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Monday, 12 January 2009


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Cameroonians are the real source of their frustration. Cameroon by constitution is a republic and not a monarchy? Why do some people think Tiku Chris cannot be the president of Cameroon so that some term his action as being audacious. He is a Cameroonian and constitutionally ripe to bid for that office and may do better than the living corps in the name of Biya. Its now time for young dynamic Cameroonians to copy the example of Tambe Chris and sieze their right which has been hoarded. Biya has want take Cameroon along to his grave.
TIKU CHRISTOPHER your carry on you are a child of cameroon and has the right to be there like Biya. Your courage is salutory.

red flag

which cameroun are you referring?
you know fully well that french cameroun
have no constitution, and its well not even independence yet, the constitution was written by france, their presidents are all nominated by france, thier economy and currency is french, their national language is french ,their president speaks nor understand no english except french its by illegal annexation, that we of british cameroon came into their sphere and we are still fighting a international legal war to gain our independence, since the two countries have no treaty of union binding them , ecept what ahmadu hahijo and paul biya , these french cameroun presidents said, that british southern cameroons belongs to them. but is that true ? no its not
the two countries were seperately UN trust mandated countries under UK and FRANCE. Soo, tambe or any youth coming must first fight to free southern cameroons, before aspiring to be president of southern cameroons not french cameroun where biya is president.



In all great endeavors the breakthrough that produces success always inevitably comes from the least expected source. This is true in the field of scientific achievements, political milestones, and military conquests. It is true with the unexpected circumstances that forced European colonizers to relinquish their hold on Africa in the 1960s. It is true with the unexpected circumstances that led to the election of Barack Obama as President of the USA.

May I have the contact details of this young man?



It is good to dream big dreams but this guy certainly does not have what it takes to run for the presidency. Massa, go drink cold water sleep! U want to grab your own share of gov't subvention for presidential campaigns and improve your lot.


We must look at the past before we can forecast the future with a certain degree of certainty.
Lets look back and ask ourselves if an African dictator has ever been removed from power through the ballot box. If the answer is no; then are we expecting Cameroon to be an exceptional case? The answer is an emphatic no.
Cameroonians must begin to look at realistic means to eject Biya from power. Let them reflect on the methods that were used to depose some of Biya´s calibre in other countries. The latest being the case in Guinea Conakry.


All things are possible if we believe in them.One of the things we should believe in is CHANGE.It is inevitable. Tambe Tiku can become president of this country. This mentality of thinking that he cannot be should be discarded.I employ the youths to read my article on CHANGE in Eden Newspaper of jan,07 2009.It will help change thier mentality


Tambe Tiku's hopes of governing a foreign country where he is not a citizen is constitutionally wrong under international law. Let him first redefine his citizenship before knowing which country he can contest for their presidency. As it stands, he is a Southern Cameroonian and cannot be allowed to govern any part of Republique du Cameroun by mainstream power brokers and political thinkers, rightly because that is not his country.


Dear readers,what we cameroonian should do now is to put ourthinking brains together and see how we can work for a change in cameroon.lets forget about the divide and rule principle, or that mr Tiku is southern cameroonian and can never rule cameroon.
Today any reasonable cameroonian wants change,no matter his or her origin or background, we are all suffering and we need a change.Iwill like to ask our commentator to start suggesting possibilites of helping Mr Tiku to achive his goals and a dream of change in our country.


Dear all,
Miracles do happen but you have to work for them. Tambe must be joking that he wants to be the head of state. Did I hear some one comparing him with Obama? NO, It is just like comparing convulsion and death or better still a goat and a cow.It is not because both of them eat grass that they are thesame
Tambe has already failed the election before it is organised
1. As of now he is not yet sure whehter to go in as an independent candidate or under the banner of a political party.
2. He seems not to have any manifesto
3. He thinks the youths are behind him which is a very big lie
4. The CV is rather scanty simply putting him as a mere adveturer who wants his own share of the National Cake
5. He earlier claimed some politiccal parties have long wanted to put him as their presidential candidate which is a lie. He should bring the name(s) of the said parties and i will challenge him
Though there is no witness to our dreams, let us not be carried away by 'The change slogan' that has just taken place in USA. Given the political terrain in Cameroon only death or the gun can remove Biya
Tambe, is it possible to contest as a councillor in your constituency if you belong to any politicacl part? That will be better for you for it is needless for me to think that i can go to the moon knowing well i do not have the facilities
Remember, those who live on hope will die fasting.

The Great

Understandingly, we as English cameroonians do no longer have no identity most especially when we travel because we never try to unit, and do something to bury the cops we have been habouring for this long time in that motuary(Presidency). Instead we allowed the dead to sellect its new caretaker, and we did celleberated for it, what ever she is doing with our money we congratulate her, which is not to be the case.
Anyway, we need to unit and help our brother bury biya, so that the youths can think of working atleast, even to think that they had once had a job.
We should stop fighting( competing) our poverty, thinking that we are rich because we receive pay chaques monthly that if stopped in a day will render us poor, till we get a new paymaster.
We all can get reed of him, in a blink. Biya has nothink to add to our country, but to help those fulish ones who make name just being appointed PM, but have got nothing to offer.
Will talk to you later.


"Happy are those who dream dreams,and are happy to pay a price to make them come true".Is Tambe Tiku ready to pay a price to make his come true?Every adventure needs careful planning,and nothing is left to chance.Has Mr. Tambe gone through the litany of insurmountable impediments that bedevil our political culture? First,you don`t plan to lead people without knowing how many of them are there.The results of past successive population census have never beeen published for obvious reasons.These population figures have been used to defraud past elections,and will be used in the future as well.Secondly,we don`t announce serious things like running for the country`s highest office,and then retire to prepare ourselves.We first of all get a functional roadmap,and once we are out,there`s no look-back.The manifesto should be sold amidst the euphpria that comes with announcing one`s candidacy.Finally,Mr. Tambe Tiku should know that he has been working under a structure that has a Cpdm outfit,and it will be very easy for his masters to trump up charges against him.What the public will want to know about him is what he has done indepedently since being appointed Chairman of the commission on human rights.This is where we are going to start judging the mason.All in all Mr. Tambe Tiku should be lauded for his dare-devil courage to take on the 'Lion Man',and should be nurtured with ideas.Whether he succeeds or not,the most important thing is that he should have tried,especially if he is not doing so for some sinister designs,and political posturing.A memo was sent to the President about independent candidacy,and it is now stale stuff in one of his drawers.Creating a new political party now or even joining one and pretending to operate from within is political drama.So where are we going to begin Mr.Tambe Tiku? Over to you and your aides!


Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. To hope is to wish for something with the expectation of the wish being fulfilled.

False hope refers to a hope based entirely around fantasy or an extremely unlikely outcome.

So, which hope does Tambe Tiku nurses?

Somebody said we may never able to have courage without leadership; however, there is no leadership without courage.
Leadership is a process, not a position and anyone with a vision can push for a social change even without a big fancy title.

If there is one thing that I have learned based on my life is that there is no progress without personal sacrifice. If change were that easy we would live in a fair society with no disparities. I appreciate that you, Tambe Tiku, are willing to put yourself out on the limb that we all need to be because disparities in our society needs to be talked about and its not going to happen if we all sit around and wishing.

Keep up the good work!

Many people who work in organizations like yours are afraid to speak up for what is right, even when they work towards social justice or citizens engagement or community empowerment. For young people, I think it is even harder; as it is for you Tambe Tiku, but it is something that we all must do if we ever expect things to improve. Nothing can be changed in a country full of silence.

You Tambe Tiku may never arrive at the perfect summit of leadership, but I am beginning to realize that you have what it takes to step outside of the status quo.




Never in the history of Mankind have so many beleieved in the politics of fear and retribution as is the case in Cameroon. Yes the intitutions of the state are in such a bad stage that real justice and equity in the political arena is a near impossiblitity. However this does not mean that hope should be an absent factor in the minds of Cameroonians. With hope and determination things can change for the better. I was one of the biggest sceptics myself much to the extent that in 2004 i made this statement that for a black man to become president of America, it would seem like an elephant passing through the hole of a neddle.
Let us be real to ourselves, the idea of southern Cameroons was dead as far back as 1961 when the plebiscite took place. This is gone for good and its an idea that would never get any backing even at the United Nations where other issues of more importance have taken the agenda stage. So please guys be real and forget about the reformation of Southern Cameroon. This is because even the actors involved, the southe westerners and the Northwesterners will never agree on the basis of the formation of such a parthnership.
Look at the current president what qualifications or political experience did he hold prior to becomiong president? Support this guy and dont pull him down because he may be the messiah in the making if personal ambitions are not factors which are pushing him towards making this declarations.
In a world today full of sympathisers of the mailaise Cameroonians may be going through am not very sure he is not void of some external support by those who think he may be taking a better step. If we keep our hands folded, things may never change in that country and the only people to be blamed by posterity will be those of our generation who never made any attempt to oust a regime tainted with fraud and total lack of respect for human dignity. So lets rally about him and not judge him from this declaration for he may have something to offer.

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