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Monday, 02 February 2009


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Dr A A Agbormbai

No amount of justification of something that is clearly biased will make it unbiased. Bias is removed by taking corrective action not by formulating logical justifications.

You cannot appoint CPDM members to what is supposed to be an impartial body and then expect them to suddenly throw away their bias because their new job requires them to do so. They will have to be gods to do so.

Their long track record of open and strong bias towards the CPDM CANNOT be erased!

Just answer this question...

If the vote counts show that a party, other than the CPDM, has won a presidential election, do you truly believe that this CPDM-biased ELECAM body will announce that result? Clearly not!

Won't they rig the figures to make the CPDM win? Certainly so! Now, that's the point we are trying to make.

This ELECAM team CANNOT BE TRUSTED! And, no oath that they take can make them trustworthy. Neither will logical justifications remove their bias.

Bias is not always a voluntary action; in most cases, it is involuntary... i.e. most people who are biased don't even know that they are biased! Promising to be unbiased does not necessarily translate to acting unbiased. Even working hard to remove one's bias does not necessarily mean that one will make unbiased decisions or take unbiased actions.

Paul Biya understands what he is doing. His appointment of these members, in contravention of the law, is a blatant attempt to cheat. And the supreme court (which was supposed to be independent and people-oriented) has become a tool of abuse for Biya. His appointed puppets in this court throw away the law as soon as Biya asks them to. To them Biya has become the law.

If Biya wanted an unbiased ELECAM he would not have appointed his CPDM cronies as members of this body, in spite of all the independent personalities that he received from various contributors as possible members.


"Justice Dipanda Mouelle urged the ELECAM members to exercise their functions with total INDEPENDENCE,responsibility and ..."

Yes the kind of independence he had in 1992 while proclaiming the results of the presidential elections. Is he not the same person who sweating profusely declared "My hands are tied"?

Oh! what has gone wrong in Cameroon that our people are so shameless?

Is it a spell?

simo k. the stranger

lets leave all this talk on do you tell a palestinian to become a jew overnight?its clear the blame comes back to us because we are contented with the chants of cameroon being a peaceful nation.cameroonians have resigned theie destiny to fate hoping for tghe miracle to happen.the miracle if at all it will be a miracle(for those who don't know)would be for Biya to be replaced by his Son whom he has sent to study international politics.
"a nation without a conscience is a nation withput a soul,and a nation without a soul cannot live".


Every one is fed up. Even the International community is fed up. The question is 'why'. Why, why, why. But i trust in my God and i know Cameroon will soon be free under all means possible. May Jesus be our helper.


These appointed ELECAM members are nothing more than appointed ministers of a government. The same decree that appointed them will be the same decree to terminate their duties if need arises, so these sworn in members could actually be "honest" to discharge their duties but might be replaced somewhere along the line when the critical momemt arrives. The key to ELECAM lies in the hands of the person who appoints its members; he opens and closes its doors to whomever he pleases.


I strongly agree with Agbor, this is ridiculous.Some of this folks who have ate,breath and tattooed their political affiliations everywhere will not act otherwise with all the bloody benefits.
Getting ELECAM members could be a challenge with the fact any criterion could be lead to some representative-bias but this is where we might need some diplomatic assistance.
It is a shame and I really do help God help us in this land.

Good on you Mr president!


Dear President Biya and fellow Elecam foes,
I write to you all in good faith and hope you digest my opinions like wise.
Professional, technocrats and all have atoned to the testimonies of the "WORD" but still you fools don’t quit

I ask you this: How far can a dog run into the hoods? Get the answer before it becomes to late my pitiful fathers and mothers. Sometimes, I doubt if its out of ignorance, natural, curse or demon directed that you guys do what you do. Still I do not judge you cos even the greatest epidemic has an end....
You are on the bad side of history, no one can ever wish that upon himself.

Elect Cameroon, Cameroon elect.....which ever way you choose, it’s the evil path and you all gonna rot in hell for eternity


This is lipstick. If you put lipstick on a pig it still remains a pig. Fokam Azu? A fraud of international standard? This is a joke. Biya and his cronies have gone bananas.These guys have taken the country hostage.But let them know this, their days are numbered and they will live to account for the sins they have committed against the people of Cameroon. Charles Taylor thought he was stronger than Liberia.Where is he today? What a system of law? A system where a judge cannot stand for the truth? God forbid.



Ta Muma

People have sworn before and shall continue to swear.swearing like democracy and christianity have no meaning these days especially in Cameroon.Swearing will only make sense when the right people must have taken hold of that Country and not when mediocred,quacks and chalatans of the rankest specie are prevailing over meritocracy.The battle is ours but the fighting will be done by God.Where are the Mobutus and the Idi Amins today? I hear his royal highness is the natural leader of the chieftaincy.May he never turn to dust.

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