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Friday, 23 January 2009


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Well come to Bamenda VSO volunteer now you know how things work in anglophone Cameroon. Join the rest of us to oust these donkey years serving dictators and their french colonial handlers. May be you should also read the newspapers and watch the suvs on the streets. In case you haven't noticed, Cameroon has come up with the best high tech development tool in the world, pure genius called CORRUPTION AND PURE ROBBERY. That's why President Obama will like to talk to these experts.

Hear him: "To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict or blame their society's ills on the West - know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy."


Dear VSO Volunteer in Bamenda, Cameroon,

Thanks a million for writing & expressing your experiences in Bamenda.
You will be doing all of us Cameroonians an invaluable good, if you could also find other newspapers, online magazines and other media outlets to air out your points of view and to bring to the world's attention the horrific things that are happening in that country.

When we ourselves write and attempt to explain what is happening to our country, our voices are immediately extinguished and drown out by a huge crescendo of lies and massive onslaughts of intoxicating propaganda from the ruling oligarchy, its die hard supporters, minnows and well wishers. They sing and shout that what we are expressing is mere rhetoric, non factual and without any hard evidences to support our claims....!!!!!!.

I visited Bamenda not too long ago, after many years of absence and believe me, the overwhelming sensations & upwelling of feelings that sprouted out from the mind, from what was being observed and witnessed, can not be adequately with words.
For starters, I visited our old school primary school and rumour has it that John Ngu Foncha, our late first prime minister, Solomon Tandeng Muna, another prominent politician of late and a host of other well known public figures, even younger ones like Clarkson Mbeinow and others whom I can not recollect off head immediately had all passed through that institution.
To make a long story short, several goats were eating, frolicking and ideally strolling back and forth in one of the offices that our headmasters, Mr. Nsieh and later on Mr. J.P. Amah, had used as their temporal office.
All around the school yard, sheep, goats and chickens were having a field day.
What does this say..??? that even the institutions which nurtured and helped us to get a foot in life, are not remembered..!!!! that even our prominent brothers and sisters to whom we bestow political powers do not care enough for us little ones to leave behind any lasting legacy for us and our children as well.

You can take a look at that old primary school. It is called Government School Bamenda Upstation and you will see that nearby this school, is a large gendarmerie garrison, which is very modern and up to date. Our government and our politicians would rather spend all the countries monies, resources and human labour in building prisons, police stations and arming our brothers and sisters to either shoot us on sight or imprison us for the simple crime of trying to exist. That is the Cameroonian reality.

Now, go to Nkwen and take a look at the little stream that trickles quietly behind Nkwen motor park..!! that was once a little river. It was a swimming ground for kids, it provided water for some. Today it is a garbage dump. Dead bodies of animals, empty beer bottles, tins, plastic bags, cans, dead wood, all kinds of filth, soil, motor oil, old car parts have plugged it. This once majestic stream whose banks were graced by mango trees, guavas, sugar cane, all kinds of small exotic fruits, populated with cat fish and gumming-stone fish has become the shame of that neighborhood, it is being used like a public toilet.
It is an appalling shame.

If you look up towards Banja, and follow the sky line where the hills disappear towards Mendangnkwe, you will notice plenty of bald spots and empty spaces. These were pristine forest regions, populated with fine and beautiful trees such as kolanut trees, monkey kola, and a lot of rare woods. Today they have been savaged and raped by unscrupulous and vociferous non-feeling individuals. It is said that the SDOs, DOs and other government officials are dividing that land to themselves, chopping off the forest to build their ramshackle mansions.
This is just a little picture of how Cameroon has been slowly brutalized, maimed, raped, savaged and butchered up by a gang of individuals for the last 30 years or more. So do not be surprised by what you are witnessing. It is not all of Africa that is this way, many other countries are beginning to awaken and be conscious of the damages that our politicians can inflict on our communities by bad governance.

But off course, we the citizens also have to refuse to accept such a way of life. It is also our duty to kick out and not tolerate such policies and decisions that are destroying our whole culture and way of life.
Perhaps there is a new dawn for the country when the people would have been able to chase out these group of hyenas, vultures, crocodiles and serpents that are strangulating the country.

Thank you.


Well said countryfowl. Couldn't have put it better. maybe we should also check the unemployment rate.

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