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Friday, 20 February 2009


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There is some truth to this story. Mr. Kelong, no ,atter what you say, your hands are not entirely clean. You may not be HIV positive but you have been messing arround with girls and promissing them marriage and nemesis is cathcing up with you.
Good luck on being defensive and with the case


I read the response mail from Kelong and was disappointed at the poor writing skills of a CRTV senior journalist. Considering that he was writing to the world I expected him to be a bit more careful with his grammar. That said it is important for the government of Cameroon to thoroughly research these allegations. If they are false, the perpetrators should be punished heavily for assassinating the character of a public figure like Kelong. If it turns out to be true, then of course this is a capital offence. The government cannot be spending huge sums of money trying to curb a pandemic only for informed individuals to undermine the efforts in such a diabolic way.

priso enoka

People like Kelong George are a true reflection of what the Cameroonian Society is. They use their positions to sleep around with girls while promising them heaven and earth.

The story about him being HIV positive may be a lie, but there is certainly an element of truth in the way he has interacted with girls.

No smoke without fire


George Kelong did not tell us the full story in his defensive letter. Neither did he address fair and square all issues raised by Vandoline. He did not categorically say that he was innocent – that he has never had extramarital affairs with a widow of one. Kelong did you creep out of your wife’s bed and jumped into the bed of a vulnerable widow? Did you take advantage of a woman who was struggling to cope with the death of her husband and stressed to provide her son’s needs? Saying you do not have HIV will not be enough in the court of law. You will need to answer the above questions and tell the court if you would consider it normal if another man exploited you wife that way in case you were dead today. We should be careful about the things we do.

T.A. simo,gunpowder

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.
without taking sides,be it true or false,it may not be kelong but its a strong pointer to the lives our journalists (especially english speaking) live.they have been deprived even of meaningful work by their francophone colleagues at job such they have enough time to idle.and you know know what the devil does with idle minds.
half bread is better than full ''chin chin''


Many people are giving credibilty to the Kelong part of this story but one thing remains very clear in my mind and that is, there is no smoke without fire. The main characters in the story exist at least physically and at one time or the other had a relationship. Kelong has not convinced me that he did not have this relationship. It will surprise me to think that out of all cameroonians his name was chosen by mistake: His names are known, where is comes from is known, where he works is known, where he stays is known, his telephone number is known and even his wife and telephone number are known. This shows that the girl in question knows him perfectly well which Kelong wants to prove to the contrary.
The fact that Kelong claims that she allowed him to cut the child's nails do not prove anything. What the girl is saying is that she only came to that conclusion as an after thought. Which woman will not cherish a boy friend cutting the nails of her son?
According to Kelong the number 90 is very small which makes me sad considering the multiplier effect of such a venture. Even one person is far too many.
Finally, I would suggest that this case be investigated further and Mr. Kelong remains a dangerous element in the society until exonerated by a higher authority.
Many things happen in Cameroon these days.


Danny Boy

if one must accept that there is no smoke without a fire, then we must accept too that it takes two to tango.
If this gentleman has not deliberately infected this woman, and vice versa!, where indeed is the crime? That two consenting adults had sex? That Kelong cheated on his wife? Whose business is it, if he did? Mrs. Kelong's!
If any crime has been committed I think it is that of libel! Fornication maybe a sin to some, but to a secular Cameroon, this is not a crime!
Good luck Kelong.


Hay, come to think about it. This lady is a hoar and that is her pay package. What the hell is a widow with a child to mind about chasing out side to catch a virus and blame it on Kelong.
I do hope other women will be able to control their womanhood after reading through a silly story like this one. Next time you will learn. Think of all the men you have been sleeping with so you take to court when Kelong shall serve you a convocation.


Hi all, it is very unfortunate to read some of the comments posted here.All i can say is that, the police should invistigate this case thoroughly.If the guy is guilty , then he should be brought to justice but if it is a lie, then this woman should equally face the consiquences.But she should be very stupid if the story is a lie and she used her real names.


This is inevitably the Cameroonian way. Slander and sling malice as far and wide as it can go, crucify and condemn the victim in the harshest terms possible and expect also that the victim ought and must crawl on his/her stomach to our high moral kangaroo courts for us to dispense and confer with glee our crooked and uninformed judgement on the victim.

The onus is on Mr. Kelong's accuser to proof without any reasonable doubt in a court of law that her accusations are true and based on facts which can be independently verified by medical experts.

Other people's sexuality is of a greater concern to us than is the actual business of conducting our own personal lives and putting that in order.

Until a court of law has determine that Mr. Kelong indeed has infected this unknown woman of progressive Bamenda, we can not form hasty opinions so quickly.

Has any one bothered to investigate this story, to call progressive Bamenda and verify if there is such a lady as Vandoline Mbeng studying at the institution.

The sheer persistence of Mr. Kelong's accusers in spreading this story all over the world, requires some sophistication...
Why did she not use this same persistence to get assistance and help from legal authorities..??

And why are they pasting it from forum to forum and forwarding it via email all over the world, where as they could also walk up to the nearest police station and report their case....??

Godwill Tachi

These are the evils that come with modern day technology. Cowards can post whatever garbage they have and could not be held accountable because of the high legal evidentiary standard required to prove they are the authors of such libelous articles. This is even truer in a country like ours where law enforcement may not have the sophisticated technology required to investigate such cases. This is really disgusting and I feel bewildered by some of the comments above. Do we really want to encourage such behavior? In the past, we have known of private matters spill into the public domain but not of this nature. The nincompoops who are viraling this insane article online by a nonexistent Vandoline should be ashamed of themselves. I would not spend time dismantling the claims by the fictitious Vandoline, but, on the surface, this is nothing short of either sour grapes, payback for hurt feelings or outright jealousy. There are just too many gaps in her story. I pray George nails the culprits in court. He is one of the finest in Cameroonian journalism.


What is so eerie in this story is that Mr Kelong tells us that his wife thinks that his going out of the way to have an affair with other women is defecating in public toilets.She doesn`t frown at the husband for daring to go out.Mrs Kometa is accusing kelong of going out with her sisters,not just one.There's therefore an indication of incest here,and this is rightly pointed out with the promise of meeting his nemesis.Who are this people so familiar with George Kelong's family that he cannot call the Police to pick them up by the time they start pestering his wife with phone calls and accusations of frolicking in cars? This familiarity is evident in this sentence:"I now see why your mother died prematurely living your ground mum, because of the sex you gave her and put her in a trauma. Don't forget Nwene is still your mother. You will still sex her and this time you will forget is your daughter. Baster (sic)."


But she should be very stupid if the story is a lie and she used her real names. (Francis/Germany)
The story is in English, but unfortunately some try to comment on it when they have understood completely nothing.

Francis/Germany has not understood that Vadoline is a ghost name.
Nini too read it and did not also understand that the detail information about Kelong George was given by kelong himself-the phone numbers. He did it so that people can easily contact him, meaning he has nothing to hide.

I believe in Kelong's own version of the story-that Mrs. kometa is the architect of the story.
Yes, there is no smoke without fire. Kelong must have stepped on her toes, but she has used a cowardly and stupid approach to retaliate.
For the gullible, even if Vadoline is real, as Countryfowl has said, if she really wanted to safe lifes from HIV as she claims, she would have initiated a legal action against Mr. Kelong. Anything related to HIV in the smear campaign is bogus.


"What is so eerie in this story is that Mr Kelong tells us that his wife thinks that his going out of the way to have an affair with other women is defecating in public toilets.She doesn`t frown at the husband for daring to go out."

Watesih, I don´t understand the point you want to make here. I think Kelong´s wife responded as an intelligent woman. She wanted to point out to mrs. Kometa that her approach was a wrong one intended to cause havoc to her marital home.
She must have later discussed the matter in private with the husband. Of course no woman will like the husband to have an affair outside. She responded maturely.
She must have learned some Lessons from Hillary Clinton during the Bill Clinton- Monica Lowinsky scandal.


Dude that was weired


"When she met my wife the following day to poison her mind, my wife asked why she was blaming somebody for defecating in public toilets". Who are the public toilets referred to here? You say she must have discussed the matter with husband prior to Mrs Kometa's coming.Did he inform the wife that the girls Mrs Kometa is accusing him of having an affair with are public toilets? Over to you Fon.


Is my English so bad that you can´t understand me?
The public toilet refers to the girl that Mrs. Kometa is accusing Mr. Kelong of having had sex with. I suppose Mrs. Kelong used the expression out of anger. I give her credit for it because Mrs. Kometa´s approach was a wrong one. Here, I am not exonerating Mr.Kelong. It could be true that he had sex with the girl referred to as a public toilet.

Where did I say she must have discussed the matter with the husband prior to Mrs Kometa's coming? I said she must LATER HAVE DISCUSSED... Meaning I suppose she discussed it later with the husband if she suspected some foul play. In other words, I am supposing that she wanted to send away the common enemy and then talk things out at a family level. That is why I concluded that no woman will tolerate a man who is promiscuous. But a mature woman will battle it out in private and not in public. If goes public, it means she is ready for a divorce.
Given, Mrs. Kometa´s approach, did you expect Mrs.Kelong to take side with her?
BY the way, is Mrs.Kometa's sister an under aged that she will fight for her? Why could she not advise the sister to stay away from married men?


One of my old time friends from the Northwest forwarded this story to me but he was unable to tell if Kelong came from the same village like him. Can kelong throw more lights on this issue and come out with a complete self introduction.


Do you know why people have avoided discussing this story the whole week? It's because it has to do with moral issues,and nobody likes passing judgment on people.Mr Kelong can iron things out himself.But if I were to respond to your questions above,I would say you give the impression of being an irresponsible parent,who will intercede for the younger members of the family,and the older ones can go to the cinders.Rather than asking why Mrs. Kometa could not advise the sisters to stay away from married men,you should rather tell us why a married man should prey on a weak,widowed,single-mum.Also I will advise you to refrain from quarreling about the use of English time and again,and poking holes on everybody else's write up everytime.It's better for you to give your own opinion,and stop behaving as if you are spoiling for a fight.In my contribution above,I deliberately used the word "prior" because that was the right word to use,not "later".When Ms.Kometa confronted Mr Kelong on February 3rd,and later left a message on his telephone,he must have informed the wife of the unraveling saga.She therefore had prior knowledge of this scandal and was prepared to deal with any would-be chalatans.Mrs.Kometa is not their common enemy,and telling her that it is right for Mr.Kelong to go out with her sisters because they are public toilet doesn't make her one either.She's complaining about infidelity,and it is therefore wrong to brand the girls public toilets without having investigated the problem.Again Fon,you and I have no advantage dissecting this problem.


There might be some truth to these allegations. The journalist has chosen the weakest link in this circumstance as pivotal point to prove his innocence. Claiming to be a father of three and wanting to have those kids tested provesnothing.
1. Paternity has not been proven. His wife could be bringing these kids from outside to cover up her husband's tracks. It could be a family arrangement.
2. Even if the kids are his, its a known medical fact that a combination of several medications can actually spare babies born by HIV infected parents.
3. Why is he not offering to take the test and have the results presented to a court of law as a prelude to his intended litigation? Until he has been tested by an independent medical entity and have his legal representative address the public, I will not be persuaded.
Finally, when will Cameroonian women start asking their boyfriends to wear condoms? Is sex that much of a need that they are ready to strip naked for a 2-3 minute exstassy in exchange for a deadly disease?


For Mr. George Kelong to kill this supposed damaging story about him and his family, he should go to an authorized HIV testing center with his family and do a test and display its negative findings to shame his false accusers. May the Good Lord be with you all.


You seem to take this issue personal; I never go personal on public issues.
"and stop behaving as if you are spoiling for a fight." This does not reflect me. Why will I spoil for a fight with you? To gain what?
From your respond, I see you hurt. Sorry if my reaction hurt you. It was never intended. The lesson I have learned from your respond is that, I should not react to your comments.

Will still like to make this last point clear on this issue.
"Rather than asking why Mrs. Kometa could not advise the sisters to stay away from married men,you should rather tell us why a married man should prey on a weak,widowed,single-mum."
If you analyse the issue well, without someone telling you, you would have come to the conclusion that the "weak,widowed,single-mum" does not exist.


Wow Fon,
Few days ago I gave my opinion on a question you posed,and you said it was my personal opinion.Today you say I'm taking an issue that has nothing to do with me personal.
Scroll down a little and read how you kept correcting other contributors on this issue.
I contribute here to inform,educate myself,your commenting on my write ups is of no consequence to me.But I must make it clear to you that you should try to be humble .Hear you:"The story is in English, but unfortunately some try to comment on it when they have understood completely nothing" .From this who should we accuse of having taken it personal?.The weak,widowed and single-mum doesn't exist,is that why only you understood the problem?You say this girl does not exist,that it is Ms Kometa who is the architect of this story.Everybody will ask you what is it that Ms. Kometa wants?


"Everybody will ask you what is it that Ms. Kometa wants?"
ANSWER:Mrs. Kometa is accusing Mr.Kelong of having had sex with the sister(s), but is using a certain "weak,widowed and single-mum" (Vadoline Mbeng) that does not exist to make her case.
If Vadoline Mbeng exists, does it not make sense for her to take legal actions against Mr Kelong? If she is ignorant about that, what her sympathizers like you should do to help her out, is to advise her to take a legal action rather than expecting Mr. Kelong´s wife to join her and fight Mr. Kelong.

To summarise my opinion, I expect whoever is behind the allegation to take legal action against Mr. Kelong. Anything short of that, I consider the whole issue as sabotage.

Danny Boy

Watesih and Fon,
there is no mileage to be covered in this story. Everything sounds like an early "April Fool"!
Would not surprise me if some student of criminology concocted this plot and threw it at us, hoping to reap from our arguments, the substance for his/her thesis! Please note, Vandoline Mbeng does not exist!!!
Just having a laugh.
Danny Boy.


Hi all,
I think the word "DAMAGING" in this case is 2 mild. I'll actually say he's image has been INCARCERATED. That's the bad side of the Internet; News getz to hundred of thousands of people @ an unbelievable speed. So when using the SENT & FORWARD BUTTON on mail your program, think twice cos there isn't any reversible reaction. That said;

I think MR GEORGE needs to do more than that. His follow up mail or reaction actually says nothing about the issue or what is the reason someone will want to damage he's image. He beats about some irrelevant story that has no link with the actual story hence leading his sympathizers nowhere. I think the story is fabricated actually to destroy his image but there's a SKELETON in the cupboard he isn't revealing. What is more damaging than what has been done so far?, he should come open and salvage his image cos i don't think what ever is the hidden reason won't be more damaging than it is. That having been said. I wish him well




I read Vandoline Mbeng's email but the simple issue I will like to raise is why the email address used was that of a certain Emmanuel Mbah I guess? Liars have to be smarter. Kelong don man na don man! A bas les jaloux.


well i think it's april fool as well.


Sex is very important in our african society. Our grandparents handled it with ease by marrying many wives. Today the whiteman has come to deceive us that polygamy is bad. As a virile african,George Kelong only went out to exercise his africanity and fell on Mrs Kometa's sisters. I don't see why she got so angry and started this story. Her sisters have never complained.
I wish I could have the chance to screw 2 sisters. Even Ondo Ndong and Mobutu would jealous me.
Congratulations to you Kelong, and to your wife for this good cooperation. I hope my wife shall be this understanding when I shall be caught one day.
And to you Mrs Kometa, just your bad English alone can cause people to screw your sisters.


c'est tres simple que le tribunal recommade un medecin de lui faire un prelevement sanguin en vue d'un examen de test contre le VHI,SI CE RESULTAT EST NEGATIVE on peut conclure que tout ce qui est dit autour de kelong ne peut etre que mensonge mais si c'est c'est vraie il doit etre inclupe et punit severement .il a meme l'air tres dangereux .

new balance

Very casual opened your blog, but let me not to die, because you let me enjoy the share many happy. I really like your articles, have good taste, and taste. I will continue to focus on your articles, remember many updated! Thank you, wish you happy!

keylogger Mac

First came here, they are so good that you will often see, the article. Thank you for sharing!


let the crtv administration investigate such a case and if kelong is found guilty,then the law should be metted on him.but i must say that is total disgrace to the entire crtv family.

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