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Monday, 03 November 2008


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Cry not for it's the game you play in all aspects of life in Cameroon. Please accept the defeat as political parties accept defeats when you cheat, fraud, intimidate, brutalize during all elections. I do not expect cameroonian authorities to talk of intimidation. If anyone questions my patrotism, I will tell him/her that Iam a million times more patrotic than Biya.


Look at the people complaining about disorganisation, hostile reception, poor state of pitches, etc. These are thesame despots who have worked hard to destabilise the Southern Cameroons and leave it in a very deplorable state, yet they are worried when they are treated in thesam way in a foreign country. Imagine the destruction of our roads by these people of La Republique, our educational system, our culture, way of life, etc. After our parents fought hard, lost their lives, jobs etc to create the University of Buea, it is just of recent that Southern Cameroonian youths started having hopes and have realised that despite the odds, they can work hard to achieve other things in their respective professions.Now our people are working very hard and are achieving things in their respective professions. However, we cannot progress further as we cannot create realistic football clubs like cotonsport in our territory that can compete internationally since we are under occupation. Even when our athletes and sportmen compete with citizens of La Republique, they would be cheated out of their way and left to limbo. Ask the guys of Kumba Lakers playing football or those smart runners we have at Kumbo. They can only survive through private initiatives and that is what we have been doing of recent. Let La Republique stop complaining and understand that they can never progress if they do not leave our land.


Sorry for interfering
I'm Egyptian and I was curious to see your media comments about the game , but actually I was surprise when I read that report and I wanted to clarify some of the facts for the reporter :
As a reporter you have to work harder to collect news and I mean that your sources should be numerous to be able to support your article if needed , because some of the issues you stated and I'm sorry to say that but it's true are "Funny"
-Al-Ahly founded in 1907, with it's more than 100 titles ,102 years history, it's domination of the Egyptian and African Championships , the African club of the century is not only the favorite of Egyptians but it's also the favorite of all Arab nations and you can verify that from any Egyptian .
-Concerning the tickets, if you were there you would be able to see that there were barely a couple of hundred Cameroonians or so, but if you needed to buy 1000 tickets just to keep them no one would disallow it.
-The most important point I want to comment is that during the last four years Al-Ahly has been a part of the African Champion's League Final and I have seen how we respect our opponents, and you can review the Egyptian media to face the fact that our media is completely different than yours in dealing with this matter.
Let me explain moreā€¦, just before any game our media used to over-measure that game, make a legend of our opponent team no matter what was it's name or history, to the point that all the Egyptians not only our team would be "I won't say scared" but at least fully alerted and so tense, and most of the time it turns out to be not true and after the game we would say "Actually it wasn't that hard". On the other hand if you reviewed your coach statements and your media overall you'll find the opposite.
So your statement about winning the match before it begins by demoralizing the visiting team is too far from being true.
Thanks for letting me comment and I wish you all good luck.

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