Obama ran a smart grassroots campaign with few errors and beat the republicans at their own game. He also ran a campaign in a country that has the political stucture and climate to allow anyone who could do what he did to acomplish what he acomplised.
This means that his supporters contibuted funds, the polls where not rigged, he was not intimidated by security forces and above all there will be an orderly transfer of power after his victory.
So it is wishful thinking that somehow his victory is going to translate into an epiphany for current African dictators to create an environment such that exists in the United States of America.
America is 231 yeras old. Change came from within through blood and iron. There is no free lunch and African nations cannot circumvent the difficult path to nation building. When you acomplish somthing through you own efforts you appreciate it more and above all you nuture and protect it and make sure it lasts. That goes for hard fought freedom. Any intervention or influence from without is only fleeting. Look aroung the world. Every country where the greate power have intervened to "bring peace" has seemed to succeed because they have to occupy the region or land indefinately. Any hope from without is just that, hope.
Cameroon must deal with its deamons from within, perhaps with "help" from without. The guts must come from within!


You must either be coming back from the mosque or Mecca and so not at breast about the things that have been happening in this country.You must be in a slumber then
I do not belong to any political party. As a free thinker and someone who stands for the truth, I feel the comment I made was mature enough. If you needed some clarification on what I said, you would asked for rather than reacting to my comment in a myopic and canal manner. Any way it could be thinking bigotry and if the strength of your arguments can not convince intellectuals in this forum,the whole idea of sharing views is defeated. IF YOU CAN NOT CONVINCE SOME ONE BETTER CONFUSE HIM


monsieur watersih,we can not be regarded as docile simple because we are sound minded.should we advocate and use voilence against ourselves to show how less-docile we are?i dont think that would be wise.
the govt being involved in obstructing development because of political agendas is foolishness on the part of the govt.we all know our govt is corrupt.
talking about the voilence in the 90s,there are still some families that were left homeless up till these day as a rsult of these sense-less voilence in the 90s.what did we benefit from the destruction,apart from rendering some families homeless and inflictig sufferings upon the people.
u see mr. watersih the govt has a duty to protect the state and its infrastructure against unscrupulous elements and i dont think we have to blame the govt for using force and sometimes inflicting harm on people who are tryig to destroy state property,or private property for that matter.
we should try to be realistic and understand that our problems as african are many and we donot need to delibrately creat more problems and sufferings upon our people.
there are many creative ways to solve political grievances.we have to be extraordinary cautious about state property because we have a lot of problems to worry about and re-construction should not be one.the issue on lapiro being sentenced,i still strongly think it was as a result of a political fallout but anyone found guity for a crime like that should face the might of the law.
i commented on people destroying property as a result of envy because in cameroon we see politicains destroying peoples property because they donot share the same political party or political ideologies.this is a serious matter,there is not laughable about this.
on the issue of africa leaders stealing and hiding it in the west is another debate on how to avoid these practice but the bottom line is the west still has the capacity to develop itself rapidly and we should not compare the two at these stage in time.
i agree with u that our governments have to stop playing games and we must also learn and adopt other means of getting the govts attension.peace and Go bless Africa.


The truth is bitter but is never hidden forever. This is all we can learn from the Obama victory.
copied from Voice of The Oppressed(

African Hope: Lessons From The Obama Victory

By Neba-Fuh

In an era of globalization when continental groupings are projecting themselves on the world stage and making their voices heard more than ever before, it is disheartening to remark that Africa has not emerged from its cocoon of non-assertiveness.
When the Americans, Europeans and now the Asians are taking active roles in determining the future of mankind, we still bask in the acceptance of submissiveness displayed by our sycophantic praises and allegiance to colonial doctrine- "they are better than us".

The controversial debate on whether intelligence is related to race, whether the African race has the lowest IQ (Intelligence Quotient), compared to Caucasians, Asians and Hispanics, is a blow to African dignity and pride. During the late sixties and early seventies when African Americans were still bruised as a result of the challenges of the civil rights struggle, psychologists like Arthur Jensen and physicists like William Shockley came up with all kinds of derogatory 'experimental' conclusions to place people of African descent on the lowest intelligence bar. Recently the so called best-seller: "The Bell Curve " by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray stipulates that racial IQ difference is genetic, implying that Africans and African Americans' IQ, whose curve is the lowest in their ranking, is hereditary. Their contemporaries put these research findings to challenge condemning them of racism in an intellectual context.

A projection of a person of African descent to the White House doesn't necessarily serve as a contrapositivity to the above, for one factual reason: "It is not always the smartest person in America who wins presidential elections in the US". George W Bush is a glaring example.
But, for a person of African descent to command the affairs of America and indirectly the world is a factual evidence on the unlimited hope any oppressed group should have.
More than a decade ago, South African icon Madiba Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after serving 27years as a result of the apartheid struggle. He was later elected as South African first President of African descent. He served for five years and retired.
Today, the Sarkozyian view of Africa as a continent which has not impacted anything to world History is being edified by continual clinging to power by African dreaded dictators.
Dictators who have not helped to redefine Africa in a context that its place in the world stage will be distinct. Dictators who have plundered the wealth of the world richest continent and shamelessly accept the appellation "Highly Indebted Poor Countries".
Dictators who have never seized to see themselves as prodigies of colonial heritage, always defining themselves as Western puppets and denying themselves the pride of enjoying the rich cultural heritage of Mother Africa.

For those Africans who supported the Obama candidacy in the recent US presidential elections just because he carries African blood in his veins, accept my tolerance! Ask yourself this hypothetical question: If the president of your country were to run for an American Presidential elections and you were an American; and knowing all you know about him now, will you vote for him just because he's African?
Political observers cannot simplify Obama's achievement to mere race and circumstances. The young man had substance in his campaign: his program, eloquence, biography as well as the management of his campaign were major ingredients that catapulted him to victory. Obama has four years to deliver or be delivered. That is the uniqueness of American Presidential system!

Africa may have nothing special to gain from President Obama except temporal pride, but Africans have a lot to learn from him: HOPE.
Hope, that Africa will one day redefine itself through its rich cultural heritage and manage the enormous natural resources Nature has bestowed her for the good of all its citizens.

Hope, that will ignite the African revolution which will resurrect the sleeping giants in Africans and spur them to go not to sleep until all dictators still ruling in Africa are ousted.

Hope, that Africans will one day understand the beauty of African brotherhood and resist the relic of colonial manoeuvres in fragmenting us tribally, resulting to avoidable wars.

Hope, that one day our intellect will not be judged by the actions of egoistic autocratic regimes that have battered Africa's progress and made racist intellectuals of the West to tag us dumb, even though Africans have attained the highest pointers of intellectual superiority in their society

Slavery is not African, Colonization is not African, Black is not how Africans will love to describe themselves. They kidnap our forefathers and called them slaves. Seized and plundered our riches with impunity and coined it colonization. Denoted our race with respect to everything evil-black market, black magic, Black man.
Then, they came and mock us of having no History and we applauded???

African destiny has mainly been shaped by non-Africans for a long time and the egoistic autocratic rulers have played the role of middlemen. Irreverent quislings!
They have stagnated the progress of the continent, siphoned its riches and stockpile them in Western vaults. They have engineered tribal wars, to promote arms trade in Africa, leaving its people abjectly poor.
AFRICA, arise!!!!


Read this sentence from the comment of "Radicalbrother" and discover the truth in it:IF AFRICAN LEADERS DID NOT LEARN ANY LESSON FROM NELSON MANDELA, THEY CAN NOT LEARN FROM OBAMA


Ted, I think Neba-Fuh in his article is smart enough to make a distinction between AFRICANS and AFRICAN LEADERS. I am not naive to think that AFRICAN leaders can ever learn from someone and I think that that is eloquently expressed. The AFRICAN HOPE NebaFuh expresses is for AFRICANS to have the resolve to oust these so called AFRICAN LEADERS in whatever methood possible. AFRICAN LEADERS have no HOPE and therefore need no HOPE. But AFRICANS must reignite their HOPE for a better Africa, even if it has to come with a price.

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