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Monday, 15 December 2008


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Dr A A Agbormbai

I know that this bill is controversial, and in ordinary circumstances I would not support it. However, given what has been prevailing in the country for some time, it is important that the gov't sends a clear message that it will not tolerate insecurity. This bill certainly does it.

As time passes it can be modified to remove any crudeness. And as the country becomes freer of terror crimes the bill can be returned to the judiciary.


Dr. Agbombai,

Are they creating military courts because the civilian courts have failed? the answer is a resounding NO! The problem in Cameroon regarding "grand banditisme" is not the ability of the courts to mete justice but the inability of security forces to neutralize and or apprehend criminals. Our penal code is good enough to try any crime including "terror".

Before soon, we will see political activists being dragged to court for "terror" charges, just as the "grand banditry" clause in the 1990 law was later used to detain political activists without the intervention of the courts.

As long as we don't clearly identify the real problem we will continue to chase shadows while giving the crooks in the Biya regime to continue their repressive tactics.

red flag

In all these, the solution is INDEPENDENCE FOR AMBAZANIA. British southern cameroons. nothing else.


Mr Manga,
You are one hundred percent correct. The crime rate is high not because the existing court system cannot do the job but simply because the level of corruption is too high. What is it that obstructs the present court system that will not obstruct the military tribunal?
Like everything else in Cameroon the authorities are avoiding the object and chasing its shadow.
And the way the contributor called Dr. Agbor Mbai has approached this topic and a host of others here, I would suggest he stops attaching that Dr. Title to his name. Why would a Dr. be so naive in his pereption? I am not a doctor and many would not be looking up to me for some intelligent guidance or approach to issues. Drs owe it to us for intellecual guidance and that is why I am just pissed off with this guy.
The foundations of the nation have completely fallen apart and here come politicians with cosmetic measures only in an attempt to sidestep what the real problem is. How can anything work in a corruption ridden absentee dictatorship without any functioning infrastucture? The level of professional ethics is at best inexistent, personal security is zero, despite the thousands of police officers seen all over the country. Their participation too in violent criminal activity is an open secret. What can a military tribunal to be run by these criminals themselves accomplish in Cameroon?

Ma Mary

Dr Agbormbai, are you still currying favour from the occupier of the Southern Cameroons? You are not dissimilar from the German intellectuals who facilitated the ascent of Adolf Hitler to power. Fonngang gets it and I need not elaborate.


fonngang and ma mary, you guys are right on the money!!!thousands of new laws with the same rotten corrupt officials will just increase the already smelly fowl stench in the stinking rotten outhouse.
the good old dr. should listen to lapiro's song,"lefam so"


Dr. AAA Writes:
" I know that this bill is controversial, and in ordinary circumstances I would not support it. However, given what has been prevailing in the country for some time, it is important that the gov't sends a clear message that it will not tolerate insecurity. This bill certainly does it. "

We should be careful in the use of the word governance in the context of African countries in a moral sense & even as per dictionary definition. There are perhaps very few countries in Africa today where such a legitimate word can be used to describe governance.
Since the dawn of what was some form of a pseudo-independence ritual that purportedly handed over governance & rule to native people, many African countries simply transited from bondage & slavery to Europeans to another form of an extraordinary system of exploitation from their own kind.
In a union of people, where 1 percent of the population is in a permanent exploitative relationship with 99 percent of the population, inclusively existing psychological as well as physically on the rest of the population, surely such a union can not be said to be democratic. 99 percent of the population are passive non participants in the determinative processes of their destinies, well being & day to day life.

Criminalized Institutions, organized cliques of thugs & goons, exclusive ethnic elitist groups, set up as governance structures were systematically put in place specifically to control the population & guard the goods & properties of the ruling class. Such institutions can not go by the name of governing bodies or judiciary institutions et cetera, rather we will have to coined new words to describe such spectacular & macabre phenomena, which you can only read of in fiction books & fairy tales.

The police, the gendarmes, the army, the judiciary, the civl service structures et cetera slowly evolved not as protective organizations to maintain law & order, rather they grew & metamorphosed into highly organized institutions of thievery, strong-arming, looting, killing and so on.
The rise of criminal activities in Cameroon is directly proportionate to the increase in poverty, disease, utter hopelessness, despair, cruelty, chaos & insecurity all of which are as a direct result of the scorch & dispossess, sabotage & loot policies of the present & past regime instituted against the Cameroonian people & resources of the land.
The past & present regime have been waging a persistent & systematically organized economic, social, intellectual, political, religious, cultural sabotage & warfare against it's own people & it is utter naivety or conscious blindness on the part of any Cameroonian or other Africans not to see or have a comprehensive insight into these pervasive systems that are their number enemy.
The patterns & trends, are the same right across the African continent. Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Dr. Congo, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Chad, CAR, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Niger, Guinea Bissau & Guinea Conakry, Morocco, Mauritania et cetera et cetera.

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