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Friday, 27 February 2009


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akum gariboy

Defenseless citizens are easy prey to the army and the divisional officer. Where was the army when the armed bandits raided Victoria last year? That's when they should have flexed their muscle. The divisional officer was under the bed with everyone else. Let my people go. Let them go right now.

mk the southerner

They can never arrest any SCNC activist and charge him or her. This is because these frogs have no case. The more they arrest SCNC activist the more we see how handicap they are.

God bless the Southern Cameroons

mk the southerner

Looking at their thumps the SCNC slogan come in mind. Still remember when late Ma Mangkefor was teaching this slogan.

S CNC!!!! The people's voice
S CNC!!!! The Southern Cameroons
S CNC'''' Freedom freedom freedom
S CNC'''' Freedom freedom freedom Now!!!

How I miss all these. They must go because I can see the God of justice coming to our aid.


well, once again that is LA REPUBLIQUE.
What i propose is that we should henceforth identify all uniformed men and other administrative officials who accept to partake in such mssions and lawyers should systematically refuse to defend them in any criminal matters concerning them or their family members.
they seem not to recognise the importance of lawyers not to talk of the rights of individuals


mr Do for Tiko, or what ever you call yourself THAT COULD BE A JOB WELL DONE FO YOU TO EARN A PROMOTION... But when you go on retirement don't complain about this very system; neither should your family meber...this has been the case of most Cameroonians who have held posts in La république

Ma Mary

What is the point of this cycle of harassment and torture? Just to intimidate the Southern Cameroonian population. They are telling us that they have made our country a prison, but if we object like these gentlemen, they could make prison even harder for us. The effect is they hope to have is that people would be afraid and just drink their sorrows away.

enow g.f

when will this injustice end?where do helpless freedom fighters go?God hlep us all;;;


So what is are next step? for you know in Cameroon, we are either biafra or anglo and not Cameroonian.
We have to wake up for we too slow, we must plan for a new strategy and our communication page is not active can we open a webside?


My Dear brothes and sisters of ther Southern Cmeroon, we must not give up the fight, we can not get every one on are side but when we make it you will see them coming and of the are willing to conrtibute if we have a good srategy.

So SCNC leaders, wake up and strategies for we are counting on and you should count on ours.


Lake of communication, the last update on this page is since 16 August 2009 why my SCNC people?


Hey, last time I checked Up Station was still taking bloggers.

Chefor N. O

Its unlawful when people are being raped in their rooms, unders lose their lives, some get wounded by bullets, some become handicaps because they have lost the usage of one part of their body, and other arrested to unknown destinations. Students and citizens of cameroon that have been bold enough to stand and fight back to defend their rights which the government has been constantly depriving them from, has always faced desastrous ends. We have a suppose system in which its free for everyone to express his or her mind, but “Its only at your own risk”. Human rights must be respected and People must have that freedom of expression. The head of state needs to stop his dictator attitute and start looking deeply into what is not moving with the society today. LA REPUBLIQUE stands for Justice, Freedom from bundage and transparency. but like they say our army and armed forces head only for the harmless ones. Why do they have to bundle lawyers and others who stand for the freedom of the nation. DONT STOP THE CHILD FROM BUT LISTEN TO WHAT MAKES SENSE FROM WHAT THE CHILD SAYS.

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