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Wednesday, 31 December 2008


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Papa God, when will this nonsense be over. 2009 is a year of judgment on Cameroonians, if they do not pray for Biya to die, they will have themselves to blame. Until Biya is dead the nation will not see a bright day.


King Biya said;

"In the same spirit, we pursued the finalization of ELECAM which will strengthen the credibility of our electoral system"

How can this be concievable when most members of Elecam are CPDM "die-hards"?. Where are the intellectuals of Cameroon?.


"As always, I will need your confidence and your support to overcome them. But I have no doubt that, together, we will succeed."

After 25 years of failure, this corpse is still asking Cameroonians to have confidence in him? what irks me most is his audacity. In his mind, Cameroonians are meek toys he can push around and manipulate with no consequences. We really need to wake up.

I am still looking for a politician/person/party/group/club etc in Cameroon that understands the fundamentals of this problem. What we need to change is

* The mentality/indoctrination of
Cameroonians first and foremost. If people don't know who they are, the potential they possess and where they stand, everything else is a waste

* A federal system of government in Cameroon which will enable us to coexist peacefully with our differences. Provinces(or regions or divisions or whatever you want to call it) should be able to elect their leaders and govern themselves. A system of checks and balances will thus be erected to make these leaders accountable to their people and to the central administrative unit in Yaounde.

Unity is strength; Africa can only progress if we unite...not divide. A federal system of government protects our individuality but yet permits us to work together.


This is a travesty of democracy!

This man is too tired to be president. Each time I see him, I'm afraid, I develop goose pimples!

Cameroonians have what it takes to forcefully eject him and try him for all the crimes he's committed.



Biya/CPDM is really a curse and a plague to our nation.Untill we offroot him, we will never see peace. It is left for Cameroonians to realise this and act accordingly or remain in this predicament.
This atrociously wicked and mischievous man has no shame to mention Elecam, which he knows is a provocation to Cameroonians,
in his speech.
I hate Biya and the CPDM; I wait to celebrate their death.


Biya has spent decades, recycling speeches, we have criticised him, but what has changed? The problem is with the Cameroonian people and Cameroonian intellectuals. Lots of Black legs and greedy people who are not consistent. With majority Cameroonians, you cannot plan anything to overthrow the government. There would be people around pretending to be an opposition just to gain fame and continue the theft of state resources. When these sort of Cameroonians are singled out and bribed, they discourage others who genuinely wanted change. People have diverse reasons to be willing to betray a course, tribalism, nepotism, hatred of the freedom of Anglophones, greed, etc. An ordinary Francophone or a greedy politician from within the Anglophone community will claim not to see anything wrong in the abandonment of the Limbe shipyard project and the Limbe deep seaport, while a previously unknown project of the Kribi deep seaport is being constructed.

Cameroonians only criticise that which does not benefit them. How many of those children of those corrupt officials ever disowned their own parents for the crimes they have commited against the Cameroonian people? There is mafia going on everywhere in Cameroon, but all we hear about is people complaining and nothing is done. As we sit here, the future of Cameroon have already been mortgage. Dont mind all those mundane businesses and companies being paraded around. All the new mining, oil and gas projects, etc that are being created are owned by members of the clique including people who live within us. Though they always pretend that such companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign multinationals, they are not. Let Cameroonians sit and reflect on how they want the future of their country to be.

Happy New Year 2009.



I fear for Cameroon because tragedy looms in the air regardless of what happens to Biya. If Biya dies, there will be power struggle and if Biya is overthrown there will still be power struggle. In as much as most Cameroonians dread civil war, the scenario of a civil war breaking out is very obvious. If anyone thinks that One Single Individual of a certain ethnicity in a multi ethnic nation as Cameroon will rule the nation for 27 years and be overthrown or die in office without a civil war ensuring then that person knows nothing about History. The scenario in Guinea pales in comparison to what is sure to happen to Cameroon. The dumbest thing Biya ever did to himself, his family and the Nation was to confiscate power for so long. It must have started dawning on him right now on what will happen to his wife and children if he suddenly kicks the bucket. I know exactly what will happen.
His Children will be seeking asylum in a foreign European country, His beautiful wife will be screwing another rich man and his step uncle will claim that the Biya's estate in Mvomeka rightfully belongs to him.
God bless Cameroon and happy New Year 2009 to all.

NB. Biya will probably not make it to 2011 (alive).



I beg to differ. Look at what is happening in Guinea right now; a bloodless and effective military coup d'etat with military leaders who are genuinely concerned about the future of their country. This can be the case in Cameroon too. Guinea is setting a standard and showing Africa that dictators can be hammered down and kicked out without the military engaging in unwarranted massacres.

...I also differ with your assertion of Chantal Biya as Biya's "beautiful wife". With due respect sir, that pig of a woman is not beautiful. She is indeed, a pig with lipstick on. Maybe she was beautiful in 1994...but definitely not in 2009.


"During the summer, the food crisis ... "

Leave it to thi tif man Paul Biya to decree "summer" in the tropics. Is he on Swiss time? O has he after over a quarter century "in poqwer" brought the four seasons of his French masters' land to the people of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun! LOL.


Military Coups In African Dictatorships: Liberation or Retrogression?

By Neba-Fuh

There is no clear-cut difference between African dictators and Military rulers. All of them either seized power conventionally or unconventionally; some before they stepped into power, others, during their endless reign.

When a Supreme Court Judge of a nation charged with proclaiming presidential election results of a nation openly declared that 'his hands are tight'; then went on and proclaimed the loser of that election 'victor'; that wasn't a coup?

When incumbent dictators 'doctored' election results weeks after polling stopped and later emerged with figures contrary to the people's wish; that's not a coup, right?

When junior dictators in the name of District officers, Divisional officers, Senior divisional officers,(sous-prefet and prefet as the French call them), sit in their offices and execute orders from their bosses instructing them to alter electoral lists, barring citizens from a certain region or of the opposition to vote, that's not a coup, right?

When a Prime Minister of a Republic who is suppose to be well schooled on the constitution of the nation he's representing, publicly declared that citizens resident in his region of origin, but who are not originally of that region( commonly tagged 'settlers') were not welcome to vote there; and requesting them to travel back to their regions of origin and vote there; that's not a coup plot?

When a dictator of country manipulatively reconstructed his nation's constitution with the help of sycophants who can't stop sitting on their brains, allowing the dictator to rule ad infinitum; that's not an endless coup, right?

When a dictator of a country and his cohorts plunder the people's treasury incessantly and live flamboyant life styles while his people drown in an abyss of abject poverty; That's not a coup, right?

When Western powers support African dictatorships for selfish economic reasons, even though they are aware of the people's sufferings; that's not a coup, right?

Except for few emerging African democracies like Botswana, Tanzania, Liberia and a few others, most African countries have not and will not be liberated by the so called African version of Western democracy.

The notion of dictators 'grooming' their successors is a blatant error even African intellectuals are giving in to. How can we allow a thief to 'groom' 'somebody' to govern after his death? Which principles will he use to 'groom' him? Surely, we are imagining that the thief will groom his successor by telling him ' Oh boy, you know I made all these billions by stealing from the people's treasury, and you know I stayed in office this long because I rigged elections. But, boy when you become President, don't steal, don't rig elections'- Good 'grooming, eh?.' If the maxim' like father like son' makes some sense, then African people should be careful by not condoning the notion that African dictators have to 'groom' their successors.
Some of these dictators have even interpreted that to mean 'willing' power to their sons, thereby creating quasi monarchies.

In a functioning democracy, be it European or African styled, the people through their parties 'groom' leader. The parties have to lay down criteria for choosing a qualified person who can better manage their programs if elected. If that is done the only logical next step is to introduce your program and the person to the people through elections. If that person is elected in a free and fair election, then that person becomes a President of a nation.

In countries where independent candidates are accepted the procedure is the same. Introduce yourself and your program to the people and let them decide by voting.

The notion of an expectant successor 'groomed' by a dictator is redundant.
It will take Africa a century behind and of course, military regimes will emerge again, not because they are unavoidable, but because the present dictators are constantly paving the way for them.

Guinea- Conakry is a recent example. A country blessed with natural resources and its people caged by a dictator for over 24 years. Drowning in poverty for decades, the people are now holding tight to a 'snake' hoping that it can take them afloat.- A junior officer of the Military just seized power there after the death of the country's long time dictator- a move apparently welcomed by the populace.

Cameroun, Gabon, Congo,Egypt, Libya and many other African countries will one day have their 'liberators'. They may come from barracks, who knows???
It will be called a 'coup'; but the question all of us should ponder on is:
In a country where all democratic methods to change a seasoned dictator have been barred or made impossible, is a military coup an act of patriotism or subversion?

copied from Voice Of The Oppressed (

red flag


red flag




Not suprisingly, this French sous-prefet, the tif man Paul Biya, did not mention the independence day of his country: January 1.

Well, exactly 1 year from today, January 1, 2010, will la Republique du Cameroun continue to deny reality on her 50 years of a very French African independence?

Through out this year, let us begin a campaign to remind and teach the people of la Republique Francaise du Cameroun their true history. I will provide their map on that day subsequently.

50 years of la Republique du Cameroun: January 1, 1960 - January 1, 2010.

Ma Mary



Dear all,

Happy New Year 2009.

The first time I studied Biya’s speech to understand a thing was in 2003 during my university years. Of course that was the youth’s day speech. I was marveled by the strength of the message and decided to give it a try. After several months of promises, I was embarrassed with the commitment Mr. Biya put upon him to continuously fool Cameroonians.

I stopped criticizing Biya in 2007 when I was studying the constitution law so as to find peace of mind; and today… Mr. Biya has proven to me that, my tolerance and the humane nature of the Cameroonian people is a sign of weakness.

Thank you Mr. Biya! But remember this: when Rome wanted to build a powerful empire, she preached the acceptance of democracy, when they wanted to hold the virtues of democracy, they appointed a strong leader which you know [Caesar], he became too powerful for the Roman institutions that where meant to check his excesses and balances. However, the same Romans who hail their leader, to contain his grip in power, he was killed. The Cameroonian people are not stupid.

I was thinking by now, Mr. Biya would have realized that he is not the president of Cameroon, given that Cameroonians control themselves and not Biya’s government. They are just there for protocol and that is the worst humiliation Mr. Biya and his government will get in the days ahead.

We are weak, but not foolish. We are knowledgeable the reason we entertain the misery, even though our ignorance serves as a vice to our liberation, we are a people who have resorted to seek for a solution where no other country has ever dare to seek. That is God. That is where our judgment will come from.

Brethrens, when you look at anthems around the world, only the anthem of Cameroon has the phrase ‘land of promise’ – ‘land of glory’. I mean even Israel does not have. Sure the anthem depicts the future of a country. But because devils have decided to rule us:- we know them as homosexuals, freemasons, Rosicrucian, etc… they should not forget they have mortals.

It is a pity that, amidst all aridity and disenchantment Biya still has the impetus to remind us that his bellyticians i.e. the hand clappers [MPs] changed our confused constitution. Very soon, very soon… the Cameroonian people will realized that, it is not a foolish people who take to the streets, that it is only heroes who die for their country and that there shall never be 16 million military personnel against 16 million civilians… you give me no choice. When you push a goat to the wall limits, he will develop teeth to bit.

We shall overcome this regime.


...and Mr. Nkem, when we overcome this regime what happens? will our problems just magically go away? what happens? will La Republique end its oppression of Southern Cameroons? will the Cameroon populace stop begging for Eurocentric indoctrination? will neo-colonialism by France vanish? will the division in Southern Cameroons end? will South Westerners stop calling me "Cam no go"? will the Francophones stop calling me "La Bamenda La"? will corruption end?

This is the problem I have with pseudo-intellectuals on this forum like Rexon, Ma Mary, WateSHIT, Simplice the Simpleton and the rest of the bandwagon of dimwits. They come here and parade their verbosity; mixing up words they crammed from dictionaries and ideologies they memorized from Karl Marxtextbooks. Yet, they fail to address the real issues. They have built a Utopian image of Cameroon in their minds and they actually think that change will come through petty writings on the internet and 1 dollar donations to their history clubs. Are you kidding me? either you guys are flat out stupid or you have your hidden political agenda. And the blockheads have the audacity to shamelessly ride the higher horse of morality; talking down on everyone with an aura of empty confidence. Rexon, take special note. Morons!


Nkem, that was a nice piece


Janvier Chando Tchouteu, Go and preach your rhetoric above to citizens of your country at and icicemac. This is a Southern Cameroonian forum and nobody will buy that your stupid rhetoric. Bamilikies were recently asked to live Yaounde by their Beti masters and that is the problem you should be concerned about. It is a more bigger problem than the Hutu Tutsi's problem.



mr.Wilson,its common of u to come up here to this forum time and again and advocate of a war in brother, our sense of humanity would never allow ourselves to kill each other.God would provide for us a way forward couplied with our own civilised initiatives to democratize and modernise our country.
they might be a power struggle,for a while,but talking about a civil war is out of proportion.
i share the same feelings with u on the president clinching to power for to long.but what sound minded cameroonians within the CPDM or the opposition and civil society ought to do is to prepare themselves for any eventuality with ragards to biya towing the line.biya himself has realised that he would not be there for much longer,and for the love of his family,and his motherland to an extend might be trying of late to build a path that would not be too rough when his not there any more.
upon all the sufferings that we have experienced since Biyas reign,i believe cameroonians are still progressive and believe in a better cameroon in the near future.fighting a civil war after biya is no more would be of no sense.we have been patient as a nation for change and God willing coupled with the right minds,good endevours and love for our motherland,cameroon would be a better place for all who live in it.peace and God bless the motherland.

Samira Edi

Another 365 days have come and gone; and Mr Biya and his coterie of thieves, thugs and band of bandits, sit at Etourdi, snickering happily——pinching their chubby cheeks for getting away with it, yet again with murder! What proposals does he have to arrest the downward economic trend and the decline of our country? He is inept——incompetent. In 26 years, we find our country competing with fiefdoms of medieval times.

When Mr Biya went on national Television and ordered his armed goons to shoot on sight unarmed civilians who were protesting the hardships wrought by his economic mismanagement, Mr Biya compared the measure of his power only comparable to a demagogue. Cameroonians should have done something.

Because it was during that period, when Amaduou Ali advised magistrates and judges to organise hasty Kangaroo courts in the dead of the night, to conduct sham trials with trumped up charges against the innocent, after arbitrary arrests. Scores of Cameroonians are today languishing in jail over nothing. This is worse than Iraq or Afghanistan.

It was one of these political Sanhedrines that took Lapiro out of circulation-- in jail, for singing about the constitutional coup d'étatt, of which Mr Biya is the sole beneficiary. An artist accused of high treason for doing what? That constitutional coup d'état was nothing but a ploy to gratify the insatiable ambition of one man--Mr Biya, and eternalize a drunk 72 year old in power

Those whose legs could flee found themselves slain by the guns of the tyrant as they were shot from behind. Cameroon is a slaughterhouse, with Mr Biya the mass murderer.

We sit in surpine surrender like rudderless fickle fools, chasing shadows or being completely disagreeable to the wrong people. If we could harness our dislike for the Biya regime, channel our grievance of his half-century +
============= of fraudulent occupation and tyrannical misrule, and translated our anger into concrete action, that jelly-bellied sow would have been dragged off to the ICC for his crimes against the country. Biya has consistently told Cameroonians "Foutez-moi le camp!" He dares Cameroonians with his brazen degrees, dismissive of legitimate opposition, and arrogant towards other African leaders.

Yet, in this speech, Biya acknowledges that Cameroon is not the oasis of peace and stability which has been the source of his pride. Are we going to allow this swindler to drag the country into the abyss with him? Biya is preparing for war, afterall he is the bully with the weapons. But like all bullies, he is a coward - when real people stand up to him, we are the majority. We can bring that Gorliath down!

Mr Biya has thrown down the gauntlet to Cameroonians [who he sees as enemies]. Are we going to stare at it helplessly, as if it was a snake slithering towards us to bite us? Or are we going to yank it off the ground for the worm that it is, and throw it into a salt pit?

And this is the age of fast communication. Make use of it. This country must change!!!!!

Bob Bristol

Dear All

Happy new year. This is 2009. 2011 is just next door. From all indication, 99% of those who either read or comment in this forum are tired of the monstrous regime in power. This same 99% are of the opinion that the possibility of the SDF to ascend to the helm of the nation is as slim as the eye of a needle. It is my opinion that we (who belong to this 99%) should form a new political grouping to oust the present regime on or before 2011. We cannot do this by gibing insult at each other. The regime get some fun when we do this.
I thinks it's high time we've got to be really sincere. I'm looking forward to a gathering of Cameroonians that one can trust, that one can dialogue with without generating animousity, I mean when opposing ideas are tabled. From this forum, we meet people we can believe in, people to form the new team with. This will not be influenced by praises. It will be will be the outcome of intellectual exchange with respect of individual ideas and human integrity. Any attempt at ridiculing a personality (and not an idea), will automatically expel the individual from being part of that team. As members of this team, we uphold the idea that the present dispensation is a mess, that, at present, we do not have a party that can put a smile on our faces if the present mess is toppled, that the successive regimes have treated us as second or even third class citizens etc.
I will not be the leader of that team. We would be the leaders. From this forum, we would know the person who has those leadership qualities that we yearn for. A leader to lead the leaders. There will come a time when we would disclose the pen names some of us are using. This should be when a general come together is possible. This may not be easy especially for some of us who are out of Cameroon but we have to sacrifice for it. And it shouldn't take too long. We have to believe in this because we can do it.
May God bless all the committed readers and users of this forum.
This is the time.

My special regards to Ma Mary.
I mourn for Cameroon



no comment on your startling hypocrisy?...yeah, I thought so. I've told you before, you are a child playing with a dictionary and a Karl Marx textbook.



You asked me a wonderful question. This question I believe should be channeled to the Cameroonian people because I feel it has a place in a forum like this one. When we overrun the regime in place what next? Sorry about paraphrasing – I like it this way so that people don’t get me wrong.

My honest response to this ethical question will be – you are correct! What next! You talk because you are worried. You are worried because you seek solutions. Without bias or prejudice, I fear some hold in mind that we are not readily prepared to take power. That is what my brothers and sisters who have decided to identify themselves with the CPDM party and ideology have accepted out of shame and the feeling of rejection as an escape device or means to find peace within their community. However, remember that, no one is born a leader… this was the thing of the past. We are a modern époque and I feel when the time comes, those voices which have been silence for over 40 years due to annexation, torture and you name the rest… will raise for people like you and me to see and elect for a better leadership and governance.

Don’t you worry, when the time comes, what will be relevant to the situation is not the person who is elected president but the change such a position will bring. Whether the person who fills it strives to the left or right… we shall accommodate it.

Again, oppression is an issue of ideology. When the people of a nation are deprived of basic food, shelter, clothes which they rightly own, they intend as a matter of survival develop orthodox means to make ends meet. Amongst such method to secure ones ego in a turbulent society is oppression of your brother. Even in your house, oppression occurs when your father decides to eat all the beautiful piece of chicken. Is that not oppression?

I believe these forms of oppressions shall be overcome when the people of Cameroon shall realize that they need to out Biya and his regime including its ideology. That will lead to renaissance of a new Cameroon where we shall all understand we are our brother’s keeper. This has been shielded from us by hunger, poverty and misery.

So, let’s handle one thing at a time, which is what I have always preached in this forum. When we defeat the regime and its ideas, many things will happen in Cameroon and the plight of the Southern Cameroons will be one. I believe people have not been able to give the Southern Cameroons issue a big thought because they are concern about their day to day wellbeing. It is so hard that telling the Anglophone man or woman about the SCNC agenda as a solution would be considered insane. So I challenge you to be patient a little while.

The regime is already collapsing… that is for sure.

Please another issue, I feel in a forum people have a right to their ideas and what they want to share, I find it out of proportion and considered your citing of names a bit wild for the agenda we both want to push forward. Remember we disagree to agree for the better. Without the people you cited you will not be in the forum otherwise do you want to post alone? I don’t know but there is something about your post which greatly touch me.

Happy New Year brother.

Bob Bristol

We face an urgent need for a genuine opposition leader in Cameroon. This is not the time to shower praises or exchange insults. We've already done this time and again. Condemning the status quo does not mean we are aiming for an utopian state of affairs. Rather, we yearn for values such as the recognition of basic human integrity, the accountability in the management of state's affairs and the fear of the lord in leadership circles. In retrospect, we yearn for the anglo saxon values that we of The Southern Cameroons once had a taste of. Above all, we need love. Love for human values before love for regional values.

You need just a positive mind to know we can achieve these.



Southern Cameroonians are fed up too with the constant rantings of tyrants managing that French enclave. However, their intellectuals are preoccupied with the decolonisation of their country, than on regime change in La Republque du Cameroun (a foreign country). Our best brains cannot just drift their attention to a fight that does not represent our long term interest. We need our independence and that is what we are focused at. However, if Francophone intellectuals want us to help them change this despotic regime that have been terrorising them and unfortunately us, they should join us to design a blue-print for change that reflects the aspirations of both nations. While they want regime change, we want outright independence from them. Whats wrong in us asking that our own problem too should be listened to by the colonisers? Does democracy suffices that one African country colonises the other and we expect them to sit quiet? Back off, traitors.


There is no guarantee that regime change in La Republique du Cameroun would help us in the decolonisation of the Southern Cameroonian territory. Lets be clear about what we want. Our territorial integrity must be respected, as we also respect the lives of our brothers and sisters east of the Moungo. Citizens of La Republique du Cameroun have never had any problem when projects like the Limbe deep sea port are abandoned for a little unknown kribi deep seaport, when UB student are shot and Francophones imposed on them through a mundane theory of "equilibre regionale", how comes we are so interested in their problem with regime change. Let them be honest with us. We too are human beings and our own problems too need to be addressed.


Dear Cameroonians, This is the 26th time that Paul Biya have stood up on the eve of a new year and tell Cameroonians a bunch of rubbish. Am sure this man thinks he is the most intelligent man with Divine rights to reign as president of this country. It is sad,sickening and Bizzare that a clowns like this will unilaterally decide to Change the constitution and then shamelessly tell his subjects in his state of the Union message that it was what Cameroonians needed.
This is one of the biggest Irony i ever came accross in my entire life. How do we measure economic growth in an economy that is purely tetiary? If most Western economies on which we depend saw no growth in 2008 because of the credit crunch how come Cameroon had one. I am sure this government is just looking for justifications to stay in power be deceiving the masses that they are doing a good job. God bless the fools and stooges who listen to and believe all this rubbish from you Mr President. Remeber nothing last for ever some day Biya you must go either by force or by natural means and bet you will go into the anals of history as the worse African president in recent times.


once again you missed the mark. You clearly lack the knowledge in the fundamental structure of African politics. The deterioration of Cameroon is solely caused by bad governance...not regionalism. Mind you, at the beginning of the Union between Southern Cameroons and La Republique, the system of governance enabled a successful co-existence. Southern Cameroons still maintained her sovereignty and culture. It was Ahidjo's politics and the greed of our own Southern Cameroonians ( something Rexon will never acknowledge) that destroyed this successful coexistence and made La Republique superior over Southern Cameroons. I know your type Rexon. You lived an unfulfilled life even though you grew fat on your brother's CPDM money. When you stumbled on the SCNC, it resonated with you and made you feel important. You ran it their ideas...ran so fast that you fail to see common sense. Your mind has been blocked and you have been reduced to nothing but a pseudo-intellectual whose aimless prattle bears no iota of applicability. You think breaking up Africa into smaller, confused , tribalistic and quarrelsome states is the way forward for Africa? we should be creating structures which will enable us work together but at the same time they also respect our differences and cultures. Does the word federalism ring a bell? look at America. How do you think they have survived? do you think any American state would have stood a chance if they all broke up into smaller and unstable states?

I understand what you are saying, I honestly do but I feel like your response is exactly the problem with Africa. We always sit and fold our hands and expect the future to fall into place. Why can't we start planning now? why can't Cameroonians come together now and say, what can we do to better our future and the future of our children better? why can't we come up with ideas on suitable constitutions, systems of government and education? fairer trade, development? even basic strategies on cleaning up our streets and making our environments healthy? why must we always wait and say the future is unpredictable?


Look who is talking? Janvier Chando Tchouteu. Protected by our parents after they flew as maquis, they now want to lecture us as to how we should live our live. We know what we want and shall fight for it. Biya's going will not build the Limbe deep seaport. It was Ahidjo that closed Powercam, Tiko Airport, Limbe Deep Seaport, Tiko creek, Mamfe River Port, Kumba Mamfe Road, etc. We want to build our country as you want to build yours. Gentleman, back out.

Roger Riccardo

You are too advanced for these people to understand your argument.
Rexon, what have you done to help your country or your village since you left with the Cpdm scholarship?
Kem, good piece but understand that people have left from their little villages to western and modern civilization but their mentality still have not changed regardless of their level of education.
We must confess that some of them have been traumatized by their abusive siblings before they left Cameroon.
I pray they will recover and return as productive citizens of la Republique du Cameroun.
May God bless you all!


Roger Riccardo

You are too advanced for these people to understand your argument.
Rexon, what have you done to help your country or your village since you left with the Cpdm scholarship?
Kem, good piece but understand that people have left from their little villages to western and modern civilization but their mentality still have not changed regardless of their level of education.
We must confess that some of them have been traumatized by their abusive siblings before they left Cameroon.
I pray they will one day recover and return as productive citizens of la Republique du Cameroun.
May God bless you all!



Janvier Chando Tchouteu, bastard equal Riccardo, UnitedstatesofAfrica, Popomustgo. Go and solve the problems of your country. Leave us alone. U are not going to help us build the port at Limbe, the University in Bamenda, the Road to Mamfe, Powecam, etc. Leave us alone.

Ma Mary

Talking about tribalistic warring states, the Southern Cameroons a successful, self governing democracy, was forced to "join" a country riven by a genocidal, tribal civil war, whose death count from tribalism was only rivaled more than 30 years later by Rwanda. That was a real tragedy bringing us this close to this primitive french neocolony.

"Bad Governance"? "Regionalism"?

No it is about wrongly denied sovereignty and occupation. How dare you denigrate history. Maybe you drunkards from la republique do not care about history. That is why France is still riding you like donkeys.


Hello mates! I do understand our grievances with our Beloved president, Mr Biya.
I think it is time Cameroonians understand change doesn't came only from the government. The people need to collaborate, invest, innovate ... to achieve or view the Cameroon we all are dreaming of.
In some of my visits to the U.S.A and Europe, I really came to realise how hard working my dear Brothers and Sisters,Cameroonians, are doing abroad.
The questions now:
Are we ready to work in the same way in Cameroon?
Are we ready to bring the entrepreneur spirit back home?
Are ready to help develop IT(accessible internet to all) in Cameroon?
Are the 'rich' ready to invest in people?

Brothers and Sisters, as one future president said, 'Change starts from bottom top'.
I know some of you will complain about taxes but mind you it is not as high for us as you think or hear. We need to seek real information- a source of knowledge,before concluding not just to hear and comment.
Besides, any successful business must pay taxes

It is time to have a forum to share innovating ideas, arrange for a meeting, and see on how to put forth our results of brainstorming. The government have got finances to assist to support capable projects.
Well, togetherness, willingness and determination would help.

My regards,


Cameroonians and their president Paul Biya are not different from each other except for the fact that one is a leader over the rest. Biya keeps repeating his stale speeches year by year and commentators keep writing the same commentaries again and again. There isn't any new comment or any different the other in this forum. Ignoring the speech would've made a big difference.


Development and change do not necessarily come from the government,but the government serves as the main impetus to all these.You comment about Cameroon in a very detached way.You seem to question the entrepreneurial spirit,and hardwork of people in the country.Imagine a country that has been in crisis for more than a decade,imagine the salaries of civil servants slashed three fold,imagine a country with no public infrastructure.Then come to think of parents providing for their children,sending them to school.Where do you think the money comes from to weather all these hard times? The problem is not that of high taxes.It is the frequency with which these taxes are collected.When you set up a business endeavour,the taxation guys will visit you, then the gardamarie,and the council.The more you give the more different services come around.There`s no oversight of how fiscal policy is managed.All the guys you met in Europe and the US did not learn to be industrious over there.You don`t expect them to bring back their hard earned money and see it end up in the pockets of unscrupulous officials,do you? You are wrong to say the government has got finances to support capable projects.Can you site such projects that have been encouraged for the past 2, years since we attained the HIPIC mania? What we know is that money has been laying fallow at the BEAC central bank,and your government doesn`t want Bamileke businessmen to lay hands on for fear of further empowering them and endangering their political grip.
Cameroonians are some of the people in the world who do not need forums about development.They are too industrious to expect them to start learning about change now in forums.

Your comparison of Biya to the people and your assertion that he has been repeating the same speeches is enough reaction to his speech.You did not ignore the speech,else you wouldn`t have known that he has been repeating the same thing.
Ignoring Biya`s speech is ignoring the suffering of the Cameroonian people.His speeches are,and will always be highly awaited as long as he is president and presiding over the destiny of the country.The reactions you find here,are out of frustration and high expectations,not because people are fond of analyzing speeches.


It is obvious that you are a member of that callous failed regime. Don´t insult Cameroonians by saying that they are not hard working.
Cameroonians work very hard and despite the odds, they fight to educate their children. In almost all western universities, there is no Africa countrey with the number of international students more than the number from Cameroon.
The unfortunate thing is that, because of the bad and corrupt regime in power, when Cameroonians student graduate abroad, they are not willing to return and develop their country. This is the opposite to other African countries; their graduates from foreign universities are always ready to return home. They are sure of getting jobs as they are employed based on their ability and not based on their relationship with the ruling party as it is the case with Cameroon. They don´t need the buy jobs as it is the case with Cameroon.

Bob Bristol,
The problem in Cameroon, is not the lack of an able political party. It is an issue of how and who organises elections. Have you read the names of the recent appointed members of Elecam? Tell me how Amado Ali,Dorothy Njeuma et al will declare results in favour of an opposition.
Because people have lost faith in the electorate system, they don´t participate in elections any more.
The solution is not a new political party, the solution is to sensitise our people to revolt.


Mr. Multiple Personality's recent vigorous attempts to sow discord amongst Southern Cameroonians may well be tied to his paymasters doomed attempt to disrupt the Liberation Movement at home.


Underground Moves by Yaounde Unveiled

That Chief Inoni's Surprise Trip to Bamenda

Last Saturday, December 27, Chief Ephraim Inoni, surrogate Prime Minister of Yaoundé made an impromptu-type of visit to Bamenda. The state-owned media gave the public to believe that Mr. Prime Minister was coming to Bamenda to inaugurate a 9-Kilometre stretch of road from GRA Up-Station through Banja to Nkwen.
According to them, this is a show of concern by the Yaoundé regime to the so-called North West Region, a concern that comes next only to Yaoundé and Douala. The Prime Minister of Yaoundé showed no sign of shame when he declared that this is an ongoing concern established since 1984, when the Agric Show was being programmed for Bamenda.
What the Prime Minister of Yaoundé failed to tell the gullible ones who suffered to cheer once in a while was that the Ring Road which covers over 300 kilometers of road was programmed a year before the one he was inaugurating---nay, laying the foundation stone! He must have also thought that the Bamenda man was so stupid not to notice that the road was being opened because it will facilitate the flow of traffic for the Big People living at GRA; or even more…easing up the danger faced by the big trucks owned by his employees from LRC.
Mr Prime Minister was so naïve that one of our colleagues who was the MC refereed to him as Mr Governor! Of course, Doctor Ngobs might have had a slip of his tongue, but he was closest to the truth. For, how can we imagine that the Prime Minister of Yaoundé will take the pains to leave his Big Office in Yaoundé, with a huge entourage, and heavy out-station allowances just to come and "launch" the construction work of a nine kilometer road from Up-station to down town Nkwen! How can one understand this when in his Yaoundé, it is the Government Delegate who launches such, not even the Minister of Public Works!
Of course, Mr. Prime Minster was in Bamenda for a mission! He is aware of the forth-coming events in the days ahead, especially as concerns the Southern Cameroons struggle. He came to bless Atanga Nji Paul's scheme to organize some youths who will start attacking the success stories of the Southern Cameroons once they start emerging come January 2009!
As God will have it, a lot of things are already turning sour already for that scheme. First, the overzealous , over-assuming Communication lady of the Region thought that she was playing a fast one on press men when she enlisted only twenty reporters to "cover the PM's visit"…so they can manage their usual "gombo" their usual way! It all ended up at the desk of Mr. Regional Governor, their pro-consul.
Back to the issue, the sons have this to tell them:
Mr Prime Minister of Yaoundé, you can build the bridge over the Katsina to Furu-Awa or even tar the entire Ring Road, and link Batibo with Ekok with an express way, the people have crossed the Rubicon and your plot will fail…as all else!


Biya's Ministers Plot to Destabilize Southern Cameroons " Victory" in 2009!

The Sons of the Southern Cameroons have been reliably informed that a secret meeting of Southern Cameroonians in the Biya Government in Yaoundé recently held a conspiratorial meeting to check the rapid progress being made by the Southern Cameroons nationalists. The meeting which was proposed by Elvis Ngole Ngole examined the rapid evolution in the Southern Cameroons struggle, especially the spirit of Unity that has characterized the struggle in the last two months.
The top Biya men studied recent reports from security as well as private informants on the rapid progress the struggle was making, especially the indicators that a "favorable verdict" might soon be emanating from the African Commission. Dion Ngute reportedly gave a full "frank" report on the Southern Cameroons case at the African Commission. The report "frightened a few of them…especially Atanga Nji Paul, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Ephraim Inoni, and others whose names we are keeping for strategic reasons.
Viewing that a lot of mobilization was going on in the field and that more and more people were supporting the cause especially in the Southern Region, given their representation at Abuja last November;
Considering that Mr. Biya will hold them, the top Regime Men - responsible for anything that might happen to "disgrace" their boss, especially coming shortly after their 'acclaimed victory over Bakassi"'
Mindful of the fact that an independent Southern Cameroons will mark the beginning of doom for most of them who have invested only in La Republique du Cameroun, and had openly challenged the endeavour for freedom of their own kith and kin,
The top Biya men vowed to " put a stop to the progress of the struggle by setting up strategic youth groups" in the two areas- the Southern Zone and the Northern Zone.
Atanga Nji Paul, who is Minister of Special Duties, and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Minister for Forest and Animals were then commissioned to work this project out before January 8, 2009.
According to an insider, one of those who attended the conspiratorial meeting- Atanga Nji Paul and Elvis Ngolle Ngolle will be given very heavy envelops to penetrate the youths in Bamenda, Kumba, Victoria, Mamfe, Kumbo, Bali, Eyumodjock and Nkambe. These youths will start coming up with write-ups against their elders who led them into the union in the first place . thereafter, they will organize meetings which will be heavily funded and heavily attended.
By the time the African Commission would have delivered the long-awaited verdict, the youths, who would have already created an impressive impact in the are, will go out onto the streets to challenge the verdict, cause havoc, raise hell against anything in the name of the independence of the Southern Cameroons!
At the same time, Ngolle Ngolle will be wooing the Chiefs in the Southern Region to denounce any moves by anyone to "recolonise" them and subjugate them to " an unknown angelic leadership"…whatever this means!
The Sons are monitoring the issue and will be preparing as well!


I am all in support of people who benefited from student scholarships to promptly pay them back to the government.......

BUT does anyone seriously think that any of that money will resolves Cameroon's problems?

I have a friend who went to medical school in the Philippines, he had a Jordanian roommate/classmate who had similarly received a scholarship from his government.
They guy had overstayed his student visa in Manila AND had not returned to Jordan to complete his service as stipulated in his scholarship contract. The Jordanian police came looking for him in his apartment in Manila accompanied by Filipino police.

My girlfriend's classmate had to return to Thailand for five years+ to complete her service/loan repayment with her home country........that is efficiency, follow-up,rule of law,
...all the things that are woefully lacking in Cameroon.

Cameroon's problems aren't just bureaucratic and procedural....the entire country's architecture is setup wrong (take it from an Industrial Engineer)..

The word is French is 'bricollage'...there is a pattern of chronic slipshodiness in how affairs of State are conducted...the kind of chronic and systematic failure of operational protocol which indicates that policy is either being established by idiots of implemented by morons.

Cases in point:
-Why does the government need to crack down on righ-hand drive cars in a nation which only left-hand drive cars can be imported and registered?
-How does a presidential guard walk away with the president's briefcase/'expense account' during a visit abroad?
-How does the president and his family almost die in a second-hand plane crash,when many billions were spent in procuring and equipping a brand new aircraft?
-How does 80% of subsidies to the agricultural sector get embezzled over a twenty year period?
-How does the government hand over the mandate to establish a brand new medical training school at a state-run university to a functionary whose specialty is geography(UNIBU)?
-How does the bridge to a major economic artery in the nation collapse from disrepair(Mungo)?
-How do armed robbers take a major industrial city hostage for 4 hours, rob 3 banks and make a clean getaway......................before the police ever arrive(Limbe)?
-How do foreign troops regularly make incursion 20km into Cameroon to arrest individuals based within our sovereing territory(from Nigeria)?
-How do foreign-based non state actors (from Chad and CAR) conduc raids and armed robberies inside Cameroon and never get arrested?
-How do troops from the Equatorial Guinea open fire and kill Cameroon nationals at sea, and get to reponse from our own government?
-Knowing the direction and speed of an aircraft in flight, and the estimated time it disappeared from radar, any secondary school student can calculate its approximate location. So why were Cameroon's search and rescue teams scouring locations 200 km from the crash site because of faulty intelligence from radar station in France when Kenya-bound flight KQ507 crash shortly after take-off from the Douala airport?
-How does it happen that government troops will open fire with live bullets during demonstrations inside Cameroon?
-How does it happen that the richest people in Cameroon are civil servants?
-Why are Cameroon's banks swimming in over liquidity yet there are no loans being made to run the economy ?
-Why is so much money being spent to dredge the Douala port when money saved from that operation in two years could build a new port in Limbe only 30km away?
-How does a country which has the second highest hydroelectric potential in Africe(after Zaire), and yet suffers from energy blackouts?
-Why does our president carry Chinese and French passports?(Most of Cameroons senior politicains carry French passports too.................who do they owe allegiance to?)
-Why does Cameroon not have a single concert stadium when our artists are raking in grammies in the USA?
-Why do so many of our best and brightest have to run abroad to make thier careers and a decent living when so many other Africans are rushing home?
-How does Cameroon build the first integrated wood processing facility (Cellucam) ...and the let it go bankrupt....even as wood explots fom Cameroon are exploding?
-Why does it take twenty years to build a new cement factory in Cameroon, even though our single facility(CIMENCAM) cannot produce enough to supply the local market as well as for the demand in Chad, Central Africa and Equatorial Guinea?
-Why do Chinese laborers have to imported as manual labor to build a sports complex in Cameroon?
-How does a citizen get trampled to death during a stampede at the police administrative facility when he showed up to apply for the admissions into the corp which purports to provide law and order?
-Why is the Olympic team entourage made up 75% of "support" staff and 25% of athletes?
-How is it that a nations conducts development plans for over 18 years without a national census?The last census was conducted three years ago and the results are not yet out.Why? In the meantime the president has issued decrees creating new administrative districts across the country, how come? Is he a magician or an alchemist?

Should i continue or make i leave-am so?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh Cameroon!


Hello Watesih and Fon,
You see,the problem is you guys don't get it.
Well I'm not saying We are not hardworking back home. Of course we are but we need to change our thoughts and way of thinking.
It's not the broadcasting on how to revolt which we solve our problems but asking our selves how can we change the country for the future of our children.
Remember, when we strike, the government doesn't advice us to burn places but we do. so at the end of the day we send some of our parents jobless.
What I realized is we have chosen to follow some of these 'ill pathways' portrayed but some of our leaders. e.g. I don't see why a taxi man should prefer spending money to bribe the police meanwhile he should have thought of keeping his papers up to date. with this way, money doesn't reach the government so at the end how do we expect the government to pay our brothers and sisters working as civil servants?
I don't think it is time for neither CPDM or SDF nor SCNC... to claim to bring the right change but rather, it is time for all these parties to collaborate to build our beloved country. this should be the information we should try to achieve.
I once thought like you guys but I realized I was wrong though 'man no man' do exist.

Cheers Mates,


DJ Claude,

You speak like a chauvinists and one can quickly understand from the way you write that you know nothing as to how the CPDM machinery of evil and the cameroonian civil service operates. To begin with, how do you know that it is those striking who goes around burning places when the strike is going on? FYI, it is the government that always send CPDM sponsored agents to burn places in their bid to have a reason to shoot and kill Cameroonians. Secondly, a taxi driver must give bribes to be able to go through major streets in Cameroon. Having your documents in order is instead a crime to an average Cameroonian police officer. The problem with us is our government. We have tolerated them for soo long and they have placed plain bandits in positions of responsibility. What do you expect? Transparency and accountability to who when criminals and crooks with no respect for the human life are in power?


valentine nanah



Happy New Year dear brothers and sisters.I have gone through all your comments with keen interest and paid attention to your respective opinions.We all are expressing our grievances with the Biya government after 26 years in power:our reasoning may be different as are our opinions, but one thing that unites us all posting our comments here is the one cause for which we fight-CAMEROON, our beloved country.One thing I must say here is we are out for liberation of our country and not a Southern Cameroon fight at the moment.There are priorities at every moment in life, we all know that.But I don't think the Southern Cameroon cause is at the moment the greatest of them.Sure we of S.Cameroon remain disgruntled, but at this particular point in time, the S.Cameroon cause is only secondary to the greater problem we have:fighting Biya's regime out.Sure the S.Cameroon issue remains quite a hustle, but it remains even a bigger one with Biya in power.Why don't we get a bit constructive here and post reasonable comments that can help us progress as a people?Insults are not the solution to the problem.Solutions is what we want, not insults.Let us each accept each other's opinion, and even if we don't buy into it, try to disagree politely and not necessarily with an agressive tone.Some say we need a war, some say the constitution is failing us, some say the democratisation proces and politiccal institutions are nothing but a joke, some say we need more of an entrepreneurial spirit...those are opinions, each and everyone of which to some extent is relevant.We may differ in ideologies, but I believe the sum total of our respective opinions presents a good opportunity to look into, of course the solution.Noone's solution remains absolutely right, remember this dear brothers and sisters.

mk the southerner

You call your self a Southern Cameroonian and yet vomit this rubbish, as if you are a blind monkey. If you dont know the difference between your compound and that of your neighbor? then a pig is better than you. Be wise bro and write wisdom. Happy new year

mk the southerner

Reaction to New Year’s address:
Tumi launches wholesale attack on Biya!

Using his mass of New Year’s day the Cardinal castigated the regime on wide ranging issues:- elections, corruption, crime, galloping prices of basic commodities, etc. He concluded “God is gravely upset with Cameroon’s leaders.”

By Ntaryike Divine Jr in Douala

Christian Tumi, a legendary critic of President Paul Biya took the first opportunity to assail the president in reaction to what was believed to be the latter’s New Year’s address to the nation.

The Cardinal and Archbishop of Douala used the homily of his New Year’s day mass at his jammed packed Cathedral to take up the president on a wide range of policy issues, many of which were contained in President Paul Biya’s address to the nation on the eve of New Year’s day.

Without referring neither to the president nor to the speech directly, the Cardinal left none of his audience, estimated by the thousands, in doubt as to who and what he was addressing.

He attacked the government’s record on elections, democracy and good governance, crime control, rising prices, unemployment and corruption.

Noting the failure of the regime, the Cardinal declared that “God is gravely upset with the leaders of Cameroon.”

The Cardinal who has often rejected calls to stand elections against Biya lamented that he would have been tempted to go into politics had the playing field been even.

At points during his 30 minutes sermon, the Cardinal almost came to tears lamenting about the future of Cameroon which he said was edging inexorably towards wholesale chaos.

In response to President Paul Biya’s optimism about future elections in Cameroon with the putting in place of ELECAM, Tumi regretted that the electoral system in Cameroon had only become worse and that even in the one-party days elections were better orgnaised.

Tumi had even harder words for corruption and the government’s inability to eradicate it. “It is now only expanding and has become a veritable institution; a culture… Corruption, which earned Cameroon a gold medal on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world… is a consequence of a greater evil – impunity. We know all those pilfering state funds, but they are arresting banana thieves,” he said.

The Cardinal also castigated the government for its inability to check the ever galloping prices of basic commodities on the market.

“Do we need to recall that 10 months ago, in February 2008, our country faced one of the greatest crises of its existence?” he rhetorically queried. He said promises made by “those who govern us and assume responsibilities before God and man” to check soaring basic commodity prices have amounted to “wasted efforts as the situation has deteriorated further.”

The archbishop attributed the high crime rate in Cameroon to high unemployment among school leavers. He regretted that Cameroon would have such high unemployment inspite of its rich endowment in natural resources.

The cardinal’s sermon lasted half an hour. It was the first time ever that he attributed his unwillingness to go into politics to “unlevel paying field.” He has usually in the past only said that upon becoming a priest he vowed to stay only a priest.

Tumi has for many years been an unrelenting critic of Paul Biya and his regime. He once said in a press interview that it was his way of showing love to the president.

nna carole

Dear people we have to count on our president for him to take us out of this nightmare

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