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Monday, 05 January 2009


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Dr A A Agbormbai

" will be prudent in the present circumstances for
Cameroonians to count on their own strength and adopt the motto... He said Cameroon should look nowhere else for the solution of its problems."

This is a change in mentality for Cameroon, which is prone to sitting tight and looking up to its colonial masters for solutions to its problems. I hope this new spirit prevails.

"He claimed that the putting in place of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, will strengthen the credibility of Cameroon’s electoral system."

This is a fallacious statement. While ELECAM seems to be a reasonably well-legislated system the fact remains that Biya has selected only his CPDM cronies as representatives of ELECAM.

This means that the whole question of BIAS, that has besieged previous elections, remains in place. It also means that the CPDM has won all elections to come in Cameroon, well before the elections have taken place. What this implies is that there is really no need for elections taking place in Cameroon; after all, we already know the winner. Any elections conducted henceforth are a showpiece and a waste of money.

Further implications are:

1) Electoral democracy does not exist in Cameroon. The system of selecting the Head of State is a dictatorial system disguised as a democratic process.

2) Biya is still not interested in correcting this telling electoral problem that continues to set Cameroon backwards, even though he has the power to do so.

3) Biya is not exactly an example of a magnanimous man. He is not thinking with goodwill about the future of Cameroon, as a true patriot should. He is more concerned about his own future, a selfish position to take. This is hardly a good example of self-sacrifice for his country. What can he then expect of the ordinary citizen?

4) Biya and his CPDM, even though they have unfair financial advantages over any other party (and even though they currently look like the only party that can win a fair election in Cameroon), lack electoral self-confidence. They are shy... retracted... when it comes to organising fair elections. This is why they are still scared of putting forward a fair electoral system. Yet without such a system the CPDM will continue to remain an unvalidated ruling party in the eyes of the world.

We keep asking... taking away all its well-publicised electoral fraud, can the CPDM really win a fair election... one that is governed by a truly objective body? This question will always remain, and will always generate a sour taste, as long as Biya and his CPDM refuse to abandon their corrupt practices.

5) Biya continues to believe that he can continue to dribble the world undetected. He takes the world for a fool, and the international community pretends not to notice.

The international community was expected to pressure Biya into selecting the right balance of representatives for Elecam, so that for once in its history Cameroon can step over a major obstacle to progress by having an electoral system it can truly believe in.

But the international community chose to fail Cameroon. They abandoned the people of Cameroon and are now siding with Biya to work against the people of Cameroon. Can you imagine this? For God's sake!


Nice piece Dr.Agbormbai, but I still repeat my point as in my previous comments 'the West is in part, if not entirely one of the reasons Cameroon is what it is today'.I am a Cameroonian with a passion for business, but I remain very skeptical about the political inclination of Cameroon.With Biya still in, I doubt how much of the much needed entrepreneurial spirit Cameroon needs Cameroonians can really bring in.Can/should we take the chance or wait till after 2011?Thatz my dilemma!!


Haha!!! I think why Biya isn't even facing the criticisms more is because he has an effective mafia which plays the role greatly with the west. You may like to hear this, about 1/3 of money embezzled from Cameroon is given to some key western leaders who can be detrimental to Biya's stay in power if not tipped.They won't loot from their country ,but will get all they want from African leaders.
Secondly, most of us Cameroonians in the diaspora are doing our best to silencec our poor families back home with our hard earned Euros or Dollars. With monthly support from relatives abroad, most Cameroonian families are better off with this than those toiling in the civil service. So the families no longer look at Biya as an obstacle any longer and have just decided to ignore him.
My God !!! Why has thou abandoned thy people? We don't want to stain our hands with the blood of Biya but dear Gracious one, can you do us that favour by taking him to your bossom? Father, it's a distress call and prayer. The Bible says we should not rebel against authorities in power,coz no authority exists without God's approval.Father lord, what is our crime for approving this authority for so long?
I beg you Lord to forgive our sin then and liberate us from this ruler.
In you we base all our hope . Amen !!

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