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Friday, 28 November 2008


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This will serve you right! When we "bush Fallers" visit Cameroon with our hard earned dollars, you are the first to laugh at us for working slavery in America. May you rot in hell. Where will you get creame to continue polishing your face? In jail? You no go even see fried caor sef idiot.Na God don di punish you so.


i do not condole stealing by tricks but these white muggos are very greedy and as a result have a price to pay for their greediness.
they govt is to blame for all the youth joblessness in the country.
thats the result of our govts failures
and kuddos must be given to this youths that their dont go out there to kill and robb their victims but they use their minds.
the govt must stand up and priotise job creation for its youths.otherwise........................


Danny Boy

"Police sources revealed to The Post that internet scamming greatly tarnishes the image of the country, eroding its credibility."

how very interesting. Cameroon ranks within the last quarter of the most corrupt countries in the world. What do our police say about that? That is what tarnishes our image worldwide, not petty thieving from gullible do-gooders!
What these guys are doing is commonplace in our global village. I will advise them to go into hacking, big time, maybe the authorities will want to know how they did it and learn. What do they think they were and are mass producing through Buea and other institutions of learning? Idle hands?
I hope none of these is putting his/her expertise into producing a weapon of mass destruction!!!!
The streets are littered with idle hands!
God help us.


The young man is using his ingenuity & sharpness to defraud & scam his way through rough & hard times.
Whilst it is excruciatingly painful to have to loose one's earnings to a con artist, it is also a point of self-awareness & astute self responsibility to always inquire rigorously before parting with one's hard earned income to unknown persons, unknown destinations, undefined & vague sounding charitable causes.

These folks want to be scammed, & what an ingenious way to prey on their eternal do-good-help-poor-African feelings.
Some of our brethen overseas actually make a decent living with high earnings, running such slippery & Wuruwuru charitable organizations, with the old, & familiar patterned scams of helping out poor Africans back home.
So this is not new nor is it spectacular at all, it is only a newer variation of the same old confidence & hope peddling scams.
The entire landscape of Cameroonian society today is littered with uncountable non-governmental organizations, charitable organizations, churches, people are even turning their kitchens & living rooms to health consultancies or literally anything plausible & marketable under the sun just to make ends meet.
It is only the beginning of more ingenious schemes & outrageous scams that are going to emerge in the next 10-20-30 years from today. 26 years of beti-biyarism has produced a younger generation of Cameroonians who will strike with no remorse & an unsympathetic ruthlessness & deadliness. For the simple reason that their youth was robbed from them & they know nothing else other than the cruelty & inhumanity which they have witness throughout their growing phase.


The unthrifty cameroon police force know only to arrest powerless Cameroonians.Who is the genesis of this?Paul Biya and his ministers are the first scammers.They have scammed cameroonians and render the country hopeless and wanting.If postgraduate university student endulge in this act,Biya has to check himself well.It is bcos they are unemployed after having invested all their years in school,only to came out without a job.What should one expect?Anyway,necessity is the mother of invention..!!!
I think it is time we start to treat illnesses from their causes,and not from the effects....!!!Anyway,it is better to scam a white than scamming a fellow cameroonian.Biya and his government,had it been where scamming the whites intead of their own nation,it would have been better..!!!


Great Story.. THE POST..Its no news that The Post is quick to stories like this, so they can caption and sell. Contrary to Mr Bongo who thinks Ayuk should be rotting in jail, I am right here responding to this piece. Infact I have a cold bottle of Cocacola, a grey suit and a lemon shirt. Its unfortunate that every scene that has to do with a white man and a black man, in which dollars were exchanged is quickly called a scam. But its even unfortunate that underqualified Papers like the Post are quick to print stories like these without proper investigations. I was picked up by the Judicial Police on Saturday the 22nd by the said Assistant Police officer. Him with two other Colleagues did all the could to squeeze out money from me that morning. They even picked up my junior brother who later came with my Car. Even before we arrived at the Police Station, I was asked to give 150.000frs before they could let go my junior brother. I was equally asked to give 300.000 frs to let my car go. I had to carry them to EcoBank to give them 65.000frs so they could let go my junior brother while I negotiate with them. The Police invesigator had to keep my car in his house, demanding my junior brother pay 300.000frs before picking it up.

I told him firmly I was in no position to negotiate as I had a straight dealing with Ewert with no wrong doing. He even drafted my own statements for me and asked me to sign with threats of using the "balansoir". He told me since I was not willing to coperate( bribing) he prefered collecting the bonus that had been promised to him by Ewert, while doing everything in his power to nail me down.

Three days after holding me down, my lawyer was able to get a release warrant for me, with help from emails that I had shared with Ewert. But the Judicial Police Boss turned it down. Demanding my lawyer to ask me to give the 4million francs to him, so he could forward to the Canadian..hahahahah


I know of several Cameroonians who have killed thier neighbours, others who have conned several directors of hundred of millions. Yet they still parade the streets of Cameroon as free men. Yet thier names where never mentioned on any Paper. My story was quick to sell to the Post with my Picture was a big caption because

1.When the Provincial Boss incharge of Police Quality Control, was informed by my brothers about my situation. He was quick in calling my investigator to order. Demanding him to immidiately take my car to the Police station and not look for ways to steal it. He even opened a dossier to persecute my investigator. He personally visited me in the cell, and called on me not to be intimidated by anyone. Asking me not to drop a dime to anybody and even making mockery of the commsioners idea of handing the money to him so he could forward to Canada..

That same day when my investigator was quarelled, he got bitter with me. He even placed me on the balansoir for 15minutes. That was when he took a picture of me claiming he wanted to fax it to the Embassy. This was his big game.. Selling the story to the Post in retalliation for my calling to notice the Divisionaires attention on his malconduct.

But shockingly, I had to give him 280.000frs on Thursday, just so I could write my own Statement that needed forwarding to the State Councel for my release. How deplorable!!!

So if the Post were into qulity investigations, they would have visited me in the cell to get appriopriate information on what was happening. There is somuch light to shed on this, but because I am taking legal actions, I plan to follow the advice of my lawyer and be still.



There's still alot more of such criminals in Cameroon and the rate at which young boys get involved in this is so freakn' ridiculous, the criminal dept of the country has to do something about it and the earlier the better cause as a matter of matter its getting out of hand. The image of Cameroon is gettiing really below expectation.


LL Wax...


It`s good to be smart,but it`s wise to not overplay your hand.I beg to differ with you that the Post speadily published this story.This because impunity let you into the dragnet of the Police.The Police had all the time to bait you,and you walked into it.Lets assume for a moment that the Police had informed a news organ to come along with them,camera inhand.Would you therefore have accused the news organ of rushing to publish this type of story?
Apparently you would have loved the Post to come over to you and get things from the horse's own mouth,but what readers get from you contribution above is some sort of mouse and cat games between you and the Police.No where in your write up did you show that the claim of an internet scam as reported by the Post is wrong.Or would you have loved the Post just to come over to you and learn that the Police finally got 280,000frs from you,and that you surely have Divisionnaires who come to your aid when you are straitjacketed?
I think it is also better to show remorse for behaviour that is degrading,because no where in the world is anybody going to applaud you for indulging in crime.Your attempt to boast about you temporary freedom may play into the hands of those who are after you.You are celebrating your divisionnaire for trying to stall the legal process against you,and at the same time you give money to his surbordinates in order to have your way.It`s not because you read some people above condoning unruly behaviour against the whites that you would want to past for a hero.The same people hold the view that we are what we are because of the whites.Is it therefore possible to conclude that whites have been playing a fast game on us,because we are blind and stupid? Yes,26 years of Biya's rule has done immeasurable harm to our society and its values, but should we just decide to rot away completely? We should be honest enough at times to blame ourselves.We are just too plain lazy.Where are our pineapple farms? Where are our tomato,vegetable gardens? At times in our markets tomatoes sell two for a hundred francs,while youngmen comb internet cafes.
There at Obala,Monatele,youngmen keep themselves busy with pineapple plantations.
They sell these fruits in Yaounde and make a lot of money.There`s God-given fertile soil in the Southwest Province,how come our young people only want to create wealth in net bars?You got the first and second instalments of your deal,and this was enough money for you to settle on some little business and not go back to these dangerous activities. But you continued to craft your own doom. The simple fact is that you overplayed your hand man!

Ma Mary

Is the insinuation that Obi Ayuk is out and responding to this story, after paying off the same police mentioned in this story? Whichever way you look at this, it is disturbing.


I know this guy in Limbe. I was told he is a scammer. This confirms the story to be true. Well, it serves him right. That is the reason why he cannot succeed in all the businesses he has tried to put up of late. Numerous problems and even in the cyber cafe he had, it was a failure. That cyber was full of scammers. There is nothing hidden that shall not be known and nothing covered that shall not be revealed so what soever you are doing today in hiding know that God will one day bring you into the light.


Gilles, I think it will be appropraite for us to put the g.o.d stuff off. why is it that we must always attribute to some g.o.d? if there was any g.o.d then why are we so in the mess we are today? isnt the g.o.d to do something? I am sick and tired of our pitiful state but yet we sound some g.o.d now and then. Maybe the business failures are due to lack of business expertise skills. Ok Gilles, what about USA mass murdering humans beings to extract oil or whatever to sell? is that business? is it successful? is it legitimate? if not then why did some g.o.d not also make the business fail? why has some g.o.d not yet expose this evils?

Lets examine that word scam. What about the bailout in US, is it not scamming of the populace by the government and corporations?

what about the never ending European scams on our entire existence? when are we going to pour outcry of it? we sing the word *democracy*. What do we know about this word? isnt it a scam? Further Gilles, why again is that g.o.d coming in to make these vicious murderers called europeans to fail in their onslaught of our people? You see, the reason its not coming is because nothing exist as such.

Currently in Goma,Congo, Our people are being played as toys for international corporations gains ( pricess minerals). what is it? is it not scam? again when will that non existing g.o.d come in to never make these murderous corporations fail in their evil works?

Your so called World Bank, IMF, WHO, WFP and even UN are all scamming organizations. When are we going to pour outcry on all these criminal organizations? Even the ICC is no better. When will this non existing g.o.d come intervern for these criminal organizations to fail?

Moreover, all the big fanciful religious insanities institutions are all scamming structures well built evil objects to be used to exploit, murder, pillage and extinct human beings. when are we going to pour outcry and demonize all these evil structures? when will that non existing g.o.d brings these evil institutions to light?

Lastly sir, I would very much like to see all criminals from above being held accountable coming down the list before arriving at the victims below who are portrayed as instead criminals.

As some of the commentators above have clearly stated, if the society was fine, youths well taken care off, no one will indulge in anything bad or so called criminal activity.

My father always tells me a wise saying. LET THE DOG DONT SHIT IN THE HOUSE AND SAY ITS BECAUSE THE WAS A ROPE IN ITS NECK. So, lets remove the rope from the dogs neck so that when it shit in the house, we can chastised it.

With that said, I will state it clear that the post has only achieved one thing with this article. It has made free publicity for more youths to get into the trade. I bet that there will be exponential growth rate in youths that will be copycats.

Our society as a system has been infected and destroyed right to its core. I would like to see solutions to the roots causes of this breakdown system and not treatment to the symptoms of the problem.







Obi Ayuk,
Now that you are out of the cell, can you help me scam Biya and his ministers? Infact they are eating the national cake alone.


" According to the Canadian, he met Ayuk on a Christian website where Ayuk presented himself as a female medical doctor. “I became acquainted with an individual through a Christian website … and she posed as a medical doctor who was originally from Mauritius (of Dutch descent) and was now working among the Pygmy peoples in Cameroon.

She said she was in the process of immigrating to Canada and because she had donated some of her own savings to a water project for the Pygmies, she said she was now short of money. I ended up sending her about FCFA 4,000,000 in two separate payments,” Ewert told The Post. "

Mr. Obi Ayuk is a victim of himself, this is a fact & sooner or later his enterprise may not be able to sustain him. On the other hand, we ought to question Mr. Ewert on his motives for sending money to Mr. Obi.
If Mr. Ewert could quickly locate Buea on the map of Cameroon, could also quickly locate the police to contact & set up a trap to ensnare Mr. Obi, obviously he is intelligent enough to have also taken these kinds of preliminary steps to conduct a background check on the female doctor as well as verify the veracity of the story before sending his money to Mr. Obi.
It was a female Canadian Doctor, the story begins, so even if Mr. Obi is not telling us this part of the story, or the post & the police as well, it is most likely that the whole basis of this scam revolves around an amorous ground.
Should Mr. Ewert be sending money to a female doctor because he had the intention of somehow having some other fringe benefits in the future...? when the doctor would eventually immigrate to Canada...??

Scamming always works solely on our greed & lust, whilst it is true that we ought to denounce & condemn Mr. Obi, it is equally morally reprehensible to create the demand for such activities & above everything else to solicit for an amorous relationship in this way.

A normal individual would simply have done a vigorous google search to find more on & about Cameroon, before proceeding to send or wire money to Cameroon.

Mr. Obi in any case should tell us the entire story.


This are the sort of police officials that get promoted by the CPDM regime. This is thesame police officers who are supposed to provide security to the public, collecting bribes and manipulating the public. This is quite a shocking country.


obi roland a very bright young man this guy left ccast bambili and now a scammer i know him very well and his family enjoy your time in jail. do not worry guys cameroon is good for people like obi roland because he would buy his way out from the currupt system and continue his job trust me guys there is no stopping.
if u need any more information about obi let me know.


It is still a very sad & uncomfortable story in which ever it is taken. Whether he spends all his time in & out of jails or continues with this kind of an enterprise it is still a very tragic situation.
It wrecks havoc, pain & suffering for victim & victimiser as well.
Also we are loosing a lot of young people, bright ones for that matter, man power, family members et cetera to these kind of a denigrating way of life & living.
Old hands at this game did not last long, they could carry out such activities in the 70s with impunity, but latter ran out of steam & energy in their early 40s & 50s and just died in total obscurity, so it is not a viable way to conduct the business of life at all.


Coming from Mutengene, i can understand when Obi Roland Ayuk makes such declarations:

"I know of several Cameroonians who have killed thier neighbours, others who have conned several directors of hundred of millions. Yet they still parade the streets of Cameroon as free men. Yet thier names where never mentioned on any Paper. "

Like Obi Roland Ayuk, though i have never been a scammer, i also have enough evidence to corroborate his declaration above. Despite the fact that this guy is a criminal, concerned Cameroonians should take his declaration above very seriously. And in my opinion, the immediate solution lies in wiping out the CPDM cult. It is a cult training guys like Obi Roland Ayuk to destroy the whole of Cameroon. I know of guys who sleep and dine with henchmen of the regime, yet they are more deadly criminals than Obi Roland Ayuk. These criminals who are in their thousands have protege's everywhere. From ministers of the country, central commitee members of the CPDM, ordinary CPDM pundits, National security delegates, Police commisioners, etc. It does not matter if Obi Roland Ayuk was even shown on the TV. Ask any kid from Mutengene, he/she can tell u how many times such unscrupulous people have been paraded on TV only for them to be found roaming the streets of Mutengene with their masters who are mostly high profile members of our country a few hours later. So it does not wonder me when Obi boast:

"Contrary to Mr Bongo who thinks Ayuk should be rotting in jail, I am right here responding to this piece. Infact I have a cold bottle of Cocacola, a grey suit and a lemon shirt. "

God save Cameroon.


You got it wrong!At the end of your write up, you went against all what you started off advocating.You talk about the sovereignty of our spiritual lives.If you have a life as spiritually barren as that of many of us,will you still make a claim for spiritual sovereignty? Do you know why Ayuk frowns at the fact that this story was published and his photo posted? Its because he also thinks that self esteem is good.Those who respect themselves and respect others don`t indulge in things that will tarnish their reputation.Your father was right to say a dog should not defecate at home and complain about the tether on its neck.So you should stop condoning crime because you think the whole world is rotten
If our society was better off,we will still have people who want to feed off the sweat of others, and we will still be condemning them here.There`s no selective justice, and your desire to see big criminals held accountable before coming down to the small fish doesn`t hold.A criminal is a criminal, however comparatively small his offence maybe, and however young he maybe.Forget about all the rotten institutions of the world.Clean up your stead first and you will
enjoy spiritual sovereignty.


Watesih, I hear you. Maybe I didnt table down my wordings well. Bottomline is that we need to drop out this g.o.d tool out and start reasoning on how to fix our matters. Lets use our brain rather than attributing our lifes to an abstraction. I am tired of all the religious insanities in us yet our society is fuckup. Lets do our things ourselves and make sure everything is done well and perfectly. Yes, I do agree that we must as well practice purity because instead, I acknowledge that there is moral law or laws of nature that one must not go against. Yes, we must hold everyone accountable beginning from ourselves.

Lets dump these religious insanities aside. Afterall, more than 300 humans just got murdered in Jos,Nigeria because of this insane shit called religion. I am pissoff of it.
By the way people, lets not paint the picture as if it is easy. We all know that our ancestors and many of our brave people have fought and died trying to clean up our stead but all in vain. I think something is obstructing... am I right?

Greetings to you all.


This is not the first time, that I am in the middle of a piece concerning the post. I remember lst year I picked up a little dieing girl by the road side and took her to the hospital. Contacted her family and even aided out with her hospital bills. The post posted that story and it was lacking of proper investigation. (4 February 2007 edition) I remember several commentors recommended that the Post contact me to get a good version of the story.

I see nothing different with what was just published. Never bothering to do proper investigation. That you are suspect does not make you guilty. Hrolds account to the Police ws offcourse not honest. True that I might not have revealed my identity to him, but we never spoke on phone, and whatever money he gave me was for services rendered.There was never an issue of Pastor and stuff. I contacted him in the first place because he said he was developing a software. He wanted a Christian Webdesigner to partner with. Offcourse if he had known I was a black guy, he would never have been interested.

He was building a software which had been a failure, and I did give him valuable contributions to putting it back on track. He had read about the Pygmies and was interested visiting. He was interested in building a dating website and whatever amout he send me was in appreciation to my contribution to his software and also as advance payment for me to build him a website.

He was so thrilled by my contribution to his software that he proposed me immigrating to Canada. Offcourse I couldnot since I was concealing my identity. That is how our disagreements began.

I am not bailing out the case from the courts. I have asked him to get an attorney to represent him. I have a printout of our emails, and it was with the help of them that I got released. I will be happy to share the court verdict on this forum.I am also prepared to bear responsibilty for wherever I went wrong.

Sorry my friend, apart from the failing Cyber Cafe, I have a flourishing Electro Menagere business in Douala that has been going on for years. I am also a Certified Web Designer.



obi please don,t mind. I see no reasons for u to justify yourself on this forum whatsovever...all the people who clicked on the news item about you are directly or indirectly interested with the word scamming talkless of those who were first to drop comments on here.None of them to be honest would have that oppurtunity to make some quick cash with an unkown shallow thinking Mr evert and turn it down.HOW MANY PEOPLE ON HERE WOULD PICK A PURSE FULL WITH MONEY AND BRING IT TO A POLICE STATION?you claim to be betteroff than obi right?no way,Put a flashback on the daily bribes you give to police officers while riding the tattered streets of Cameroon,thats encouraging in a way bribery and corruption,secondly you struggle to bribe at the d,la airport to take extra luggage with you on your flights,the world knows Cameroon as one of the worlds most corrupt countries and you could see it in the way the police harassed abi till he had to bribe his way out of the cell.who is really in this case the scammer?the Police force or The brilliant Obi?that money was brought into our community and in one way or the other obi help fed some hungry citizens or better say spread the wealth to the needy.Keep on my boy,change ur track if possible,there is much online to do.if the mugu is stupid then its his fault


You are a certified gangster, feyman, robber,maniac,psychopat, homosexual, and a complete good for nothing. Can you tell us how many individuals and families that you and your cronies have completely destroyed ?
If you are the mr certified you claim to be why not use your certified talents (if you have one),to make your own money, instead of cheating and conning people. So you want to tell us that the canadian man left all the web designers in north America, because of you. You bastard. How does web-design and pigmies relate to each other, you ass-hole. Who do you think you are fooling.
Your days are numbered. If not there in Cameroon, then somewhere outside. Three months ago one of your colleagues who also claimed to be as intelligent like you was disgustingly murdered by Arabs in Germany, and his body dumped and left to rot on the roadside. I think you people graduated from the same web-designed-feyman-gangster-thievery institution, championed by Biya and his feymaniac administration.
Are you sure you are not the individual who destroyed that poor little girls life before contacting the post or police. In that country of yours terrible unimaginable things happen.
How many canadians do you think will ever dare think of investing or even giving a helping hand to innocent Cameroonians.
Electro Menagere business in Douala my black ass.



Any good society anywhere around the world is a society whose fundamental foundations have been built upon a set of moral, ethical, religious & spiritual precepts; such a society is operating smoothly on a basic modicum of trust & faith between members of that society.

Society & the individual strives or ought to strive for the good, prosperity, growth, freedom & peace for all of it's individual members. Those are the basis & the goals which will ultimately provide the framework for peace & leisure et cetera in the life span of each & every member of society.

That we are alive & well today, is thanks to the tirelessly efforts of countless human beings all over the globe who have put their time, efforts, energy & research in creating & building upon some of these principles upon which the very foundations of human societies are based. If it were not so, we would still have societies akin to those of the animal kingdom; butchery, the tooth & claw would also have been the order of the day.

Some of the principal reasons why people are suffering so much today in Cameroon & will continue to endure such suffering & misery is for the simple reason that, some of us have lost those basic tenets & precepts of behavior which ought to & should provide justice, freedom, peace & prosperity for every single member of our society.

The business which you are applauding & which you think is the sole option which Mr. Obi should pursue as a way of living & life, only provides for, promotes & propagates fear, insecurity, animosity, hate, retaliation mistrust & all the negatives which you can think of.

You will not be able to build any society based upon those values which you espouse, regardless of your rational & justifications, your position & point of arguments.

It is a sensible thing to drop the business immediately & look for alternative ways of making honest money & a sustainable way of living which can last for a lifetime. After all Mr. Obi is still young & not yet set in his ways so there is the possibility that this phase might fade away if he is lucky & intelligent enough to know when to quit the game.


Obi Roland Ayuk:

"I will be happy to share the court verdict on this forum"

Which courts or legal system are you insinuating law. The courts and legal system that you have discounted above by claiming there are more hardened criminals walking freely? You and I (as someone coming from Mutengene) knows very well who trains feymen and who protects them. It is those ministers of the CPDM regime that pretends to stand for executives for Cameroon. I supposed you must be referring to guys like Dickson, Meclen, etc when you refer us to guys who have killed their neighbours, crumbled companies etc and are walking freely on our street.

We Mutengene children have learnt the hard side of the life you are living. Those of us who have achieved some sort of education evaluate it everyday. I am not an angel, but coming from Mutengene, i have this simple advice for you. You need to quite that business and reform your life before it is too late. It is not a good business and you will end up mad like many of your predecessors. Btw, where are the likes of Grand Coker, Lamen le Fer, Meclen, Grand Mua? I supposed they are either dead or frustrated somewhere else. I know of several Mutengene children all over the world frustrated and dying in tears simply because they got engaged into such amoral lifestyle. Forget about those CPDM pundits including their ministers responsible for security training you and giving you guys protection. Please, leave this dirty business and work hard, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. A word to a wise is sufficient.

Danny Boy

"It`s not because you read some people above condoning unruly behaviour against the whites that you would want to past for a hero." - Watesih.
My dear friend Watesih, "condoning unruly behaviour?"
I do not see it that way at all. If an African can relieve a gullible whiteman or woman of his/her millions of pounds/dollars/Euros; etc. I will toast his/her good fortune; be it ill-gotten. As the late Chinua Achebe says in one of his novels, " if you want to eat a toad, make sure it is a fat and juicy one". I hate purse snatchers, the petty thief and small time crook.
Somebody is preaching about morals and scruples above, as if these were a black man's inventions! Christian ethics and morals are a white-man's legacy. The very whiteman who enslaved and colonised us. Evils that deprived us of the best of our human and natural resources. How we repatriate some of this wealth, I do not care.
Scamming, is everywhere. The whiteman scams his own, only he has a different name for it. Enron, Lehmann Brothers etc; can somebody on this forum really tell us why these institutions are folding? As I see it, these were real scammers!
Would expound if need be in further postings.
Blessed be Cameroonians.


A letter to Mr Obi Roland Ayuk

Writing is not for everyone, but only for a selected few. And I can tell outrightly that you can't write. Your continual persistence in trying to clear yourself by making lenghty statements in this forum only goes to aleniate people who try to justify your acts.

Considering the fact that you have made 2 unpleasant headlines in the post in just over 1 year turns the odds against you quite frankly.

I will, therefore, strongly urge you to stop making statements in this forum as they might only come to hunt you. However, if you insist in erring in this forum which I fear and know will only be flawed statements from you, then disguise and pass on as someone who knows the story first hand or simply lobby the post for bias reporting.

I must call your attention to the fact that, The users of the Post Online are generally very critical people and with any utterance of foolishness like you exposed above you automatically turn them against you.

You still must have recieved some kind words from forumites after your second posting in which you boasts about your social status and all worth note, but let me tell you, that only happened because these same people find it hard to weaver and swing.

I rarely contribute here, but I find you extremely foolish to sit by. You appear a very intelligent person than you purpoted to be.

Please stay quiet and steer clear.

I might have been harsh, but try and see what I am getting at.

Yes, forumites, I reserve a right not to comment on the moral side of the story as I remain a free man.


A letter to Mr Obi Roland Ayuk

Writing is not for everyone, but only for a selected few. And I can tell outrightly that you can't write. Your continual persistence in trying to clear yourself by making lenghty statements in this forum only goes to aleniate people who try to justify your acts.

Considering the fact that you have made 2 unpleasant headlines in the post in just over 1 year turns the odds against you quite frankly.

I will, therefore, strongly urge you to stop making statements in this forum as they might only come to hunt you. However, if you insist in erring in this forum which I fear and know will only be flawed statements from you, then disguise and pass on as someone who knows the story first hand or simply lobby the post for bias reporting.

I must call your attention to the fact that, The users of the Post Online are generally very critical people and with any utterance of foolishness like you exposed above you automatically turn them against you.

You still must have recieved some kind words from forumites after your second posting in which you boasts about your social status and all worth note, but let me tell you, that only happened because these same people find it hard to weaver and swing.

I rarely contribute here, but I find you extremely foolish to sit by. You appear a very intelligent person than you purpoted to be.

Please stay quiet and steer clear.

I might have been harsh, but try and see what I am getting at.

Yes, forumites, I reserve a right not to comment on the moral side of the story as I remain a free man.


Hey Danny Boy,

There you go!It seems the frog Chinua Achebe advised your man to eat was not a juicy one. He`s now having a running stomach. You posit that christian and moral ethics are a whiteman`s invention, and thus it's advisable to engage ourselves in some sort of a tit for tat game.You talk of repatriating some of what the whiteman got from us through unorthodox means.Why should this repatriation also be limited to the same unorthodox means.Boldly come out of your home and start ferrying the black population you have in America,Europe and the Caribbeans back to Africa.The whites scammed us by carrying away the best of us, why do we scam the white and contend ourselves with a few hundred thousands that we end up buying their coca cola,Lemon shirts, and grey suits with? Why do we still have to continue brandishing our own brethren as prawns in order to scam the whiteman.Come up with some good scamming.Do
not place yourself in the position of a slave master,brandishing the pygmies in order to make few bank notes.Because we are not saints, I like to be approximative in the way I treat moral issues.That is why I said our brother overplayed his hand.First, I took him for a smart boy,that would stumble on some game and come how with
a pound of Lion`s flesh.The family`s ability
not to know the unorthodox ways he used to kill the Lion,must be accompanied by his firm wish not to go back to those ways.Yeah,
scamming is everywhere,but my dear friend,if
you want to compete for ostentation in a negative way,then the whole premise of your argument is flawed.


Danny Boy

"Enron, Lehmann Brothers etc; can somebody on this forum really tell us why these institutions are folding?"

My grand, It appears you have an interest in this seemingly controversial topic. I have read you highlighting it many times. Enron was a scam, so to say. They used earnings management practices primarily accruals accounting to hide their looses over many year. Since accruals customarily mean revert, there came a time when they could not keep hiding these looses and this led to the crumbling of Enron.

However, in my opinion, Lehman was not a clear scam. What happened with Lehman et al is what customarily happens when any industry reaches its boom and its caught in the middle of cyclical changes in our economy. Remember the failures in technology industries in the last 90's that led to the end of the technology boom.

Lehmans case was simple. They were traditional investment banks that developed in the 1930's after the great depression and the enactment of the Glass-steagall Act. The act dissolved the existance of Universal banks, where banks were banned from offering investment banking products with commercial banking. After this act, new and seemingly whole investment banks developed like Lehman, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bear stearns, etc. While others like Wachovia, Citibank, Deustche Bank, Washington Mutual, etc remained traditional commercial banks. However, in 1999, Bill Clinton did a wise thing and reversed to the Universal banking system, where banks could offer investment banking together with commercial banking in one roof.

Why then was universal banking a good thing and why did Lehman collapse? As discussed above, following the abolishment of the Glass-steagall act in 1999 by Bill Clinton, there was a swing of mergers and acquisitions by investment banks leading to the creation of mainly Universal banks. In this new sphere in the industry, the new banks that developed included JP Morgan Chase, Deustche Bank, Citigroup, Barclays, HSBC, etc. However, some banks decided to maintain their status as investment banks. This included the likes of Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch.

The problem with investment banking is, they finance their operations by creating mostly debt related products and selling to the wider financial market. By this, i mean they borrow money from other banks, create products like credit cards, mortgages, etc to sell the public. And when they receive any profit/proceed from their operations, they use it to pay back their debt. Now, because they are not traditional universal banks and do not receive any deposits from the customers, they can only finance their operations from borrowing from the interbank market (other deposit taking institutions with excess deposits) at a rate called LIBOR. With borrowing from the interbank market, banks customarily have short term liabilities. what this means is, if say Lehman borrows from Barclays, Barclays can call at any time and ask for their debt to be repaid. Now, with the sudden rise in the cost of living fuelled by increases in the cost of petrol, many individuals including you and me were forced to default on their loan, mortgages and credit card bills. The net effect of this was, banks that did not have enough deposit taking departments and had to rely on the short term borrowing in the interbank market had to face problems when called to pay back from their lenders (other banks) at short notice. What this means is, there was a sudden change in sentiments, as banks were refusing to borrow from each other, others who relied on this short term borrowing were forced to collapse (Lehman and example) or face grave difficulties. Sentiments started flowing all over the place, people wanted to know which banks are doing well with their books balanced (meaning less debts) and which are not. Stock market chaos, perfectly capitalised banks suddenly ran into trouble as people were rushing to sale their shares. This sort of sentiments was fuelled by the sudden collapse of Lehman. Take note that this problem was very rampant in "home owning" nations like Britain and USA where people had the tendency to buy their own home and mostly require just small deposits. Unlike places like France, Germany where banks most require huge deposits to sell this homes and people rarely buy homes.

You might want to know why HBOS too, a traditional commercial bank had problems while others like HSBC, Barclays, Nationwide, Abbey, etc with exposure in emerging markets had little problems. HBOS like Bradford and Bingley, were traditional mortgage lenders who financed their operations mostly from interbank lending. They did'nt just relied on their customers deposits to finance their mortgage and credit card businesses and when lenders started defaulting, they were the first to go burst in the UK. This was thesame case with Freddie Marc and Fannie May. RBS like Fortis, had problems because during the banking boom, they had quickly gone into a grandiose plan to acquire ABN-AMRO. By all indication, this bank was highly overvalued and the purchase price was very high. Now, why was HSBC, Barclays, not having problems? They have significant businesses and exposure in emerging markets and can quickly borrow from other departments in the bank like the commercial banking department when in difficulties to balance their books.

Whats the scam here. Politicians have this trick of always talking about the need for regulation of financial markets when face with problems. The truth is, they always use this rhetoric when they want to calm down public sentiments and stock market panic. They dont mean it, because they are not regulating anything. Why not enforce existing regulations? Whats the point recycling laws that will never be enforced? When there is a problem, they would rush to say regulations bla bla bla. Trop ca change, trop ca rest le meme.

This was my own little understanding of the proble. Cheers.

Adolf A Agbormbai

This article and its commentaries truly reveal the dark side of Cameroonian society... the reasons why Cameroon continues to have such a poor image abroad, and the reasons why it ranks poorly on World corruption and business climate indices.

Through this thread we find corruption, racketeering, gangsterism, scamming, etc. all at work in Cameroon. How can one invest in a country that is controlled by organised crime? From the people, to the police and gendarmes, right through to the government. All set up to scam investors!

The corrupt people collaborate with the police, gendarmes, and gov't officials to create criminal rings through which corruption, racketeering, murders, gangsterism, scams, and other distasteful criminal activities manifest.

These are precisely the ills that Cameroon must eradicate from its midst if it is to dramaticaly improve its performance on World corruption and business climate indices. Without such improvements Cameroon can continue to wave bye bye to much needed investments.

This thread reveals a draconian Cameroonian problem that calls for a draconian solution... one that stuns into shape the corrupt populace, the corrupt police and gendarmes, and their corrupt gov't accomplices.

Is this problem hopeless? Is this a problem that has no solution? Of course not! Regardless of how hopeless it appears to be, the good news is that the problem can be solved. However, Cameroon must apply draconian measures. There is no room here for niceties.

Cameroon can learn from the USA's FBI how to crush this problem and transform its worldly image. The FBI has great experience and achievements in fighting pervasive corruption, racketeering, gangsterism, scams, etc. in the USA.

Over the decades the FBI has fought and almost annihilated organised crime from US society. Whilst it is impossible to remove these crimes completely, they have been muted to insignificant levels in the USA.

Cameroon should learn from the FBI. It should solicit the FBI's help. It should collaborate with the FBI to clean up this mess. And all contributors must be crushed!

To a clean, successful, and healthy Cameroon!

Danny Boy

Hi Watesih,
I am sure Chinua and I mean toad, not frog. I have eaten the frog, never the toad.Have never come across anybody who has eaten a toad. Therefore, figuratively speaking, if you must eat the toad; make sure it is a fat and juicy one. That is the case for the defence, your Honour!
By this I mean I will not condone petty thieving. Had Obi scammed Biya out of millions, we will be rejoicing on this forum. So where are we to draw the line?
Your terrorist, my freedom fighter etc etc!!

Rexon, thanks for taking the time to enlighten the "commune". I was actually thinking of the "South SEA Bubble". This was a scam, was it not?.
Blessed be Cameroon.


Hi Rex,that was really granD.I just love it when you talk eco-finance.Cheers


Money go chop pepper.... water go left stone . Man no die no go rotten. man dey free for do weti e like but e no dey free for the wayhalla for e action. what's the cost of a beer in cameroon this days ???? ron


Men them, we get for go before God and lament concerning our pays.

The are just two things written in the scriptures that God is lookins for. Namely:
(1) Men after his own heart--Acts 13:22.
(2) Men to stand in the gap so that he should not destroy our land--Ezekiel 22:30.

I'm sorry to say that there is no way things are ever going to get better in our fatherland if God doesn't find at least one of these two classes of people.

We have to stop playing around with religion and get into the crux of the matter. The power of God is not too weak to vomit the wicked Rosicrution regime out of our fatherland.

All God is looking for is an intercessor, to stand on the gap for our nation. Don't count yourself unworthy of the task. You reading this message may be the person God is looking forward to interceed so that he can purge our nation....(to be continued).


What g.o.d? dont tell me you are g.o.d COMPLEX.... Are you?



And Jesus answering said to them, "Do you not therefore err, because you know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?" Mark 12:24.

In the above scriptures Jesus gave a reason why people are limited in life. That it's because of their ignorance of what God is saying concerning their situation. That's why they try to achieve things through their own mechanisms to no avail.

Remember he was talking to blasphemers(the Pharises) who thought they new everything, but knew nothing.

Search the scriptures, for if you think that our nation will stand the wind of these perious days without making it's foundation on te word of God, you err.

(to be continued)


get off the illusions my friend and start reasoning.

Only reasoning and the right actions will change the condition of the suppose country.

Where was your g.o.d in the first place?
Rise above g.o.d complex.

air jordan

Privation of the company of all other human beings is a serious hardship .

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