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Friday, 09 January 2009


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Congrats to you Mr and Mrs Angwa.

I am not sure what UnitedStatesofAfrica has to say about this.

Clovis has defy every artificial belief held by the sceptic USofAfrica. He has repeatedly accused everyone who marry a white person of doing so selfishly and I am sure he holds same feeling towards Clovis. We of this forum expect to hear from you.

People here do not forget and wait for every opportunity to strike back. We are watching closely for Popomustgo to falter as well.

Tekum Mbeng

Congratulations! Now Clovis Atatah can serve Cameroun.


...testing, testing


Mr. Pride, I know you married a white woman to secure your "dokis" so shut up. You have nothing substantial to say. You are a sell-out and a disgrace to your ancestors. You hate yourself so much that you want to bury your genes by mixing with the white race. Ashiah for you!

This is disgraceful in every sense of the word. It is appalling that in the 21st century, Africans are still suffering from inferiority complex. We feel that our lives can only be complete if there is some "whiteness" in it. That is why everyone is trying to have "metis" children, the mixed breed kids who have "ligter" kid. In our society, everyone bows down and worships the lighter skin people. Lighter skin women are favored over darker skinned women. Why do you think skin bleaching is so rampant in Cameroon and other parts of Africa? if we can't learn to love and respect ourselves, do you think the white man will respect you?

So Mr. Atabah could not find a beautiful and educated African woman? or do we now have a shortage of marriageable black women in the world? black men are truly disgraceful. Even in America and Europe, the trend continues. The young black boys in high school and in college do nothing but chase after young girls. The illiterate and the educated alike follow this trend. We derive some power from being with a white women. Black men are insecure about themselves and in a bid to feel more confident they marry white women. When they look at black women, they see themselves. They don't want to see themselves because they don't love themselves. Self-hate is killing is a damn shame.


...and when this white woman takes Mr. Atabah to Europe, he will discover that he is still in a monkey in the eyes of his so-called "Austrian family" regardless of the skin color of his wife. His children will also be considered niggers regardless of their light-skinned texture. You cannot accept and embrace your identity by burying your genes and people of other races will definitely not accept you if you don't accept yourselves. Africans! Africans! for how long?


United States of Africa: Silver Spring, Maryland United States:

Racist pimp, are the whiteman not a human being and have you forgotten that there are white people too who are Africans? So with your United States of Africa, you will ask for every whiteman to be killed or driven out of Africa? Racist pimp of Silver Spring, you behave like an unquestionable psychopath and drug fuelled person. Go and sleep. Bush man.


It is really surprising that a whole bucnh of so called educated people will get down on a site like this to post comments i just read in the 21s century. You talk of Clovis having inferiority complex and having to wed a white lady to make up but man the real person having that complex here is u. You think ur society is still very primitive u even get to talk of bowing down and bleaching and shit like that, See how in in : ever word of it"disgrace our african society by saying stuffs like that. It is rather very unfortunate to see that this kind of thinking still prevaisl amongst africans in the 21st century. You are some godamn racist in all ur words and i think u should have a moment and think about what u think before putting it into writing so that you don't expose your rediculou selves in every word of it as you'll rightly say.
Go home and get some knowledge and stop living like a bushman and get out of your cave live in the 21st century and make it worth it bushman.People are fighting to move forward and you are putting the lil useless effort you have to stay behind and take others with you. Be real bushman.


Yes! look at them. Sell-outs and insecure African men who have married white women to secure dokis and to feel good about themselves. Look at them, look at them clutching at straws. Oh Africa, for how long? it's such a shame that we can't appreciate our own beauty. We search for validation in the white skin and discard our skin. Self-hating and inferiority complex! for how long Africa?


This USAfoolca must be a very mean guy.There`s something that is gnawing his livers about people having dokis in whatever way they dim fit.What a selfish guy!He wants to bring that his Bamileke selfishness here.He is the one that is insecure in his skin,constantly seeing other people`s weaknesses from his own rear mirror.This is the chameleon that always has something to say about two tribes not liking each other,or being inferior to each other.It is out of inferiority and self pity that he pretends to be above the fray.
You don`t only kick against the whites by denigrating those who imitate them.You also do so by staying in your village,manufacturing everything for yourself.Schooling,working in their countries,does not make you different from those who get married to them.Superiority complex has blinded him,so he hardly understands these issues.


WateSHIT, as usual you have spewed a chunk of nonsense. I have never said that a hated the white man. What is hate is Africa's fascination/obsession with the white skin/lighter skin tone. Why do Cameroonians and other African women bleach? why are "metis" children considered more beautiful? why do African men in the West run after white women and discard their own own? why do Africans at home spend their time fantasizes about white women? why? why are we so obsessed with the white skin? it is because we don't love ourselves. Inferiority complex has dragged us down to the bottom of the barrel. Slavery and colonialisation might be over but we still see ourselves as second class human beings, inferior people who can only be complete if they have some white genes.

And you WateSHIT, are one of these people who have been eaten by inferiority complex. They spend their time on blogs and websites, chattering and blabbing about politics in Africa, cramming quotes by Karl Marx and trying to sound intelligent, yet they still see themselves as second class humans. Do you think Africa can ever progress on such mentality? do you think so? which developed country have you seen with citizens who don't see the potential in themselves? I di sorry some of wuna. Your mentality is still stuck in the slave era.


United States of Africa, the racist Hutu-esque psychopath, with his multiple personalities, should, "with immediate alacrity" (to quote by Nigerian friends), pack his bags from the United States of America, a predominantly white nation, and head back to his "village and tribe" in French Cameroun, where his encounters with white people will be very limited and under his complete control.

I also propose to fellow contributors on this blog to henceforth NEVER reply to any post by this jealous and hateful Hutu-like pyschopath called "United States of Africa", "Popomustgo" etc. etc.

If there are moderators here, they should make every effort not to offer the Postnewsline to people inspired by Rwandan Hutu's Radio Televison Milles Collines.

I am beginning to see too many hateful and purely ethnically based posts for my liking. The messengers of these ethnically-inspired messages targeted especially against the messages and ideas of Southern Cameroons' nationalists legitimate, legal and moral efforts to secure the status as free people from the illegitimate, illegal and immoral subjugation of France masquerading as Republique du Cameroun, have certainly resorted to this tactic because they lost the debate of ideas sanctioning the Southern Cameroons ultimate drive to independence.

This unaccomplished and jealous character, and another purported MD, PhD fellow, whom I could find nothing professional about him upon googling his name (it is the rare MD, PhD whose name you'll and come up with nothing of substance), should be IGNORED AT ALL TIMES.


Racist Pimp United States of Africa: Silver Spring, Maryland United States should go and settle in your village in the Western Province of Cameroon. Racist dog. Are there not white people who are Africans or Blacks who are Europeans or Asians? Racist dog.


My take on the issue is that every one is free to marry whoever they want. However, thats not to say that some marriages are not bound to have problems from their onset. The differences is culture cannot be understated especially in this case. I am not concerned about the color of the skin but what is worrisome in this case is the cultural disparity. I live in the United States and trust me there is a wide disparity in culture between an African and a Black American. This is about culture and not color. But when an African or in this case a Cameroonian gets married to a Caucasian European woman be it Australian or not, to me i find that worrisome. I am looking at the rift and confusion that this Man has brought to his family. The future for them will be very cumbersome and loaded with obstacles, something i will imagine that they are both already bracing for. Now lets face it, in as much as we want to wish Clovis and his Australian wife all the best including myself, the naked truth is that Married couples from different cultures usually don't last too long. Sooner or later the cultural differences will start taking its toll. However, every situation has an exceptions and i hope Clovis's case will be another of those rare exceptions. But lets not pretend as if we do not see the silver lining here.
All the same, my best wishes to Clovis and his newly wedded and beautiful wife. May God give them happiness and blossom.


In the Western World, the big problem with marriage is that woman know their rights and people dont pretend to be in love when they are not. Family laws are enforced wherever necessary. If you are an abusive husband, you wife would be confortable to use the law to divorce you. Unlike in Africa where women have been supressed because of the economic power of men, in the west this is often not the case.

Concerning the culture shock when people from two disparing cultures do marry, i do not think culture is supposed to be a problem if the two couples want to make it work. Love is love and does not recognise the colour of ones skin or ones nationality. Some of the best marriages i have ever seen arre those between White and Black. Both of these two people with different colours are human beings and if they fall in love, i will do my best to encourage them to live together and show a good example to the world rather than to start preaching about cultural differences.


Rexon, I have told you before, you are a child playing with a dictionary. Your rantings really don't bother me because you have no desirable value whatsoever. You are what you are: a pseudo-intellectual with an insatiable appetite for words. I can see you are getting overly heated and hasty. Ha! a guilty conscience will bring out the worse in people. I know you and your SCNC cohorts married white women to keep your asylum statuses. And now you want to talk about love? what love? love of circumstance? Haha! please, go play with your toys that mummy bought for you.

The issue here is not the differences in cultures or the differences in Western marriages and African marriages and all that jazz. If a black African marries a black Jamaican, they will face culture issues. That is not the issue. The issue here is Africa's fascination with the "white skin". Why do we prefer the white skin over our black skin? why do we give more respect to the white skin and less to the black skin? is this an issue that no one in Cameroon or Africa wants to address. You know it and I know it. Why are black women bleaching and trying to look like white women? why do black men prefer to have "metis" children? The problem is not cultural divisions; the problem is that we are still suffering from the slave mentality. We have believed all the lies we have been fed and we only see true beauty in the white skin.

When white tourists come to Cameroon, we all bow down and worship them. But to our own fellow brothers, we would never practice such love especially if they are not from our tribe. Even in the Western world, Africans are so jealous of each other and would stop at nothing to destroy each other. When we encounter the white man, this hate does not exist. With our own brothers, this hate develops from nowhere and manifests itself.


People; the thing is we always think the grass is greener on the other side. It is not only a reality that black people have a strong affinity with light skin-color, but some actively seek to change their skin color to fit in. On the other hand, it is also very true that white people are obsessed with the idea of being 'black', this can be exempified in their desperation to get sun-tanned at the earliest opportunity (sun-worship as they say here), worst they even have fake tann, just to make their colour look not white, so it not only 'us' that are in the business of color change. Concerning the marriage of this gentleman, i don't see why people make a lot of fuss about the whole affair, it is a matter of personal choice as to who one wants to spend the rest of their life with, and whatever motive underlies such an engagement, should in no way be subject to such pompous & bombastic tirade. In my opinion it is up to the above mentioned couple to, as in any marriage enjoy, assume and endure the 'retombees' of their commitment.
At the end of the day let me remind my brother that a black man will always remain a "NIGGER" irrespective of globalisation, multiculturalism, reason and all the addictives that are monaie-current today. Remember that bro & goodluck....


@ Targo

The only person on this forum who is a "Hutu-esque psychopath" is you. You come to this forum everyday to preach division, tribalism and disband any form of unity or solidarity which is developing between Cameroonians, regardless of where they are from. For some reason, insecure Africans like you derive pleasure from inciting hate and jealousy from amongst Africans.

What I am saying is the gospel truth and no one can deny it. Africans have a skin preference and it is the white skin not their own black skins. It is not secret that in Cameroon lighter skin people are considered more beautiful. This is the driving force egging on Cameroonian women to bleach their skin. Why on earth would we think of ourselves as ugly and a lesser person than people with lighter skin? it is because we are insecure in our skin.

I don't care what you or anybody on this forum says because at the end of the day I know myself and you know yourself. You know why you married that white wife of yours and you are bitter because I am telling you the truth (and we all know how Africans hate to hear the truth). I feel sorry for you; in your attempt to broke me down, you are breaking yourself down because those demons you tried to bury are back to haunt.



Nobody bars you from making catcalls about black supremacist theories.The simple fact that you keep claiming that black is beautiful is because you are in a conflicting situation with yourself.Black is beautiful as compared to which other colour? If you were more intellectual than those you brand pseudo-intellectuals,you would have known by now that in every culture we have people who will err and abuse the very tenets of this culture. In this wise,20% of black people may want to look white,but 80% may not want to.Does this give you enough moral authority to go on an international forum and make sweeping generalizations about black people? The second point has to do with your limited knowledge of the devastating effect of colonialism and neocolonialism on the minds of Africans.When you see Africans bleaching themselves,you should know that this is a fallout of the gruesome legacy of colonialism.But Africans must go beyond merely making a mockery of such behaviour.We have to educate ourselves.Of the 700 million souls we have on the African continent,3% may be dying to look like the whiteman in an outrageous way,but 90% would like to look like the whiteman in a regular way.This is more the reason we leave our villages to seek greener pastures in their lands.If our blackness was enough to keep us static,we won`t be seeking knowledge in their schools.This brings us to the idea of a global culture where people feel fine in their bodies to break existing barriers,and stereotypes.
If colonialists succeeded in making some Africans believe their skin colour was more appealing,then we should continue to expect these few to be attracted to this.But many modern people today don`t necessarily go into these unions because of skin colour.They do this because the cultures of the world have become very attractive to each other.The world has become very small, and people can interact without restrictions.And when two individuals become too close,cultural barriers start breaking down.As long as 95% of our people do not bleach themselves,as long as 95% of our people are not married to whites,our culture has been,and is intact.Whipping up sentiments about skin colour is a non debate.Global cultures are fusing,and those who nurse deep-seated stereotypes will be left behind.You are not going to stop all those who want to look like whites,just as you are not going to stop all those who want to think like whites.If you live,study and work abroad,you surely want to think like whites.That is why you want to adopt their alphabet.Others prefer to look like them physically,while you prefer to think like the!

mass john

Why are you guess such a racist. The guy met the woman in Cameroon, he does not need doki to live in Cameroon. Rexon, you must be very uneducated, working i some McDonald in USA. Francis, you are the one who is insecure, all Men are created equal inrespective of their color, so you are suppose to married who you want. Obama, the next president is a black-white product.
let congratulate the guy and try to work hard for ourself rather than criticizing one another.


Love knows no boundaries.

"The issue here is Africa's fascination with the "white skin". Why do we prefer the white skin over our black skin? why do we give more respect to the white skin and less to the black skin?"
In Europe, in particular Germany, many whites are today attracted to African ladies, and they make couples. Can we conclude that whites are fascinated to the "black skin"? Or that whites are giving more respect to the black skin?
According to this social dwarf, what reasons can he advance for the fact that Claudia accepted Clovis Atatah for Marriage? Could it be interpreted that Claudia is fascinated to the black skin?

What is this blowing of a fuse all about? Why can this young man not grow with the changing world?


Haha....and it is the whiteman who is racist? Goodluck to the happy couple

J Tambe

Clovis and Claudia, congratulations. I wish you all the joy and blessings of marriage.


Look at them! look at these idiots. People who claim to be Pan-Africanists and black intellectuals but yet they are still lustful for the white woman. Look at them! you call yourself free but you are still enslaved.


Racist pimp United States of Africa of Silver Spring, Maryland United States, Whie people are human beings and what should matter most is the idea of a person and not their skin colour. We should learn to respect people and our love should transcend racial boundaries. How do you classify anyone as either White or Black?


rex-ZION aka Asylum seeker/ white woman lover

You are desperately trying to make this argument to be about to be about racial infighting. Once again, you've failed. This has nothing to do with white vs. black or hatred against whites. This is solely based on the inferiority complex black people suffer from. If an anorexic white woman with long blonde hair is placed side by side with a curvy African woman who doesn't wear weaves or wigs and keeps her natural hair, which one will you choose? how many black men will choose the natural African women? how many? Let's be honest with ourselves. All the black men on this forum know themselves and their friends and I think we all know which one the black men will choose. If they place mixed children or "metis" side by side with dark-skinned children from Sudan, which one will black men and women choose? which one? we all know the answer to that question.

It is this mentality which is destroying us. We would prefer to massacre, butcher, insult and bring down our kind but we would never attempt such things to the white race. Even look at America and London. Look at the rates of black on black crimes. What black criminals do to their fellow black folks is worse than what they do to any race. It just shows the self-hate we are suffering us. We prefer to associate ourselves with lighter skin than dark skin. Rexon, you and the bandwagon of millions are still living with the slavery and colonial mentality.



Im still scathering my hair over this whole issue. Well instead of insulting ourselves some questions may illucidate what goes on in some minds.

Well mr Unitedstates of Africa. Lets suppose that your dreams come true and we have a truely united states of Africa à la model de USA or even a loose one like the EU.

We will have e.g.white SAfricans and Namibians living within the same economy, light skins Arabs in the north living with indegenous blacks, white Mauritanians living with brown skins Africans etc all interacting on all levels of life,social,economic and political.

Suppose you are one of AU parlimentarians who make laws, will you advocate for (or make a law that prohibits) blacks and whites marriages or better still what will be your idea of advocating for race purity within the same "United States of Africa"?

I smell apatheid dont you ?

NB:Emancipaction from mental slavery is not cine quo nom to dont marry across race. Totally different things.

Im afraid I owe an apology to my former Profs for suggesting whites are more race conscious than blacks


Tayong, i believe whites are more race concious. We complain about racism in their society which they have been striving to contain, we dont complain about our own numerous problems the type Unitedstatesofafrica usually espoused here that are much much hatemongering than racism.

Ma Mary

USASilverSpring seems to have had an unfortunate marriage to a white woman who took the wife-beating fool to court and now he works to support her with alimony. There is something vile, acrimonious and personal in his hatred of white women, there has to be a personal connection. USASilverSpring, I am coming down to Washington for the President Elect's inauguration - the one whose mother your cursed just because she was white. After that I will find you and expose you.

Clovis, good luck with your marriage. Good partners can be found in any community in the world.


State of the Struggle Address

My fellow Citizens of the Southern Cameroons:

As we speak to you the colonizer is tightening his asphyxiating grip around our neck. He wants to choke the life out of our collective existence as a people. Today, therefore, more than ever before the time has come for more action than words. Nevertheless, as a responsible government we propose to give an account of our one-year stewardship and our perspective on the enormous challenge of national liberation in the course of this year.

In all great endeavors the breakthrough that produces success always inevitably comes from the least expected source. This is true in the field of scientific achievements, political milestones, and military conquests. It is true with the unexpected circumstances that forced European colonizers to relinquish their hold on Africa in the 1960s. It is true with the unexpected circumstances that led to the election of Barack Obama as President of the USA.

It is under similar unexpected circumstances that the Restoration Government came into being. It came from the least expected source. And it drew uninformed and inflamed attacks from some quarters, in some cases by those unable to move from the personal to the principled. The task of conducting the affairs of the Government in the wider context of the national liberation struggle was thrust upon us. Despite the unusual circumstances under which the Government was created, we hit the ground running. We dared to hope that by today we would be speaking to you in completely different circumstance. The realization of that dream has regrettably been deferred to the day after.

The first thing we attended to was reordering of the Government. It was critical to provide it with a mean and lean structure for the purpose of quick and decisive thinking and action. It was in this spirit that appointments were made regarding defense, natural resources, foreign affairs, justice, communication, and homeland safety and security. Further, in May 2008, the office of national treasurer was created and a capable citizen appointed national treasurer.

In August 2008, we spent five weeks meeting US Diaspora citizens of the Southern Cameroons in six states – from Maryland, to New York, Massachusetts, California, Arizona and Minnesota. In each state we stressed the importance of a united and materially committed front against the colonial occupier of our Homeland. In Maryland we tried but sadly failed to get a Washington-based SCNC faction to align itself with the national SCNC. Happily, cordial and fruitful discussions were held with the SCYL leadership. In New York, we were granted private audience at the United Nations. In Boston, we had fruitful exchanges with a cross-section of the Southern Cameroons leadership there. In California, we were welcomed by cultural and religious organizations, and met with a select group of Southern Cameroons dignitaries. In Arizona, we honored an invitation to give a lecture at Arizona State University on the state of the Southern Cameroons struggle. In Minnesota, we met and exchanged views with a cross-section of the Southern Cameroons community. We are happy to report that in all these meetings the conversation with our people was fraternal, frank and open, and resulted in consensus-building.

We continued to work on key tasks aimed at moving the struggle forward in another critical way, the psychological. Among them was the completion and submission for review of a draft constitution for Independent Southern Cameroons. The first draft of the Economic master plan was also completed and submitted to the Cabinet for input. The final draft is expected to be released in the course of this year. Other accomplished tasks included the finalization of state symbols, including our national seal, flag, state house letterhead, national anthem. Winning our just struggle for freedom will inexorably bring about peace in the Gulf of Guinea and freedom from fear and want. That is why plans must be made and action taken in advance if the end of our national liberation struggle is not to find us unprepared. This is what informed the finalization of the symbols of our statehood and the ongoing work on a proposed Independent constitution and socio-economic framework for our nation. However, it is with sadness that we report that the issue of a sovereign name for our nation remains elusive. We shall continue to work on this very central issue. We call on our people to speak clearly and decisively on this matter without further delay.

Throughout the year we made sure our struggle remained in the public domain as the focal subject of public conversation. We issued statements on key issues. We broadcast to the nation via Internet video exposing the lies and manipulations of the colonizer. We restated our cause boldly and unequivocally in a long interview granted to La Nouvelle Expression.

On the diplomatic front, we issued a statement clarifying our position on the political status of erstwhile Northern Cameroons. We opened up contact with a number of countries, largely through their embassies. Diplomatic overtures were also made to regional and international organizations. We believe we are poised to reap the fruits of these contacts in the course of the year when our national liberation struggle gathers decisive momentum.

At the end of the year, we took energetic joint action with the national SCNC led by Chief Ayamba and with SCAPO. This was at the November 2008 session of the African Human Rights Commission in Abuja, Nigeria. As you are already aware, the RG, SCAPO and SCNC at a joint meeting at home took the decision to count primarily on our people at home. Though reduced to destitution by colonial deprivation and terror our people at home remain the backbone of the bitter struggle we are waging. They continue to make patriotic sacrifices for the cause of our national freedom. Actions aimed at the actualization of the decision we took are on course and will be vigorously pursued in the coming weeks.

At the moment, the RG, SCAPO and SCNC are in the thick of a very important initiative which you will know only in the weeks ahead. Together we have also taken and are undertaking a number of other initiatives, both at home and abroad, which you will certainly not expect us to specify. The RG-SCAPO-SCNC troika shall continue with and reinforce this spirit of unity, brotherhood and collective action as we confront the colonizer head-on.

In just one year, we have succeeded legally and diplomatically in putting the colonial oppressor on the defensive.

But the challenge we face remains a Herculean task. Let us be clear on this struggle. Fifty years on the colonization and armed occupation of the Southern Cameroons by Republique du Cameroun remains as crude, oppressive, rapacious and exploitative as ever. Let no one make any mistake about it. This colonization is not an aberrant act. It is not a random act. It is not the product of particular local circumstances in our Homeland. It is something that was programmed long ago, taking unconscionable advantage of our democratic culture, our openness and hospitality, our God-fearing nature and our goodwill. It has a purpose. The goal is to gain access to our country's oil, gas, mineral and other natural resources. To achieve this goal the colonizer programmed wiping out our Homeland as a political and legal expression and exterminating us culturally. These barbaric ideas begot the equally barbaric acts by the colonizer in our territory these several decades. With a callous indifference the colonizer murders, maims, tortures, disappears and imprisons countless numbers of our people. He has extended his terror structures and networks all over our land. And he continues with his sickening propaganda designed to keep us captives for ever.

He continues to purchase willing bondsmen, hirelings and collaborators from among our people. We know for a fact that some of our people have sold their souls to the colonizer and have, through their conspiracies, actions and pronouncements, elevated themselves to the same level as the Nazi collaborators. They collaborate with the colonial oppressor. They are willing and ready to sell their Homeland and their families for thirty pieces of copper. Whether we bring these collaborators to justice or bring justice to them, justice will eventually be done. Having made their choice our Quislings must share in the historical fate of all collaborators. Every adult citizen of the Southern Cameroons, wherever they may be must now decide where they stand. Either you are with the anti-colonial forces fighting for the national liberation of our Homeland, or you are with the colonizer collaborating with him in his continuing efforts to completely destroy us as a people, make us 'ningas' and continue to plunder our resources. From this day forward any citizen of age who gives aid and comfort to the colonizer writes his/her name in the book of traitorous rogues.

The colonizer has taken from us our whole political and economic existence. He has deprived us of our means of moral and material happiness. Now he seeks to deprive us of our history and of our educational, legal and administrative culture. He thinks he can obliterate our frontier to the east. He considers our Homeland a vacant land to be plundered of its resources. We are for him mere slaves. He orders our repression and oppression. By horse whip, he compels us to submit to his colonial servants, agents, edicts and structures. To prevent any revolt, he daily terrorizes us, annually offers bribes to our religious and traditional rulers, and buys as collaborators whoever he can, including criminals. Millions of our people now live in abject poverty and misery. Our Homeland has become a land of despair; a politically, economically, socially, culturally and infrastructurally desolate country. In our Homeland the colonizer is the master and we his slaves or 'ningas'. We have insider intelligence on further evil schemes by the colonizer.

That is the colonial reality in our Homeland. That is what we are up to. For decades we have sought an amicable and peaceful settlement, in accordance with right and justice. We have done so through legitimate politics, humble deputations and the power of debate. But it has all been in vain. Basking in delusions of might and power, the colonizer would have none of this. In the face of the dire circumstance imposed upon us, we cannot avoid accepting the arbitrament of national liberation struggle. We enter it with a clear conscience. We enter it with the full support of our people at home and everywhere in the world, including those residing in Republique du Cameroun itself. We enter it with the unswerving firmness and faith of our afflicted people. We enter it with faith in the legitimacy and righteousness of our struggle. We enter it with the enduring conviction that we shall overcome. We enter it with the moral approval of Africa and the rest of the conscientious world all made sick by Republique du Cameroun's colonial appetite when everybody thought colonialism was a thing of the past. We stand at the bar of history knowing that the responsibility for this is squarely on the shoulders of the ruler of Republique du Cameroun, a man who has never hesitated to unleash terror, murder, desolation and plunder in our Homeland to serve his senseless ambitions.

We have said it before that we have no quarrel with the people of Republique du Cameroun, except that they allow themselves to be governed by a vile and despotic oligarchy and have done nothing to end their country's original sin of colonialism. As long as that Nazi-like regime exists and pursues its sickening methods and techniques in furtherance of its colonial aggression there will be no peace in the Gulf of Guinea. This struggle, it must be understood, is not just a fight by us the colonized to expel the colonizer from our Homeland. It is a fight for our future, our values and our way of life as a people. It is a fight for our children. It is a fight for our very existence as a people. It is a fight to secure international peace and security in the Gulf of Guinea, thereby serving the larger interest of world peace.

We need the wherewithal to prosecute this struggle to its victorious conclusion. Enormous difficulties lie ahead. Today, as before, we accept them. Today, as before, it is clear as the sun that colonialism will be vanquished, as it always has. The ruler of Cameroun Republic and his UNC-RDPC instrument of darkness, terror and colonialism are now running in every direction. There is no hope for them. Their days are numbered. Mene, Mene, Tekel.

As a political instrument the RG is determined to rally the people's masses, to rally our people and conduct them, together with SCAPO and SCNC, into the arduous battles ahead of us. The people of the Southern Cameroons and all the churches in the Southern Cameroons – the Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church , and the Pentecostal Church – must continue in their earnest daily prayers to God that He may guide and direct us in our struggle to free ourselves from colonial slavery.

Working together with SCAPO and SCNC, our action henceforth shall be under the banner of activism. We shall mobilize. We shall prepare our people. We shall goad them to action; youths, women and men, in the towns and in the villages, in the hills and valleys, in the forests, in the mangrove swamps.

Have we renounced the argument of force? La Nouvelle Expression newspaper asked us that question. We made it clear that we cannot renounce the argument of force because no right thinking people can suffer aggression without fighting back in self defense. How can we be expected to sit back and fold our arms and accept colonial bondage? We cannot! We have already served notice to the international community that the continuing threat to international peace and security in the Gulf of Guinea is the result of the colonial adventure of the Yaounde despotic regime in colonizing the Southern Cameroons and that that danger will only cease when Republique du Cameroun must have ended its colonial rule in the Southern Cameroons and withdrawn from our Homeland.

We will continue to work on all fronts – diplomatic, political, regional, international and otherwise – for our freedom. We welcome our people's continuing spiritual, material and intellectual commitment. The road to freedom is steep, but with iron will and determination, we will climb it. Our people must remain vigilant and monitor very closely every movement and activity in our Homeland by any agent or servant of the colonizer.

May God watch over us, bless, guide and direct us in this our struggle for survival and human dignity. It shall be well with us!

Carlson Anyangwe

Head, Restoration Government


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