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Friday, 05 December 2008


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Congratulations to Dr Ngemenya. I had him as a chemistry teacher and i'm happy for him





Danny Boy

"We don't yet know the dangerous aspects of the plants because nobody has done a study on that, but we are encouraged by the fact that the plants may be helping to cure some people."

Very interesting. Is this man being specific to the curative effects of the plants he analysed or does he want us to believe today that plants have medicinal purposes? It is not traditional medicine either! The humble quinine first used to treat malaria was extracted from the bark of a tree!
Until the advent of the toothbrush, my parents and I relied on the "chewing stick". The chewing stick tasted bitter and research has since shown that the bitter taste was from quinine. As you brushed your teeth each morning, you were inadvertently building up your immune system against malaria, as you would swallow little amounts of this chemical!
Which reminds me of the trucks carrying tree barks from Wum towards Bamenda and to Douala for exportation. Pa "NACHO's" business, I was informed and a major source of his income. These tree barks ended up in the pharmaceutical industry here in the west, maybe for the manufacture of quinine?
Before anyone thinks, this is sour grapes, all I want to point out here is that, before the advent of synthetic drugs, our medicines came mostly from plants.


I think the issue should be how effective those plants are;cause we all know they are effective reason why they've been in use for centuries.Maybe a detailed account of the guy's work states the current efficay and potency of each plant and hopefully;the rate of resistance as that's obviously inevitable.Congrats gentleman.
Dboy you're very right but i think chemotherapeutics donot boost the immune system;if anything they suppress it by complementing it.Paradoxal but true.Its like asking a guy to do your job rather than train you to do it.Taking a drug to cure a diseases especially in sub-curative doses is really dangerous as it a major cause of resistance but the quinine we took in chewing sticks had more of a prophylactic effect.Vaccinnes are better since they boost the immune system by stimulating it to produce antibodies against the infections.That's what really saved us in essence as the minimal and sub pathogenic quantities of plasmodium we haboured(following the destruction of the excesses by the quinine in our chewing sticks)had more immunogenic functions;meaning provoked our immune systems to produce antibodies agianst the bloody plamodium.cheers


Danny Boy, I think the Dr was talking about side effects more than anything else. I also want to belief that a lot but not all of the stuff we Africans consume as medicinal plants have more of a placebo effect rather than a therapeutic one. Just my humble opinion.

Danny Boy

Vito and Nihilism01,
thanks. I think the messenger of this story i.e the journalist failed to highlight the essence of this gentleman's research-what he hoped to disprove or discover, what he has found out, his recommendations based on his findings and conclusions. This is but a brief summary of a research pathway!
All we get from the article above are opinions, unsubstantiated but typical of what Grandma could have told us! Where is the science?
Does anybody know where Pa "nacho's" tree barks ended and what these were being used for?


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