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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


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Joe Dinga Pefok,
You must be one of Forjindam´s lawyers.
It is good news that his detention has been extended.
Hope the day he comes out,he will rally for more motions of support to Biya.


All Southern Cameroonians involved in Camerounese politics should learn from Forjindams fate. That you can never abandon your people and thrive in the politics of a foreign land, while the resources of your land, the Southern Cameroons is being plundered, its people enslaved, infrastructure destroyed, etc. Southern Cameroonians rise up and use your energy to take what rightly belongs to you which is your country.


This is a lesson to other Southern Cameroonians who collect money from our oil,Timber,CDC products etc and flashing to people to foster Biya's of La Republique's campaign thinking nothing can happen to them.Their is next. The first thing we want Forjimdan to utter from his bail is 'let us increase Biya's term of office to ten years' as he use to do.Hahahahahahahahahahahaha


The criminal law of any country is not there to serve as a monster to its people but to maintain the intergrity of society. This mission of the criminal law can only be attained only if an accused and the prosecution are given the same stands when this intergrity is to be ascertained.
To accuse someone for having infringed on the right of the other, the former must prove his case while the accused on his part has to furnish evidence to argue away those against him.
Given the case in question, the witnesses for the persecution, Chantier Naval, are un able to given authentic evidence, orignals of documents presecuting the accused, Mr Fornjindam. The examining magistrate should not be acting on the side of the state, owner of Chantier Naval else, the fox has been appointed to precide at a fouls trial. If the prosecution and its witness are unable to prove their case then the case be thrown away, unless our criminal law is sick or is being starved. What will happen when after all this ill treatment Nfornjindam is proven innocent?
All I know with evidence is that, this case is a typical example of the Biya politics of victimisation which serve to present him as a no non sense headache of state. If this was a geniuing moves then why are the Mendo Ze's, Melingui's, Akame Nfoumou's who have proven themselves as charistmatic embezzlers are still at large enjoying the gift of kleptomania?
Lets avoid a situation where innocent people are being sacrifice on the altar of bad economics and autocratic politics. But a word of advice to Bikoro, we know the beti gansters have scored their goal, stay quiet and concentrate to promote their concern of destroying Cameroon while awaiting your turn at the fast approaching end of Biya,s regime.


Is this not a shame that for over six months the french regime at Etoudi is un able to show true proves that Forjindam stole money and this guy is in NewBell Hell. First of all how was this guy arrested and locked up without proves. How could he be locked up before investigating. How do we find copies of documents but we can't find the originals. We are told police men went looking for land he has in Bamenda. I believe biya did not want the world to say that only himself and his francophone brothers have put the country down. Anglophone must stand up and fight for their independence and if there is any doubt about this, then some people have lost the track. It shall happen


Forjindam like Inoni, Njeuma, Achidi Achu, Musonge, Ngute, Ndeh, etc are "House Negros" who are loyal to the colonial masters (La Republique du Cameroun) because they want to get positions in their government. They dont care about us the "Field Negros" who are slaves and have been working in the plantations of the Southern Cameroons though we strongly hate our status as slaves for La Republique du Cameroun. If the "House Negro" becomes unecessary after having been used to rig elections, he must be dumped by their master. Forjindam will only be removed when he is needed, maybe when elections are coming up. Let the "Field Negros" who have been suffering under these colonialism and are fighting to liberate themselves dont occupy themselves with all these Forjindams affair. Lets keep looking for ways of Liberating ourselves and we need to fight all the "House Negroes".


This is just "illegal politics" or drama turning legal.


Did Biya send you to champion the course that he should stay in power for ever? NO
Your arrest is based on the concept of regional balance as he is fighting his personal enemies. You were never a friend and will never be a friend to Biya as you thought. If you think I am telling a lie come from the prison let me see.


I think if nothing is found against Forjindam, the man should be released. We should stop the anglo-franco hate that is plaguing our country and move forward. If not today, the day is coming when we all are going to be proud to be Cameroonians, French or English. Who woulda believed Obama will be the US president? Paul Biya has been using this terrorist kinda power to dominate the people of Cameroon for too long. True, it takes imprisonment like this to let those in power positions know they arent indispensable. I mean Forjindam was generating so much money at CNIC, to ever believe he could be treated this way! But here we are. After all is said, he was a good manager. No one is perfect. Who says the person there now isnt already making away with millions of our money?

Release the man if u dont have a case. I dnt envy him spending Christmas in jail if he is free!

Let's not forget there is a God! And his time is the best. It shall come to pass!

God bless us all.

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