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Friday, 30 January 2009


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Mr. Manyong,

As pessimistic as this may sound, it does not really matter any more whether Dr. Fonkam heads this pseudo-electoral institution or not.

Atangha Nji Paul, a former ex-convict has been a minister for awhile now, and people took it in their stride neither did the population demonstrate when the constitution was blatantly perverted and raped in broad daylight.

This recent tactical move from the devil von Mvog-Meka is just another one of his routine and random brutish raping of the people and the country which he continues to carry out with great élan, impunity and gusto.

The gentleman who defied authorities to hold a press conference exposing the fraud at the ministry of agriculture has a dangling sword over his head at this very moment, what did the population do to support this man.....???

Doh gah gwanyin, the slimy and pugilistic goblin of Balikumbat is today walking the streets a free man, whilst Lapiro languishes in jail for raising his voice up to the devil. What did the people say...????

The questions and examples are many...!!!

What will Cameroonians do, even if this creature gets up tomorrow morning and signs a new law requiring every married Cameroonian man to submit their wives at Etoudi for his pleasure....??

What will Cameroonians do, if this creature decides that all new born babies should be christian after him or face the penalty of death....??

Will the Cameroonian people not still say, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama should come down to help out, will they not say the Pope or The UN or somebody else should come down to help out...???

Mr. Manyong, the onus for the total transformation of Cameroon is on every single individual in that Country. Until the suffering and impoverishment should reach a feverish point with no end in sight, only then will the people decide to send this man to the abyss of hell.

andre fokam

Great comment there Countryfowl, great comment. you really got it. that is the sad but truth reality of cameroonian. Our passivity is phenomenal, no one can comprehend it. I know a foreign diplomat in yaounde who said he had packed his belonging and sent his family to safety in his homeland twice, thinking that Cameroon will "burn" but he couldn't believe nothing happened. the first time was in 1992 when Biya stole elections and the second time was 1994 when salaries were slashed by 70%. If nothing happened then, NOTHING will ever happen. that is just how we are. is it a good thing? is it a bad thing? only the future will tell. but as of now, let continue to be passively raped on a daily basis and praise our rapist for his "great ambitions".
Me too i blame myself for being a "coward" because all i did was to flee from that country, i got my green card last year and i am counting, in 4 years i will be a US citizen and that will save me from the "shame" of not having anything to say to my children about why Cameroon is so poor. i will instead tell them about how our founding father fought for our independence from the british, how Lincoln liberated the slaves, how our heroes fought the civil war, our we won WWI,WWII, the gulf war, and of course (and with pride) how my generation produced OBAMA! waooo, the list is long, but truly i wish i could be talking about Cameroon.

the stranger

it aches me when cameroonians sit and cry everyday about the ills of this regime.history tells us that the great phylosopher john Locke had it that a people had the God-Given right to remove from power a government that those not protect their interest.We cameroonians have refused to excercise this seem our talking only serves to decrease the tension in us.What has this government not done? it has kept fighting against its peoples thereby creating a new dem all crazy "government against the people".i watched with dismay the mola incharge of priority projects in bakassi,a man on his dying bed,what can he conceive? perhaps biya believes in the adage that"the last words of a dying man....".A nation without a conscience is a nation without a soul,a nation without a soul is a nation that cannot live.many God forgive Cameroon.


hi guys


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